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Cash Rewards Card Review

Cash Rewards Card Review

Do I require security or collateral to get payday loans online?

The payday loans available online are quite simple to obtain. So, you don’t require any collateral or security to be able to get the loan. All you need to do is provide some details. When you apply online for cash advances, you authorize the lender to take your money directly from the bank’s account. It is important to note that this process occurs only when you make a repayment of a cash advance @ OakPark.

Principal benefits

It is a cash reward upgrade to your card provides the best benefits of credit cards and benefits specific to the card.

1.5 percent back in cash

This Cash Rewards Upgrade card gives you an unlimited 1.5 percent cashback each time you buy.

You might have noticed that Rewards are payed “on the day when payments are made” because of it being the case that Upgrade gives rewards in a different method. This card doesn’t give rewards for each buy, unlike other credit cards that give you rewards. Instead, it rewards you whenever you make transactions. Make sure you know that there is no reward points earned when making payments to the account of your credit card.

The amount of time needed to receive your reward may take a while, however these cards have high-quality reward rates throughout the world.

No charges

There’s no fee to make use of an upgrade cash reward credit card. It means that:

  • There is no annual cost
  • There aren’t fees to withdraw cash, regardless of whether it’s used for purchases or deposits into bank accounts.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No prepayment penalty

Fixed APR

If you’re approved to use Cash Rewards Upgrade credit card then you’ll get an interest rate that is fixed. Although the APRs for are variable credit cards may fluctuate in response to fluctuations in rates of interest, an interest rate fixed is not affected. The APR of the card is determined by your creditworthiness. The Upgrade provides better rates than many credit cards.

Find out the facts about: What exactly is an APR and how does it work to the credit card businesses?

Lenient Approval Requirements

In the event that you’re looking for credit to get started, the upgrade cash rewards card may be an choice, as it’s typically cheaper than comparable card.

Three rewards cards are accessible to people who have credit scores of average. The majority of credit card offering similar rates of rewards are targeted towards those with credit scores that are good. An upgrade to Cash Rewards is an option that is more accessible and will allow you to improve your credit while earning rewards. If you’re not able to utilize any of these cards you could be eligible for an upgrade to a non-rewards credit card.

You must make sure that you deposit in cash to your bank account.

It is usually expensive to withdraw cash from credit cards. This kind of transaction is often referred to by the industry as cash advances. It comes with added costs as well as higher rate of interest.

Utilizing this cash reward upgrade card You can obtain an individual loan using your credit line that is directly deposited into your account of preference without having to pay an additional fee. If you require cash to cover expenses that aren’t able to be paid for with the credit card credit card Cash Rewards can be a great solution.

Fixed payments

When you’ve finished your period of billing, you’re capable of changing the transactions that you’ve completed into a single due monthly fixed installment. The monthly installment is the amount that you have to pay for your loan at the end of your card’s time term. You are also able to make further payments that exceed the total amount in order to reduce your balance quicker.

For certain consumers using plans to pay can be a great alternative. Credit cards require an initial payment of an amount that is minimal, however it could take years to clear of credit card debt , even when you only pay the amount that is required. With an upgrade credit card, you’ll need to pay your bills on a regular basis, and have a deadline set to run out.

What can be improved?

When filling the upgrade cash rewards card application, know the drawbacks.

In-situ interest costs

Interest will begin in the moment you take an advance loan with the upgrade cash rewards credit line. Credit cards provide you with no-interest grace period after each transaction.

In the event that you’re one of those who pay for the entire amount for your card each month, this card will allow you to pay no the interest due on purchases. In this scenario, the upgrade card will cost more than a standard credit card since you’ll be being charged interest on the spot and won’t be able for a stop to the procedure.

Find out the specifics of how long is the grace period for credit? credit

No sign-up bonuses

It’s not a welcoming bonus when you apply for the credit card. Numerous popular credit cards have attractive bonuses that can amount to 200 or higher. If you’re looking to earn rewards points, then you ought to consider reviewing these offers since they could prove beneficial.

There’s no incentive offer that is 0% APR this first occasion.

There is no other offer offered when you purchase the cash reward upgrade card. The card’s initial low-interest, introductory cost. The most effective credit card, which is intro-friendly comes with 0% interest on purchases and transfer of balances to other credit card as well.

Cards for upgrading come with APRs that are fixed and low. However, prior to making a decision to lower interest rates be sure to consider the length of time it will take you to pay off any purchases or balance transfer. If you can do it in two years, you’ll save money if you can benefit from the initial APR of zero.

isn’t as effective compared with other types of financial instruments.

The Cash Rewards Upgrade Card has its advantages, stuck between the two and isn’t much better than other cards.

The card also gives rewards comparable to rewards that credit cards offer However, it also has credit card options that give additional incentives as well as the opportunity to earn a sign-up reward. It is an affordable way to borrow in comparison to a typical credit card. However, you will lower the cost of a first zero-interest credit card or one of the best credit cards that are designed for individual uses.

If any of the features on the card attracted your attention, take a take a look at another card that’s well. If, such as, you’re looking for an account that’s trustworthy, be sure to go through our other reviews of credit cards to find the options accessible.


China faces shortage of 200 qualified fighter pilots for its 130 carrier jets: Report


China, which recently launched its third aircraft carrier Fujian, is struggling to find qualified fighter pilots for its navy, the South China Morning Post reported citing experts.

The crisis was highlighted in an article published in Ordnance Industry Science Technology, a Chinese military magazine.

In the article, it was argued that the lack of a purpose-built fighter trainer for carrier-based operations hampered the progress of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, despite ramping up training programs. pilot training over the past decade.

“With Fujian, China’s third and most advanced aircraft carrier, beginning sea trials last week, the PLA needed at least 200 qualified carrier-based fighter pilots to operate 130 shipboard aircraft,” said Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert. the item.

China commissioned its first indigenous aircraft carrier, the Next Generation Fujian (Type 003), in June this year. This is its first aircraft carrier to be equipped with electromagnetic catapults – a technology that only the United States has so far possessed on its USS Gerald R Ford.

While China’s first two carriers featured ski-jump designs, the new carrier’s aircraft launch and recovery system made it difficult to find a pilot well-suited to the new mechanism.

“It’s full of challenges, because aircraft design and pilot training are some of the most difficult and complicated core technologies in the world – which no one will share with you,” Li said.

The problem stems from the fact that PLA Navy pilots use the Chinese-made JL-9G, a two-seater single-engine aircraft as a carrier-trainer variant.

However, it cannot be used to simulate emergency landings on a cockpit due to flaws such as being too light and too slow, according to the report in the magazine.

These flaws confined him to land-based simulated carrier training.

“For decades, the US military has used the T-45 Goshawk carrier-qualified trainer to train its student pilots,” he said.

“Now the Americans have developed a more advanced variant, the T-7A Red Hawk, which is equipped with a more powerful General Electric F404 after burning out a turbofan engine that will make on-board fighter pilot training more efficient. “

(With agency contributions)


10 Secret Code Words Used by IT Professionals


IT professionals can look like angels in human form when needed. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they eliminate the problems that left you perplexed. But not all technical problems are as hopeless as they seem.

Some computer problems have simple solutions that you can try for yourself. Tap or click here for five simple solutions to common technical problems. If you bother an IT guy with one of these simple problems, they might roll their eyes and tell their friends about your “user error”.

It’s one of many insider tech terms IT people use when you’re not around. Only those in the know will have any idea what they mean when they say “Biological Interface Error” or “ESTO”. If you want to know what these terms mean, check out this list of 10 secret code words used by computer scientists.


This means “The equipment exceeds the capabilities of the operator”. This is a technical term that implies that you are not capable enough to use your equipment. They may use this phrase if you don’t understand how to use your device to its full potential or if you make a simple mistake that betrays your lack of knowledge.

It’s kinda nasty, but look at it from a computer scientist’s point of view.

They know the machines inside and out, so they fully understand the capabilities of smartphones, computers, and other devices. These gadgets are 100% focused on efficiency, calculations and more. In comparison, we mortals have a lot more to focus on.

For example, computers don’t have to worry about battling traffic, picking up kids from school, cooking meals, or socializing. Thus, it is easy for us not to memorize everything that our equipment does. There is always a learning curve for us.

So, from a computer scientist’s point of view, your device may be much more capable than you, for the time being. The good thing about this is that you can always learn more about your devices. Tap or click here for the best online learning tools to build computer skills.


This one is quite similar to the code above. It stands for “Equipment smarter than the operator”. If you hear someone say that about you, understandably it stings.

But neither EEOC nor ESTO will sting as much as this next password. here is one that is Actually mean.

3. ID10T error

You never want to hear this one. (By the way, it’s pronounced ID-10-T. Read them as letters with a 10 in the middle.)

When you hear it out loud, it doesn’t sound like an insult. But look at the word “ID10T”. Does this remind you of anything? If you think that sounds like the word “idiot”, you’re right. Ouch!

Here is an example of error ID10T. Say your mouse won’t work, so you call him and ask for help. They only come in to say, “Looks like your mouse isn’t plugged in.”

Sure, they might not say anything to your face, but they might have a funny story for the rest of the IT team when they get back: “I just dealt with a big error ID10T. You won’t believe it!

4.Code 18

It’s one of the few codes that actually lets you know it’s a code. Although you might not know what it is referring to at first glance. Here’s a hint: 18 refers to inches.

In other words, code 18 means “The problem is 18 inches from the screen”. Yes, this is another way for IT people to say that the problem you are facing is due to user error.


You might think that’s a pretty way of saying, “That job was as easy as a walk in the park.” I should have taken a picnic basket because it was so easy!” Unfortunately, when an IT person says PICNIC in the context of helping you, that’s not their mindset.

More realistically, they use an acronym that stands for “Problem In Chair, Not In Computer”. In other words, they say the problem is you, not the computer. That’s okay: user errors are very common.

Get this. A joint study by security firm Tessian and Professor Jeff Hancock of Stanford University found that employee errors are at the root of 88% of data breach incidents.

So if you ever hear this term, don’t feel too in the dumps. It is not uncommon for employees to experience difficulties with their computers. Some make such big mistakes that they put their business at risk – so if you’ve never done this, you’re one step ahead.

If you want to stop cybersecurity problems before they start, we have a few resources for you to check out. Tap or click here to see a tricky password-stealing phishing scam in action.

Many corporate breaches start with phishing attacks, so it’s good to see how one works. This way, you’ll be better able to spot scams before they trick you. Tap or click to spot phishing attacks.


Sometimes the problem you are having is not in the computer. Sometimes the problem exists between the keyboard and the chair or PEBKAC for short. Yes, they say you caused your technical problems.

If you don’t want to hear that term, you might want to learn some standard technical issues that you can usually fix yourself. Tap or click here to learn how to fix five common computer problems.

7. Layer 8 issue

You might not get this one if you don’t understand the OSI model of networking. Computers connected via a network use a complex architecture. By “complex” we mean that there are seven layers in the OSI model for networking.

So, the eighth layer has nothing to do with hardware. It has to do with human interaction with the computer system. In other words, “Layer 8” refers to you!

8. A short circuit between the headphones

Here is a creative one. Think about what’s between a pair of headphones. When you put on a helmet, your brain is in between.

Thus, stupid user errors are often called “a short circuit between the headphones”. I have heard of pilots, farmers, engineers and producers using this term. It’s not mean since it refers to those moments that we all have.

After all, “brain freeze” is one thing. We all make simple mistakes. Or, in other words, we all deal with “a short between headphones” from time to time.

9. IBM error

No, it has nothing to do with the hardware company. But when you learn what this acronym stands for, you might to wish this was the case. IBM actually stands for “Idiot Behind Machine”.

Yep: That’s yet another acronym referring to human error. Your machine is not in question. Your problems are caused by yourself, according to whoever says this.

Hopefully no one will say that when you’re within earshot. If they do, turn around and say, “I know what that means, so the ‘I’ doesn’t apply!” That should make you feel a little better afterwards.

10. Biological interface error

This one is pretty obvious. There is nothing biological in a computer. It’s a metal machine.

Humans are biological machines made of blood, meat, fat, water and other natural materials. Thus, human error can also be called biological interface error. Clever, huh?

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3″ rain, gusts over 30 mph, minor tidal flooding


The essential

Unsurprisingly, this forecast is for Ian. We still have a calm, dry day in New Jersey before things start to get rainy and windy early next week.

Much of Florida is windswept and underwater after powerful Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday. Power outages measured in the millions and total rainfall estimated at over a foot in multiple locations.

As of this writing (6 a.m. Thursday), Ian has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Maximum sustained winds have dropped significantly, to 65 mph, as the storm’s circulation center approaches Melbourne, Florida.

The last forecast track of newly declassified Tropical Storm Ian, as of 5 a.m. Thursday. (NOAA/NHC)
The last forecast track of newly declassified Tropical Storm Ian, as of 5 a.m. Thursday. (NOAA/NHC)

After ejecting into the Atlantic Ocean later Thursday, Ian will make his third landfall around South Carolina on Friday. And then our attention turns to how Ian’s remains will affect New Jersey.

Bottom line: it’s going to be inclement and miserable for part of the weekend. Maybe even downright naughty for a while on Saturday morning. Some forecasters are suggesting a total washout from Friday to Tuesday – and that’s just not the case. It will become wet then windy this weekend. But we will miss the worst of the storm. And there will be dry weather breaks along the way.

A glimpse of the timing of the storm’s impact as Ian’s remains pass New Jersey this weekend. (Cloth)
A glimpse of the timing of the storm’s impact as Ian’s remains pass New Jersey this weekend. (Cloth)

Thursday’s forecast

No weather problems for you, as we enjoy another dry and comfortable fall day. 50 in the morning, middle to over 60 in the afternoon. It’s still a few degrees below normal for the end of September. Winds will be light. And the clouds will increase from south to north. Yes, those clouds are all the way north of Ian.

Thursday evening also remains calm. The weather will be mostly cloudy and cool with low temperature around 50.

Ian’s Timeline

-Friday afternoon… Showers will begin to creep into New Jersey from the south. Although the exact start time of the raindrops is unclear, most of NJ (along and north of Interstate 195) could remain dry through the daytime hours Friday.

The NAM model forecast shows the first arrival of rain in South Jersey on Friday in the early afternoon. (DuPage College of Meteorology)
The NAM model forecast shows the first arrival of rain in South Jersey on Friday in the early afternoon. (DuPage College of Meteorology)

-Friday night… The rain continues to spread north into the Garden State. Intensity picks up after about midnight Friday night.

-Saturday morning-noon… Prime time – the period with the strongest and most regular rain. Let’s say about 2 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Rainfall rates can approach an inch per hour, enough to cause large puddles and flooding problems. It will also be windswept rain, with gusts in the 20-30 mph range.

The GFS model forecast from 8 a.m. Saturday shows a band of very heavy rain flooding New Jersey. (DuPage College of Meteorology)
The GFS model forecast from 8 a.m. Saturday shows a band of very heavy rain flooding New Jersey. (DuPage College of Meteorology)

-Saturday night… I prefer a dry window arriving around dinner time on Saturday, resulting in drier weather through Saturday evening. Of course, there could still be showers. And, if the wind clears enough, maybe areas of heavy fog overnight.

-Sunday… Hit or miss. A few waves of patchy to scattered showers will likely sweep through NJ throughout the day. Again, South Jersey seems wetter than North Jersey.

-Monday Tuesday… One last piece of Ian’s energy will be “stuck” just south of New Jersey until early next week. This will keep the winds high. And we could see a few more rains. Maybe even a pocket of heavier stuff. Uncertainty is still quite high as to the exact location and spread of these potential thunderstorms.

-Wednesday… The next totally dry New Jersey day.

Ian Impacts, in numbers

-Rain… The heaviest and most prolonged rainfall will be along the South and Jersey Shore, in the 2-3 inch range total. Father inland near the NJ Turnpike corridor, we’ll end up with a good thumbs up in the bucket. Northwest New Jersey, not your storm, with less than a quarter inch of rain forecast.

-Flood… Whenever several inches of rain are forecast, we must raise the alarm for flash floods and river floods. That said, New Jersey’s rivers, streams, and streams are all pretty low following this summer’s drought conditions. So yes, there could be “big puddles” and travel issues in the state for the first half of the weekend.

The risk of flash flooding from Ian extends as far north as New Jersey. (NOAA/NHC)
The risk of flash flooding from Ian extends as far north as New Jersey. (NOAA/NHC)

-Wind gusts… Ian has already lost a lot of steam. And again, the center of the storm will remain south of NJ. During heavy rain, gusts can approach 30 mph. And then Sunday-Monday potentially gets even windier, with some northeasterly gusts in the 30-40mph range. (Especially along the coast.) Not incredibly pleasant and enough to knock down vulnerable tree branches and power lines. But I wouldn’t call 40mph gusts “damaging” per se.

Official forecasts of the likelihood of tropical storm-force winds (39+ mph), painted well south of New Jersey. (NOAA/NHC)
Official forecasts of the likelihood of tropical storm-force winds (39+ mph), painted well south of New Jersey. (NOAA/NHC)

— Tornadoes… The risk of a quick spin-up is low, but not zero. The best chances are likely to come from thunderstorms that recur Monday through Tuesday.

-Storm surge… This storm is “attacking” us from land, not the ocean. But as I mentioned, there is a strong northeast wind component (over land) involved here. This will push water towards the Jersey Shore. At the very least, choppy waves and rip currents will be a problem on the beaches for the duration. And an additional foot or two of tidal surge (storm surge) could result in multiple rounds of minor category flooding at high tide this weekend.

MORE: Coastal Flood Categories, Explained
MORE: The Jersey Shore Report

The long term forecast

By Wednesday, Ian will finally be out of our hair. And on Thursday, a cold front could lead to another brief round of rain, followed by clear skies.

One thing is very clear in the long-term forecast: there is no warming in sight here. High temperatures will only reach the 60s, at best, over time. Significantly below normal for late September and early October.

NJ WEATHER CENTER: Your forecast for 5 days and more

Dan Zarrow is chief meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest real-time weather forecasts and updates.

What would happen to NJ if we were attacked by nuclear weapons?

We used Alex Wellerstein’s NUKEMAP to see what would happen if a nuclear warhead hit New York, Philadelphia, Washington or New Jersey.

Models show what would happen during an air detonation, meaning the bomb would be detonated into the sky, causing extensive damage to structures and people below; or what would happen in a detonation on the ground, which would have the alarming result of nuclear fallout. The models do not take into account the number of casualties that would result from the fallout.

Fuhgeddaboudit! Great Jersey Names for a Hurricane

There is no doubt that New Jersey has been hit hard by hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years. From Ida, to Henri, to Isaias, to Fay and to Sally. But where the hell do they get these names? Steve Trevelise thinks if they had “Jersey” names they would be more intimidating. He asked his Facebook followers for suggestions, here are some of their suggestions.

Business, Size, Growth, Sharing and Opportunities 2028 – The Colby Echo News


“The stylus is powered by EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance), which is a fancy way of saying it gets its power from the tablet. The tablet has an integral metal grill that generates an electromagnetic field. These electromagnetic fields are picked up by the pen as it approaches the surface.

Market research report for the position of Electromagnetic Pen Market in the electronics and semiconductor industry. The objective of the Electromagnetic Pen report is to provide an overview of customer demographics, including customer segmentation. In order to provide the most accurate overview, the Electromagnetic Pen report has been generated using customer data from the last three years. The Electromagnetic Pen report is designed to assist and prioritize to ensure resources are invested in the right customers. The report should be used as a guideline on how to prioritize clients and understand where to allocate resources.

Request Sample Market Report with Global Electromagnetic Pen Industry Analysis: www.researchinformatic.com/sample-request-426

The following report analyzes the current state of the Electromagnetic Pens market and identifies areas where new products or services could enter the market. The report begins with an analysis of the current market, which is then followed by an analysis of the unmet needs in the Electromagnetic Pen market. The report concludes with a set of recommendations for companies looking to enter the electromagnetic pen market. This report is a valuable resource for marketers and other stakeholders who want to better understand the needs and behaviors of Electromagnetic Pen users.

The Electromagnetic Pen report provides an overview of customer demographics including customer segmentation. This report is designed to help identify and prioritize potential Electromagnetic Pen customers to ensure that resources are invested in the right customers. As a result, an increase in CAGR % stable over the forecast period. The Electromagnetic Pen report also provides an analysis of customer usage patterns and purchasing decisions.

The Electromagnetic Pen report is designed to provide management with a comprehensive overview of the customers. The report is a high-level analysis that provides customer insights with insights into customer acquisition, customer churn, and customer lifetime value. This has enabled us to develop targeted marketing campaigns to improve the Electromagnetic Pen business revenue and margins.

This report is useful for understanding the current state of the client’s business and making decisions about it. It is also a source of customer information for the rest of the team. This report is essential to increase business revenue and grow the customer base.

Wacom, Yifang Digital, Microsoft, HuntWave, WALTOP International Corp, Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd, XPPEN TECHNOLOGY CO., Adonit, PenPower, Anoto, NeoLAB Convergence Inc..

Request a custom report: www.researchinformatic.com/inquiry-426


The report provides key insights into customer needs and behaviors to enable the development of targeted marketing campaigns. The details are based on:

Electromagnetic pen By type

Black ink and blue ink

Electromagnetic Pen By Applications

Online and offline

The report provides an overview of customer demographics, including customer segmentation. It also provides insight into the current state of clients’ current business, their current issues and challenges, and proposed solutions and goals for the near future. The geographical areas covered are

  • North America Electromagnetic Pen Market
  • South America
  • Asia and Pacific Electromagnetic Pen Market
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Europe electromagnetic pen market

Summary of the Electromagnetic Pen research report

  • The Electromagnetic Pen report also provides a detailed analysis of customer preferences and behaviors which will be helpful for future market planning.
  • The report is a valuable resource for marketers and other stakeholders who want to better understand Electromagnetic Pens customer needs and behaviors.
  • This report will help you better understand and serve the Electromagnetic Pens customers.
  • The report provides a demographic overview of Electromagnetic Pen customers, including customer segmentation.
  • Electromagnetic Pen’s report will be essential in increasing the company’s revenue and expanding its customer base.

Buy the exclusive report with a great discount: www.researchinformatic.com/discount-426

Contact us:

george miller

1887 Whitney Mesa

Dr. Henderson, NV 89014

Research Computing

+1 775 237 4147


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Lavu, the Parafin team on restaurant cash advances


Restaurant software and payment platform The view launched a new solution that offers cash advances to restaurants.

New Lavu Capital the offer is powered by an integrated FinTech company Paraffin and gives restaurants “easy access to quick capital,” according to a Wednesday (September 28) Press release.

“It’s frustrating how many restaurateurs don’t qualify for traditional loans despite having a strong track record,” the Lavu CEO said. Saleem Khatri said in the press release. “The same way we’ve helped thousands of restaurants quickly switch to online ordering to survive the pandemic, we’re launching Lavu Capital to help more restaurants keep their doors open during tough times.”

With Lavu Capital, there is no need for a credit application or check, and there are one-time capital charges rather than interest, according to the release.

In practice, restaurants can view their pre-approved advance, select a principal amount and verify their bank details in order to accept the cash advance, the statement said.

After accepting, the restaurant receives the money within a day or two, pays a one-time flat capital fee based on the amount of capital accepted, and makes automated payments based on a percentage of sales on a set payout schedule. according to the version. .

Restaurants can use the cash advance for any business expense, according to the release.

“Our mission at Parafin is to grow small businesses by making it easier and faster to access financial services, starting with capital,” said Parafin’s CEO. Sahill Poddar said in the press release. “We are honored to work with platforms like Lavu who are heavily invested in growing the thousands of restaurants they work with, to fulfill this mission.”

The announcement comes about two months after Parafin, a FinTech launched in 2020 by Robinhood Markets veterans, raised $60 million in a funding round.

Read more: FinTech Parafin raises $60 million

“When we started the business during the pandemic, we noticed that small businesses weren’t getting the help they needed,” the Parafin co-founder said. Vineet Goel said at the time. “We want to be the one-stop-shop for these platforms to offer a variety of financial products.”

New PYMNTS Study: How Consumers Use Digital Banks

A PYMNTS survey of 2,124 US consumers shows that while two-thirds of consumers have used FinTechs for some aspect of banking, only 9.3% call them their primary bank.

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with innovators and disruptors.

Learn more


Emergence of a game changer in the field of micro medical robots


□ Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST, President Yang Kook) Professor Hongsoo Choi’s team from the Department of Robotics and Mechatronic Engineering collaborated with Professor Sung-Won Kim’s team at St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, Catholic University of Korea, and Prof. Bradley J. Nelson’s team at ETH Zurich to develop technology that produces over 100 microrobots per minute that can be disintegrated in the body.

□ Microrobots aiming to minimize[1] Targeted precision therapy can be made in different ways. Among them, the ultra-fine 3D printing technology called two-photon polymerization method, a method that triggers polymerization by crossing two lasers in synthetic resin, is the most widely used. This technology can produce a structure with nanometric precision. However, a disadvantage exists in that the production of a microrobot takes time because the voxels, the pixels made by 3D printing, must be cured successively. In addition, the magnetic nanoparticles contained in the robot can block the path of light during the two-photon polymerization process. This process result may not be uniform when using high concentration magnetic nanoparticles.

□ To overcome the limitations of the existing microrobots manufacturing method, DGIST Professor Hongsoo Choi’s research team developed a method to create microrobots at a high speed of 100 per minute by flowing a mixture of magnetic nanoparticles and gelatin methacrylate, which is biodegradable and can be cured by light, in the microfluidic chip. That’s over 10,000 times faster than using the existing two-photon polymerization method to make microrobots.

□ Next, the microrobot produced with this technology was cultured with human nasal stem cells taken from the human nose to induce stem cell adhesion to the surface of the microrobot. Through this process, a microrobot carrying stem cells, comprising magnetic nanoparticles inside and stem cells attached to the outer surface, was made. The robot moves when the magnetic nanoparticles inside the robot react to an external magnetic field and can be moved to a desired position.

□ Selective cell delivery was difficult with existing stem cell therapy. However, the stem cell-carrying microrobot can move to a desired location by controlling the magnetic field generated by the real-time electromagnetic field control system. The research team conducted an experiment to examine whether the stem cell-carrying microrobot could reach the target point through a maze-like microchannel, and therefore confirmed that the robot could move to the desired location.

□ In addition, the degradability of the microrobot was assessed by incubating the stem cell-bearing microrobot with a degrading enzyme. After 6 h of incubation, the microrobot was completely disintegrated, and the magnetic nanoparticles inside the robot were collected by the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field control system. Stem cells proliferated where the microrobot was disintegrated. Subsequently, the stem cells were made to differentiate into nerve cells to confirm normal differentiation; the stem cells differentiated into nerve cells after about 21 days. This experiment verified that the delivery of stem cells to a desired location using a microrobot was possible and that the delivered stem cells could serve as a precision-targeted therapeutic agent by exhibiting proliferation and differentiation.

□ In addition, the research team confirmed whether the stem cells delivered by the microrobot showed normal electrical and physiological characteristics. The ultimate goal of this study is to ensure that the stem cells delivered by the robot normally fulfill their role as a bridge in a state where the connection between existing nerve cells is disconnected. To confirm this, hippocampal neurons extracted from rat embryos that stably emit electrical signals were used. The corresponding cell was attached to the surface of the microrobot, cultured on an electrode microchip, and electrical signals were observed from hippocampal neurons after 28 days. Thanks to this, the microrobot has been verified to correctly fulfill its role as a cell delivery platform.

□ Professor Hongsoo Choi of DGIST said: “We expect that the technologies developed in this study, such as mass production of microrobots, precise operation by electromagnetic fields, as well as administration and stem cell differentiation, greatly increase the effectiveness of targeted precision therapy in the future. .”

□ In the meantime, the results of this study were published on June 23 in the world-renowned international scientific journal Small (top 7.10% in the multidisciplinary) and was carried out with the support of the National Science Challenges Support & Network, National Research Foundation of Korea, and the Ministry of Science and ICT.

/Public release. This material from the original organization/authors may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author or authors. See in full here.

Did the helium leaders line their own pockets without delivering the product?

Source: Adobe/FellowNeko

frames to Helium (HNT), a developer of a “decentralized wireless infrastructure”, together with their family and friends, hoarded the majority of the wealth when the project was launched, complaints Forbes.

It’s a $1.2 billion Web3 company that said it’s building a global wireless internet connection called “People’s Network.” Helium COO Frank Mong wrote that one of principles of the Helium network is equity, saying that “everyone has an equal chance to exploit”.

But Forbes painted a very different picture of the business – an antonym of fair.

According to its report, People’s Network users have seen “extremely small crypto rewards”, claiming that,

“Helium has enriched a handful of people disproportionately: its leaders and their friends.”

Lee Reiners, Director of Policy at Duke Financial Economics Centerwho teaches cryptocurrency law to Duke Lawwas quoted by the media as saying that,

“This thing was set up to enrich the founders and early supporters at the expense of ordinary people.”

Forbes claims to have reviewed “hundreds of leaked internal documents” and transaction data, and interviewed five former Helium employees, finding that despite project insiders promoting democracy and fairness, a majority of the wealth generated in the early days of the project, when it was most lucrative, went to these insiders.

The authors claim to have identified 30 digital wallets that appear to be connected to Helium employees, friends, family, and early investors. These wallets show 3.5 million HNT mined, almost half of all tokens mined in the first three months after the network launched in August 2019.

Then, within six months, more than a quarter of all HNT had been mined by insiders – valued at some $250 million during the token’s peak last year. After the crash, the tokens are still worth $21 million.

The authors state that,

“While Helium and its executives have publicly discussed their incentive plan — a program called Helium Security Tokens, or HSTs, which guarantees about a third of all HNT for insiders — they have yet to disclose the windfall. additional from the public offering of Helium tokens, worth millions, which has been identified by Forbes.

This means that when Helium rewards per hotspot peaked, just over 30% went to the community, while insiders claimed the rest. Each hotspot earned an average of 33,000 HNT in August 2019, while each hotspot now only earns around 2 HNT per month. So executives, friends, family and some early investors made bargains on top of guaranteed dividends before profits plummeted.

The article also claims that some insiders exploited known vulnerabilities in the company to further pack their bags.

“Nothing Unreasonable”

That said, Amir Haleem, co-founder and CEO of Helium, described the project on Discord as “by far the fairest token distribution of any project I know of.”

Haleem further stated in an interview that about half of the initial hotspots have been distributed to employees, as well as their family and friends.

“None of these numbers strike me as unreasonable or blatant in any way,” he told Forbes.

However, a hotspot linked to Haleem’s wife posted details of a California home the couple owned, and five hotspots connected to that wallet mined 250,000 HNT in the network’s first three months – earning a total of 455 000 HNT through mining rewards, worth $25 million at HNT. peak price, and $2 million today.

It is unclear when or if Haleem sold these tokens and he declined to comment, the authors said.

Another example is COO Frank Mong. According to Forbes, in a single day in August 2021, a wallet that appears connected to Mong received nearly a dozen payments – worth almost $1 million – from two other wallets linked to him. The sum has been moved to a Binance wallet.

When asked if Helium should have disclosed this additional insider boon to the community, Haleem replied that,

“I don’t know why we would be asked to be able to reveal anything about these people… They took a huge risk and a huge chance to pay money to build something.”

Haleem claimed that some crypto projects reserve up to 90% of initial token supplies for investors and team members, which Forbes could not prove, and Haleem would not provide an example. “This is the playing field we are always on in crypto, rightly or wrongly,” he said. “The generally accepted reality is that someone has to start the network.”

More than one alleged problem

Helium also appears to be struggling to generate revenue from its network, Forbes claimed, adding that between June 2021 and August 2022, only $92,000 in revenue was generated from data moving across the network – per compared to the $250 million the parent company raised from investors. Helium generates the vast majority of its revenue from people registering their new access points and authenticating other devices on the network.

Source: Forbes

The company may also have exaggerated the nature of some of its partnerships, with Helium later removing some companies from its website where they were listed as customers.

Helium is supported by Andreessen Horowitz and world tiger, among other investors. None of these companies appeared in the first insider group, Forbes said.

As of noon UTC on Monday, HNT is trading at $4.52. That’s almost 1% in one day and 14% in one week. It is down 24% in one month, 74% in one year and 92% since its all-time high of $54.88 recorded in November 2021.

The company says it is currently building Helium 5G, working with wireless carriers PLATE and T-Mobilewhereas they announcement the launch of the MOBILE token to reward hotspot owners for building the 5G ecosystem.

And while some applauded the Forbes report:

Others criticized it:


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The merchant cash advance market is booming across the globe with leading key players -, Fora Financial, Credible, CAN Capital, American Express Merchant Funding, National Funding, Fundbox, Stripe Capital


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Cubans head to the polls to vote on a government-sponsored code to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption


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HAVANA, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Cubans headed to the polls on Sunday to vote on a package of measures that would upend the island’s longstanding “macho” culture and legalize same-sex marriage even as the country struggles to struggling with a deepening economic crisis.

If approved, the 100-page “family code” would place Cuba at the forefront of progressive social policy in Latin America, legalizing same-sex marriage and civil unions, allowing same-sex couples to adopt children and promoting the equal sharing of domestic rights. and responsibilities between men and women.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who walked with his wife to vote a few blocks from their home in the Havana suburb of Siboney, told reporters the code abolishes prejudices and taboos that are rooted in the Cuban society.

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“I expect the majority of the population to vote ‘yes’,” Diaz-Canel said. “But whether ‘yes’ or ‘no’ wins…the popular debate that has been generated has contributed to our society.”

The code, which has been the subject of 25 drafts, nearly 80,000 town hall-style meetings and 300,000 public suggestions, is expected to draw millions of Cubans to the polls. The measure requires more than 50% of the votes cast on Sunday to become law.

Most pre-vote initiatives in Cuba have been overwhelmingly approved, but an economic crisis that has led to long lines for food, medicine and fuel has raised the possibility of a protest vote against the government.

“You have to get used to the fact that on such complex issues, where there is a diversity of criteria…there can be people who vote to punish (the government),” Diaz-Canel said. “It’s also legit.”

A billboard that reads “For Cuban Families, Your Vote Matters!” referring to a referendum on the family code that will take place on September 25, is displayed in Havana, Cuba, September 19, 2022. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Sunday’s vote will be the first of its kind since the legalization of mobile internet in 2018, which allowed dissenting opinions to spread more widely.

There are no independent outside observers of the Cuban elections, however, citizens can observe the count in their constituency immediately after the vote.

The government has flooded television and radio in recent weeks with spots celebrating diversity and inclusion to promote the code.

“This code makes everyone equal,” said Jose Antonio Fernandez, a 73-year-old retiree from Havana who voted in favor of the measure on Sunday morning.

Some social conservatives – including the Roman Catholic Church and evangelicals – see it differently, opposing issues such as same-sex marriage and complaining that government control of the media has drowned out opposing views.

Havana resident Lisandra Samon, 36, said she voted on Sunday but thought it was difficult to predict the outcome.

“The vote will be close (…) some aspects of this code have divided the opinions of the public, even of the families,” she said.

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Reporting by Dave Sherwood and Reuters TV; Editing by Daniel Wallis

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Tonga eruption’s 50 million tonnes of water vapor could warm Earth for months: ScienceAlert


More than eight months after the underwater volcano erupted near Tonga on January 14, scientists are still analyzing the impacts of the violent outburst and finding it could be warming the planet.

Recently, researchers calculated that the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apa eruption spewed 50 million tons (45 million metric tons) of water vapor into the atmosphere, in addition to huge amounts of ash and volcanic gases.

This massive injection of steam increased the amount of moisture in the global stratosphere by about 5% and could trigger a cycle of stratospheric cooling and surface warming – and these effects could persist for months, according to a new study.

Tonga’s eruption, which began on January 13 and peaked two days later, was the strongest seen on Earth in decades.

The explosion spread 162 miles (260 kilometers) and sent pillars of ash, steam and gas hovering more than 12 miles (20 km) in the air, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA ).

Large volcanic eruptions typically cool the planet by spewing sulfur dioxide into the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, which filters solar radiation.

Rock and ash particles can also temporarily cool the planet by blocking sunlight, according to the National Science Foundation’s University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

In this way, widespread and violent volcanic activity in Earth’s distant past may have contributed to global climate change, triggering mass extinctions millions of years ago.

Related: Huge underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga captured in stunning satellite video

Recent eruptions have also demonstrated the cooling powers of volcano planets. In 1991, when Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded, the aerosols spewed by this powerful volcanic explosion lowered global temperatures by about 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit (0.5 degrees Celsius) for at least a year, Live previously reported. Science.

Tonga expelled about 441,000 tonnes (400,000 metric tons) of sulfur dioxide, about 2% of the amount spewed from Mount Pinatubo during the 1991 eruption.

But unlike Pinatubo (and most large volcanic eruptions, which occur on land), Tonga’s underwater volcanic plumes have sent “substantial amounts of water” into the stratosphere, the area that extends from ‘about 31 miles (50 km) above the Earth’s surface to about 4 to 12 miles (6 to 20 km), according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

In submarine volcanoes, “submarine eruptions can derive much of their explosive energy from the interaction of water and hot magma”, which propels huge amounts of water and steam into the eruption column, the scientists wrote in a new study published Sept. 22 in the journal Science.

Within 24 hours of the eruption, the plume expanded 28 km into the atmosphere.

The researchers analyzed the amount of water in the plumes by evaluating data collected by instruments called radiosondes, which were attached to weather balloons and sent aloft in the volcanic plumes.

As these instruments rise through the atmosphere, their sensors measure temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity, transmitting that data to a receiver on the ground, according to the NWS.

Atmospheric water vapor absorbs solar radiation and re-emits it as heat; With tens of millions of tons of moisture from Tonga now drifting into the stratosphere, the Earth’s surface will warm up – although it’s unclear by how much, according to the study.

But because the vapor is lighter than other volcanic aerosols and is less affected by the force of gravity, it will take longer for this warming effect to dissipate, and surface warming could continue “for years to come.” coming months,” the scientists said.

Previous research into the eruption revealed that Tonga had ejected enough water vapor to fill 58,000 Olympic swimming pools, and that this prodigious amount of atmospheric moisture could potentially weaken the ozone layer, Live Science previously reported. .

In the new study, scientists also determined that these huge amounts of water vapor could actually alter the chemical cycles that control stratospheric ozone, “however, detailed studies will be needed to quantify the effect on the amount of ozone because other chemical reactions can play a role too.”

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This article was originally published by Live Science. Read the original article here.

Microfluidic Microwave Biosensor Based on Biomimetic Materials for Quantitative Glucose Detection

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  • Storm surge and shattered windows among PEI EMO’s top concerns as Fiona approaches

    • CBC News will provide special coverage of the arrival of Hurricane Fiona starting Friday at 8 p.m. AT on CBC Radio One with updates every hour, every hour, with Cassie Williams in Halifax until 10 p.m. and CBC PEI’s Wayne Thibodeau all night. We will also have digital updates throughout the weekend. A special extended version of Atlantic Tonight on Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 6 p.m. will include full coverage of Hurricane Fiona and its aftermath across the region.

    Environment Canada made it official early Friday: Hurricane Fiona will almost certainly hit Prince Edward Island as a storm with Category 1 winds and torrential rains.

    This development has led the head of the Prince Edward Island Emergency Measures Organization to warn that the window for Islanders to take action to avoid major damage is shrinking.

    “These are no longer potential impacts,” Tanya Mullaly said during an early afternoon briefing. “These are more certain impacts.”

    She said people living in the North Shore area whose properties have experienced storm surges and flooding in the past should consider seeking higher ground if possible. And she said there’s a risk of north-facing windows sinking in or debris breaking them, which “isn’t something we’ve traditionally” had to worry about in Atlantic Canada.

    Mullally said the province plans to set up an online and telephone reporting tool so that, starting Sunday, Islanders can report damage to critical infrastructure like roads and bridges. Blocked or damaged roads can be reported by dialing 511 or this numbersthe province said in a statement.

    Rain could fall at around 10mm to 25mm per hour at the height of the storm, says CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland. (Jay Scotland/CBC)

    Environment Canada issued hurricane warnings around 4:30 a.m. DT for the province’s three counties and neighboring Iles-de-la-Madeleine, along with rain, wind and storm surge warnings. This will mean:

    • Hurricane force winds of 100 km/h gusting to 140 km/h in exposed locations, pushing even higher up the coast with gusts of 160 km/h.
    • A storm surge of 1.8 to 2.4 meters and dangerous waves ranging from 11 to 15 meters in height Saturday morning to coincide with the arrival of high tide.
    • “Intense and torrential” rainfall totaling 50 to 100 mm, with some localities receiving 150 mm.

    “Rain will become heavy later in the evening, with the heaviest rainfall occurring overnight and Saturday. has already fallen, with amounts of 150mm possible towards the path of the storm,” said CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland.

    Rain will also be intense at times, with up to 10mm to 25mm falling per hour at the height of the storm.

    “Based on the current track, a strong northerly wind will develop this evening, with potentially damaging gusts of 100-140 km/h or more possible overnight through Saturday morning,” he said. .

    “These strong northerly winds will begin to gradually ease on Saturday afternoon, but will remain quite strong well into the early evening.”

    Atlantic Canada meteorologists provide Friday update on Fiona

    Across Atlantic Canada, warnings continue as Hurricane Fiona approaches. Fiona is expected to make landfall Friday evening or early Saturday morning, bringing damaging winds, torrential rains and a potentially dangerous storm surge.

    A statement from Environment Canada issued at 8:40 a.m. TA gave more context on the erosion: “Western Gulf will see northerly waves up to 8 meters in places, likely to cause significant erosion of exposed beaches. north of Prince Edward Island. de-la-Madeleine will also see some coastal erosion due to waves.”

    Kings County in the east is likely to receive the most rain, and Queens and Kings counties will see the strongest winds, Environment Canada said.

    “Rainfall rates above 25mm per hour are possible from tonight and will continue through Saturday,” the agency said.

    Winds of 100 to 140 km/h or stronger gusts are possible overnight until Saturday morning, according to Scotland. (Jay Scotland/CBC)

    Winds in eastern Cape Breton and southwestern Newfoundland east of the eye are likely to produce gusts near Category 2 hurricane level at 160 km/h.

    “Across PEI and parts of northern Nova Scotia, winds will be much colder and from the northwest and could be up to 140 or 150 km/h.”

    Environment Canada has been candid about the possible impact.

    “These winds could cause significant tree toppling and lead to prolonged utility outages. Damage to building sheathing and roofing materials is likely, including structural damage in some cases. Winds of this strength could break windows and tearing down large hanging road signs.”

    An overview of Hurricane Fiona’s path. (Jay Scotland/CBC)

    The warning also said Fiona “will cause damage to quays and breakwaters. Significant shoreline erosion and large waves are expected where winds blow onshore”.

    People who must venture outdoors during the storm are warned to watch out for windblown debris and downed power lines, among other hazards.

    “Stay clear of shore – the combination of swell and large waves could lead to dangerous rip currents and the risk of being swept out to sea,” Environment Canada said.

    No federal aid requested at this time

    Fresh from a cabinet briefing on the storm, provincial Justice and Public Safety Minister Darlene Compton said it was too early to say whether PEI would seek help from the federal government for a cleanup.

    “We will exhaust all of our resources in PEI. [before we] reaching out to our federal counterparts,” she told CBC News Network noon Friday.

    Lines were long outside Island Waste Watch in Charlottetown on Thursday as people rushed to deposit unwanted items around their properties ahead of weekend winds that could turn them into projectiles. (Radio Canada)

    “As Islanders, we unite,” she added. “This is not our first storm and it won’t be our last.”

    His advice to locals: “Make sure you watch your neighbours, [see] they are safe or contact the province to make sure they get what they need.

    Travel implications

    Because of Fiona, the Confederation Bridge warns of travel restrictions, starting tonight around 9 p.m. and continuing until early Sunday morning.

    Northumberland Ferries has canceled the 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. TA sailings from Wood Islands and the 1:30 p.m., 5:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. TA sailings from Caribou, Nova Scotia. All Saturday sailings are canceled and the company expects disruptions on Sunday as well.

    A woman in a blue shirt sits in front of a microphone.
    Darlene Compton, Minister of Justice and Public Safety for the province, will participate in daily briefings on Fiona before and after the storm. (Province of PEI)

    So far, Air Canada has canceled one of its Friday flights to Charlottetown, AC1570 from Montreal, usually scheduled for 11:30 p.m. All Air Canada flights to and from Charlottetown scheduled for Saturday are cancelled, as well as the airline’s first flight on Sunday morning.

    For more information on the disruptions announced due to the storm, click here: Hurricane Fiona: What’s open and closed in PEI.

    How to prepare for a storm like Fiona

    Authorities are urging residents of Atlantic Canada in Hurricane Fiona’s path to prepare urgently, including having enough food and water on hand for several days.

    According to the National Hurricane Center at 5:00 p.m. ADT, Hurricane Fiona was about 595 km south-southeast of Halifax with maximum sustained winds of 205 km/h and was a Category 3 storm.

    Earlier Thursday, the storm swept through the Caribbean islands, causing severe flooding and killing at least eight people in Puerto Rico.

    DraftKings promo code: How to bet $5, get $200 on Steelers-Browns TNF


    In honor of Week 3 of the NFL, our DraftKings promo code locks in a potential 40-to-1 payout for new customers who make accurate picks.

    New players who sign up with our DraftKings promo code have a chance to get a significant bonus of $200. Place $5+ on any Week 3 money line with your first bet and earn the $200 bonus if your team wins.

    Fans are gearing up for 16 NFL games this week, including three in prime time. First, the Steelers and Browns meet under the spotlight in Cleveland on Thursday night. Next, the Broncos host the 49ers to cap off a busy NFL Sunday. Finally, the Cowboys and Giants square off in the Meadowlands for a crucial NFC East showdown.

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    Get $200 from winning ML bet using our DraftKings promo code

    It pays to win on DraftKings Sportsbook. Of course, it pays to win at any bookmaker. But it pays out a lot more on DraftKings, especially for NFL Week 3.

    Potential punters who sign up through our links and banners will be eligible for DK’s latest welcome offer. Once a cash deposit has been made, place $5 or more in a team’s Moneyline market for week 3. If that team wins, you will receive cash as well as $200 in free bets.

    Since the $200 only happens if your bet is hit, players will want to make sure they are selecting the ideal money line. While there aren’t certain things, especially in football, targeting big favorites like the Chiefs, Chargers and Eagles is smart play.

    However, bettors who have a hunch on a particular team should follow their instincts. Betting $5+ on someone like the Broncos, who at +100 are a home underdog against the injured 49ers, could double your investment on top of getting a major bonus.

    DraftKings Promo Code Details

    Since this welcome offer is tied to week 3, the window is already closing. Here’s how to approach this promotion before it’s gone for good:

    • Click on here to launch our landing page and activate the promo code.
    • Fill in each required field when registering.
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    New customers in Colorado, Arizona, Kansas and other eligible states can use our DraftKings promo code. Ultimately, this offer compares favorably to offers like Caesars and other competing offers.

    Advance promotions and enhanced promotions

    While new customers can land a $200 bonus with a successful bet, everything customers can head into week 3 with a pair of can’t-miss deals.

    Thursday Night Football has the potential to reward Moneyline bettors on both sides, thanks to the “Up 7 Early Win” promotion. Sign up and place an ML bet on Cleveland or Pittsburgh. If your team is leading by seven points or more at any time during play, your bet is cashed on the spot.

    Meanwhile, add up to a 100% increase in profit with a “stepped up” same-game parlay. Get a 20% boost on a three-legged NFL SGP and add more legs to increase the boost, up to 100% at 10+ legs.

    Click here for our DraftKings promo code and earn $200 in free bets when your $5+ NFL Week 3 moneyline hits.

    DC attorney general sues Liberty Tax for ‘misleading’ promotion of cash advances


    The Washington, DC attorney general filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Liberty Tax accusing the tax-prep chain of misleading consumers with misleading ads and promotions and predatory pricing.

    DC Attorney General Karl Racine’s office filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Liberty, which is the nation’s third-largest tax-prep chain. The lawsuit alleged that Liberty aggressively marketed its services to low-income DC residents by offering them $50 cash “just for the deposit,” but then increased tax preparation fees for customers who accepted the cash payments. He accused the tax preparation channel of violating DC’s consumer protection laws and is seeking a court order requiring Liberty to provide accurate and truthful information and provide financial relief to thousands of consumers, as well than civil penalties.

    “We filed this lawsuit to stop Liberty Tax from unlawfully preying on DC’s most vulnerable low-income residents,” Racine said in a statement. “Now is the time for Liberty Tax to be held accountable for persistently and fraudulently inducing DC residents to overpay for tax preparation. Misleading consumers is illegal, and we will not allow businesses to profit by deceiving the residents of the district.” (Full disclosure: Racine was a classmate of this writer.)

    A Liberty Tax location in Louisville, Kentucky

    Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

    Liberty has had a checkered history in recent years. Its founder, John Hewitt, who previously co-founded the tax-prep chain Jackson Hewitt after working as an executive at H&R Block, was ousted from the company in 2019 after a sex scandal involving company employees, which had to solve a sexual problem. lawsuit for harassment (see the story). The company’s then-parent company, Franchise Group Inc., also settled a lawsuit with the IRS and the Department of Justice alleging that Liberty failed to maintain adequate controls over returns prepared by franchisees and failed to prevent the filing of potentially false or fraudulent statements by franchisees (see the story). Last year, Liberty Tax was acquired by NextPoint, a special purpose acquisition company, for $182 million in cash and $67 million in stock (see the story). A spokesperson for NextPoint Financial did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the DC attorney general’s lawsuit.

    To entice consumers, according to the lawsuit, Liberty Tax aggressively promoted immediate distributions of $50 “just for filing with Liberty Tax” at the start of tax season before the end of February. Liberty Tax called it “cash in a flash” and described it as a “benefit” with no downside. The company has widely featured “fast cash” on its own website, in online videos, and by placing signs with signs such as “GET $50 NOW” outside of its stores, which are mostly located in low-income neighborhoods. However, the company did not disclose that consumers who accepted cash would be charged more than those who did not. On average (depending on the forms they filed), consumers who accepted the $50 offered by Liberty were then charged between $67 and $200 more for tax preparation services than consumers who did not. not participated in the promotion.

    Liberty operates four locations in DC where it provided more than 12,000 cash payments to consumers as part of its “cash in a flash” promotion from 2015 to 2021, according to the AG’s office, raising prices than thousands many DC consumers have paid for tax preparation without their knowledge, especially low-income taxpayers. On average, according to the AG office, Liberty charged people who file simple returns with just a 1040 and a W-2 an average of $75 more if they accepted the $50 in cash. However, it charged people who received the earned income tax credit an average of $93 to more than $200 more than EITC recipients who did not take up the 50 cash promotion. $.

    Anne Marie DeLuca, 87, former Madison resident, radiation biology researcher, inspiration to many | Madison Eagle Obituary


    Anne Marie DeLuca, 87, died Tuesday, August 13, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona, after a brief illness.

    Anne Marie was born in New Jersey in 1935 to Patrick J. and Mildred DeLuca (Fiore). She grew up in Madison and graduated in 1956 from St. Elizabeth’s University in Morristown (formerly the College of St. Elizabeth), with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

    Two NUWC Newport Division Employees Earn National Defense Industrial Association Bronze Medals > Naval Sea Systems Command > Saved News Module

    Two NUWC Newport Division Employees Earn National Defense Industrial Association Bronze Medals > Naval Sea Systems Command > Saved News Module

    Two Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Newport Division employees, Dr. David Rivera and Julie White, each won the 2022 National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Bronze Medal, an annual award that recognizes outstanding individual achievement in science or engineering in the field of submarine warfare.

    Rivera, a resident of Westerly, Rhode Island, is a “highly valued technical leader” within the Advanced Electromagnetic Development Branch of the USW Electromagnetic Systems Department, has distinguished himself in the field of applied electromagnetics to miniaturized antennas and related systems, the price states.

    It has obtained 18 patents and met the requirements of the navy, such as stealth, working efficiency and function.

    “Rivera’s work has allowed solid antenna structures to have specific surface regions removed while maintaining optimal operation, dramatically reducing the size of the antenna and its variants,” Price says.

    White, a resident of Middletown, Rhode Island, is the director of engineering for the sensor and sonar systems department. White serves as the front line supervisor for the Chief Engineers and Chief Analyst. Over her 33-year career, she has “built a reputation as a professional and distinguished technical leader,” the award says.

    White is a nationally recognized expert in all aspects of underwater sonar development and employment and has been instrumental in the development of the underwater sonar suites for the submarine classes USS Seawolf (SSN 21), USS Virginia (SSN 774), and USS Columbia (SSBN 826).

    “The results of his technical efforts contributed significantly to the preparation of the fighters,” Price says.

    White and Rivera will receive the NDIA Bronze Medal Sept. 27 at the USW 2022 Joint Fall Technology Conference, to be held Sept. 26-28 at U.S. Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut.

    NUWC Newport is the nation’s oldest warfare center, tracing its heritage to the naval torpedo station established on Goat Island in Newport Harbor in 1869. Commanded by Captain Chad Hennings, NUWC Newport maintains significant detachments in West Palm Beach, Florida and Andros Island in the Bahamas, as well as testing facilities in Seneca Lake and Fisher’s Island, New York, Leesburg, Florida and Dodge Pond, Connecticut.

    Join our team! NUWC Division Newport, one of Rhode Island’s 20 largest employers, employs a diverse, highly skilled, educated, and skilled workforce. We are always looking for engineers, scientists and other STEM professionals, as well as talented experts in business, finance, logistics and other support services who want to be at the forefront of underwater research and development. Please connect with NUWC Division Newport Recruiting on this site- https://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NUWC-Newport/Career-Opportunities/ and follow us on LinkedIn @NUWC-Newport and on Facebook @NUWCNewport.

    Astronomers reveal new – and puzzling – characteristics of mysterious fast radio bursts


    Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one-millisecond cosmic explosions that each produce the energy equivalent of the sun’s annual output. More than 15 years after the discovery of pulses of electromagnetic radio waves in deep space, their puzzling nature continues to surprise scientists – and newly published research only deepens the mystery surrounding them.

    In the September 21 issue of the journal Nature, unexpected new observations of a series of cosmic radio bursts by an international team of scientists – including UNLV astrophysicist Bing Zhang – challenge the current understanding of the physical nature and central driver of FRBs.

    The cosmic FRB observations were made in late spring 2021 using the massive Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in China. The team, led by Heng Xu, Kejia Lee, Subo Dong of Peking University and Weiwei Zhu of the National Astronomical Observatories of China, along with Zhang, detected 1,863 bursts in 82 hours over 54 days from a active fast radio burst source called FRB. 20201124A.

    “This is the largest sample of FRB data with bias information from a single source,” Lee said.

    Recent observations of a fast radio burst from our galaxy, the Milky Way, suggest that it originated from a magnetar, which is a dense, city-sized neutron star with an incredibly strong magnetic field. The origin of very distant cosmological fast radio bursts, on the other hand, remains unknown. And the latest sightings have scientists wondering what they thought they knew about them.

    “These observations took us back to the drawing board,” said Zhang, who is also the founding director of UNLV’s Nevada Center for Astrophysics. “It is clear that FRBs are more mysterious than we imagined. Further multi-wavelength observation campaigns are needed to further reveal the nature of these objects.

    What makes the latest observations surprising to scientists are the irregular and short-lived variations in the so-called ‘Faraday rotation measure’, which is the strength of the magnetic field and the density of particles near the source. FRB. The variations rose and fell during the first 36 days of observation and stopped abruptly during the last 18 days before the source was extinguished.

    “I liken it to shooting a movie about the surroundings of an FRB source, and our movie revealed a complex, dynamically changing magnetized environment that had never been imagined before,” Zhang said. “Such an environment is not directly expected for an isolated magnetar. Something else could be near the FRB engine, possibly a binary companion,” Zhang added.

    To observe the FRB’s host galaxy, the team also used the 10m Keck Telescopes located at Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Zhang says young magnetars are thought to reside in the active star-forming regions of a star-forming galaxy, but the optical image of the host galaxy shows that – unexpectedly – the host galaxy is a metal-rich barred spiral galaxy like our Milky Way. The FRB location is in a region where there is no significant star formation activity.

    “This location is inconsistent with a young central magnetar motor formed during an extreme explosion such as a long burst of gamma rays or a superluminous supernova, widely speculated progenitors of active FRB motors,” Dong said.

    Posting details

    The study, “A fast radio burst source at a complex magnetized site in a barred galaxy», published on September 21 in the newspaper Nature and includes 74 co-authors from 30 institutions. Besides UNLV, Peking University and the National Astronomical Observatories of China, collaborating institutions also include Purple Mountain Observatory, Yunnan University, UC Berkeley, Caltech, Princeton University, University of Hawaii and other institutions in China, the United States, Australia, Germany and Israel.

    Preview of Metro’s board meeting this Thursday, September 22


    Metro’s Board of Directors meets at 10 a.m. this Thursday, August 25 for its regular monthly meeting. The agenda is here, where you can also browse the agenda, staff reports, and attachments. A link to the live web stream of the meeting will appear on this page shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday.

    Instructions for live public comments:

    –Live public comments can only be given by telephone.

    –Board meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. PT on August 25, 2022; you can join the call 5 minutes before the start of the meeting.

    – Dial: 888-251-2949 and enter

    –English access code: 8231160#

    –Spanish access code: 4544724#

    –Public comments will be collected as the Board addresses each item. To give a public comment on an item, enter #2 (pound-two) when prompted. Please note that the live video stream is approximately 30 seconds behind the actual meeting. There is no lag on the public comment call line.

    Among some of the most interesting articles this month:

    • The Board will receive an update on our Metro Micro service upon request. Presentation

    •The Board will receive an update on our rate cap project. Presentation. Put simply, fare capping means that passengers would pay as they go instead of having to pay for passes in advance.

    • The Board will consider a motion to implement a three-pronged strategy for our Vermont Transit Corridor Project: first pursuing immediate bus improvements, then a rapid transit project by buses by 2027 and finally pursue a long-term rail project. As many riders know, Vermont is one of our busiest bus corridors. Movement

    • The Board will consider approving the recommendations of the I-710 Southern Corridor Task Force for a project vision statement, guiding principles and goals, pre-investment plan opportunities, and a new name for the project (Long Beach-East LA Corridor Mobility Investment Plan). Staff report with links to attachments. The goal of the project is to improve mobility and safety in the congested 710 corridor. The Board will also consider this related motion asking Metro to provide a matching grant to one of the projects – the Humphreys Avenue bike/pedestrian crossing in East LA

    Categories: Policy and Funding, Projects

    Tagged as: 710 south, agenda, fare cap, funding, meeting, Metro Board of Directors, Metro Micro, motions, policy, programs, reports, September 22, task force, Vermont Transit Corridor

    How I Went From $100 to $10,000 in Cash in Just Ten Days Through Sheer Hustle with No Phone Contacts and Just a Battered Car


    THIS entrepreneur was able to turn $100 into $10,000 in ten days with pure contactless hustle and a dented car.

    The lifestyle Grant Cardone, 64, lives is very different from the one he had growing up and he likes to flaunt his million-dollar penthouses and private jets on social media.


    Grant Cardone, 64, is a successful billionaire who turned $100-10,000 in ten days while on Undercover BillionaireCredit: Getty

    He starred in the second season of Undercover Billionaire, a television show challenging successful business owners to build a million dollar business in 90 days or less.

    During the show, you only get three things to start: a dented car, a contactless phone, and $100 cash.

    Cardone was placed in Pueblo, Colorado, away from his high-rise penthouse in Miami.

    Somehow he managed to turn $100 into $10,000 and the first step he took was to try to make contact as soon as possible.

    I started selling bracelets from my living room floor - made £250,000 in year 2
    I dropped out of school with no qualifications… now I run a seven figure business

    In a bold move, Cardone, who changed his name to Lewis Curtis during the challenge, asked the owner of a motorhome rental business to sleep in one of his trailers.

    The next day, he asked about potential business opportunities in the area and got contact details for a business owner named Matt, who ended up becoming Cardone’s main business partner during the challenge.

    After making contact, Cardone then shows up at Matt’s gym, asking “How can I help?”

    People might initially be skeptical of you, especially if they don’t know you – as was the case between Cardone and Matt, but Cardone pushed on and believed he could bring value to Matt.

    Cardone presents a master trick: work for free when you start.

    According to Cardone, it shows your partner that you prioritize the business over yourself.

    And, once you show you can keep a promise, it becomes easier to ask for a bigger salary than you would have asked at the start.

    However, proving yourself means more than just words.

    Cardone was able to secure a $5,000 marketing budget from Matt, who also owns a mattress store, however, Cardone struggled when no customers showed up.

    To remedy the situation, Cardone came out onto the main road with a sign and put on his pajamas which caught the attention of several motorists.

    This resulted in sales of $12,000 that day.

    Matt and Cardone were able to strike a formal business deal, giving Cardone a 15% commission on all sales he made.

    Cardone walked out of that meeting with a check for $10,000 after the couple agreed to a cash advance.

    Missing Jolissa Fuentes' mother is in tears as celeb joins search
    Leonardo DiCaprio ex 'star dumped because he wanted to settle down and have kids'

    In just 12 days in Pueblo and 10 days on the job, Cardone had earned his goal of $10,000.

    “Never lower your aim,” Cardone said. “Increase your actions.

    Cardone had no contacts, a battered car and $100 in his name when he was dropped off in a random town


    Cardone had no contacts, a battered car and $100 in his name when he was dropped off in a random townCredit: Getty

    Logitech introduces the MX Master 3S for Business and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2


    Get instant alerts when news breaks on your stocks. Claim your one week free trial for StreetInsider Premium here.

    Enterprise-ready, new remastered flagship combo and mouse for concentration, precision and comfort

    LAUSANNE, Switzerland & NEWARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) introduced the MX Master 3S for Business and Next Generation MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 , bringing new levels of security and an improved employee experience for enterprise customers. New Logitech products are designed to be easy-to-maintain, scalable solutions that give IT departments peace of mind. When used with Logi Options+ software, users can enhance their experience and optimize workflow through personal customization and app-based presets.

    This press release is multimedia. View the full press release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220920005077/en/

    Logitech introduces the MX Master 3S for Business and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 that are enterprise-ready for focus, precision, and convenience (Photo: Business Wire)

    “As we continue to expand our business portfolio, what a great opportunity for advanced professionals looking to maximize production and increase productivity with MX Master 3S and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2,” Joseph Mingori, Managing Director of B2B for creativity and productivity at Logitech. “We design for today’s hybrid work with people in mind, delivering a portfolio that meets the needs of IT departments and a diverse workforce.”

    MX Master 3S for business

    A remastered icon, the MX Master 3S for Business mouse combines what employees and IT departments love about the MX Master 3, with added features for optimal tactility, performance and fluidity. The redesigned mouse features Quiet Click technology for the same satisfying click feel, but with 90% less noise than its predecessor. The 8,000 DPI sensor makes working on high-resolution monitors faster and more accurate, even on glass. MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scrolling allows users to scroll at 1,000 lines per second or line-by-line precision – one of MX’s most beloved signature features. The sculpted hand design provides all-day comfort, amplified by finger and palm support to reduce forearm muscle fatigue, and the tilt angle lifts the wrists off the table to reduce discomfort from hard surfaces.

    The MX Master 3S for Business was designed with sustainability in mind and is certified carbon neutral. Plastic components are made with 27% certified post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

    MX Key Combo for Gen 2 Enterprises

    An upgraded version of an iconic combo designed for today’s hybrid world, the MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 delivers faster, more accurate work. The easy-to-deploy, pre-paired, enterprise-ready full-size keyboard and mouse combo features smart backlighting, precise tracking, and productivity shortcuts, making it the perfect companion for skilled professionals who primarily focus on high levels of creation and maximum output. . Ideal for employees who spend long hours in front of the computer looking for greater convenience without sacrificing productivity, MX Keys for Business offers perfect stroke scissor keys; MX wrist rest provides firm yet comfortable wrist support; and the MX Master 3S for Business is silent for better concentration.

    MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 is certified carbon neutral with responsible paper packaging from FSC™ certified forests and other controlled sources, making it a set of tools that IT decision makers and climate-conscious employees need. environment can feel good.

    Logi+ options

    Intuitive and easy to use, Logi Options+ is a software application that enables simple shortcuts for a smooth and intuitive experience with many familiar video apps and platforms, including Zoom or Microsoft Teams, allowing easy muting from your mouse and your keyboard, and navigation between multiple computers with Flow-enabled mice to optimize workflow. Options+ is mass deployable, including the ability for IT to silently install and configure certain app settings to meet business requirements.

    Logi Bolt Wireless Security

    Logi Bolt is Logitech’s next-generation wireless connectivity protocol. Based on Bluetooth® Low-power wireless technology, Logi Bolt includes several security measures designed to give peace of mind to IT by minimizing the risk of business vulnerability, both in the office and remotely. It also offers robust connectivity even in congested wireless environments. And it is designed with Bluetooth Security Mode 1, Level 4, also known as Secure Connections Only mode, which complies with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

    Price and availability

    The MX Master 3S for Business and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 will be available in September 2022. Please contact your local reseller or visit Logitech.com/workdesk.

    About Logitech

    Logitech helps everyone pursue their passions by designing experiences so everyone can create, achieve and enjoy more. Logitech designs and builds products that bring people together through computing, gaming, video, streaming and creative, and music. Logitech brands include Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, Streamlabs, Blue Microphones and Ultimate Ears. Founded in 1981 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). Find Logitech at www.logitech.com, the company blog, or @Logitech.

    Logitech and other Logitech marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Logitech Europe SA and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information about Logitech and its products, visit the company’s website at www.logitech.com.

    Wendy Spander



    [email protected]

    Source: Logitech

    Christina Milian celebrates the spread of Latin music globally – MOViN 92.5


    Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

    Christina Milian is thrilled to see the world embracing Latin music and has an idea why it’s becoming so popular.

    Speaking to ABC Audio, the “Am to Pm” singer applauded the Latin superstar bad bunny to be one of Spotify’s most streamed artists. Half of the songs on Spotify Playlist “Summer Songs” are in Spanish – Bad Bunny occupying eight spots in the top 30 countdown.

    Christina recalls when Latin hits ‘sprinkled’ the radio, before the legend Gloria Estefan made waves with “Conga”.

    “Now to hear it become more mainstream for everyone, even if you don’t understand the lyrics? … I think that’s important,” she said.

    Christina believes that Latin music makes waves because it “conveys a feeling” that everyone understands. “People just want to feel good, they want to laugh and they want to dance,” she explained.

    “I’m glad the reach goes much further than just within the community,” said the resort to love the actress spoke out. “It’s open and more people experience other cultures. It’s exciting!”

    She also reserved praise for the “Efecto” singer, saying, “I’m a big Bad Bunny fan. I don’t know how my son knew his name, but he said ‘Bad Bunny’ the other day! ” Christina shares two sons with her partner M Pokora.

    So, will the growing popularity of Latin music inspire Christina to make a comeback in music? She revealed that it’s not on the radar right now.

    “I’m looking to do more stuff behind the scenes,” she said. “I would like to produce more films and series and have the opportunity [to] open doors for more people to show off their talents and tell more stories.”

    Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

    Cash Advance Apps vs Payday Loans: Which is Better?


    (NerdWallet) – If you’re asked to imagine a payday lender, you might think of a storefront in a strip mall with green dollar signs and neon slogans like “everyday payday.” You probably wouldn’t imagine a mobile app that advertises on TikTok and sports a colorful logo.

    But cash advance apps like Earnin and Dave provide advances with the same borrowing and repayment structure as payday lenders, and consumer advocates say they carry similar risks. Both are quick, no-credit-check options for closing an income gap or easing the pressure of inflation.

    Neither is an ideal first choice for borrowing money quickly, but knowing their differences can help you save money and avoid hurting your finances.

    Cash advance apps work like payday loans

    Like most payday loans, a cash advance or paycheck app lets you borrow money without a credit check. You are also required to repay the advance, plus any fees you have agreed, on your next payday.

    A single payment cycle is usually not enough for borrowers to repay payday loanso many people fall into the habit of getting another loan to pay off the previous one, says Alex Horowitz, senior director of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

    App users may find themselves in a similar cycle. A 2021 study by the Financial Health Network found that more than 70% of app users get back-to-back advances. The study doesn’t say why users re-borrow, but Horowitz says the behavior is particularly similar to payday loans.

    “Direct-to-consumer payday advances share DNA with payday loans,” he says. “They’re structured the same, they have repeat borrowings, and they’re scheduled based on the borrower’s payday, which gives the lender strong collectability.”

    Apps can offer more flexibility

    Payday lenders and payday advance apps collect repayment directly from your bank account. If your account balance is too low when funds are withdrawn, you could incur overdraft fees, says Yasmin Farahi, senior policy adviser at the Center for Responsible Lending.

    An application may try to avoid overcharging your account. Mia Alexander, Vice President of Customer Success at Dave, says the app reviews users’ bank accounts before withdrawing the refund. If the refund puts the balance close to zero or negative, the app may not withdraw the funds, she says.

    However, apps typically include language in their user agreements that while they try not to overcharge your account, they aren’t liable if they do.

    In states where payday loans are allowed, a payday lender is unlikely to offer a free, unsolicited payment extension, as some apps say. Some states require payday lenders to offer extended payment plans at no cost to troubled borrowers, but a 2021 report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says some lenders are misrepresenting plans or not disclosing them.

    Unlike payday lenders, the apps don’t make collection calls. If a user revokes access to their bank account to avoid a refund, the app will not attempt to collect the funds. The user simply cannot get another advance until they repay the previous one.

    Payday loans cost more

    Payday loans tend to have high mandatory fees, unlike apps. Instead, they charge a small fee that users can accept throughout the borrowing process. These fees can add up, but they are usually lower than those charged by payday lenders.

    For example, an app might charge a monthly subscription fee or a fee for instant access to funds. Most cash advance apps also ask for a tip for service.

    The charges on a $375 payday loan are most often about $55 over a two-week period, Horowitz says. Since the cash advance application fee is mostly optional, you can easily keep the cost below $10.

    Earnin user Sharay Jefferson says she’s used payday loans in the past, but switched to a cash advance app because it’s a cheaper way to cover bills and unexpected expenses.

    “If you get a $200 payday loan, you might be paying something back three times over,” she says. “With Earnin, I’m going to have to pay that $200 back, plus whatever I decide to give them. It’s much cheaper. »

    Technically, apps are not lenders

    Regulators like the CFPB have not classified payday advance apps as lenders, despite their similarities to payday loans.

    Earnin CEO and Founder Ram Palaniappan says the app is more like a payroll service or an ATM because it makes it easier to access your own funds. Earnin asks users to upload a timesheet showing they worked enough hours to earn the cash advance amount. Other apps scan a user’s bank account for income and expenses to determine if they qualify for an advance.

    Farahi says applications should be treated like creditors, meaning they would follow the Truth in Lending Act, which requires creditors to disclose an annual percentage rate. An APR allows consumers to compare costs between financing options. For example, users can compare the APR of a cash advance app to that of a credit card and choose the most affordable.

    “People still need to know what the real cost of credit is and to be able to assess it and really compare that cost to other options,” she says.

    Applications should also comply with applicable state lending laws. Currently, 18 states and Washington, DC, have maximum interest rate caps that could limit application fees, she says.

    Cash Advance App vs Payday Loan: Which is Better?

    If you need cash urgently, you can have better alternatives than payday loans and advanced apps, says Farahi.

    Local charities and nonprofits can meet basic food and clothing needs. A family or friend could lend you money at no additional cost. If you have a few hours to spare, a side gig could generate as much money as a typical payday loan or cash advance application.

    If you have the choice between an app and a payday loan, the app is probably the best option because:

    • It is less expensive.
    • It may not trigger overdraft charges.
    • If you don’t pay it back, the app won’t send you to collections.

    A cash advance from an app is unlikely to leave you in a better financial position, Farahi says. But it may be a little less likely than a payday loan to make things worse for you.

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    Trey Lance, 49ers QB

    Sep 11, 2022; Chicago, IL, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance (5) rushes the ball against the Chicago Bears during the second half at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

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    sports betting editor


    Evesham, NJ, man charged with trying to meet 13-year-old girl for sex


    EVESHAM — A 48-year-old man was arrested after driving to Staples to pick up a person he believed to be a minor, according to the Burlington County District Attorney’s Office.

    Prosecutors said Daniel Gallagher, of Marlton, drove to the store on Route 70 on Wednesday. However, instead of meeting a 13-year-old, law enforcement officers from multiple agencies were waiting for him. He was arrested on the spot.

    Along with the attempted meeting, Gallagher is accused of sending nude photos and videos to the teenager who was actually a member of law enforcement. Gallagher and texted them for several weeks after meeting on a chat app, prosecutors say.

    Prosecutors said the investigation began this summer after Gallagher’s “online activities” were discovered, but did not disclose further details.

    Gallagher is charged with second-degree attempt to lure a minor and attempted sexual assault. He also faces other third and fourth degree charges.

    He is currently being held in Burlington County Jail pending a detention hearing.

    Rick Rickman is a reporter for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

    Click here to contact an editor about a comment or correction for this story.

    NJ teachers and educators caught in sex crime busts

    In recent years, state lawmakers have risen to the challenge of dealing with accused child predators among teachers and educators.

    In 2018, the so-called “passing the trash” law came into effect, requiring more stringent New Jersey school background checks related to child abuse and sexual misconduct.

    The following people have been arrested in recent years. Some were found guilty and sentenced to prison, while others accepted plea deals for probation.

    Other cases are still ongoing, including some court delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    What would happen to NJ if we were attacked by nuclear weapons?

    We used Alex Wellerstein’s NUKEMAP to see what would happen if a nuclear warhead hit New York, Philadelphia, Washington or New Jersey.

    Models show what would happen during an air detonation, meaning the bomb would be detonated into the sky, causing extensive damage to structures and people below; or what would happen in a detonation on the ground, which would have the alarming result of nuclear fallout. The models do not take into account the number of casualties that would result from the fallout.

    Each state in America and its favorite type of cereal…

    “We are transforming cancer from a fatal disease into a chronic disease”


    CTech Mind the Tech NY Conference – Ofer Shalev

    “New Phase was founded nine years ago following the death of my partner, Sarah, the mother of Dr Rafi Hof, and offers a solution for patients with stage 4 cancer. Usually at this stage of the disease, patients are exhausted from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even biological drugs and cancer cells and tumors are spreading in the body. At this point, even oncologists give up,” explained Ofer Shalev, founder and CEO of New Phase. “Our challenge was to treat these patients and reduce the cancerous mass from stage 4 to stage 2 so that patients could live with a better quality of life.” Shalev was speaking to CTech at the Mind the Tech NY conference.

    Asked about the technology behind the idea, Shalev replied: “The technology has two components: the first is the irradiation of electromagnetic radiation which delivers electromagnetic fields to the torso area and the second is infused nanoparticles in the body that have multiple iron oxide nuclei. . Four hours after the injection, the torso is irradiated, which heats the nanoparticles. We have learned from the literature that cancer cells are more resistant to hypothermia than normal cells and tend to collapse at temperatures of 41-45 degrees Celsius, while normal cells can survive at 55 degrees. Our nanoparticles reach 50 degrees so they only destroy cancer cells.

    “New Phase has completed the preclinical study with excellent results. We have clearance in Israel to start stage 1, ie safety endotoxicity. We have treated six patients and the results, in terms of safety, are very good and we have started to see the first results of our proof of concept, which is how well nanoparticles destroy tumors in the body patients.

    You can watch the full discussion in the video above.

    Lobos Pack: UTEP Game Preview and Prediction



    UTEP Miners vs. New Mexico Lobos


    University Stadium in Albuquerque, New Mexico


    Saturday, September 17, 2022, 6:00 p.m. MT


    The game will be broadcast online on the Mountain West Network, in Albuquerque it will be on MY 50TV. On radio, it will air on the Lobo Sports Radio Network, 96.3 FM/770 AM in Albuquerque.


    New Mexico leads the series 43-33-3. Last season, the Miners won by a 20-13 final in El Paso after the Lobos squandered a 13-3 halftime lead.


    The New Mexico Lobos will be looking to get back on track when they host the UTEP Miners on Saturday night inside Albuquerque College Stadium.

    The Lobos enter the contest with a 1-1 record after a 31-14 loss to Boise State last Friday night.

    The Miners are 1-2 this season. Last week, the Miners earned their first win of the season by beating New Mexico State 20-13. UTEP lost to Oklahoma and North Texas this season.



    New Mexico will be looking to throw the ball a ton at the Miners’ suspect point defense.

    Over three games, UTEP averaged 203 yards per game on the ground. Last week against New Mexico State, the Miners gave up 187 rushing yards.

    Expect a heavy dose of Nathaniel Jones and Sherod White tonight for New Mexico.

    Miles Kendrick didn’t have time to spend last week against Boise State, tonight should be a different story. Expect plenty of short runs and the occasional deep shot to try to widen the ground for the UNM.


    The Lobos defense plays like the defenses of Rocky Long’s first coaching era.

    New Mexico has given up just 81 average rushing yards so far this season and has five sacks in its two games this season.

    The Lobos will continue to blitz the opposition’s snot. Disguises and blitzes from anywhere should confuse minor offense.

    What to expect from UTEP:

    The Miners rely heavily on their passing game. Averaging 245 yards per game through the air this season, UTEP throws the ball almost 60% of the time on offense.

    That passing number should test UNM, but could also play into the hands of the Lobos with the passing rush they apply.

    Tyrin Smith and Reynaldo Flores are UTEP’s top two receivers this season. Smith has 20 receptions and Flores has 19 this year. The next closest receiver has seven catches on the year.

    Gavin Hardison is the UTEP signal caller that Lobo fans will get used to hearing and seeing tonight. He’s completed just over 51% of his passes this season for 703 yards and two touchdowns. Hardison handles the ball well, having no interceptions and only one fumble loss this season.

    Final thoughts and prediction:

    The Lobos defense looked really solid against Boise State last week, the offense not so much. Right now, the Lobos are a 2 ½ point underdog to the Miners. I find that really odd considering UTEP has struggled in every game this season, including against a bad team from New Mexico State last week.

    Not only would I take the Lobos to cover in this one, but I’m also expecting them for the outright victory. The New Mexico defense is playing too well to be set on fire in the air, and the ground game for UNM should dominate. I like that the Lobos win, 27-10.

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    BFC Week 3 games to bet on via BetMGM

    Just two weeks into the CFB season, bettors rejoiced in the steady upheaval and thrilling college football action from coast to coast that showed no signs of slowing down on Saturday. As preseason national championship contenders like Alabama, as well as lesser-heralded programs like Cal, are all desperate to improve their standings in pursuit of a CFB playoff bid, this weekend should mark another dynamic chapter on the NCAAF calendar.

    There will be fantastic action throughout the day, and games to watch include:

    • No. 22 Penn State vs. Auburn
    • No. 6 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
    • No. 11 Michigan State vs. Washington
    • No. 12 BYU vs. No. 25 Oregon

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    A breakthrough in cancer treatment


    (WNDU) – Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are both cancer treatments.

    Chemotherapy, or chemo, uses special drugs to shrink or kill cancer cells, where radiation kills these cells with high-energy beams such as X-rays or protons.

    Although chemotherapy and radiation both attack cancer cells, they work differently.

    Chemotherapy drugs travel through the bloodstream and kill or shrink cancer cells anywhere in the body, not just at the site where the primary tumor started. They are called systemic drugs because they pass through the entire body system. Radiation therapy uses invisible bursts of energy instead of drugs and is usually a local treatment that directs energy beams only to the area where cancer cells are growing. Both treatments share the same goals, such as getting rid of all cancerous cells and preventing the cancer from coming back; shrink or slow down cancerous growths or stop the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body; and shrinking tumors to lessen pain and other difficult symptoms of cancer.

    For some cancer patients, a treatment called “T cell therapy” can be lifesaving. But a big disadvantage of this method is that the patient’s immune system must first be destroyed by chemo or radiation therapy.

    But now a new discovery in mice could change that for people in the future.

    Researchers are studying a new method that could eliminate the need for chemo and radiation therapy before having T-cell therapy.

    With this approach, doctors collect a patient’s own immune cells, grow and improve them in a lab, and then inject them back.

    “Immunotherapy has been the holy grail of cancer treatment because we know the immune system is capable of killing cancer cells. You reset the immune system and it keeps working,” said Andre Goy, a physician at Hackensack University Medical. Center.”You reset the immune system and it continues to function.”

    Now, a UCLA-led research team in collaboration with scientists from Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania has found that engineering T cells with a lab-made receptor called IL9 allows cancer cells to do their job. without the need for chemo or radiation. In a model involving mice, researchers cured more than half of animals treated with synthetic IL9 cancer patients with T-cell therapy and fewer side effects.

    “When T cells signal through the synthetic IL-9 receptor, they acquire new functions that not only help them out-compete the existing immune system, but also kill cancer cells more efficiently,” said Anusha Kalbasi, MD, UCLA.

    The therapy has been shown to be effective in several systems. They targeted pancreatic cancer and melanoma, two types of hard-to-treat cancers, mouse models and used T cells targeted to cancer cells via the natural T cell receptor or a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) .

    “The therapy also worked whether we gave the cytokine to the whole mouse or directly to the tumor,” Kalbasi said.

    Apple invents next-gen OLED displays with built-in optical photodetectors that act as under-screen cameras


    Apple always tries to develop and deliver the highest quality displays for its high-end devices. Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple relating to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays in which one or more organic photodetectors (eg, organic photodiodes) are integrated for optical detection in the cell.

    Optical sensing in the cell is the detection of light using optical photodetectors (OPDs) which are integrated into a screen. Intracellular optical sensing can be used in various applications, such as biometric sensing (e.g., face, fingerprint, or retina sensing), OLED illumination sensing, touch sensing, light sensing ambient or health sensing. OPDs can be configured to detect visible light, infrared light, or other wavelength ranges of electromagnetic radiation.

    Apple’s invention covers systems, devices, methods and apparatus for optical detection in the cell and, more particularly, to the integration of OPD in an OLED screen.

    Technically speaking, an OPD pixel, or an array of OPD pixels, can be integrated into an OLED display while forming the display (eg, in parallel with forming OLED pixels).

    Alternatively, the OPD pixel(s) may be integrated into the display after the display has been formed (eg, after the OLED pixels have been formed). While the latter may allow the OPD pixel(s) to be optimized largely independently of the OLED pixels, such optimization may sometimes conflict with OLED pixel optimization. Therefore, to preserve the integrity of a display as much as possible, the systems, devices, methods, and apparatus described in Apple’s patent application include OPD pixels that are formed when forming an OLED display.

    OPD pixels, as described in the patent filing, can be formed such that they share the cathode, OLED HTL, or OLED ETL structures (eg, materials and layers) used by OLED pixels. OPD pixels can also share other structures used by OLED pixels, such as hole injection layer (HIL), hole blocking layer (HBL), electron injection layer (EIL) or the electron blocking layer (EBL).

    Regarding Apple’s patent FIG 1A below, they note that in some cases, front camera #110, I/O devices #116 and/or other sensors of an iPhone (device #100) can be integrated into a display stack of display #104 and moved under the display.

    For example, an array of OPD pixels can be interspersed with, or positioned around, an array of OLED pixels included in the display. OPD pixels can be used as a camera (for example, a visible light camera and/or an infrared camera) capable of acquiring an image of one or more of an environment of the iPhone, an image of a user (for example, the user’s face, finger or retina).

    Apple’s patent FIG. 2 below shows an example plan view of part of a #200 OLED display that incorporates an OPD #208 pixel array.

    Apple’s patent FIG. 9 shows an embodiment of an OPD pixel (#900). Apple’s patent presents four additional examples of possible OPD pixel configurations.

    As with most patents, Apple never wants to limit the use of an invention to a single device, even if they focus on the device to which it will first apply. In this case, Apple notes that the invention could be used in other form factors, including mixed reality headset, smart glasses, health monitoring device, Apple Watch, vehicle navigation systems , navigation systems for robots, an iPad, etc.

    For details, see Apple patent application 20220293682.

    Apple inventors

    Markus Einzinger: Senior Electrical Engineer. An experienced researcher with a proven track record in successfully designing, optimizing and prototyping OLED devices.

    Martin Kuik: technical Manager

    Moe (Mohammad) Yeke Yazdandoost: Technical Manager – Principal Architect of Detection Systems

    Niva Ran: Senior Data Scientist / Senior Optical Display Engineer

    10.51FX - Patent Application Bar

    Starlink provides services to the Antarctic research station


    The national science foundation announced on Wednesday 14 September that a new Stellar Link user terminal has been installed on the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, which means SpaceX’s satellite internet service is now partially available on the seven continents. While, according to Yahoo financethere was already a more traditional satellite internet connection in the resort, connection to Starlink should alleviate stiff competition for limited bandwidth.

    “USAP scientists supported by NSF in #Antarctic are thrilled! Starlink is testing polar service with a newly deployed user terminal at McMurdo Station, increasing bandwidth and connectivity for science support. National Science Foundation on Twitter

    So how exactly does Starlink work and how will it improve the internet in rural areas when satellite internet already exists? To be completely honest, I really had no idea until I started researching this story. First, according to PC MagazineSatellite Internet generally works by transmitting data over radio waves, rather than wires. The ground stations transmit to the satellites, the satellites send this information back to the users, and vice versa.

    What Starlink does differently is in the height and number of satellites. Most satellite internet services place their satellites about 22,000 miles above the planet. Starlink narrows that distance, firing to keep them about 300 miles above service Earth. On top of that, SpaceX intends to launch around 40,000 satellites into Earth orbit, creating a massive grid with few gaps in coverage. These two factors are supposed to combine to create faster service with much wider coverage and fewer areas where service would be interrupted.

    Personally, I think Starlink is a very good idea. Do I really know enough to form a real opinion? Absolutely not, so I won’t try to share more than that. I really think it’s cool that remote research stations have access to faster internet and connections to the rest of the world, though!

    Image credit: national science foundation on Twitter & Starlink on Instagram

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta dates, UK time and how to get codes


    In a sign of the age of modern gaming, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be widely playable weeks before release as early access beta sessions begin to roll out.

    However, in true Call of Duty style, there’s not just one beta, but four sessions depending on your platform of choice and whether you’ve pre-ordered.

    It can get a bit confusing, so we’ll explain everything below, but the bottom line is that while everyone will eventually join for free, if you want to play as soon as possible, you’ll want to consider pre-ordering.

    It will also give you more time to unlock some of the nifty new beta rewards that have now been announced. So, as the MW2 betas begin, here are the times and how you can get one of the most important codes.

    When is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta?

    The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta period will begin on September 16, 2022, Activision has confirmed. However, players will be able to download the beta from September 14.

    This first beta of CoD Modern Warfare 2 will start at 6:00 p.m. BST for players here in the UK, as will all subsequent sessions.

    There will be four different sessions in the MW2 beta, and they will run as follows:

    • September 16 to September 17 – early access beta on PlayStation
    • September 18 to September 20 — open beta on PlayStation
    • September 22 to September 23 – early access beta begins on Xbox and PC, while open beta continues on PlayStation
    • September 24 to September 26 — open beta on PC, Xbox and PlayStation

    “Early Access” sessions will only be available to select players (more on that in a bit), while “Open Beta” sessions will be freely available to everyone on those platforms.

    How to Get Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Codes

    To get a code for the early access beta periods, simply pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on your platform of choice. You should receive a code in time to start playing.

    Activision will also be giving away MW2 beta codes at select Call of Duty events ahead of the beta period, and we also expect prominent YouTube/Twitch CoD stars to give out codes. However, the only way to guarantee a code is to pre-order the game!

    CoD Modern Warfare 2 is available to order from GAME, Amazon, and most other game retailers, and our handy widget should bring you the latest deals below.

    Those who pre-order the Vault Edition will also be able to redeem their additional content in the beta – which includes the Red Team 141 Operator Pack and the FJX Cinder weapon.

    Does the progress carry over from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta?

    No, Activision has confirmed that the progress will not carry over to the main game. However, 10 exclusive cosmetic rewards will be available to unlock and will carry over to the full version – the full list of beta rewards includes:

    More like this
    • Emblem: “Smashed It” – Level 2 operator
    • Charm: “Buckle your seatbelt” – Operator Level 4
    • Player Cards: “Test Passed” – Operator Level 6
    • Sticker: “Operation First Blood” – Operator level 10
    • Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact” – Operator Level 15
    • Operator Skin: “Collision” – Operator level 18
    • Vinyl: “No competition” – Operator level 19
    • Sticker: “Safety First” – Operator level 21
    • Vehicle Skin: “Floor It” – Operator level 26
    • Weapon Blueprint: “Frontal Impact” – Operator level 30

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    Kyiv has an excessive amount of UFOs in the sky, astronomers say


    The report does not specifically mention the war, but the United States has long suggested, conjectured and warned that some UFOs may be advanced equipment of foreign militaries, particularly China and Russia, Vice reported Tuesday.

    3D illustration of an unidentified flying object.

    “We see them everywhere,” the research said. “We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is unclear.”

    Following the observations made in the village of Vinarivka, located south of Kyiv, the researchers explained these celestial objects as “ghosts which are an object is a completely black body which does not emit and absorbs all the radiation which it receives. falls on it.”

    They also said that UFOs are very fast and very difficult to take pictures.

    “We developed a special observation technique, taking into account the high speeds of the observed objects,” the researchers said.

    “The exposure time was chosen so that the image of the object does not move significantly during exposure. The frame rate was chosen to account for the speed of the object and the camera’s field of view. In practice, the exposure time was less than 1 ms and the frame rate was not less than 50 Hz.”

    TG Metals (ASX:TG6) sets priority targets in Lake Johnston, WA – The Market Herald



    Be the first with news that moves the market

    • TG Metals (TG6) identifies several nickel sulphide targets on its Lake Johnston project in Western Australia
    • The company engaged Southern Geoscience Consultants to collect and review historical geophysics for a 30 kilometer area as part of the project.
    • Nine electromagnetic (EM) conductors have been identified with Eland Road, Highfield and Stamford Bridge considered priorities and 12 areas will undergo ground EM work to better define targets
    • Work will begin early next month before TG Metals applies for heritage and environmental clearances to start drilling
    • TG6 shares are trading in gray at 12 cents at market close

    TG Metals (TG6) has completed a study covering a 30 kilometer area of ​​the Lake Johnston project in Western Australia.

    The company engaged Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) to perform the review of historical geophysical work since the early 1990s.

    Positively, TG Metals has identified several priority targets south of the Maggie Hays and Emily Anne nickel deposits.

    Specifically, nine electromagnetic (EM) conductors have been identified, three of which are considered ready for drilling. The three drill-ready targets include the Eland Road, Highfield and Stamford Bridge prospects.

    Twelve areas have been identified as requiring additional ground-based EM with modern, high-powered EM work aimed at better defining targets at depth or differentiating nickel sulphide mineralization from sulphide sediments.

    TG Metals has already committed EM ground crews who will begin work in early October and are expected to test up to 12 priority areas.

    Exploration will initially focus on the BR02 and BR06 targets which lie in deep alteration zones and are covered by deep deposits of nickel and cobalt-rich laterite.

    Following this, the company will advance heritage and environmental clearances to enable it to apply for a work approval program to drill the selected targets.

    Shares of TG6 were trading in gray at 12 cents at market close.

    Russian critic who urged talks with Ukraine doesn’t fear arrest


    MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian politician who made waves by questioning Russia’s strategy in Ukraine on national television said Tuesday he was telling the truth and not afraid of being punished under tough laws against discrediting soldiers and spreading false news about the conflict.

    The remarks by Boris Nadezhdin, a former liberal member of the national parliament, came as Russian forces retreated from much of Ukraine’s Kharkiv region in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

    During a talk show on the state-controlled NTV channel on Sunday, Nadezhdin said President Vladimir Putin had been misled by the intelligence services who had apparently told him the Ukrainian resistance would be brief and ineffective. Nadezhdin also called for an end to fighting and the start of negotiations.

    In recent weeks, Russian officials have repeatedly accused Ukraine of not wanting to negotiate, but they have also offered draconian terms. Former President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that Russia would demand full surrender in order to negotiate.

    In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Nadezhdin said negotiations on a ceasefire “are always and everywhere possible.” But he said resolving issues such as the status of eastern breakaway regions and Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, would be much more difficult.

    “Negotiations on these issues? They are now absolutely unrealistic, because there is a position like this: ‘We will defeat you, no, we will defeat you,’” he said.

    Nadezhdin’s televised comments were notable because of Russia’s moves to stifle criticism of sending troops to Ukraine. A few days after the start of the operation, parliament approved a law prohibiting the alleged disparagement of the Russian military or the dissemination of “false information” about the operation in Ukraine.

    OVD-Info, a legal aid group that tracks political arrests in Russia, has counted 90 criminal cases for spreading false information about the Russian military since February 24.

    “I definitely didn’t break any Russian laws,” Nadezhdin told the AP. “There was not a single falsehood at all, not a single falsehood in what I said. There was a statement of absolutely obvious facts.”

    The withdrawal of troops from the Kharkiv region and Ukraine’s counter-offensive in Russian-held parts of the southern Kherson region have raised fears that Russia is hesitating in what officials insist on calling a “special military operation”. “.

    The leader of the Communist Party, the country’s second political formation, called on Tuesday both for a general mobilization to strengthen the military and for the conflict to be openly qualified as war.

    “War and a special operation are fundamentally different. You can stop the special operation, you can’t stop the war, even if you want to,” Gennady Zyuganov was quoted as saying by Russian media.

    “Maximum mobilization of forces and resources is necessary.” he said.

    Mild criticisms of Putin are also emerging.

    Last week, seven members of a local council in St. Petersburg called on the national parliament to bring treason charges against Putin over the conflict in Ukraine; five of them were accused of having discredited the army.

    Last week, a local council in Moscow passed a resolution calling on Putin to step down, saying: “The rhetoric you and your subordinates are using has long been tainted with intolerance and aggression, which has finally plunged our country back into the crisis. Cold War era. Russia has begun to be feared and hated again.

    Is it always a good idea to get a cash advance on your credit card?


    Image source: Getty Images

    It’s not always a bad idea.

    Key points

    • Credit card cash advances come with high fees and interest rates.
    • Usually, you should try to avoid a cash advance.
    • There may be circumstances where getting one isn’t the worst idea, such as if you’re using it as an alternative to an expensive payday loan for an emergency expense.

    Most of the time when you use your credit cards, you charge for purchases. But there is actually a way to withdraw money from your credit card: you can do it by taking a cash advance. Often this just means going to the ATM or bank and asking for one.

    Taking out a cash advance might be a good solution if you have an essential expense that you can’t charge to your card and can’t afford to pay. But, in reality, there are serious financial drawbacks to doing so.

    That doesn’t mean you should never take out a cash advance – but before you do, you should seriously ask yourself if it’s the right decision.

    There are good reasons to avoid cash advances

    In general, cash advances should be avoided as they can be a very expensive way to get cash.

    You will usually be charged an upfront fee when taking a cash advance, which can range from around 3% to 5% of the amount borrowed. The interest rate may also be higher on a cash advance than your standard card rate, and you’ll usually start earning interest immediately. This is different from when you charge items to a credit card, because you don’t have to pay interest on items charged if you pay your balance in full before your grace period.

    You may also not be able to borrow as much with a cash advance, as there is often a lower limit that applies. For example, if you have a $10,000 line of credit, you may only qualify for a cash advance of up to $4,000 or whatever your card issuer sets as a limit.

    So, since a cash advance will cost you more and be more restrictive than simply charging something to your card, you generally shouldn’t do it.

    Here’s when you might want to consider grabbing one anyway

    While a cash advance should always be avoided in a perfect world, the reality is that sometimes people find themselves in financial binds and need help getting out of it. And a cash advance could be a way to do that. if alternatives will cost you more.

    Say, for example, you need $500 to fix your car today and the mechanic won’t take a credit card. If you have no other way to pay for car repairs and you won’t be able to get to work and would lose your job, a cash advance might be an option if you plan to pay the money back quickly.

    Or if you’re considering a payday loan to pay for an essential expense like covering your rent until your paycheck arrives, a cash advance may be cheaper.

    Basically, as these examples are designed to illustrate, if you’re stuck in a corner with no other way to borrow and the consequences of not taking a cash advance would outweigh the costs of taking care of you, you have this option available. If you exercise it, however, you will want to make a plan to pay the money back as soon as possible. and a plan to make sure you won’t need to do this in the future – like saving an emergency fund.

    Ultimately, cash advances are a financial tool at your disposal. But since they’re so expensive, save them for serious emergencies and do what you can to make sure you don’t end up in that situation.

    The best credit card waives interest until 2023

    If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% in 2023! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

    How to Get Cash Back on a Credit Card – Forbes Advisor


    Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

    “Cash Back” generally refers to cash rewards that cardholders can earn when they complete a transaction with a credit card. It should not be confused with cash back which you can withdraw from a bank account when paying using a debit card. This is also distinct from using a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM, which is called a cash advance and is not a recommended practice.

    Many credit card issuers offer cash back programs that cardholders can take advantage of to see a small return on every purchase made. While earning rewards certainly shouldn’t be an incentive to overspend on a credit card, it’s worth knowing exactly how specific rewards can be earned and redeemed. Different rewards programs offer different reward rates, and some impose limits on which spend categories earn which rates, so it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your credit card rewards before deciding which credit card. ask.

    How does cashback work?

    A cash back card will generally allow cardholders to earn rewards with every purchase made with the card. Some may earn a fixed percentage on every qualifying purchase, while others offer high earn rates on bonus categories such as groceries, gas, or restaurants. Accumulated rewards are redeemable for cash, often in the form of a check, credit statement, or deposit to a bank account.

    How does cash back work with credit cards?

    Some cash back credit cards reward all qualifying purchases with a flat percentage return, such as 1.5% or 2% back on all spend. Others offer tiered reward categories to reward spending, for example, on groceries and gas at higher rates than other purchases. Yet other cards offer rotating redemption categories every month or every quarter.

    Flat Rewards

    Certain cards, such as the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card (tariffs and fees), offer a one-time reward on all qualifying purchases. The Wells Fargo Active Cash earns 2% cash rewards on purchases and remains the plastic standard for block rewards. For those looking for simple, easy-to-follow cashback, a card like this is likely to be one of your best options.

    Earn multi-level rewards

    Other cards, like the Blue Cash Preferred® card from American Express, offer a more complex structure for earning rewards. Blue Cash Preferred earns 6% cash back in US supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases (then 1%), 6% cash back on select US streaming subscriptions, 3 % cash back at US gas stations and on public transportation (including taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains, buses and more) and 1% cash back on other qualifying purchases. Cash Back is received in the form of Reward Dollars which can be redeemed as statement credit. The card has an annual fee of $95 (conditions apply, see rates & fees).

    While cards like this generally offer bonus categories that yield higher rewards, the lowest reward category or “catch-all” category for all out-of-bonus category purchases is usually only 1% back and will not match what you might earn. with the best flat rate cashback cards.

    Reward Category Rotation

    Some cards will split cash back rewards between spend categories that change on a quarterly (or other period) basis. For example, Discover it® Cash Back earns 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different locations each quarter up to a quarterly maximum of $1,500 in spend when activated. Plus, automatically earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.

    Please note that some cards require a category to be activated every quarter or month before you can actually earn rewards on purchases in the category. And, as reward categories change, cards with rotating reward structures may require additional attention given to reward systems in order to realize the full potential of rewards in each bonus period.

    Other constructions

    The Chase Freedom Flex℠ is an example of a card that combines several approaches. The Freedom Flex earns 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in categories that rotate quarterly (requires activation), 5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3% on restaurants and pharmacies and 1% on all other purchases.

    Still others, like the Citi Custom Cash℠ card, offer categories that change based on your spending habits: the card earns you 5% cash back on purchases in a higher eligible spending category each cycle of billing, up to the first $500 of spend each month and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

    Cash Back vs. Cash Advance

    Cash back should not be confused with a credit card cash advance. Although the term “cash back” is often applied to a withdrawal of funds from a checking account in the same transaction as a debit card purchase, for example, at a grocery store, this type of “cash back” is all something else with a credit card. Cash advances allow you to borrow money from your credit card’s line of credit by withdrawing cash from an ATM using your credit card.

    Cash advances typically involve a separate cash advance APR, often higher than your card’s regular APR, and start earning interest the same day you borrow the money, with no grace period. There will also usually be cash advance fees. Cash advances are not recommended because the cost of borrowing money in a cash advance is usually astronomical compared to other options to get the funds you need.

    How can I withdraw money from a credit card?

    Making a cash advance with a credit card often incurs fees and a high APR, and does not include a grace period to pay off the balance before interest accrues. We don’t recommend taking a cash advance, but if you must, you can use your credit card at an ATM just like you would a debit card. Be sure to read your card contract carefully to understand all the terms of a cash advance before initiating a transaction.

    How do I redeem Cash Back?

    While the specifics vary from issuer to issuer, you’ll typically redeem cash back earned with your credit card by applying through an issuer’s app or website. Log in to mobile or online banking and apply to redeem rewards.

    With many cards, you’ll be able to choose your preferred redemption method for your cash back: you can receive your rewards as a statement credit, a deposit to an eligible bank account, or a check that the issuer sends you job. Some cash back cards also allow you to redeem cash back by applying it to purchases when checking out online with a partner.

    Note that in some cases your cash back will be redeemed automatically and you will not have the option to select your preferred option. For example, with the American Express Blue Business Cash™ card, any cash back you’ve earned is automatically applied as a statement credit each billing cycle.

    Below are details of commonly available redemption methods for your cash back.


    Some issuers can pay out rewards by sending you a check. Depending on your card agreement, a check may be automatically sent from time to time or you may need to request one. A check can also be an optional redemption method alongside other choices. Checks can be one of the slowest methods of exchange, as you wait for a physical item to arrive in the mail.

    Statement credit

    Another redemption option offered by many issuers is cash back in the form of statement credit. Certainly one we often see in the credit card agreements we review, statement credit puts your money back directly into your credit card account by subtracting the amount of rewards you redeem from your balance. This type of buyout option usually takes the least amount of time.

    Bank transfer or direct deposit

    Some issuers, especially banks that also offer checking and savings accounts, will offer wire transfer or direct deposit as a way to complete your rewards redemption. You can redeem rewards as a deposit into a checking, savings, or other type of eligible cash account and many issuers make this a fee-free and fairly straightforward process.

    Gift cards

    Gift cards are often listed as a redemption option for cash back, but be aware that redeeming gift cards may offer less value per reward point or dollar than other redemption options. Gift cards can also limit your options when redeeming. As a general rule, we recommend redeeming rewards for the closest thing to cash.


    Cash back credit cards earn rewards on qualifying purchases and can be a lucrative advantage to paying with a credit card. Earning and redeeming cash back involves nuanced terms that you need to understand before applying for a cash back credit card.

    It should also be noted that “cash back” as it is used to refer to the withdrawal of cash at a merchant’s point of sale with a debit card is not the same with a credit card. Using a credit card to withdraw money from your revolving line of credit is called a cash advance and is generally not the most affordable way to borrow money.

    To view rates and fees for the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, please visit this page.

    Documentary Film Review: “An Invisible Threat”



    Watch “An Invisible Threat” on Epoch Cinema here.

    A very informative documentary on the issues surrounding microwave radiation.

    Have you ever stopped to think about how cell phones and cell towers can emit harmful radiation? Have you ever heard reports here and there that this might be a scientifically viable theory? Well, a well-produced documentary titled “An Invisible Threat” is something you might find instructive, as it delves into the health effects of the increasing amounts of microwave radiation flooding the entire planet.

    The film begins by showing us American newscasts from anchors in the 1970s reporting high levels of radiation at the US Embassy in Russia. They postulate that the Russians may be using microwaves to jam the eavesdropping equipment used by the Americans. The scene suddenly shifts to modern times and shows multitudes of people walking around while talking on their cell phones.

    While cell phones were unheard of 50 years ago, radiation levels – except in the rare cases reported by news anchors – were in general much, much lower. Transpose that with today, where almost everyone has a cell phone.

    A condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, where some people are particularly vulnerable to radiation, was relatively mild even until the early 1980s. personal computers and cell phones, people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome make up about 10% of the population. In the movie, that number was set to increase rapidly over the “next 5 to 10 years.” What is so disturbing is that the screening was given 8 years ago when the film was shot in 2014.

    Minerva Palomar explains how microwave radiation affected her in “An Invisible Threat”. (Imago Productions)

    A Spanish woman named Minerva Palomar is one such person who has electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome. She explains that she started noticing a mixture of symptoms including strong headaches, spasms, nausea and a feeling of general weakness when a cell phone tower was installed near her residence.

    Manuel Desco of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency and Health points out that many people have reported symptoms similar to those experienced by Palomar, either after installing cell phone towers or after using cell phones for long periods of time. long periods.

    Olle Johansson, director of the department of neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, has studied extensively the effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans, plants and animals. He says high levels of electromagnetic energy are not meant to be in normal operating environments on Earth.

    Olle Johansson in “An Invisible Threat”. (Imago Productions)

    As Johansson describes, the various biological systems on the planet were never designed to be flooded with electromagnetic waves. But the more this happens, the more these waves have harmful effects on these biological systems, such as cancer and other “alterations” that destroy the very links of our DNA molecules.

    He adds that natural levels of microwave radiation on the planet have always been extremely low. But in modern times, everything has changed. He compares this change to “turning a knob” and raising those levels to bombard humans, plants and animals with microwaves they were never designed to withstand.

    The documentary goes on to interview various knowledgeable people on the subject of microwave radiation and electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome. Through these interviews with scientists, investigative journalists and others, we learn that certain forces in society minimize or completely ignore the health effects of widespread radiation. Some organizations charged with studying cell phone use and its relationship to microwave radiation have been mysteriously “tampered with”.

    The question then becomes: what are we, as a collective society, going to do about this ever-expanding problem?

    A familiar sight – people around the world talking on their cellphones in “An Invisible Threat”. (Imago Productions)

    I found this film not only very informative, but also very prescient since we live in a time when most people blindly trust technology – especially anything to do with microwaves – as evidenced by our seeming addiction to cell phones. Part of the problem (and what’s so insidious about it) is that the many health effects caused by electromagnetic radiation are caused by something we can’t see, hear or touch, even though those harmful waves are bombarding our body all the time. .

    “An Invisible Threat” is a well-produced documentary that not only delves into the increasingly severe effects of radiation on all life on the planet, but also the many conflicts of interest between governments, politicians, lobbyists, the so-called “health” organisations. , private industries and the military.

    “An Invisible Threat”
    Director: Pablo Coca Stars: Mona Nilsson, Olle Johansson, Minerva Palomar Running Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes MPAA Rating: Unrated Release Date: 2014 Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
    pg | 1h 11m | Documentary | 2014

    Watch “An Invisible Threat” on Epoch Cinema here.

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    The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Epoch Times.

    Ian Kane


    Ian Kane is a US Army veteran, author, filmmaker, and actor. He is dedicated to developing and producing innovative, thought-provoking, character-driven films and books of the highest quality.

    Hi-Tech toilet seat detects kidney disease, diabetes and urinary tract infections


    Optical sensors analyze the flow of urine at each visit, to enable early diagnosis

    Cutting-edge technology can now scan your urine for early signs of diabetes, chronic kidney disease, bladder cancer, UTIs (urinary tract infections) and dehydration – every time you go to the bathroom.

    Sensors fitted to a toilet seat are able to measure the way light reflects off the stream of urine in real time, enabling accurate diagnosis of a range of diseases.

    They optically analyze the 3,000 molecules contained in urine, each of which interacts with different frequencies of light.

    The Olive KG, a sensor mounted on the toilet. Courtesy

    The Israeli startup that developed the technology describes it as the “world’s first device based on AI and spectroscopy” to provide constant, non-invasive monitoring of urine output – an effective alternative to chemical analysis or standard microscopic.

    The technology is already being used for elderly patients in assisted living facilities in the Netherlands, where it collects more and more data each time they use the toilet.

    “We try to catch diseases before we go to the doctor,” Guy Goldman, CEO of Olive Diagnostics, the company behind the product, told NoCamels.

    “We are enabling the medical community to start doing preventative medicine versus reactive medicine.”

    Olive embeds a miniature spectrometer — a device that detects and analyzes wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation — into a raised toilet seat.

    The Olive KG can detect various diseases by sending light frequencies through falling urine. Courtesy

    The device, called the Olive KG, sends 64 light frequencies through urine while it’s in motion, passively detecting molecules and using the data it collects to identify health issues.

    The sensor, which can be mounted on any toilet, has lights on one side and a photodiode on the other, which measures the amount of light transferred to it.

    The Olive KG detects proteins, red blood cells, nitrates, urine pH and density, as well as other characteristics (volume, pressure, color, frequency).

    “Urine regulates the amount of minerals you should have in your body, making it a really good biomarker for detecting a bunch of diseases,” Goldman says.

    “People think urine is just waste, but it actually regulates the body. For example, if you have too much sodium, your body gets rid of it through urine.

    Guy Goldman, CEO of Olive Diagnostics. Courtesy

    The company is currently focused on providing accurate urinalysis – the medical term for urinalysis – for elderly patients, and in particular for their offspring who may be concerned about being dehydrated or sick. contracted an infection.

    Goldman lived in London and worried about his mother Karen, at her home in Jerusalem, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and eventually died of dehydration.

    “She slept 22 hours a day. We didn’t know she wasn’t well,” he says.

    Goldman, a serial entrepreneur in data analytics, discovered there was no way to objectively monitor his condition and set about designing technology that could help. He used his late mother’s initials, KG, in the product name.

    Despite advances in science and technology, urinalysis has remained archaic, Goldman says. Hospital laboratory staff still dip sticks into cups of urine.

    Accuracy in detecting some molecules using traditional methods can be as low as 70%, he says. In contrast, he says Olive achieves complete accuracy because it monitors every patient visit to the bathroom, rather than analyzing a single sample.

    The Olive KG will also be able to connect to smart watches. Courtesy

    He says that no other company uses optics to perform urinalysis. Pregnancy sticks, for example, use test paper to measure the hCG hormone, which is produced after fertilization.

    Goldman says optical urinalysis can also measure levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone, and has potential applications in nutrition, mental health and beyond.

    However, it cannot detect all conditions, such as muscle disorders – only things that pass through the kidneys.

    The data collected from the Olive KG is sent directly to the clinical services of the assisted living facilities in which it currently operates. She can connect to her new Apple Watch app Olive WatchOS, which brings AI-based urinalysis results to smartwatches.

    The company is also creating a new sensor that it will start selling directly to customers, along with an app that gives diagnostics to users, by the end of 2023.

    Olive recently began selling its product in the United States, where it is being tested at a large assisted living facility, and monitoring high-level mentally disabled people on the East Coast. He started his Round A funding for $10 million.

    Get a cash advance with bad credit


    Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. All views and opinions are those of the advertiser and do not reflect the same of WFTS.

    With the current state of the economy, it’s proving difficult for many Americans to stay afloat financially — let alone maintain a healthy emergency fund. So, when most people have a financial problem, they turn to loans to save the day. But it’s not always easy when you have bad credit.

    In most cases, not-so-stellar credit will keep you from getting a quick loan from conventional financial sources. Fortunately, many lenders offer same-day payday loans with guaranteed approval to help these people access credit.

    Here are our top 10 picks for same-day payday loans:

    1. WeLoans – Best set for fastest payday loans
    2. iPaydayLoans – Ideal for small payday loans without a credit check
    3. CocoLoan – Ideal for online payday loans with instant approval
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    7. Quick Payday Loans – Ideal for payday loans with quick approval
    8. Payday Loans UK – Ideal for UK payday loans no credit check
    9. Get a payday loan – Ideal for multiple payday lenders with same day approval
    10. Easy payday loan – Ideal for easy payday loans with quick approval

    WeLoans – Best Bundle for Fastest Payday Loans


    WeLoans is an online platform that connects you with direct lenders who offer bad credit payday loans with same day approval. The website makes it easy for customers looking for fast payday loans to identify reputable lenders who would quickly approve loan applications.

    The platform has a simplified three-step process to ensure that you get money to your bank account as quickly as possible. First, you must complete and submit a brief online form containing information about yourself and your financial situation. Lenders will then review and provide you with an offer in just minutes. After signing the contract, you will receive your funds the same day or the next day.

    WeLoans also uses next-generation encryption technologies to protect all your personal and financial data and prevent data breaches. They also adhere to privacy standards and will not disclose information to unauthorized third parties.


    • Doesn’t check your credit score
    • Available 24/7
    • Easy and fast approval, no waiting time
    • Highly approved by previous customers (97% rating)

    The inconvenients

    • Must provide proof of income

    Apply Here For Payday Loans No Credit Check With WeLoans Now >>

    iPaydayLoans – Best for small online payday loans with no credit check

    Best loans for bad credit

    Paid content

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    iPaydayLoans is a popular same-day cash advance option that many Americans turn to when looking for quick loans. This site has an excellent reputation for partnering with a long list of direct lenders that offer fast approval for payday loans with no credit check.

    iPaydayLoans is the place to go if you are looking for a secure and reliable platform to find lenders who will provide you with payday loans even if you have bad credit. After four simple steps, your funds will be transferred directly to your account and you will have cash ready to meet your emergency.

    The whole process is done online and all the steps are fully automated to ensure you get your money without much fuss. Once you find a lender and accept the offer, the money will be in your bank account in just a few hours.


    • Great customer service
    • May qualify even with bad credit
    • Transparency and no hidden fees
    • Different types of loans are available

    The inconvenients

    • Rates can be high for borrowers with extremely low credit scores.

    Get instant payday loans with iPaydayLoans here>>

    CocoLoan – Best for Online Payday Loans with Instant Approval

    Best loans for bad credit

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    CocoLoan is another reputable website that connects borrowers with lenders who offer bad credit payday loans. In addition to payday loans, the platform also offers short-term loans, online fast loans, and bad credit loans.

    CocoLoans understands that an emergency requires you to find money very quickly. Therefore, it partners with a long list of highly reliable lenders who will ensure that there are no delays in the loan process and that the money reaches you as quickly as possible. The platform has measures in place to ensure that you as a customer are always protected and can easily find a lender without much hassle.

    When you apply for a loan through Cocoaloans, you guarantee that your loan will be processed quickly and securely. Your personal data is protected by bank-grade encryption technology which ensures that no data is leaked to hackers or other third parties.


    • Your data and privacy are protected
    • Simple application process
    • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
    • Low credit is also considered

    The inconvenients

    • Proof of employment is essential.

    Access CocoLoan’s fast payday loans here >>

    What are payday loans without online credit checks and how do they work?

    Payday Loans No Credit Check are short-term online cash advances that are not based on a credit score. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, as US lending regulations require all loans to undergo a credit check. When you apply for a payday loan without a credit check, the lender will still need to do a due diligence, but will rely more on your ability to pay.

    How We Picked the Best Alternatives to Payday Loans No Credit Check Online

    We considered many factors when putting together this list. These are some of the key things we considered;

    • Number of direct lenders on the platform
    • 100% online loan application process
    • Loan conditions
    • Approval rate
    • Process efficiency and effectiveness

    Don’t same day payday loans with no credit check really exist?

    Due to US lending regulations, same day payday loans without credit check do not exist. The law requires that all loans be subject to a credit check. Also, checking your credit is the only way for lenders to know how much to lend you and what interest rates to charge for the loan. But lenders will rely more on your ability to pay.

    Can I apply for a loan even if I am unemployed?

    Yes. You can apply for and qualify for a loan even if you are unemployed. However, you must provide a reliable source of income, such as retirement benefits. Whether you are employed or not, lenders need to know that you can afford to repay the loan on time and in full.

    Last words

    Online payday loans are a great source of quick cash when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are fast, reliable and available when you need the money most. The above platforms will connect you with various lenders who will consider you for a loan, even with bad credit.

    However, keep in mind that the best solution to your financial difficulties is to find ways to better manage the finances you already have so that you have money set aside for rainy days.

    Captain is a So-So Tamil Riff on Predator | Cinema/Television


    The hook for this one is a great trailer that promises a musical riff on 1987 Predator. And it’s a concept that took root in my subconscious and landed me a ticket to the very first show on opening day.

    First thing: the way Indian cinema believes in covering as many genre bases as possible, Captain looks a lot more like a military drama with sci-fi and horror undertones – a SyFy original that happens to be in Tamil subtitled. Second thing: although there are sequences directly inspired by certain twists of Predatorthe script’s pedigree also pivots on aspects of Faculty and CHUD

    There’s a time when you feel like you’re gonna get something like the remakes of Friday 13 Where My dear love, where we’ll get two different rounds of massacres before we even get into the movie proper. Alas, what we end up getting is a conventional action drama that feels very “been there, done that” to audiences who see a lot of movies. The most effective sequence comes early on, as Captain Verti (Arya) and his team go on a strike mission that sheds an insane amount of blood, but impressively maintains silence and grace for as long as possible, in using ponds, mats and Rube Goldberg. – Gym-style action to ensure nothing breaks or splatters on the floor. While jam-packed with a degree of CG violence that seems incongruous with a lot of Indian cinema (where things tend not to get too violent until the second half), this sequence sets the bar pretty high for future encounters with monsters, which makes for some internal dissonance as the script begins to jump in time for some non-linear reveals.

    The monster here, referred to in the subtitles as “minotaur”, is distinctive, evoking both the Terrordogs of ghost hunters and the Caeliferad ancestors of Quatermasse and the pit. They spit psychoactive poison and operate in symbiosis with scuttling super-spiders that allow them to focus bio-radio waves in order to solve collective goals. And honestly, their life cycle is complex enough that I wonder if subtitles might cut some corners.

    Arya is an imposing physical presence – imagine Kane Hodder’s physicality with Adam Scott’s cheekbones – but he’s rather uncharismatic. He can fight, he knows how to find his light, but he never feels comfortable in front of the camera. Now, that might be a deliberate choice for this character; I don’t know of his other work, so I can’t say for sure, and the narrative basis of Captain Vetri is that he is an orphan who only knew the Indian Army as his family. It seems to fit in pretty well with writer-director Shakti Soundar Rajan’s aesthetic, but the MVP here is Simran as the mysterious Doctor Keerthi. She gives Meg Foster business suit vibes, and she’s absolutely the only cast member who seems to be having fun (except for the one in charge of the spider puppet we see in some footage of end of backstage credit).

    That said, it’s impossible for me to completely turn my back on a movie with a battle of giant octopuses. Your mileage may vary.

    BGMI Redeem Code Today September 10, 2022: Claim Now!


    BGMI Mobile Redeem Code today 10th September 2022. BGMI Redeem Codes can be used for various redemptions and rewards offered by Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

    Details about rewards and features can be found on the official website of BGMI i.e. battlegroundsmobileindia.com. Former PUBG players are now thrilled after the launch of BGMI.

    BGMI game is now available on Google Play Store for Android mobiles and App Store for iPhone users. To download this app, you need to open the play store app on your mobile.

    Also read: Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes Today September 10, 2022: Check Website, Steps to Redeem

    We have given the latest BGMI redemption codes for September 10, 2022. Use these redemption codes and get rewards, new skins, BGMI free UC and weapon skins, outfits, loot boxes, diamonds.

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    BGMI Redeem Codes September 10, 2022 today:

    • BTOQZHZ8CQ – New!
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    Richard Tell, K5UJU, Receives IEEE SA Lifetime Achievement Award


    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE SA) Awards and Recognition Committee has selected ARRL Member Richard A. (Ric) Tell, K5UJU, as the recipient of the IEEE SA Award for all of his accomplishments.

    Tell has over 50 years of outstanding contributions to the science and technology of non-ionizing radiation safety and has developed standards for measurement methods, safety programs and exposure limits. He is a member of the ARRL RF Safety Committee (RFSC).

    Tell also received a Founders Trophy in 2022 from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), recognizing his outstanding service to the Society. Along with other members of the ARRL RFSC, he helped form an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Monitoring Group, which has been meeting since August 2020 to develop tools and procedures for compliance with new RF exposure regulations for amateur radio operators in Great Britain. The new rules in the UK are similar to those already in place in the US and will be phased in in the UK over a 2 year period. They are currently only in force for the high frequency bands.

    Greg Lapin, RFSC member, N9GL, praised Tell for his contributions. “The entire amateur radio community was fortunate when Ric Tell agreed to join the ARRL RF Safety Committee. Ric’s long history with RF safety includes many years with the United States Agency of environmental protection, followed by a council that assessed RF fields in commercial installations to identify potential exposure.Throughout this Ric has donated his time and taken a leadership role in the development IEEE RF safety standards, which make up a large part of the FCC’s exposure regulations.

    Tell received his amateur radio license in 1959 at the age of 15, and he used a homebrew transmitter running at 7.5 W to travel the world. His favorite field of amateur radio is the analysis and experimentation of antennas.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Midwestern State University and a Master of Science degree from Rutgers University. Prior to entering a private consulting firm related to RF safety issues for the past 33 years, Tell worked at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for 20 years, where he headed the electromagnetics branch of the Office of Radiation Programs.

    Tell specializes in RF field analysis and measurements, RF exposure compliance, and RF safety programs. His experience includes participation in a scientific exchange program with Russian scientists on the biological effects of electromagnetic energy and numerous publications related to RF safety. He is chair of the TC95 subcommittee of the IEEE SA International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES), which developed the IEEE SA Recommended Practice on RF Safety Programs, and he is chair of the IEEE SA Committee on Electromagnetic Safety. ‘IEEE SA on Man and Radiation (COMAR).

    Tell is also a member of the IEEE SA and was the 2019 recipient of the Non-ionizing Radiation Distinguished Service Award from the Health Physics Society.

    The IEEE SA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented on Sunday, December 4, 2022 at The Imperia in Somerset, New Jersey.

    Jewelry store owner jailed for cash advance fraud | USAO-SDTX


    HOUSTON — A 40-year-old man, Katy, has been sent to federal prison following his wire fraud conviction, U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery has announced.

    Santiago Mora pleaded guilty on March 3.

    Today, US District Judge Andrew Hanen imposed a sentence of 27 months in prison which will be immediately followed by three years of supervised release.

    Mora was co-owner with his business partner of Alku Modern Jewelers located in Katy.

    During sentencing, the judge heard that Mora failed to deliver prepaid Rolex watches worth approximately $3.9 million to a customer. In an effort to pay the client and others, Mora executed a scheme whereby he obtained a total of $500,000 in merchant cash advances via wire transfer by impersonating and using the correct credit. of its business partner.

    Mora eventually admitted to his fraudulent dealings with his business partner and using his partner’s identity to request and receive several cash advances from the merchant.

    Mora was taken into custody in Miami, Florida in June 2021 after failing to appear in court for further proceedings.

    Mora will remain in custody pending transfer to a US Bureau of Prisons facility to be determined in the near future.

    The FBI investigated. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Tina Ansari and Grace Murphy prosecuted the case.

    TNB’s Allo offers 1Gbps fiber optic home internet access in Malaysia for RM199/month


    Allo Technology, a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is offering internet speed of up to 1 Gbps for residential users and up to 10 Gbps for businesses in Malaysia thanks to its use of high-speed fiber optics. Available through the company’s City Broadband brand, they’re also priced competitively, with the residential 1Gbps plan priced at RM199 per month.

    On top of that, Allo City Broadband also offers 100Mbps residential plans for RM99/month and 500Mbps at RM139/month. Additionally, the company is also offering a limited time Merdeka promotion of 300 Mbps at RM109/month and the aforementioned 100 Mbps plan at just RM89/month. All residential plans include unlimited data, symmetric speed, and dynamic IP. As reported by BernamaAllo Technology’s network manager Muhammad Mohd Yunos said fiber optic broadband provides faster and more reliable internet service.


    He also clarified that optical fiber is not affected by weather changes, electromagnetic interference or radio waves. Moreover, its main advantage is speed, by which it is significantly faster than wireless broadband which uses fourth generation (4G) technology.

    Muhammad further shared that Allo has successfully connected more than 180,000 premises in Melaka, Perak, Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor to the fiber optic broadband network under the National Digital Network Plan initiative ( JENDELA). The company plans to connect up to 300,000 premises under JENDELA, with plans to expand its footprint on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

    Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 15.17.39 PM.png

    For more information on Allo’s fiber optic broadband offerings, visit the official City Broadband brand website here. As always, be sure to stay tuned to TechNave.com for the latest trending tech news in Malaysia and beyond!

    The Merchant Cash Advance Market Will See Booming Growth


    Merchant Cash Advance

    The Merchant Cash Advance Market study provides a basic summary of the trade along with definitions, classifications, uses, and trade chain structure. This market research report has been prepared after considering the impacts of COVID-19; the report provides growing market opportunities, revenue drivers, challenges, pricing trends and drivers, and future market assessments. This Merchant Cash Advance study also includes an in-depth competitive analysis of key market players, which includes their company profiles, key observations associated with product and business offerings, recent developments, and key market strategies. The report also provides a 360 degree overview of the industries competitive landscape. SWOT analysis has been used to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing businesses. The merchant cash advance market is showing steady growth and the CAGR is expected to improve over the forecast period.

    Get a free sample PDF copy of this report! https://www.qurateresearch.com/report/sample/BnF/global-merchant-cash-advance-market/QBI-MR-BnF-1119914

    Prominent players featured in the report are
    Financial Forum
    Capital CAN
    American Express Merchant Funding
    National funding
    Stripes Capital
    Square capital
    PayPal working capital

    In Chapter 6, on the basis of types, the Merchant Cash Advance market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into:
    $5,000 to $250,000
    $250,000 to $500,000
    > $500,000

    In Chapter 7, based on application, the Merchant Cash Advance Market from 2015 to 2025 covers:
    Time spent in business 18 months

    The Merchant Cash Advance Market report includes comprehensive information of major market competitors including various organizations, firms, associations, suppliers and manufacturers competing for production, supply, sales, revenue generation and after-sales performance expectations. The bargaining power of many sellers and buyers has also been included in the research report.

    Free report data (in the form of an Excel data sheet) will also be provided upon request with a new purchase.

    Do you have a question ? Ask our industry expert @ https://www.qurateresearch.com/report/enquiry/BnF/global-merchant-cash-advance-market/QBI-MR-BnF-1119914

    Merchant Cash Advance Market Region Coverage (Regional Production, Demand & Forecast by Countries etc.):

    North America (S., Canada, Mexico)
    Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.)
    Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.)
    South America (Brazil, Argentina etc.)
    Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc.)
    Research Report Highlights:

    The report would provide an in-depth analysis of current and future market trends.
    Analysis of global, regional and national markets.
    Key strategic initiatives taken by key players operating in the market along with an analysis of the ranking of key players.
    Analysis based on historical information as well as current trends to estimate the future of the market.
    Analysis of the impact of ever-changing global market scenarios.
    Global market impact study of COVID-19.
    Overview of the chapters analyzing the global Merchant Cash Advance Market in detail:

    Chapter 1: Merchant Cash Advance Market overview, product overview, market segmentation, regions market overview, market dynamics, limitations, opportunities, and industry news and policies.
    Chapter 2: Merchant Cash Advance Industry Chain Analysis, Upstream Raw Material Suppliers, Major Players, Production Process Analysis, Cost Analysis, Market Channels and Major Downstream Buyers.
    Chapter 3: Analysis of value, production, growth rate and price analysis by type of merchant cash advance.
    Chapter 4: Downstream Features, Consumption and Market Share by Application of Merchant Cash Advance.
    Chapter 5: Production volume, price, gross margin and revenue ($) of Merchant Cash Advance by regions.
    Chapter 6: Production, Consumption, Export, and Import of Merchant Cash Advances by Regions.
    Chapter 7: Merchant Cash Advance Market Status and SWOT Analysis by Regions.
    Chapter 8: Competitive Landscape, Product Overview, Company Profiles, Merchant Cash Advance Players Market Distribution Status.
    Chapter 9: Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis and Forecast by Type and Application.
    Chapter 10: Merchant Cash Advance Market Analysis and Forecast by Regions.
    Chapter 11: Merchant Cash Advance Industry Characteristics, Key Drivers, New Entrants SWOT Analysis, Investment Feasibility Analysis.
    Chapter 12: Conclusion on the Merchant Cash Advance Market of the whole report.

    Buy the FULL report now! https://www.qurateresearch.com/report/buy/BnF/QBI-MR-BnF-1119914/?

    Note – In order to provide more accurate market forecasts, all our reports will be updated prior to delivery considering the impact of COVID-19.

    Contact us:
    The Web: www.qurateresearch.com
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: USA – +13393375221, IN – +919881074592

    About Us:
    Qurate Business Intelligence provides one-stop market research solutions to its clients and helps them equip themselves with refined insights and market insights from reports. We are committed to providing the best business services and easy processes to obtain the same. Qurate Business Intelligence sees itself as strategic partners of its customers and always shows keen interest in delivering quality.

    This press release was published on openPR.

    Renowned Health Leader and Radiation Oncologist Appointed Senior Vice President and Associate Clinical Director at NYU Langone Health


    NEW YORK, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NYU Langone Health today announced the appointment of internationally renowned physician and researcher, Oren Cahlon, MD, as senior vice president and associate clinical director. In this new role, Dr. Cahlon will advance the expansion, integration and operations of NYU Langone’s network and focus on strategic clinical centers throughout the system, including cardiovascular care, cancer, services for children, stroke services and inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, he will act as a strategic advisor to Faculty Group Practices (FGP) and will report directly to Andrew BrotmanMD, Executive Vice President and Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs and Strategy, Clinical Director

    Additionally, Dr. Cahlon will maintain a clinical practice in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Perlmutter Cancer Center, where he will contribute his experience in clinical care and research as an international expert in breast cancer treatment. He is currently the National Co-Principal Investigator of a national Phase III trial investigating the role of proton therapy in breast cancer and is the national recruiting leader for this trial.

    “Dr. Cahlon has a track record of scientific excellence and transformative leadership, and we are confident he will enhance our clinical reach while maintaining our world-class level of care,” said Dr. Brotman.

    About Dr. Cahlon

    Dr. Cahlon comes to NYU Langone from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where he served as associate chief medical officer for strategic partnerships, senior vice president for clinical business development, and vice chair of the radiation oncology department. There, he led the strategy and implementation of a virtual health network to meet the clinical needs of MSKCC as an independent cancer center by developing new models of collaboration and partnerships with external physicians in various systems. health.

    Dr. Cahlon received his medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, having finished first in his medical class. He then completed his internship and residency in radiation oncology at MSKCC and then began his career at Princeton Radiation Oncology, one of the largest providers of radiation therapy services in New Jersey.

    Media inquiries

    Ryan Dziuba
    [email protected]

    SOURCE NYU Langone Health

    Positronic MACH-D connectors for harsh environment applications like FC Lane defense and deep space


    HORSHAM, England – Electronics distributor FC Lane Electronics of Horsham, England introduces the MACH-D connector from Positronic, an Amphenol company in Springfield, Mo., for harsh environment applications such as defense electronics, commercial aircraft, medical devices and deep space.

    All MACH-D standard MIL-DTL-24308 D-Subminiature connectors feature machined aluminum or stainless steel shells for durability, precision, flatness, and electromagnetic compatibility.

    MACH-D connectors are compatible with standard D-Sub type M24308 connectors and in many cases exceed the minimum requirements outlined in MIL-DTL-24308. In addition, the performance of the MACH-Ds is comparable and mechanically compatible with the Glenair Series 28 HiPer-D connectors.

    Related: Extreme Environmental Situations: Space Electronics Connector Requirements

    Positronic MACH-D connectors are available in standard and high density signal contact layouts as well as hybrid versions, which combine power and signal in a single connector body and custom options are available upon request.

    MACH-D connectors have options such as keyed set screws, silicone back grommets, interfacial seals, EMI grounding strips, and 360 degree strip function when space limitations prevent the use of a full-size back cover.

    For more information, contact FC Lane Electronics online at www.fclane.com, or Positronic at www.connectpositronic.com.

    RG&E and NYSEG to begin installing smart meters in the area


    ROCHESTER, NY (WHEC) – In the coming weeks, RG&E and NYSEG will begin the three-year process to replace all electric meters in homes, apartments and businesses in our area with smart meters. News10NBC investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke sat down with the president of utilities to discuss how the change works and what customers need to know.

    Jennifer Lewke– First and foremost, no matter if the meter is inside or outside, will it be replaced? How will this process work?

    Trish Nilsen – We will orchestrate this change around when we would normally read the meter and bill the customer so that there is no disruption in terms of the billing cycle, everything will be the same. There will be a slight service interruption on the day of the changeover, but it will be very short-lived.

    Jennifer Lewke– What’s in it for the customer?

    Trish Nilsen– What comes with this new meter is a lot more knowledge and control from the customer’s point of view in terms of energy consumption. We will have a dashboard on our website that will show their actual usage in real time. The customer is going to be billed monthly on actual usage, it’s not an estimate anymore and it’s been a source of frustration for our customers, it’s a source of frustration for us so that should help that.

    Jennifer Lewke– How often will NYSEG and RG&E verify that these meters are communicating correctly?

    Trish Nilsen– We will be in constant communication with the meter and in fact when the meter is not communicating that would be an example of a power outage so a customer doesn’t even have to call it, they always can of course. If there is a problem the counter will send a final ping before it can no longer connect, we will get that last ping and then we will resend the counter and if we don’t get any response we know there is has a problem and we know we need to replace it or make repairs.

    Jennifer Lewke– It sounds a bit like a long-term solution to some of the customer service issues you’re having.

    Trish Nilsen– Some of the challenges came with having estimated readings and especially estimated readings during COVID, so having an actual reading through a smart meter will mitigate and eliminate that going forward.

    Jennifer Lewke– As for the technology itself, how does it work?

    Trish Nilsen– It is electronically connected to the company and the meter will basically send data over radio waves. We will therefore receive this data without anyone having to travel to the region.

    Jennifer Lewke– How do customers know it’s a secure connection between their home and your business?

    Trish Nilsen– I’m really glad you brought that up. Today we have customer service data and we have very, very detailed physical security and cybersecurity programs within our company to protect our customer data, that’s something we take very seriously.

    Jennifer Lewke– Haven’t you had issues with this in other parts of the business that have already done this (transition to smart meters)?

    Trish Nilsen– No, we had no issues with data security and I would like to remind customers that we also maintain the confidentiality of their data. So their data is only with us, we do not sell or provide data to any outside agency.

    Jennifer Lewke– As a customer, do I have to pay extra for one of these new meters at my home?

    Trish Nilsen– No, you don’t. In fact what happened was that we contacted the Public Service Commission as part of our rate filings and we went ahead and worked out the proposal of what the program would cost and it’s part of all our customer rates, so in a sense our customers are contributing to the program today, but there’s no cost per meter or per install that anyone will see.

    Jennifer Lewke – Can people opt out if they don’t want a smart meter?

    Trish Nilsen– They can, so it’s not a requirement that they do. It’s highly encouraged because they’ll have more power, they’ll have more control, they’ll have actual reading, and guess what…we haven’t even talked about it, when the power goes out…we will know their power is off because this meter will send us information or lack thereof. So that gives customers a lot of benefits but if they choose not to install a smart meter they can choose to, there will be a monthly charge because we have to capture the cost to make sure we’re there let’s come and get a lily

    Jennifer Lewke– How much is this unsubscribe fee?

    Trish Nilsen– About $12 per month. We don’t want to make this a requirement for our customers, but we also don’t think it’s reasonable for all customers to bear the burden of some people choosing not to go ahead.

    Jennifer Lewke– Is there a timeline on when you plan to do which quarters?

    Trish Nilsen– We’re going to be having a series of open houses to talk to our customers about this and while we’re there we’ll have customer service staff so if you have a question about your bill or a question about your usage we’ll have people at hand to help our customers.

    Here are the dates/times of the open doors:

    Wednesday September 14 Wednesday, September 28 Thursday, September 29 Thursday, November 3
    5-7 p.m. 5-7 p.m. 5-7 p.m. 5-7 p.m.
    Riverside Convention Center St. Anne’s Church Henrietta town hall Brighton Town Hall
    123 Main Street East 1600 Mount Hope Blvd. 451 Calkins Road 2300 Elmwood Avenue

    After all, mysterious gamma rays may not emanate from Fermi bubbles: ScienceAlert


    A gamma-ray trickster has just been discovered near the Milky Way.

    The energetic radiation previously associated with erupting structures in the Milky Way’s galactic center called Fermi Bubbles actually appears to be coming from something farther away.

    Instead, the origins are believed to be millisecond pulsars in a small dwarf galaxy orbiting our own.

    The discovery has implications for our understanding of Fermi bubbles, but it could also impact broader areas of research, such as the search for galactic dark matter.

    Fermi Bubbles were discovered in 2010 and came as a huge surprise, literally. They are gargantuan bubbles of high-energy gas emanating from the galactic center that extend above and below the galactic plane, a total distance of 50,000 light-years, expanding at a speed of millions of miles at time.

    A visualization of Fermi bubbles. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

    What created them – the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole being a top candidate – did so millions of years ago, and the bubbles have been popping up and out ever since. They are brighter in high-energy gamma radiation than the rest of the Milky Way’s disk.

    Not all Fermi bubble radiation is evenly distributed. In particular, there is what is described as a “cocoon” of freshly accelerated cosmic rays in the southern lobe, interpreted when it was discovered in 2011 as part of the superbubble environment.

    Now a team of astronomers, led by astrophysicist Roland Crocker of the Australian National University in Australia, have noticed something interesting.

    The location of the cocoon directly coincides with the location of another object – the core of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy, a Milky Way satellite that is being torn apart and subsumed by the larger galaxy.

    This, on its own, would be a pretty big co-inky-dink, with a very low probability of around 1%. But it gets even more interesting. The Cocoon and the Sagittarius Galaxy also have similar shapes and orientations.

    Of course, distance in space can be extremely difficult to gauge. Unless you know precisely how much light something emits, it’s hard to know how far away it is.

    If you see something emitting gamma radiation within a larger gamma radiation structure, it’s probably natural to assume that the two are related. But two things with similar shape and orientations lined up directly in our line of sight would be, well, really special.

    Not impossible, but there might be a more likely explanation – like a connection between these two objects.

    The researchers therefore decided to revisit the cocoon and see if the dwarf galaxy could possibly be an alternative explanation for the gamma radiation observed there.

    They modeled the emission over a range of explanations, including the intra-bubble cocoon and the Sagittarius galaxy, and found that, to some extent, the Sagittarius galaxy was the most likely emitter of gamma radiation. in Fermi’s cocoon.

    The next question, of course, was what could produce it. In the Milky Way, gamma rays are mainly generated by collisions between cosmic rays and gas in the interstellar medium.

    This is not possible for the Sagittarius galaxy. The smaller satellite galaxy is gravitationally falling into the Milky Way, and has been for some time; as such its gas was carefully extracted, probably around 2-3 billion years ago.

    Similarly, no massive short-lived stars have died in spectacular supernovae; these are born of gas, and well. There are not any.

    The most likely explanation, according to the team, is millisecond pulsars. They are neutron stars (the collapsed, ultra-dense cores of dead massive stars) with extremely fast, millisecond-scale spin rates; as they spin, they emit jets of radiation from their poles, including gamma radiation.

    These would be consistent with the most recent episodes of star formation in the Sagittarius galaxy, and would have the same spatial distribution as the rest of the stellar population.

    Although gamma radiation appears bright compared to other galaxies such as Andromeda, this would be possible if the pulsars were 7-8 billion years old and had a low metal content, which is consistent with the rest of the population of Sagittarius, according to the researchers.

    This discovery suggests that dwarf spheroidal galaxies like Sagittarius may produce more gamma radiation than expected.

    If so, they could confuse searches for dark matter signals, one of which is thought to be excess gamma radiation emitted when dark matter particles and antiparticles annihilate each other.

    The possibility, the researchers say, should prompt a closer look at these small faint galaxies, to see if we need to revise our understanding of dwarf spheroidal galaxies and the ancient star populations they contain.

    The research has been published in natural astronomy.

    Financial tool supports farmers’ cash flow – SteinbachOnline.com


    Every fall, you’re faced with big decisions about how best to market your crops or livestock, knowing you want to maximize your yields and generate essential farm cash flow.

    “Farmers need a financing tool that gives them the flexibility to sell when and at the price that suits them best,” says Dave Gallant, director of finance and operations at the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA).

    A CCGA Advance Payments Program cash advance is a financial tool that supports your farm’s working capital needs. Put an advance to work and have more time to execute your marketing plan, cover seasonal operating expenses, pre-purchase inputs for next year’s crop, or make upgrades and repairs – whatever best suits your farm.

    “We know farmers have a choice when evaluating cash flow options, and if you’re not already using an Advance Payments Program cash advance, it’s definitely worth checking out. eye,” says Gallant. With recent changes to the program, a CCGA cash advance can help many farms reduce the cost of borrowing from their short-term financing needs.

    An application CCGA cash advance is interest free up to $250,000 and farmers can borrow up to $1 million. The interest-bearing portion is charged at prime minus 0.75%, making a cash advance particularly valuable in today’s rising interest rate climate.


    With nearly 40 years of successful farmer experience, CCGA strives to make the cash advance program as convenient and easy as possible. We offer:

    • One-stop shop for agricultural cash advances. The CCGA offers advances on more than 50 conventional and organic products.

    • Simple reporting service. The CCGA offers several ways to manage your advance, including our online CCGA account.

    • Support from an experienced team. Our staff makes it easy to apply for a cash advance, whether by phone or online.

    “To apply, we encourage new clients to call us,” says Gallant. “Our team is trained to guide new candidates through every step and get you started in as little as 20 minutes.”

    The Advance Payments Program is a federal program administered by the CCGA. It provides Canadian farmers with marketing flexibility through low-interest, no-interest cash advances.

    “The CCGA provides us with a cost-effective option to help us manage our cash flow and budget.” – Alberta Farmer

    “Your staff are friendly and helpful and our account processing speed is very fast. I am very pleased with the service you provide. – Saskatchewan Farmer

    “The best enhancement to your online service is uploading documents. Faster than emails. – Manitoba Farmer


    1-866-745-2256. Returning customers can also apply online.

    Visit Canadian Canola Growers Association

    Visit Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Advance Payments Program

    Power Metal Resources PLC raises £800,000 in placement to help fund work on Molopo Farms complex project


    Power Metal Resources PLC (AIM:POW) said it had entered into a placement to raise £800,000, before expenses, to advance certain priority exploration projects and for general working capital.

    The funds raised will support the acceleration and enable the potential expansion of the ongoing geophysical program and the upcoming drilling program at the Molopo Farms Complex project in Botswana, where drilling is expected to begin in mid-September targeting a sulphide discovery. nickel on a large scale.

    “Our work at the Molopo Farms project in Botswana continues to support the potential for a nickel sulphide discovery in what is a unique district-scale land package where we will diamond drill not only an electromagnetic (EM) conductor , but several conductors located across a large footprint of the project,” said general manager Paul Johnson.

    Power Metal recently reported significant results from an EM survey on the project which confirmed that hole K1-6 had penetrated the edge of a newly identified magnetic conductor.

    READ: Power Metal Resources reports significant results from EM survey at Molopo Farms complex

    “Given the scale of drivers identified, particularly in the T1-6 priority target area, and the number of drivers targeted, it was clear that we needed to prepare for the possibility of an expanded project campaign and we have undertook the financing to position itself for this expansion,” Johnson said.

    It issued 57.14 million shares at 1.4 pence each, matching Friday’s closing price. Each share also includes a warrant for one new share at an exercise price of 2.0 pence with a duration of 12 months from 19 September 2022.

    The placement was made by the company’s joint broker, First Equity Ltd.

    10 Best Rockstar Games Cheats, Ranked


    Rockstar is responsible for developing some of the best video games in the industry. Many AAA versions come with exciting new characters, storylines, and useful cheat codes. Many of these tips tend to save players time, stress, and money. In some cases, cheats make things easier, which is useful when games only have one difficulty setting and difficult missions become frustrating and repetitive.

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    Some titles developed by Rockstar, such as Max pay 3, have items players can find and unlockables that are available later in the game. However, as evidenced by their track record of popular releases, some cheats make the game more fun or add a new dynamic to the gameplay. Rockstar will likely continue to offer cheats in future projects, some of which have already made gaming history.

    ten There’s a trick that gives players bigger paddles in Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

    Rockstar Games isn’t known for making sports titles, but the developers have tried. In 2006, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis was released for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. The ping pong title features a handful of cheats, including the “Big Paddles” cheat released with the latest patch.

    Theoretically, having a bigger paddle should make hitting the ball easier. However, due to the mechanics of the game, the cheat doesn’t make much of a difference and the comic cosmetic is there for entertainment purposes only. Despite this, the cheat adds a hilarious and memorable aspect to repetitive ping pong matches.

    9 A GTA IV weapons cheat makes collecting guns simple

    In GTA IV, there are no Ammu-Nation stores where players can purchase weapons. Instead, players have to buy their guns from underground gun shops – and there aren’t many of those in the game’s Liberty City version. Sure, some weapons are found in places on the map, and guns are also dropped by certain NPCs, but getting an impressive collection is a time-consuming chore.

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    Like the others GTA securities, GTA IV has weapon cheats that players can take advantage of. There are two to choose from, and the second weapon cheat is arguably better because it comes with the Carbine Shotgun, which is one of the best weapons in the series. This is the easiest and fastest way to arm the protagonist, making it one of the most useful cheats in the game. GTA series.

    8 Warriors Feature Infinite Rage Cheat

    In an unarmed game, players often find themselves in a sticky situation when it comes to defense. However, in The Warriors, a video game based on the 1979 film, certain cheats provide players with generous benefits. In addition to instant melee weapons, extra health, and infinite sprint, the game features a cheat that grants players unlimited rage.

    In rage mode, the player becomes almost invincible, exhibits different fighting styles and performs deadly combos. This temporary boost in combat also increases damage dealt, so having infinite rage makes players more deadly. As a result, many fans consider this cheat to be the best in the game.

    seven Fun Mode in Manhunt 2 Adds Bright Colors to Gameplay

    Manhunt is Rockstar’s stealth-action video game series, and the second title in the franchise has a pretty random cheat. The “Fun-Mode” cheat, which is only available on the PC version, comically changes the dynamics of the game. There are noticeably more color effects and slapstick sounds that accompany the on-screen action.

    The first change players will likely notice is weaponry. The protagonist’s guns appear as bananas, candy canes, and bouquets of flowers. The spurting blood is replaced with colorful flowers, rainbows, and trippy patterns, while the throwables are rubber duckies that make appropriate squeaking noises. This Rockstar cheat stands out for its unique randomness, vibrant colors, and fun factor.

    6 The GTA V Skyfall Cheat provides hours of entertainment

    The latest solo track from GTA The franchise offers a fun cheat that provides hours of entertainment. The Skyfall cheat GTA V teleports the protagonist above Los Santos before they freely fall to the ground without a parachute.

    Cheating is a great way to quickly scan the map. If players are wasted, they will eventually respawn at the nearest hospital or clinic. Of course, it can be difficult to stay alive on impact and the best way to avoid certain death is to aim for the sea, which could result in long swims back to land. However, the cheat remains a fan favorite with GTA passionate.

    5 Bully has a trick that lets players shoot bottle rockets and throw eggs all day

    One of Rockstar’s best-selling games during the PS2 era was bully. Terrorizing teachers and students with slingshots and stink bombs is why the title has been a hit with younger gamers. Like some Rockstar classics, bully offers a number of useful cheats. However, the one that provides the most fun is infinite ammo.

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    Although slingshots have unlimited ammo, other projectile weapons do not. With the infinite ammo cheat, Jimmy is free to fire rockets and throw eggs at people all day long. This iconic cheat allows players to get the most out of the best weapons in the game and enjoy the classic title with few limitations.

    4 The Rhino tank debuted in GTA III

    GTA 3 was a milestone for the series. The Rockstar game was the first title in the 3D universe and introduced players to the iconic GTA vehicle, the Rhino. The armed military tank has since featured in almost every GTA version to date, although it looks a bit different in newer versions.

    Commanding a tank and facing the law is a favorite pastime for many GTA players. The beginnings of the Rhino in GTA 3 also came with a cheat code spawning the tank at the right time. This infamous cheat allows players to wreak endless havoc on Liberty City and is therefore one of the best cheats Rockstar has ever produced.

    3 Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition has a no damage cheat

    In Midnight Club 3: Dubbed Edition, the red meter next to the speedometer indicates damage to a vehicle. After speeding through the streets and taking on various opponents in the fastest cars in the franchise, player vehicles can be beaten. So, Rockstar included a cheat to make things a little smoother.

    The “No damage” cheat prevents your vehicle from taking damage. This makes it easier for the players and allows them to continue the missions. This is by far the most useful cheat in the game and the one that stands out in Rockstar’s gamography.

    2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gave fans a first look at the Jetpack

    One of the best cheaters of GTA San Andreas is the Jetpack cheat. The title was the first in the series to include the one-man plane, and it was also one of the best games on Playstation during the 2000s. The cheat also gave players instant access to the Jetpack from departure.

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    The cheat can be entered during gameplay and will immediately spawn a Jetpack in front of CJ. It’s a quick way to navigate the map and comes in handy when climbing mountains and buildings. The Jetpack is a favorite for many GTA veterans and is an efficient means of transport, so the iconic Rockstar cheat is also known as one of the most frequently used.

    1 Red Dead Redemption 2 has a cheat that clears Arthur’s bounty

    It’s easy to break the law Red Dead Redemption 2. Witnesses inform the police of all crimes committed by players, which can lead to wanted level, notoriety, and a bounty on your head. One mistake can affect many things, and even after escaping the law, the protagonist’s notoriety and bounty remain until paid.

    But there is a cheat in the game that makes these errors go away. Instead of using hard-earned cash to clear your name, Rockstar has included a cheat to perform the same function. When money is tight, this cheat is a lifesaver. It allows players to spend their money on supplies and better weapons, which further improves gameplay.

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    Is cell phone radiation carcinogenic? There is no proof – so far


    BERLIN: Your wallet, your keys and – your cell phone, of course! If you’re like most people, you never leave home without this trusted trio. But our attachment to our phones has raised concerns that exposure to the radiation they emit is a health risk.

    Mobile phones use radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields to send and receive voice and text messages. Sometimes called electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog, RF radiation is non-ionizing — it cannot break chemical bonds — but heats tissue in the area of ​​the body where the phone is held, says Julia Ketteler, research assistant at the Federal Institute German. Competence center for electromagnetic fields of the Office for Radiation Protection (BfS).

    Susanne Weg-Remers, Head of the Cancer Information Service (KID) at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). explains how: “Imagine electromagnetic fields sending an impulse to the molecules that make up our body,” she says, adding that the impulse causes the atoms of the molecules in our cells to move faster.

    “It’s essentially the biochemical equivalent of heat.”

    The body can compensate for heat to some extent, she says, through a mechanism known in physiology as thermoregulation.

    To avoid excessive heating of body tissues, manufacturers are required to ensure that their mobile phones meet strict RF emission limits. Given as a unit called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is a measure of the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone, the limit in the European Union is 2 watts per kilogram.

    This is the equivalent of a standard LED lamp, with a heat output of 4 watts, heating 2 liters of water, according to the BfS.

    The less radiation a phone emits, the lower its SAR. Most cell phones, whether old or new, have a SAR well below the limit.

    A database is accessible with the kind authorization of the BfS which shows the SAR of the telephones. The Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro has a SAR of 0.79 W/kg, for example, and the iPhone 12 has a SAR of 0.98 W/kg. Even the Samsung E1080, released in 2009, has a SAR well below the limit: 0.64 W/kg

    The possible health effects of mobile phone use, particularly if RF magnetic fields are carcinogenic to humans, have been the subject of research for years. After examining more than 1,000 scientific publications, the BfS claims to see no link for the moment between the use of the mobile phone and the risk of developing a brain tumor, for example.

    “Cancer occurs when our body’s cells start dividing and don’t respond to the stop signal from their environment,” says Weg-Remers, explaining that this usually happens by chance since the process by which DNA is copying during cell division is error-prone.

    DNA “mistakes” or mutations can lead to cancer in your lifetime.

    Among the factors that can increase the risk of cancer, she notes, are ultraviolet rays, X-rays, human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and unhealthy habits like smoking. Genetic predisposition may also play a role. But Weg-Remers excludes cell phone use.

    “There is no evidence that electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones can cause DNA mutations.”

    Links were observed, however, when cellphones were still quite large and emitted strong electromagnetic fields, she says, but notes that the results of these studies are highly questionable from today’s perspective and have not been duplicated. in more recent studies.

    Although the research data is reliable, according to Ketteler, researchers wait for new findings to reduce “residual uncertainty” due to the long-term nature of some studies and the meticulousness of scientific work. It is simply impossible, she says, to prove that there is absolutely no risk. – dpa

    The Webb Telescope shows us the heart of a ‘ghost galaxy’ in a way Hubble never could


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has captured a breathtaking view at the heart of the vast phantom galaxy – officially known as M74 – which lies 32 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Pisces.

    This latest work of cosmic art from JWST is a perfect example of how data captured by multiple orbiting telescopes designed to observe different wavelengths of light can be combined to create a more complete and dramatic view of an astronomical object. .

    The new JWST imagery was captured using the telescope’s Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI), which is designed to observe light that exists in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Scientists combine data from Hubble and Webb telescopes to create stunning view of ghost galaxy

    Ordinarily, our human eyes would be unable to perceive this type of light. However, astronomers are able to take the raw infrared data collected by telescopes and instruments like MIRI and assign it colors that we can understand.

    This is useful, because galaxies such as M74 are saturated with huge clouds of interstellar dust and gas that prevent telescopes that observe the sky in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum from seeing its underlying structure.

    Fortunately, infrared telescopes such as the JWST are able to look beyond this layer of obscuration to observe what lies below, to provide a more complete view of the universe.

    In the case of the phantom galaxy, Webb’s powerful infrared eyes revealed an ethereal view of the filaments of dust and gas that lie within the well-defined spiral arms of M74, and a clear central region that harbors a dense cluster of bodies. stellar.

    Previous observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope have meanwhile shown the galaxy in the ultraviolet and visible parts of the light spectrum. The Hubble data highlighted a central population of old red stars and the locations of younger bluish stellar bodies that dot the spiral arms.

    Images from the James Webb Space Telescope