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Cash Rewards Card Review

Cash Rewards Card Review

Do I require security or collateral to get payday loans online?

The payday loans available online are quite simple to obtain. So, you don’t require any collateral or security to be able to get the loan. All you need to do is provide some details. When you apply online for cash advances, you authorize the lender to take your money directly from the bank’s account. It is important to note that this process occurs only when you make a repayment of a cash advance @ OakPark.

Principal benefits

It is a cash reward upgrade to your card provides the best benefits of credit cards and benefits specific to the card.

1.5 percent back in cash

This Cash Rewards Upgrade card gives you an unlimited 1.5 percent cashback each time you buy.

You might have noticed that Rewards are payed “on the day when payments are made” because of it being the case that Upgrade gives rewards in a different method. This card doesn’t give rewards for each buy, unlike other credit cards that give you rewards. Instead, it rewards you whenever you make transactions. Make sure you know that there is no reward points earned when making payments to the account of your credit card.

The amount of time needed to receive your reward may take a while, however these cards have high-quality reward rates throughout the world.

No charges

There’s no fee to make use of an upgrade cash reward credit card. It means that:

  • There is no annual cost
  • There aren’t fees to withdraw cash, regardless of whether it’s used for purchases or deposits into bank accounts.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No prepayment penalty

Fixed APR

If you’re approved to use Cash Rewards Upgrade credit card then you’ll get an interest rate that is fixed. Although the APRs for are variable credit cards may fluctuate in response to fluctuations in rates of interest, an interest rate fixed is not affected. The APR of the card is determined by your creditworthiness. The Upgrade provides better rates than many credit cards.

Find out the facts about: What exactly is an APR and how does it work to the credit card businesses?

Lenient Approval Requirements

In the event that you’re looking for credit to get started, the upgrade cash rewards card may be an choice, as it’s typically cheaper than comparable card.

Three rewards cards are accessible to people who have credit scores of average. The majority of credit card offering similar rates of rewards are targeted towards those with credit scores that are good. An upgrade to Cash Rewards is an option that is more accessible and will allow you to improve your credit while earning rewards. If you’re not able to utilize any of these cards you could be eligible for an upgrade to a non-rewards credit card.

You must make sure that you deposit in cash to your bank account.

It is usually expensive to withdraw cash from credit cards. This kind of transaction is often referred to by the industry as cash advances. It comes with added costs as well as higher rate of interest.

Utilizing this cash reward upgrade card You can obtain an individual loan using your credit line that is directly deposited into your account of preference without having to pay an additional fee. If you require cash to cover expenses that aren’t able to be paid for with the credit card credit card Cash Rewards can be a great solution.

Fixed payments

When you’ve finished your period of billing, you’re capable of changing the transactions that you’ve completed into a single due monthly fixed installment. The monthly installment is the amount that you have to pay for your loan at the end of your card’s time term. You are also able to make further payments that exceed the total amount in order to reduce your balance quicker.

For certain consumers using plans to pay can be a great alternative. Credit cards require an initial payment of an amount that is minimal, however it could take years to clear of credit card debt , even when you only pay the amount that is required. With an upgrade credit card, you’ll need to pay your bills on a regular basis, and have a deadline set to run out.

What can be improved?

When filling the upgrade cash rewards card application, know the drawbacks.

In-situ interest costs

Interest will begin in the moment you take an advance loan with the upgrade cash rewards credit line. Credit cards provide you with no-interest grace period after each transaction.

In the event that you’re one of those who pay for the entire amount for your card each month, this card will allow you to pay no the interest due on purchases. In this scenario, the upgrade card will cost more than a standard credit card since you’ll be being charged interest on the spot and won’t be able for a stop to the procedure.

Find out the specifics of how long is the grace period for credit? credit

No sign-up bonuses

It’s not a welcoming bonus when you apply for the credit card. Numerous popular credit cards have attractive bonuses that can amount to 200 or higher. If you’re looking to earn rewards points, then you ought to consider reviewing these offers since they could prove beneficial.

There’s no incentive offer that is 0% APR this first occasion.

There is no other offer offered when you purchase the cash reward upgrade card. The card’s initial low-interest, introductory cost. The most effective credit card, which is intro-friendly comes with 0% interest on purchases and transfer of balances to other credit card as well.

Cards for upgrading come with APRs that are fixed and low. However, prior to making a decision to lower interest rates be sure to consider the length of time it will take you to pay off any purchases or balance transfer. If you can do it in two years, you’ll save money if you can benefit from the initial APR of zero.

isn’t as effective compared with other types of financial instruments.

The Cash Rewards Upgrade Card has its advantages, stuck between the two and isn’t much better than other cards.

The card also gives rewards comparable to rewards that credit cards offer However, it also has credit card options that give additional incentives as well as the opportunity to earn a sign-up reward. It is an affordable way to borrow in comparison to a typical credit card. However, you will lower the cost of a first zero-interest credit card or one of the best credit cards that are designed for individual uses.

If any of the features on the card attracted your attention, take a take a look at another card that’s well. If, such as, you’re looking for an account that’s trustworthy, be sure to go through our other reviews of credit cards to find the options accessible.


New evidence of Ukraine’s use of AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles emerges


Another set of images allegedly showing parts of a US-made AGM-88 high-velocity anti-radiation missile, or HARM, in Ukraine have surfaced online. It comes just days after US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl confirmed that US authorities had sent unspecified air-launched anti-radiation missiles to the Ukrainian military. It is also less than a week after the first images appeared on social media indicating that HARMs were being used against Russian forces in the country. You can read more about all of this and how the Ukrainian Air Force could use these missiles here.

Newly emerged footage shows what appears to be part of the rear body and fin of an AGM-88 missile, which was reportedly recovered recently after it hit a house in the Kherson region of southeastern Ukraine . There has recently been a noticeable upsurge in fighting in this part of the country.

There is no indication that the house was the target, prompting speculation that the missile may have malfunctioned or, based on possible shrapnel holes in the body and fin, may have been intercepted. Although the exact mode of operation may vary, anti-radiation missiles like HARM are primarily designed to zero in on hostile signal transmitters, especially enemy air defense radars, and disable or destroy them.

The AGM-88D and E variants, as well as the still-in-development and significantly different AGM-88G, can also be used in a more general ranged strike role against stationary targets using their inertial navigation system guidance capability assisted by GPS. You can read more about the capabilities of the different AGM-88 variants and the options for employing them that the Ukrainian forces might have here.

An AGM-88 HARM missile. DOD

It should be immediately noted that the markings on the caudal fin, in this case, appear to have been digitally manipulated to some degree. It is not clear if this might reflect a modification to make the actual markings more readable or if they could be fully fabricated.

Real or not, the markings are similar, but not identical to those seen on another apparent AGM-88 tail fin previously recovered from Ukraine. The two examples differ in their so-called Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes, which the Defense Logistics Agency assigns to entities that receive or expect to receive contracts or grants, and their serial numbers.

A photo of the apparent BSU-60 series tail fin of an AGM-88 missile believed to have been recently recovered from a house in Ukraine’s Kherson region. by Twitter
A photo of another tail fin from the BSU-60 series believed to have been previously recovered in Ukraine. by Twitter

In terms of size and shape, the fin itself appears to be fully consistent with the BSU-60 series tail fins which were used on all AGM-88 variants except the new AGM -88G.

What we can see of the missile body and its markings seems legit and unheard of. In particular, distinctive raised reinforcement strips around where the missile’s hanger tabs are, a metal channel between these tabs, and hooks at the rear on which to slot the BSU-60 series fin are clearly visible. The words “WARRANTED ITEM” and a thin red-orange band painted around the missile’s tapering tail are also what you’d expect to see on a real HARM.

A glimpse of the exposed rear body section of the AGM-88 believed to have been salvaged from a home in Kherson. by Twitter
Another view of the body section, with the words “WARRENED ITEM” visible. by Twitter
A close-up of the rear ends of two unassembled AGM-88 missiles, still in their carrying cases, showing the hooks where the rear tail fins are attached and the red band around the tail, as well as the channel between the lugs suspension are installed and the “GUARANTEED ARTICLE” stencil further forward. United States Air Force

The suspension lug strips on the body of the missile that would have been recovered from Kherson seem really too pronounced. It may just reflect the specific variant of the missile or just be a light turn.

There is, of course, the possibility that the physical parts of the missile in the newly emerged images are themselves fakes. However, from what we can see, if so, a significant amount of work should have gone into making the components, and to what end?

Anyway, we now have two separate cases where two separate sets of AGM-88 components were allegedly recovered from Ukraine within the span of a week. On top of that, we have official confirmation from a senior Pentagon official that the US government has transferred air-launched anti-radiation missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces that can be fired from at least one type of aircraft in the country’s existing inventory.

In addition, these missiles supplied by the United States would have been part of former “withdrawal” aid programs for the Ukrainian armed forces. The President of the United States, currently Joe Biden, has what is called a “collection authority”, allowing the relatively rapid transfer of weapons and other items directly from the United States military inventory to a friendly nation, such as you can find out more here.

Another view of the AGM-88 missiles in their carrying case. DOD

It is possible that Under Secretary of Defense Kahl was referring to the transfer of Soviet-era anti-radiation missiles. that the U.S. government may have at its disposal through its so-called “foreign materiel exploitation” business, or may have otherwise acquired. Yet this seems less likely in the context of a “retreat” and given the other available evidence.

Questions certainly remain about which Ukrainian aircraft may have been configured to fire HARMs and in what modes, as you can read more about in this The war zone room. However, even a relatively crude integration would give the Ukrainian Air Force an important tool to suppress and destroy Russian air defenses. This, in turn, would help reduce threats to the service’s relatively limited number of aircraft and their pilots, and improve their ability to operate more flexibly and efficiently closer to where unfolding takes place. the fights. Ukrainian military aviators have advocated for improving their ability to carry out missions to suppress and destroy enemy air defenses (SEAD/DEAD) on several occasions in the past during interviews with The war zone and elsewhere.

An F-16CJ Viper fighter jet fires an AGM-88 missile. USAF

If Ukraine has and could continue to receive stockpiles of AGM-88, we are likely to see clearer evidence of their use in the days and weeks to come.

Contact the author: [email protected]

This “invisible finger” can take control of your touchscreen


Imagine this scenario. You walk into the conference room, place your phone on the table and take a seat. Mysteriously, the phone wakes up and an invisible finger unlocks it and installs malware. Call Ghostbusters? Better yet, call the research team whose “invisible finger” presentation wowed attendees at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

This team, called “Security in Silicon Lab”, brings together professors, doctoral students and other academics from the University of Florida and the University of New Hampshire, all of whom have extensive expertise in electronic hardware and in mathematics and physical. that make modern technology possible.

Haoqi Shan, a UF PhD candidate, presented the Black Hat presentation of the group’s findings and started with the short version. “This is a remote precise touch injection attack against capacitive touchscreens using an IEMI (intentional electromagnetic interference) signal,” he said. “Our attack has an effective range of three to four centimeters. We can induce a short press, a long press or a sweep in any direction.

Shan called the move “a relatively new type of attack, even for professional researchers, [though] once you get the knowledge here you should be able to replicate what we are doing now. Maybe you’ll come up with a stronger or much cooler attack.

This is a big maybe, as further research would obviously require high-powered equipment as well as extensive knowledge and expertise.

Shan launched into a detailed description of how a capacitive touchscreen works to control your tables and phones. Skipping the physics involved, it just goes like this. An electronic system transforms capacitance events that occur when you touch the screen into a voltage that can be measured. The team’s attack works by using electromagnetic fields to manipulate this voltage.

“In theory it might work, but we don’t know at this point,” Shan said. “We set up an environment that allows us to generate a field using a copper plate so that we can learn to control the touch event.”

The team went through many iterations, learning the best field strength and frequency to use. “We need our electronic field to be really focused,” Shan said. “We used two methods. The spring-loaded copper needle is more accurate, but the copper plate gives a stronger signal.

From theory to practice

Either way, a robotic arm is used to precisely position the antenna.

“For a real attack, you can’t use a robotic arm,” Shan said. “We used a sparse antenna array to determine the location of the phone and another array to perform the test. Our attack works on iPad, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Nexus, and Surface. It’s more universal. It acts like if your finger did the job. We can even generate an omnidirectional swipe on iPad and Surface. We could totally use it to open a gesture-based lock.

The team designed a complete attack vector. An antenna array under the table picks up the precise location of the phone or tablet. Another antenna array sends signals that trigger touch events. And by measuring emissions from the touchscreen, the attack system can verify that each touch is successful. A brief video shows the final attack in action.

What attacks are possible? What Defenses?

As for a real attack scenario, “we managed to install a malicious app on Android,” Shan said. “We could send money by tap and hold on PayPal. We did an attack on Siri that works nine times out of 10.” He noted that other attacks have proven less consistently effective, in one case because the Yes and No buttons on Android are very close together. ‘other.

Touchscreen manufacturers could thwart this attack by including simple pressure or force sensing. Your finger exerts a little pressure; the invisible finger attack does not. “As far as consumers are concerned,” Shan said, “you can use a Faraday bag, but that renders your phone inoperable. We found good protection tests in a case with a cover and Faraday fabric.

The group’s website also notes that laying your phone down with the screen up is enough to protect it from the attack in progress.

“We are still actively working on this offense to make it more perfect,” Shan concluded. He also noted that the group is actively recruiting PhD students working in cybersecurity. Is that you? You can contact the group on their Invisible Finger website, which also features FAQs and videos about the project, as well as the scientific paper this presentation is based on.

Russia’s War in Ukraine: Live Updates

Satellite images of Saki air base on Crimea’s western Black Sea coast taken before Tuesday’s explosions and after Wednesday.CreditCredit…Planet Labs

With satellite images showing at least eight fighter jets destroyed after explosions at a Russian airbase in Crimea, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Wednesday that Moscow’s mounting losses should persuade its leaders to “find a way out of the war.” “.

Images released by Planet Labs, a satellite imaging company, appeared on Wednesday to show at least three blast craters in areas where planes were parked near the runways of Saki Air Base on the west coast of the sea. Black from Russian-occupied Crimea, leaving blackened debris. Russia has played down the damage caused by Tuesday’s explosions, which a senior Ukrainian military official said was the result of an attack by Ukrainian forces and partisan fighters.

But with the footage pointing to a costly and serious blow to the Russian military, Mr Zelensky alluded to the episode for the first time in his evening speech, and he put the number of warplanes at nine. Russians lost.

“In a single day, the occupiers lost 10 combat aircraft: nine in Crimea and one more in the direction of Zaporizhzhia,” he said on Wednesday evening.

The New York Times reviewed satellite images of Saki Air Force Base, collected by Planet Labs hours before and a day after the explosions. Footage shows at least eight destroyed aircraft, Su-24 and Su-30 fighter jets, all parked on the base’s west tarmac. Planes cost tens of millions of dollars each.

Additionally, two buildings near the aircraft appear to have been destroyed, and damage and large burn marks were seen elsewhere on the military base.

Credit…Planet Labs
Credit…Planet Labs

Other parts of the base appeared intact, including several helicopters and a large ammunition dump.

A senior Ukrainian official said the blasts were an attack carried out with the help of partisans, but was no more specific, and the Ukrainian military has not publicly acknowledged any involvement. Military analysts said Ukraine does not have missiles capable of reaching the base from territory it controls, more than 100 miles away, and Ukrainian planes are unlikely to penetrate that far. in airspace controlled by Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry played down the extent of the damage, saying an ammunition explosion caused no casualties and no equipment was destroyed.

But witness reports of multiple explosions at the base – and videos and photographs posted to social media showing plumes of smoke rising from the scene and what appeared to be the nose cone of a plane at reaction – pierced the Kremlin narrative.

Yury Podolyaka, a prominent pro-Russian military blogger known for posting daily updates from the front lines, called the explosions “an act of sabotage coupled with negligence”.

“What did the commanders of this military unit think about?” he posed in a video post. “I have a lot of questions for the commanders of this air force regiment – how can you keep ammunition like this?”

Officials said at least one person was killed and more than a dozen injured. Sergei Aksyonov, the Kremlin-installed leader of Crimea, said Wednesday that at least 62 apartment buildings and 20 commercial structures were damaged. He declared a state of emergency and raised the level of terrorist threat on the peninsula.

Since taking Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Russia has heavily militarized it and used it as a vital staging point for military operations since its wider invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Even so, the attack on the air base suggests that Ukrainian forces can carry out guerrilla operations there.

Christoph Koettl and Ivan Nechepurenko contributed report.

DraftKings Kansas Special Promo Code Unlocks Sure Thing, Shot at Massive Free Bet


It’s almost sports betting time in Kansas. Sports betting apps will be launched in a few weeks and DraftKings will be one of the best options. A DraftKings Kansas promo code bonus can be used to claim a bonus when pre-registering for an account.

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How to pre-register via the DraftKings Kansas Bonus promotional code

The DraftKings app will be ready for use in Kansas in a few weeks. Hopefully customers will be able to bet on the first week of NFL games.

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DraftKings Kansas Promo Code – Sports and Features Available

There are many options for betting on DraftKings. First of all, it is one of the best apps to use for NFL betting. You’ll find tons of betting options for Kansas City Chiefs games. One of my favorite features is Flash Betting. You can bet on every play in a football match, for example predicting whether the next play will be a run, pass or first down.

Kansas has also legalized betting on college events. Therefore, you can use DraftKings to bet on Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats and Wichita State Shockers. March Madness is incredibly popular on DraftKings. Look for special bonus offers and odds increases for the tournament.

Other sports on DraftKings include soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, golf, pool, table tennis, rugby, MMA, and auto racing.

DraftKings Kansas will be an entertaining choice for sports fans in the state. It has a special social media platform, free games and a great rewards program.

Sports betting apps

The Kansas Lottery and the Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission are responsible for overseeing the sports betting industry in the state. These groups are putting regulations in place so that sports betting apps can be launched as soon as possible.

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MD Anderson and Empyrean Announce Agreement to Develop Novel Radiation Therapy Technologies


Newswise – HOUSTON and BOCA RATON, Fla. – The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Empyrean Medical Systems, Inc. today announced an exclusive license and joint development agreement to advance new technologies and products in the fields of radiation oncology and cancer therapy.

This agreement brings together the complementary research and development expertise of both institutions to advance MD Anderson’s innovative intellectual property to improve the delivery of radiation therapy to cancer patients.

“We are proud to partner with MD Anderson as we strive to bring these new technologies to light,” said Kal Fishman, founder, president and CEO of Empyrean Medical Systems. “Our goal is to develop several cutting-edge products to deliver optimal radiation therapy to our clinicians and make a real difference for patients and their families.”

Under this agreement, Empyrean obtains an exclusive license to develop and commercialize a new radiation therapy approach originally discovered by MD Anderson researchers. The Magnetically Optimized Very High Energy Electronic Therapy (MOVHEET) method has the potential to significantly improve the accuracy of radiation delivered by machines with a similar footprint to conventional options.

“The combined expertise of MD Anderson and Empyrean allows us to take advantage of the dosimetric characteristics of ultra-high energy electron beams for the treatment of malignant tumors,” said Mohammad Salehpour, Ph.D., professor of physics radiation to MD Anderson. “The MOVHEET system is designed from the ground up to deliver both conventional and FLASH dose rate radiation therapy with increased precision to increase its effectiveness.”

In addition to MOVHEET, Empyrean and MD Anderson intend to collaboratively develop additional technologies based on Empyrean’s intellectual property, all with the goal of optimizing cancer patient care. MD Anderson will receive an equity interest in Empyrean and is eligible to receive certain royalties and other financial consideration.

– 30 –


MD Anderson has an institutional conflict of interest with Empyrean Medical Systems due to this exclusive license and joint development agreement and implements an institutional plan to manage and monitor conflicts of interest for all research related to this OK.

About Empyrean Medical Systems, Inc.:

Empyrean Medical Systems is an innovator and paradigm shifter in radiation oncology. The company aims to fundamentally change the way cancer patients are treated around the world while improving and enhancing clinical outcomes and quality of life for every patient. As a cutting-edge innovator, Empyrean aims to disrupt the fields of oncology and radiation oncology through the introduction of cutting-edge medical devices, artificial intelligence analytical solutions, clinical applications and therapeutic agents. Empyrean’s multimodal solutions deliver personalized and efficient healthcare, improving clinical productivity and improving outcomes for patients, providers, healthcare systems and researchers worldwide. For more information, visit www.EmpyreanMed.com.

About MD Anderson

The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas at Houston is one of the world’s most respected centers focused on cancer patient care, research, education, and prevention. The institution’s sole mission is to end cancer for patients and their families worldwide. MD Anderson is one of 53 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). MD Anderson is #1 for cancer in US News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” ranking. It has been named one of the top two hospitals in the nation for cancer since the rankings began in 1990. MD Anderson receives an NCI Cancer Center Support Grant from the National Institutes of Health (P30 CA016672).

Best Fast Personal Loans for Quick Cash 2022 – Forbes Advisor


Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, Avant is a consumer lending platform that offers secured and unsecured personal loans through a third-party bank (WebBank). Unsecured loans are available in Washington, DC and in all states except Hawaii, Iowa, New York, Vermont, West Virginia and Maine. The platform specializes in middle-income borrowers with fair to good credit and only requires a minimum score of 580 to qualify, so it’s an accessible option if you have less than stellar credit but want need money fast.

Avant applicants who are approved for an unsecured loan by 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday, can receive their funds the next business day. However, this period may vary depending on the borrower’s bank. It may also take longer for borrowers who take out secured loans.

Avant’s low minimum loan amounts ($2,000 to $35,000) and flexible repayment terms (two to five years) should suit those who need access to emergency funds, but do not want to borrow more than necessary. However, these loans come at a price. In addition to administrative fees of up to 4.75% of the loan amount, Avant’s APR range (9.95% to 35.99%) is high for applicants with good to excellent credit – and there is no automatic payment discount. Still, the platform scores top marks for borrowers with less than stellar credit who need quick access to funds.

Note: Before accepted a $3.85 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in April 2019. According to FTC documents, the lawsuit was filed in response to allegations that, among other things, Avant charged consumers late fees and interest that they did not should not and was collecting payments from customers without permission. or in quantities greater than those authorized. We have contacted Avant to find out what they have done to adjust practices since the settlement, but have not received a response. Even so, Avant has a high rating of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

Eligibility: Avant specializes in lending to a range of customers, including those with fair credit. The platform has a minimum required credit score of only 580 (average is 600-700) and a minimum income requirement of only $20,000 (average is $40,000-$100,000).

Avant does not allow co-signers or co-applicants, but it will consider non-employment income and the income of other members of your household. If you need a personal loan fast but don’t have good credit, you may still qualify.

The loan uses: Like other major lenders, Avant Loans can be used to consolidate debt and pay for medical bills, car repairs, renovations, moves, and other emergency expenses. That said, Avant borrowers cannot use funds from a personal loan to cover business expenses. Therefore, if you need emergency money for your business, Avant is not the lender for you.

Government and defense will account for more than 2/5ths of the global market


USA, Rockville MD, Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During the forecast period 2022-2032, the satellite communications market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4%, according to Fact.MR. In 2021, this market is expected to have a global valuation of US$59.32 billion and is expected to reach a sum of US$192.09 billion by 2032. The use of man-made satellites to provide communication links between various sites on Earth is known as satellite communication.

A communications satellite is an artificial satellite that uses a transponder to enhance and connect radio signals. It provides a communication channel between a source transmitter and a receiver located anywhere in the world. Satellite communication is widely used in television, telephone, radio, internet and military applications.

Because the high frequency radio waves used for telecommunications lines travel in a straight line, they are hindered by the curvature of the planet. Communication satellites play an important role in connecting signals around the curvature of the Earth, enabling communication between geographically isolated areas. Satellite communication uses a diverse set of radio and microwave frequencies.

For more information on this market, get a sample report!

To avoid signal interference, international organizations have standards dictating which frequency ranges or bands are allocated to individual organizations. Accordingly, the allocation of the bands decreases the possibility of signal interference. For these reasons, the global satellite communications market is expected to grow throughout the forecast period.

Regionally, North America is becoming the most unstable region for satellite communications. The growth is tied to the defense industry’s growing desire for constant communication and the US Department of Defense’s increasing demands for SATCOM equipment. Furthermore, the presence of a large number of SATCOM providers is driving the expansion of the satellite communications market. Additionally, as military communication facilities are modernized, the North American market is expected to grow at a rapid rate over the coming years.

Key insights from market research

  • In 2022, the global satellite communications market is expected to have a global market size of US$78.22 billion.
  • By component segment, the equipment segment will account for 28.5% of the global satellite communications market share in 2022.
  • By vertical type, government and defense segment will acquire a market size of 42% in 2022.
  • By application, the broadcasting category is expected to gain a market share of 22.2% and forecast a CAGR of 8.9%.
  • The APAC satellite communications market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period.
  • North America is expected to acquire 32.1% of the global market share in 2022.

“The growing need for mobile satellite services and tiny satellites for Earth observation in the oil and gas, energy, defense and agriculture sectors is driving the expansion of the market. Satellite communication, which uses an artificial satellite in a network, has become an essential component of modernn communications infrastructure,commented an analyst from Fact.MR.

For in-depth information on satellite communications marketAsk for the methodology at

Competitive landscape

Companies strive to diversify their product lines by filing new molecular applications or expanding the applications of current compounds. Other strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, industry-academia collaborations to develop more marketable chemicals or sequencing technologies will influence current satellite communications market trends to gain competitive advantage.

  • Viasat, Company unveiled a partnership agreement with SKY Brazil, one of Brazil’s leading satellite pay-TV operators, in January 2021. The purpose of the agreement was to improve the availability of reliable satellite internet and fast throughout Brazil.
  • Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced in 2020 that Comtech had agreed to purchase Gilat in a cash and stock transaction for $10.25 per share of Gilat common stock, with 70% paid in cash and 30% in Comtech common stock, for a total enterprise value of $532.5 million.

Key segments covered in the Satellite Communications Market report

  • By Making up :
    • Satellite communication equipment
      • SATCOM transmitter/transponder
      • SATCOM antenna
      • SATCOM transceiver
      • SATCOM receiver
      • SATCOM Modem/Router
    • Satellite communication services
  • By Application :
    • Asset Tracking/Monitoring
    • Airtime
    • Drone Connectivity
    • Data backup and recovery
    • Navigation and monitoring
    • Telemedecine
    • Diffusion
  • By Vertical :
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Government & Defense
      • Government (civil uses)
      • Emergency Responders
      • Defense
    • Transportation & Freight
      • Fleet management
      • Rail services
    • Maritime
    • Mining and Oil & Gas
    • Agriculture
    • Communication companies
    • Companies/Companies
    • Media and broadcast
  • By Region :
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East and Africa

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Fact.MR, in its new offering, presents an unbiased analysis of the global satellite communications market, presenting historical analysis from 2016 to 2021 and forecast statistics for the period 2022-2032.

The study reveals critical insights on the basis of components (equipment and services), by application (asset tracking/monitoring, airtime, drone connectivity, data backup and recovery, navigation and surveillance, telemedicine, broadcasting) , vertical (energy and utilities, government and defense, transportation and freight, maritime, mining and oil and gas, agriculture, communications companies, enterprises, media and broadcasting) and region (North America, Latin America, Europe , Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa).

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Tactical Communication Market – Tactical Communication Market by Product (Manpack Radios, Handheld Radios, Vehicular Intercom Radios, High Capacity Data Radios, Multiband Radios, Network Radios, SATCOM, VHF/UHF Radios, Video Processors), by platform (submarine, airborne, land, shipboard), by technology (time-division multiplexing, next-generation networks), by application (integrated strategic assets, communication, combat, command and control) and region – Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032

Sports Betting Market – Analysis of the sports betting market by platform (offline and online sports betting) by type of bet (fixed odds betting, exchange, live/live play, pari-mutuel and electronic sports betting) By Sports Type and Region – Global Market Outlook 2022 to 2032

Photonics Packaging Market – Photonics Packaging Market Analysis, By Packaging Material (Silicon-Based, Gallium-Based, Others), By Packaging Technology (Optical, Electrical, Thermal Management, Mechanical) , By Package Structure (Single-Chip Multi-Chip), By Mode (Single-Mode, Multi-Mode), By Application (LiDAR & Imaging/Optical Imaging Devices, LiFi, Optical Sensors & Photodetectors, Photodiodes, Optical Communication Systems & Components network, optoelectronic devices) – Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032

Customer Data Platform Market – Customer Data Platform Market Analysis by Type (Access, Campaign, Analytics), Application (Retail, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT), Travel, Healthcare, Discrete Manufacturing, Others) and Regional Analysis to 2032

Marketing Automation Market – Marketing Automation Market Analysis by Component (Software, Services), Application (Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring, Social Media Marketing, Marketing incoming, analytics and reporting, other applications), type of deployment (On-premises, cloud), size of organization (small and medium enterprises, large enterprises), vertical (BFSI, IT and telecommunications, travel and hospitality, healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Goods, Education, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Other Verticals), & Region – Forecast to 2022-2032

Barcode Software Market – Barcode Software Market Analysis by End User (BFSI, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail and Others), By Application (Package Tracking, Employee Attendance and time tracking, asset management and others) and by region – Forecast to 2022-2032

Anti-Drone Market – Anti-Drone Market Analysis, By Component[DroneDetectionEquipmentDroneNeutralizationEquipmentConcealedThreatDetectionSystemsLong-RangeAcousticDevicesSoftware)byScope([équipementdedétectiondedroneéquipementdeneutralisationdedronesystèmesdedétectiondemenacesdissimuléesdispositifsacoustiquesàlongueportéelogiciel)parportée(25Km)parutilisateurfinal(départementsdelasécuritéintérieuredépartementsmilitairesetdeladéfenseexploitantsd’aéroportsfournisseursdeservicesdesécuritécommercialepropriétairesd’infrastructurescritiques)-GlobalMarketInsights2022à2032[DroneDetectionEquipmentDroneNeutralizationEquipmentConcealedThreatDetectionSystemsLong-rangeacousticdevicesSoftware)ByRange(25Km)ByEndUser(HomelandSecurityDepartmentsMilitary&DefenseDepartmentsAirportOperatorsCommercialSecurityServiceProvidersCriticalInfrastructureOwners)-GlobalMarketInsights2022to2032[DroneDetectionEquipmentDroneNeutralizationEquipmentConcealedThreatDetectionSystemsLong-rangeacousticdevicesSoftware)ByRange(<200Mtrs200Mtrs–1Km1Km–4Km4Km–25Km>25Km)ByEndUser(HomelandSecurityDepartmentsMilitary&DefenseDepartmentsAirportOperatorsCommercialSecurityServiceProvidersCriticalInfrastructureOwners)-GlobalMarketInsights2022to2032

5G Fixed Wireless Access Market – 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market by offering (hardware, services), by operating frequency (SUB-6 GHz, 24 GHz-39 GHz, above 39 GHz), by demographics (urban, semi-urban, rural), by application, by region – Global Forecast 2022-2032

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Credit card cash advance fees on the rise


Cash advance fees on many popular credit cards have increased over the past five years, making it more expensive to withdraw cash or complete similarly processed transactions.

Many credit cards allow cardholders to withdraw money, for example from an ATM, the same way you would use your PIN and a debit card.

However, users could be hit with immediate cash advance fees, as well as the usual APR from the minute you withdraw money, which means it can be an expensive way to borrow money. the money.

Certain other credit card transactions may also be processed as a cash advance, including the purchase of foreign currency and those related to betting or gambling.

Overall, withdrawing money from your credit card should be considered a last resort and only in an emergency.

A credit card comparison by business insights and reviews site Defaqto found that over the past five years several providers have increased their cash advance fees.

According to Katie Brain, consumer banking expert at Defaqto, three of the top 10 credit card providers have increased their cash advance fees, while the Post Office and two risky cards have also done the same:

The Halifax reference is for the credit card, not the Halifax Clarity credit card.

Brain said: “Making a cash withdrawal will now cost you an extra 99p to £2 per £100 withdrawn, so it’s worth looking into which credit card is the most profitable for you, as some cards don’t have no fees for cash withdrawals The Barclaycard Rewards credit card and the Halifax Clarity credit card have no cash advance fees.

Moneycomms’ Andrew Hagger added that Halifax, MBNA and Lloyds Banking Group now all charge 5% with no minimum amount.

He said: “MBNA charged £5 for many years with Virgin Money (which at one time was part of MBNA). Lloyds and Halifax appeared to have adopted the 5% MBNA rate after Lloyds took it over.

However, Defaqto also found that the number of cards that do not charge cash advance fees has increased from four in August 2017 to seven today.

The following providers and products do not charge cash advance fees:

Counselor speaks to the Human Rights Commission about the code of conduct process

Eight of 10 alleged breaches of the council's code of conduct have been confirmed against Councilwoman Rachel Sanson, but she says if mediation had taken place when she requested it,

Martin De Ruyter / Stuff

Eight of 10 alleged violations of the council’s code of conduct have been confirmed against Councilwoman Rachel Sanson, but she says that if mediation had taken place when she requested it, “a lot of time, money and heartache would have could be saved”.

A code of conduct complaint against a Nelson councilor by her chief executive has been upheld but she has now gone to the Human Rights Commission with her ‘ill-treatment’ concerns.

Nelson City Council Chief Executive Pat Dougherty filed a code of conduct complaint against Councilor Rachel Sanson on behalf of council staff for more than 10 incidents on social media and at public council meetings. 2020 to 2021.

Dougherty said that in all 10 incidents, Sanson breached standards of conduct for not publicly criticizing council staff and for maintaining relationships with councilors and staff in a way that maintained public opinion of the council. and which focused on problems rather than people.

Bruce Robertson was appointed as the independent investigator for the complaint and his report, released on Monday, confirmed eight of the 10 incidents as breaches of the code of conduct, which were “serious enough” to “bring [the] discredit counsel”, and that they “reflect a recurring tendency to criticize staff”.

* Forestry amendments fail in heated council meeting
* Councilor found guilty of breaching code of conduct for shoving protester
* Nelson’s adviser Mike Rutledge will receive a letter of censure

“It is clear to me that [Sanson] Is passionate about the issues she wants to advance as an elected official… Her objectives and her commitment do not raise questions regarding the code of conduct. Rather, the events described … highlight conduct issues in his attempt to achieve his goals,” he said in his report.

“It is appropriate for an elected member to pose questions to staff at board meetings, but questions should avoid language that calls into question the transparency and honesty of staff in reference to the work presented to [the] Advice.

“Councillor Sanson has done it several times.”

The majority of the violations were related to Sanson’s questions about the council’s forestry activities and financial reporting, which she openly spoke out against.

Pat Dougherty raised the complaint on behalf of staff, pointing to several instances, including Sanson asking a staff member if he


Pat Dougherty raised the complaint on behalf of the staff, pointing to several instances, including Sanson asking a staff member if he “stands” to his report, and Facebook posts that were found not to maintain public trust. in the council.

Robertson said in his report that he originally recommended mediation as his preferred course of action, but it was only available for advisor-to-advisor disputes, not advisor-to-staff disputes.

“My preference would be to recommend action designed to help Councilor Sanson overcome this complaint, develop effective approaches that would avoid breaching the code, and repair her relationship with [the] Council,” he said.

Instead, he recommended a letter of reprimand for Counselor Sanson that included an outline of future steps if the behavior continued and an offer of support for her to consider engaging with a mentor.

“A suitable mentor could help him develop strategies to achieve his goals without further damaging, and potentially improving, relationships with [elected] members and staff, and taxpayer confidence in [the] advice.”

Sanson said she asked her questions before the meetings and was not told they were inappropriate, and never wanted to question the integrity of the staff. She said she did her best to follow the procedure, but hadn’t received any constructive guidance on how to frame her “due diligence” questions.

She filed a complaint about the code of conduct process with the Human Rights Commission (HRC), alleging “mistreatment by council leaders”.

“I did not ask or invite this [code of conduct] process, in fact I had asked for mediation to discuss the difficult nature of the board culture, and that is rather the approach that the board leadership has chosen,” she said.

Councilor Rachel Sanson has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission about the process and says she looks forward to the code of conduct complaint being

Martin De Ruyter / Stuff

Councilor Rachel Sanson has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission about the process and says she looks forward to the code of conduct complaint being “put to bed”, but she has not accepted the conclusions of the report.

“Mediation is now recommended by the Human Rights Commission, but a lot of time, money and heartache could have been saved if this had happened months ago when I requested it. .”

She said the process, which spanned 10 months, had been a huge distraction and she couldn’t wait for it to be “put to bed”, but she didn’t accept the report and said that she still had “a lot to say”. ”.

Dougherty said in a statement on Monday that the council was informed in July by the HRC that Sanson had filed a complaint alleging “unlawful discrimination”, and in that letter the HRC asked if the council would be willing to participate in mediation. .

“Council has since responded to the commission in writing raising several concerns about the filed complaint and explaining why it does not believe the complaint is appropriate for mediation through the commission’s process,” Dougherty said.

The full report and background information can be found in the 81-page Council agenda available online. The board will deliberate on the matter at Thursday’s board meeting to decide whether to end the process and give Sanson a letter of censure, or apply different sanctions (or none).

Are AirPods bad for your health? Radiation Levels, Explained


Concerns about electromagnetic radiation emitted by Apple AirPods have been growing recently, but just how dangerous is it in real life?

Concerns about electromagnetic radiation emitted by Apple AirPods have increased recently, but how dangerous is it in real life? Electromagnetic radiation, which includes radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and gamma rays, is well known to wreak havoc on living tissue, causing cancer and other deadly diseases. Sunlight also radiates electromagnetic energy, but visible light forms only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is generally considered harmless.

Apple announced its first generation AirPods in 2016 before launching the second and third generation models in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Meanwhile, Apple also launched the more feature-rich AirPods Pro headphones in 2019 and the AirPods Max over-ear headphones in 2020, which are Apple’s most popular accessories. The company is expected to launch the second-generation AirPods Pro this fall alongside the iPhone 14.


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Concerns about radiation levels in wireless electronic gadgets are not new, but a Reuters The fact-check article has now debunked recent social media chatter that Apple’s AirPods may be responsible for cancer. According to scientific research and studies cited in the report, “there is no established proof” that the radio frequencies emitted by Apple AirPods are harmful to the human body. On the contrary, the evidence suggests that the levels of radio frequency emitted by the devices are well within the limits prescribed by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and, as such, are safe for use by the general public.

Apple AirPods radiation levels

AirPods Pro Headphones

The report explains that the FCC requires all electronic devices (including cell phones and Bluetooth headphones) sold in the United States to maintain their specific absorption rate (SAR) at less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. According to Apple’s public filings with the FCC, the AirPods recorded SAR levels of 0.071 and 0.095 for the two individual buds, which is less than half of the maximum level prescribed by experts. As for the AirPods Pro, they have SAR measurements of 0.097 and 0.072 watts per kilogram head, which means they also comply with FCC regulations.

It should be noted that the FCC’s SAR limits are stricter than those of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which recommends that SAR levels be less than two watts per kilogram. According to the organization, as long as the gadgets meet prescribed radiation levels, they should have no adverse health effects on users. ICNIRP also stated Reuters that the latest research also shows “there is no scientific evidence that EMFs (electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies) cause cancer.”

Two other notorious public health organizations that have backed this claim are the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health England. The elder said Reuters that there is “no proven evidence” than Apple’s low-level electromagnetic fields AirPods would cause cancer, whereas the latter said that there was “no convincing evidence” that exposure to electromagnetic fields within the limits of the levels recommended by the ICNRP will have adverse health effects.

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Source: Reuters

Artificial heart

Artificial pumping hearts: what they mean for soft robots (and humans)

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Experts assess the health risks of electromagnetic radiation in the 5G spectrum


While research into the frequencies used in 5G is limited, studies show the health effects of electromagnetic fields across the spectrum. However, the results are inconsistent

Image for representation: iStock

Even as India is poised to become the first country to provide native 5G, experts have argued over the concerns that link the 5G technology with potential health risks.

5G, or fifth generation, is the latest wireless mobile phone Technology which was first widely rolled out in 2019. It improves 4G capabilities.

Along with faster connectivity speeds, it also opens up new use cases in gaming and entertainment due to its high bandwidth and low latency. It should also increase performance and a wide range of new applications, including strengthening e-health (telemedicine, telemonitoring, telesurgery).

5G works by producing a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. It uses higher frequencies than previous wireless networks, making it faster and more efficient.

Electromagnetic frequencies, such as those produced by 5G, create an area called an electromagnetic field (EMF), which some believe has negative effects on human health.

While research into the frequencies used in 5G is limited, studies show the health effects of electromagnetic fields across the spectrum. However, the results are inconsistent.

“Although there is no documentation on the risks associated with 4G, 5G, theoretically, exposure to radio-magnetic waves can increase the incidence of cancer in different parts of the body. People, while talking , keep smartphones closer to their brain, so there are more chances of brain cancer among the exposed population,” Dr. Col Vijay Dutta Sr. Consultant – Internal Medicine and Pulmonology, Indian Spinal Injuries Center, told the ‘IANS.

“Radio magnetic waves can also potentially disrupt the heart rhythm and those who wear a pacemaker are more at risk. The closer you stay to the towers, the greater the risk. Technology is a boon for communication, but harmful for health human,” he added.

However, according to the World Health Organization, “to date, and after extensive research, no adverse health effects have been linked to exposure to wireless technologies.”

The WHO has stated that tissue heating is the primary mechanism of interaction between radiofrequency fields and the human body. RF exposure levels from current technologies result in a negligible increase in temperature in the human body.

As the frequency increases, there is less penetration into body tissues and energy absorption becomes more confined to the surface of the body (skin and eye). Provided overall exposure remains below international guidelines, no public health consequences are expected, the global health body said.

“India is not the first country to roll out 5G. Around 50 countries have rolled out the technology before us. Moreover, a majority of these countries like the US, Korea, Japan and the UK launched 5G years ago with any concerns or real risks to people’s health, we would have seen these cases appear by now,” Charu Paliwal, research analyst at Counterpoint Research, told IANS.

“I don’t think at this stage we need to worry about health risks. There are also no studies that can verify these claims,” ​​she added.

With India on a digitization frenzy, 5G will spur growth in sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, robots, among others, according to the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). ).

The industry corps earlier this year also claimed that any concerns about the negative health impact of 5G are “totally misplaced”. He said the available evidence confirms that the next-generation technology is safe.

The mega 5G spectrum auction, which ended on August 1, received record bids worth over Rs 1.5 lakh crore in 40 rounds spanning seven days.

The Mukesh Ambani-led Jio has become the top bidder in India’s 5G spectrum auction, acquiring 24,740 MHz spectrum worth Rs 88,078 crore. Jio was followed by Sunil Mittal’s Bharti Airtel with 19,867 MHz spectrum in various bands worth Rs 43,084 crore.

Vodafone Idea in third place received 2,668 MHz worth Rs 18,784 crore while a unit from Adani Group acquired 400 MHz spectrum in the 26 GHz band worth Rs 212 crore .

Also read: Jio is the highest bidder as the government gets Rs 1.5L cr from the 5G sale

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Simple Ways to Avoid Pancreatic Cancer, Doctors Say – Eat This, Not That


Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the deadliest cancers because it is difficult to diagnose and is often discovered at later stages when treatment is not effective. According to American Cancer Society, “About 62,210 people (32,970 men and 29,240 women) will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. About 49,830 people (25,970 men and 23,860 women) will die from pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer accounts for approximately 3% of all cancers in the United States and approximately 7% of all cancer deaths.” Although genetics and age play a role in pancreatic cancer risk, so do bad habits. Eat this, not that! Health spoke with Dr Michael ChuongMedical Director of Proton Therapymedical director of MRI-guided radiotherapy and director of clinical research in radio-oncology at Miami Cancer Institutewhich is part of Baptist Health South Florida which shares ways to reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer. Keep reading – and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure signs you’ve already had COVID.


Dr Chuong says, “The pancreas is an organ in the upper abdomen that is responsible for making digestive enzymes and regulating blood sugar by secreting hormones such as insulin. Pancreatic cancer is the 4th most common cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. Mortality rates are particularly high because pancreatic cancers are usually not diagnosed until late stages, when cancer cells have already spread to others organs.

Doctor examines an x-ray image of the pancreas

Dr. Chuong explains: “The main risk factors for pancreatic cancer are smoking, a diet high in saturated fat and processed meats, obesity, physical inactivity and chronic pancreatitis. About 5-10% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have a genetic predisposition. and may have other family members also diagnosed with the same condition.”

chemical plant near water

According to Dr. Chuong, “Pancreatic cancer forms when changes, also known as mutations, occur in the DNA of normal cells in the pancreas, causing uncontrolled growth that the body cannot control. The mechanisms The exact causes of these changes are largely unknown although they are thought to be caused by environmental, dietary and sometimes hereditary factors.”


“The only known cure for pancreatic cancer is surgery, which is usually only effective when pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at an early stage,” says Dr Chuong. “Some patients with advanced pancreatic cancer who are not initially candidates for surgery may eventually become eligible based on their cancer’s response to chemotherapy and sometimes also radiation therapy.”

Portrait of man without appetite in front of the meal

Dr Chuong says: “The most common symptoms of pancreatic cancer include unintentional weight loss, loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), dark urine and clay-colored stools. If you develop these symptoms then seek medical attention immediately.”

stop smoking

“Cigarettes contain carcinogens that have been directly linked to an increase in the development of pancreatic cancer,” Dr. Chuong tells us.

Woman sitting at gym with pink pilates ball.

Dr. Chuong emphasizes, “Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is a known risk factor for pancreatic cancer.

woman eating pizza in bed
Shutterstock / Sweetflower

Dr. Chuong advises, “Develop healthy eating habits that include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid eating large amounts of processed meats and highly processed foods. Also avoid heavy alcohol consumption which can lead to chronic pancreatitis, which is a risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer.”

Heather Newgen

Heather Newgen has two decades of experience reporting and writing about health, fitness, entertainment and travel. Heather is currently a freelancer for several publications. Read more

Ashok Leyland launches 13.5m intercity bus – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

HYDERABAD: Ashok Leyland, the flagship company of Hinduja Group, on Friday launched its innovative 13.5m Prawaas 3.0 bus chassis. The intercity (4X2) bus chassis is a new platform designed for high-speed journeys with larger sedan space. It offers 20% more passenger capacity (36 berths) compared to the 12m intercity chassis which had only 30 berths. This will increase revenue per trip for customers.

The optional full air suspension with anti-roll bar configuration and electromagnetic retarder ensures a safe and comfortable ride. Ergonomic 3-way adjustable driver’s seat, cable shift mechanism and lower TCD ensure long hours of fatigue-free driving on Indian roads. Sanjeev Kumar, Head-MHCV, Ashok Leyland said: “This 13.5m bus chassis has been built for maximum comfort.

HYDERABAD: Ashok Leyland, the flagship company of Hinduja Group, on Friday launched its innovative 13.5m Prawaas 3.0 bus chassis. The intercity (4X2) bus chassis is a new platform designed for high-speed journeys with larger sedan space. It offers 20% more passenger capacity (36 berths) compared to the 12m intercity chassis which had only 30 berths. This will increase revenue per trip for customers. The optional full air suspension with anti-roll bar configuration and electromagnetic retarder ensures a safe and comfortable ride. Ergonomic 3-way adjustable driver’s seat, cable shift mechanism and lower TCD ensure long hours of fatigue-free driving on Indian roads. Sanjeev Kumar, Head-MHCV, Ashok Leyland said: “This 13.5m bus chassis has been built for maximum comfort.

Lelouch’s Top 10 Strategic Decisions


Despite Code Geass Airing in the fall of 2006, Lelouch Lamperouge is still considered one of the smartest characters in anime to date. Following the assassination of his mother, which he suspects was orchestrated by a member of the British imperial family, Lelouch embarks on a relentless path of vengeance against the empire, vowing to find out who was responsible. of his mother’s death.

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Lelouch possesses an ability called Geass; a power that allows him to impose absolute obedience on whomever he wants as long as he looks him in the eye. He is known throughout the story for his formidable mind and great tactical awareness, consistently getting the upper hand over his opponents despite having lesser firepower in many encounters. Of all Lelouch’s practical decisions, these stand out as the most strategic.


ten Creation of the Order of the Black Knights

At some point in the series, Lelouch realizes that he will need his own army to go against the British Empire. Having already amassed a small group of followers, he sees an opportunity to gain an even larger following when a group of renegades from the Japan Liberation Front take over a hotel while holding its occupants hostage.

Taking advantage of the presence of the current Princess of Britannia among the hostages, Lelouch manipulates the British army to allow him to manage the situation. He quickly gets rid of the terrorists and spreads his success throughout Area 11, showing off his skill and inspiring the Eleven throughout the region to join his cause.

9 Recruit Taizo Kirihara

Shortly after its formation, being a unique organization with the goal of dominating a large empire, the Black Knights unsurprisingly find themselves in dire financial straits. After receiving an invitation from Kyoto House, Lelouch sees an opportunity to turn the group’s financial situation around.

The Kyoto house acted as an extension of Britannia. However, behind the scenes, he has aided Japanese resistance groups throughout Area 11. Using his connections to group leader Taizo Kirihara since childhood, Lelouch chooses to unmask himself in front of him, skipping the need for negotiation and gaining a reliable source. of financing.

8 Landslide in Narita

Deciding to take advantage of a new confrontation between the British army and the Japanese Liberation Front, Lelouch leads the Black Knights to Narita. The British Army, determined to annihilate whatever remains of the front, also sends the bulk of its forces and some of its most promising generals stationed in Area 11 to the battlefield.

The battle takes place on steep terrain, with the front headquarters positioned inside a mountain. Taking into account the nature of the environment, Lelouch orders the Black Knights to place electrodes in specific areas around the mountain. Upon activation, the electrodes caused a massive landslide, leading to the decimation of the majority of British forces and giving the Black Knights the upper hand as they decided to enter the battle.

seven Collapse of the Tower of Babel

Shortly after regaining his memory after the failed Black Rebellion, Lelouch was thrown into the middle of battle, as the British Army and the remaining members of the Black Knights clash in the Tower of Babel.

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After just being reinstated as leader of the Black Knights, Lelouch begins giving instructions to the current members. He tricks the enemy into believing he has occupied the upper floors of the tower and covered all but one of the exits. Making them believe that all they had to do was corner the Knights at the entrance, Lelouch then detonates a bomb which destroys the upper floors. The rubble simultaneously charges at the enemy troops stationed in front of the entrance.

6 Lelouch saves the dark knights

With the majority of the members of the Black Knights currently in captivity, Gilbert GP Guilford challenges Zero to a duel and threatens to publicly execute the prisoners if he does not show up at the execution grounds. The execution is to take place outside the Chinese Federation Consulate, an area outside British jurisdiction that is also home to the remaining members of the Black Knights Order.

Considering that the duel must take place on moving ground, Lelouch uses his Geass on a worker in charge of operating the platform. Shortly after the fight begins, the platform on which the duel takes place begins to tilt. It is then revealed that the instruction given to the worker was to tilt the platform in such a way as to push Zero, along with everyone present, into Consulate territory. With this action alone, the British Army can no longer act against Zero or the former captives.

5 Remove the Tianzi

During a political wedding between the Tianzi and the first prince of the British Imperial Family, Lelouch infiltrates the wedding venue and kidnaps the Tianzi. The Tianzi is one of the most important political figures in the Chinese Federation, although the real power and authority rests with the high eunuchs.

In an attempt to reclaim the Tianzi, the High Eunuchs and a faction of the British Army under the Black Knights Corner at the Mausoleum of the Eighty-eight Emperors. After deducing that retrieving the Tianzi might be too difficult, the High Eunuchs agree to kill her instead, openly admitting their intentions to replace her since the Tianzi is only a puppet. Lelouch cleverly records their admission and broadcasts the footage throughout the Federation, causing riots and forcing Britannia to reconsider her involvement with them, allowing the Black Knights to ally themselves with the Federation’s new rulers.

4 Zero asks for exile

Shortly after being named Viceroy of Area 11, Nunnally declares her intention to reestablish the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. The Elevens initially reject the idea, as Euphemia’s cruel betrayal remains fresh in their memories. This leads Nunnally’s entourage, with Suzaku at the helm, to contact Zero for help in boarding the Elevens.

Zero agrees on the condition that he alone be exiled from Area 11, allowing him to walk away from Britannia with all of his crimes ignored. Suzaku reluctantly agrees, and they continue with the opening ceremony with over a million Elevens in attendance. Near the end of the ceremony, Zero’s exile is announced and all of the Eleven present dress up as Zero. It was Lelouch’s plan to free all Elevens from the empire, giving them the freedom to properly establish themselves as Japanese citizens again.

3 Order versus euphemia

Although his initial blunder caused the slaughter of over two hundred thousand Britons on Euphemia’s orders, Lelouch’s quick but tearful decision to kill the princess afterwards served him well.

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Lelouch is visibly distraught when he sees the carnage he has caused. However, despite his immense regret, he publicly asserts that the massacre was planned all along and orders members of the Black Knights to kill Euphemia. This decision preserved his position among his comrades and served as the starting point for what was to become the biggest rebellion that Japan had staged against Britannia since its defeat.

2 Become the Emperor

A month after Lelouch’s victory over Charles, he abandons his character of Zero and decides to take the place of his father, who once occupied the throne of Britannia. After successfully infiltrating a gathering of British royalty, Lelouch uses his Geass to have him recognized as the new Emperor of Britannia.

Ushering in a new era with him as the driving force. His ultimate goal, however, is the Zero Requiem, a fact that makes him one of the most important milestones he achieves in history.

1 The Zero Requiem

With the way the world was structured until now, Lelouch realized that the chain of hatred would never be broken. Rebellions would continue and wars would rage for eternity. So to break the chain of hatred, he decided to become the center to which all the frustration in the world was directed; the throne of the tyrannical British Empire. He planned for Suzaku, disguised as Zero, to publicly commit suicide in a staged assassination.

It would end the chain of hatred and lead the world to focus on bigger issues that don’t involve fighting, ushering in a new era of peace. The plan goes smoothly and Lelouch’s death is broadcast around the world. This plan, also known as Zero Requiem, was Lelouch’s last act in the story. It was his way of atoning for sins while providing a future worth living for his sister and friends, working as he had planned.

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Ghost radar shields hide key facilities in Kherson


LONDON ($1 = £0.82) — Pyramidal radar reflectors have been placed in the water near major bridges in Kherson, including the recently damaged Antonovsky Bridge. Similar reflectors were noticed around the railway bridge over the Dnieper, also in Kherson. The reflectors were installed by the Russian armed forces. British intelligence released the information, citing satellite images.

Photo credit: Twitter

Radar Pyramid Reflectors, also known as Ghost Radar Shields, are intended to deflect Ukrainian missiles. These are missiles launched by HIMARS and M270 – GMLRS. The radar reflector is a simple construction – intersecting flat, metal surfaces that form a 90 degree angle.

Their principle of operation [supposed to be such] is as follows: the guided missile uses radar guidance systems. They emit radio waves. Radar reflectors must repeatedly reflect these radar waves from the guided missile. This creates a very strong disturbance which disrupts the radar system of the guided missile. That is, the missile is attracted to the radar reflector and begins to fly towards it, while the main target – the bridge – is missed.

However, is this countermeasure of the Russian armed forces effective? Preferably not. The GMLRS missiles fired by the M270 and M142 are not simple radar systems to be confused with radar reflectors. Their advice is not based on “target search radar” but on satellite GPS guidance.

Britain: 'Ghost radar shields' hide key facilities in Kherson
Photo credit: Twitter

The radar reflector would have an effect if Ukraine launched the Harpoon or Neptune anti-ship missiles, but as their name suggests, these missiles are intended for weapons systems at sea, not infrastructure sites.

The fact that Russia is looking for a way to protect key infrastructure sites suggests that the Russians understand the combat capability of HIMARS and the M270. These systems are effective at short and medium range, are mobile and can easily change position. This further complicates the task of easily destroying them.


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Apply now for the Code Switch Mid-Career Scholarships


We are delighted to announce that applications for the code switch Class of ’22 scholarships are now open. The deadline to apply is September 15, 2022.

We launched the fellowships last year to help develop experienced journalists interested in telling thoughtful and nuanced stories about race and the identity of people and places we might not otherwise hear. Our fellows produced three of our most gripping episodes of the past year: how the “pretenders” hurt real Indigenous peoples and communities, addressing racism through therapy, and the experience of POCs with albinism.

This year, two fellowships are designed to enable experienced and active journalists to develop and report an in-depth story on race, identity and social justice. The story will air on code switch podcast and radio show, with editorial help and support from the editors and producers of code switch and NPR. We will work with your current employer to coordinate schedules, timing and posting.

The fellowships are open to all mid-career journalists and storytellers. If you’re at an NPR member station in the US, we’d especially love to hear from you!

Here are the details:

What we look for in a comrade

  • Ideally, you’re a mid-career journalist and already have a story in mind, but you could use some tips and resources for reporting.
  • You’ll benefit from weekly check-ins with a dedicated editor, training on how to report, storyboard and produce sound-rich narratives, and working with a team that has expertise spanning race and identity.
  • You might have a track record covering stories about race, working in audio, or both.
  • You are excited to spend 6-7 months working on a story, from ideation to reporting, scripting and production.
  • What to expect

    These fellowships are designed to be flexible, so fellows can continue to work in their current jobs while building their stories for Code switch. Fellows will receive a $12,000 stipend to cover affiliate travel and reporting costs, established in conjunction with the fellow’s current employer. Up to two candidates will be selected.

    How to submit an application

    Applicants should submit a detailed proposal for the story or project they wish to pursue and the resources and financial support they are likely to need to carry it out. Applicants should submit their proposal and a resume (attached in PDF format) to [email protected], with the subject “Code Switch Mid-career Fellowship Application”.

    The deadline to apply for this reporting grant is September 15, 2022. If you have any questions, contact the Code Switch editors at [email protected] with the subject line “Mid-Career Scholarship Questions” and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Here are some tips from last year’s scholarship recipients

    Our first two Mid-Career Fellows were Kamna Shastri and Isabelle Mendoza. Kamna explored how people of color with albinism conceptualize race, and Isabeth used therapy as a lens to tell the stories of two Latinx people struggling with anti-Blackness.

    After six months of reporting and crafting their stories, we ask our first Fellows for their advice for future Fellows:

    “Choose a topic that you are really passionate about, even if other people have said no,” said Isabeth Mendoza. “If you believe in it, start it because you will need this fire to burn until the very end.”

    Kamna Shastri says it’s important to trust your experience throughout the process.

    “As a fellow, you are learning, but you are also bringing the expertise you have gained so far,” Kamna Shastri said. “Find a balance because no one but you can tell this story.”

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    Siuslaw News | From the Grand Ole Opry to the FEC


    August 2, 2022 — On Wednesday, August 17, country music star Ray Scott will be in Florence for “An Evening with Ray Scott,” a fundraiser for the Siuslaw High School football program.

    Central Coast country music fans will be in for a rare treat as Scott will stop in Florence for his first stop in Oregon on a short tour of the western United States.

    Although he played Seven Feathers in Canyonville a few years ago and made a few other stops around the state, this will be Scott’s first time performing on the Oregon Coast.

    Luckily for Scott, the small towns that make up the coast should make him feel right at home.

    “I’m from a little town called Semora in North Carolina,” Scott said. “I doubt Florence is smaller than where I come from because my town has about 900 inhabitants. That number never changes because every time a baby is born, a man leaves town.

    Scott’s performance in Florence will take place at the approximately 400-seat Florence Events Center, 715 Quince St.

    “I love doing intimate acoustic shows with small crowds as much as large crowds,” he said. “To be honest, we like to get out of the big cities. It’s fun to bring music to people. Being used to small town life myself, I eat it. I love it. It’s my favorite thing.

    Scott first burst onto the national country music scene in 2005 with the release of his debut album “My kind of music” on Warner Bros., a major label. The album’s title track was his first to receive regular release and marked the start of what became a prolific career in country music.

    Scott went independent after that first release, and his fans benefit from that decision to this day. Instead of the “country pop” that dominates the radio airwaves, Scott did things his own way. Using YouTube, streaming services, satellite radio and social media to share his music with the world, he has managed to amass hundreds of thousands of dedicated listeners to his deep baritone old-school country sound.

    Scott’s videos on YouTube have over a million views. Over 100,000 people listen to a Ray Scott song on Spotify every month.

    During COVID, Scott and guitarist Joe Cook, in an effort to continue making music and connecting with their audience, started a Facebook Live called “Ray-ve in the Cave”, a weekly live concert. The show eventually earned them a spot on Pollstar’s Top 50 Live Streams for 2020.

    Besides his own performances, Scott is a respected songwriter, a profession particularly touted in the world of country music. He wrote songs for greats like Trace Adkins, Randy Travis and Clay Walker.

    An article in the August 2021 edition of American songwriter compared Scott to great songwriters Townes Van Sandt and John Prine, which he doesn’t take lightly.

    “It’s the ultimate compliment,” Scott said. “Songwriters are the ones that inspired me to do this. From a very young age I was always looking at who the writers were. I think a lot of people don’t know any better and assume that most people write their own songs, but often they don’t. I’m not someone who can just sing other people’s songs, so I’ve always been driven to write.

    Well maybe not always. At first, he may have needed a little nudge.

    “My grandmother used to bribe me to write her poetry,” Scott recalled. “She could see the ability I had in me, so she paid me $10 to write her a poem. It could have thrown me off.

    Scott has many musical influences, most of which were introduced to him by his father.

    “I grew up with Willie [Nelson]Waylon [Jennings], Don Williams, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash,” he said. “My old man was a singer, and he really liked those guys, so I heard a lot of their music from him.”

    Scott was able to take those influences and create his own sound. Thanks to the many diverse material release options available to musicians today, artists like Scott don’t have to “play the game” to get their album made in Nashville like they once did. Artists who were once considered “outlaws” are now respected in mainstream circles.

    “You’ve got the Cody Jinks of the world and a lot of these guys who’ve never really done the ‘Nashville Way,'” Scott said. “I don’t think people are necessarily looking for ‘old’ stuff. They are looking for things that are just more real and more authentic. A lot of independent artists do very well with this. There is definitely a renaissance happening.

    While radio may not be on board yet, Scott’s stature in the country music world continues to grow. He has released a total of eight albums and EPs since his first release. Last year he turned 65e appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, an impressive achievement and something that, for Scott, never gets old.

    “First of all, it’s kind of a historic rite of passage for a country musician to play there,” Scott said. “Number two, every time you play the Opry, there’s an electricity in the audience that you won’t find anywhere else. Everyone is thrilled to be there.”

    The Siuslaw area is lucky there is a huge Ray Scott fan in Florence. Jeff Gray, longtime assistant coach of the Siuslaw Viking college football team, knew that if he could convince Scott and his band to travel to the Oregon Coast, he could bring live country music from first order in Florence all the while, earning money for Siuslaw’s soccer program.

    Gray found Scott’s manager’s contact information and figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    “Jeff is one of thousands of Ray fans,” Scott’s manager Wes Hick said. “The thing about Ray is that he’s really cool with the fans and he literally has fans all over the world. Jeff just contacted me and said he wanted to do this. I know that there are fans who have been thirsty to see his performance live, so I’m glad we were able to make it happen.

    Besides looking forward to returning to the West Coast, Scott jumped at the chance to help out Siuslaw’s football program. He said he loved the sport and recognized the importance it had in his own life.

    “I’m a big football fan,” Scott said. “I grew up on Tobacco Road in North Carolina, so you know I’m a basketball fan too, but football is important to me. I still love it. I count the days of the season every year It’s just the sense of community that comes with team sports.

    Scott also knows what being part of a team can mean to a young person and how it can teach them to work with people of all kinds, in all situations.

    “Sport teaches young people to work together,” Scott said. “You see all the racism in the news. One of the best situations I’ve ever been in was on a football team, surrounded by all kinds of different races, different types of people and kids coming together. Everybody’s friends, you know, they’re all trying to do something together. Team sports are often where the rubber hits the road and when a team works together to get something done. It really makes you realize that we are all the same.

    All types of people will come together on Wednesday, August 17 for “An Evening with Ray Scott, a fundraiser for the Siuslaw Football Program” at the Florence Events Center. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m.

    Tickets are $25 with proceeds going to the Siuslaw High football team. Tickets can be purchased at aftontickets.com/eveningwithrayscott or at the FEC box office.

    For more information on Ray Scott, visit rayscott.com or his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UC94YxyYIkAZamAjoUs4gPoA.

    Pharming Announces New ICD-10-CM Code for APDS, a Rare Primary Immunodeficiency


    Implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the diagnostic code will accurately identify US patients with APDS, supporting care and research efforts

    LEIDEN, Netherlands, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pharming Group S.A. (“Pharming” or “the Company”) (EURONEXT Amsterdam: PHARM/Nasdaq: PHAR) announces that a new diagnostic code for reporting cases of activated phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta syndrome (APDS), an immune deficiency primary rare, will be added to the International Classification of Diseases, 10e Review, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The diagnosis code, D81.82 ‒ Activated phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta syndrome (APDS), will be effective October 1, 2022.

    Anurag Relan, Chief Medical Officer of Pharming, commented:

    “By assigning this ICD-10-CM code, the CDC officially recognizes APDS as a discrete immunological disease, which will change the lives of those affected by the disease. Using the unique diagnosis code to identify both established and new patients with APDS, physicians will increase care options for those affected while helping to improve global understanding of the prevalence, mechanisms, and outcomes of this progressively debilitating disease. For healthcare professionals, this step marks an opportunity to make a big difference by taking a simple step.”

    Assignment of the ICD-10-CM code will, for the first time, allow U.S. physicians and payers to add a diagnosis of APDS to patient health records, helping to connect those individuals with researchers studying the prevalence and course of the disease. Additionally, by assigning a specific diagnosis, the new ICD-10-CM code can help confirm medical necessity in individual patients, improving their access to relevant care options through U.S. health insurance plans.

    Caused by genetic variants affecting approximately one to two people in a million, APDS causes significant lymphoproliferation and immune dysfunction, as well as an increased risk of lymphoma. There is no approved therapy for the disease, and treatment is usually limited to supportive care, such as antibiotics and immunoglobulin replacement therapy. Physician and patient advocacy groups specializing in immunodeficiency disorders, as well as Pharming, await the decision to raise awareness of this rare disease.

    Vicki and Fred Modell, co-founders of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, commented:

    “We are delighted that US regulatory authorities have assigned APDS an ICD-10-CM code. As a foundation dedicated to early diagnosis, meaningful treatments and cures for primary immunodeficiency, we are aware of the physical challenges and emotional experiences that people with APDS face due to misdiagnosis of their disease. By increasing recognition of the disease, we expect the new diagnosis code to help ensure that every patient is included when it is about providing appropriate and meaningful treatments for APDS.

    About Activated Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase δ Syndrome (APDS)

    APDS is a rare primary immune deficiency that affects approximately one to two people in a million. Also known as PASLI, it is caused by variants in one of two genes, PIK3CD Where PIK3R1, which regulate the maturation of white blood cells. Variants of these genes lead to hyperactivity of the PI3Kδ (phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta) pathway.1.2 Balanced signaling in the PI3Kδ pathway is essential for physiological immune function. When this pathway is overactive, immune cells fail to mature and function properly, leading to immunodeficiency and dysregulation.1.3 APDS is characterized by severe and recurrent sinopulmonary infections, lymphoproliferation, autoimmunity and enteropathy.4.5 Because these symptoms can be associated with a variety of conditions, including other primary immunodeficiencies, people with APDS are often misdiagnosed and suffer a median diagnostic delay of 7 years.6 Because APDS is a progressive disease, this delay can cause damage to accumulate over time, including permanent lung damage and lymphoma.4-7 The only way to definitively diagnose this condition is through genetic testing.

    About Pharming Group NV

    Pharming Group NV (EURONEXT Amsterdam: PHARM/Nasdaq: PHAR) is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with rare, debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Pharming commercializes and develops an innovative portfolio of protein replacement therapies and precision drugs, including small molecules, biologics and gene therapies in early to late-stage development. Pharming is headquartered in Leiden, the Netherlands, and has employees worldwide serving patients in more than 30 markets in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific .

    For more information, visit www.pharming.com.

    About the Jeffrey Modell Foundation

    Vicki and Fred Modell established the Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) in 1987, in memory of their son Jeffrey, who died at the age of 15 from complications of primary immunodeficiency (PI) – a chronic, severe and often fatal. JMF is a global non-profit organization dedicated to early diagnosis, meaningful treatments, and ultimately cures through research, physician education, public awareness, advocacy, patient support, newborn screening and genetic sequencing. For more information, visit https://www.info4pi.org/.

    Forward-looking statements

    This press release contains forward-looking statements, including with respect to the timing and progress of Pharming’s preclinical studies and clinical trials of its product candidates, Pharming’s clinical and commercial prospects, Pharming’s ability to overcome posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to the conduct of its business, and Pharming’s expectations regarding its working capital requirements and cash resources, such statements being subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including but not limited to the scope, progress and expansion of Pharming’s clinical trials and their ramifications for the cost thereof; and clinical, scientific, regulatory and technical developments. In light of these risks and uncertainties, and other risks and uncertainties described in Pharming’s 2021 Annual Report and Annual Report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, the events and circumstances discussed in these forward-looking statements may not occur, and Pharming’s actual results could differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied. All forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release and are based on information available to Pharming as of the date of this press release.

    Inside information

    This press release concerns the disclosure of information which is or could have been classified as inside information within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the European Market Abuse Regulation.


    1. Lucas CL, et al. Nat Immunol. 2014;15:88-97.
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    Logo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1454235/Pharming_Group_NV_Logo.jpg

    Quote See original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pharming-announces-new-icd-10-cm-code-for-apds-a-rare-primary-immunodeficiency-301597429 .html

    SOURCE Pharming Group SA

    Company Codes: NASDAQ-NMS: PHAR, Bloomberg: [email protected], EuronextAmsterdam: PHARM, RICS: PHAR.AS, ISIN: NL0010391025

    Child luring arrests surge in Atlantic City with help from Youtube


    ATLANTIC CITY — The number of arrests for child luring in South Jersey with the help of vigilante YouTubers has hit double digits, police confirmed on Monday.

    On Monday, the Atlantic City Police Department said 17 men had been arrested for attempted child luring in the span of about two weeks with “the assistance of concerned citizen groups.” Those arrested ranged in age from 23 to 77 – seven of them were residents of New Jersey.

    All of the incidents involved a duo who operate two YouTube channels where they conduct “To Catch a Predator” style showdowns.

    Their number of “unofficial” arrest aids was even higher on Monday.

    “26 In 2 Weeks” is the title of a video montage of each man confronted, set to the song “Something In The Way” by Nirvana.

    “JUSTICE – Thanks to the Atlantic County Police, Prosecutors and Shafiq,” added the title of the video posted by the Mr. Web channel.

    Shafiq, as his name suggests in this video, runs a separate channel, “Predator Catchers PA”.

    For every video of a confrontation with a child accused of luring, there seemed to be third-party assistance to call the police to respond to the site.

    Capturing Civilian Predators

    New Jersey 101.5 had requested information from Atlantic City police on Thursday about other luring arrests that involved such ‘citizen assistance,’ after Atlantic City’s first arrest and two in a nearby town all involved the same duo behind the Youtube accounts.

    “The concerned citizens were posing as minor children on various social media sites. They would then confront the individual and notify the police,” according to a written statement released early Monday evening.

    Police initially confirmed the July 19 decoy arrest of retired Pennsylvania teacher Gerald Colapinto.

    Egg Harbor Township police previously confirmed two similar arrests involving the same citizen duo calling in officers. Raymond Effinger, 53, of Hammonton, was arrested for luring on July 27, days after the first recorded confrontation.

    The same citizens also called Egg Harbor Township police on July 24 with video evidence to cause a decoy arrest of Roger Tomes at the Graef Shipyard.

    Each of the following people arrested by Atlantic City police have been charged with luring/attracting a child by various means:

    – Andrew Rheinheimer, 41, of Absecon

    – Delbin Martinez, 28, of Atlantic City

    – Bruce Cahan, 77, of Atlantic City

    – Sidney Yee, 67, of Atlantic City

    – Henri Pacheco-Medina, 24, from Atlantic City

    – Diego Delossantos, 27, of Atlantic City

    – Colby Jones, 26, of Galloway

    – Jonathan Shillingford Coll, 28, of Avondale, Pennsylvania

    – Gerald Colapinto, 65, of Yardley, PA (as previously reported)

    – Avraham Holtzberg, 48, from Brooklyn, NY

    – Joseph Donofrio, 31, of Yonkers, NY

    – Juwin Jumpp, 26, of Vestal, NY

    – Steven Wentzel, 51, of Williston, NY

    – Alex Damian, 37, of Stamford CT

    – Johnny Puma, 54, of Lexington, SC

    – Nareshan Reddy, 34, of Vero Beach, Florida

    – Christopher Sharpe, 23, of Sweet Water, AL

    If convicted, each could face five to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000.

    All of those arrested were being held at the Atlantic County Jail except for Yee, who received a summons pending a future court date.

    It was not immediately clear where the other attempted decoy arrests the Youtube hosts referenced in Atlantic County during the same two-week period had taken place.

    Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Atlantic City Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Section at 609-347-5766.

    Information can also be sent anonymously by SMS to tip411 (847411). Begin the text with ACPD.

    Erin Vogt is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach her at [email protected]

    Click here to contact an editor about a comment or correction for this story.

    What would happen to NJ if we were attacked by nuclear weapons?

    We used Alex Wellerstein’s NUKEMAP to see what would happen if a nuclear warhead hit New York, Philadelphia, Washington or New Jersey.

    Models show what would happen during an air detonation, meaning the bomb would be detonated into the sky, causing extensive damage to structures and people below; or what would happen in a detonation on the ground, which would have the alarming result of nuclear fallout. The models do not take into account the number of casualties that would result from the fallout.

    Beautiful Sunflower Fields to Visit in New Jersey 2022

    Among the reasons why the “Garden State” remains an apt nickname for New Jersey – the end of summer means the arrival of sunflower season.

    There are at least six domains, spanning the state. Some are in bloom as early as early August, while others should peak from late August to late September.

    It’s always a good idea to call or email before you go if the weather seems to be an issue.

    15 Sensational Places to Visit in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park

    From the rides to all the boardwalk food to the many water fun, Seaside Heights and nearby Seaside Park has remained a family friendly place for all ages.

    Along the way, the Seaside Heights boardwalk and Casino Pier were hit by tragic disasters, such as a fire, Super Hurricane Sandy, and another fire. Both have proven their resilience through reconstruction and expansion.

    UP NEXT: Find out how much gas cost the year you started driving

    This is where legal NJ weed is sold

    The number of recreational cannabis dispensaries continues to grow, with nearly two dozen state approvals granted since the first adult recreational sales in the state in April. Here is where the open sites are.

    5 Weapons You’ll See More Because Of Russia’s War In Ukraine


    MIGUEL MEDINAGetty Images

    • The war in Ukraine, like all wars, has seen innovation and the rise of new weapon systems.
    • The five-month-long war has elevated drones, rockets and electronic warfare to new masters of the battlefield.
    • Weapons like the HIMARS rocket systems were primed and ready for conflict. Yet there is a gaping hole that new weapons can fill.

      The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 demolished the expectations of military experts around the world. Some basic elements of warfare, such as tanks, fighter jets and howitzers, proved surprisingly vulnerable during the conflict, while rocket artillery, drones and anti-tank weapons exceeded their weight. Others, like lasers that could protect cities and weapons that focus on radio signals, are urgently needed but have yet to be developed.

      War supercharges innovation; the life-and-death struggle between nations drives participants to adopt new technologies to enable new tactics and strategies. Battlefield experience quickly sorts out what works and what doesn’t – the former being quickly embraced and the latter just as eagerly abandoned. The invasion of Ukraine is no exception. Here are five weapons you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

      defensive lasers

      mshoradsde army laser air defense
      The US military is preparing to deploy a version of the Stryker infantry fighting vehicle with an air defense laser that has shot down mortar shells in flight. The ability to shoot down incoming artillery rockets and large howitzer shells is only a matter of time.

      The American army

      Russia’s war has involved both ‘dumb’ unguided weapons and ‘smart’ precision guided weapons, in the form of mortars, howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and attack cruise missiles. earthly. Russia spends up to 60,000 artillery shells and rockets per day, raining destruction on military and civilian targets. Moscow used these weapons for military purposes and civil targets – and the latter is clearly a war crime under international law.

      Historically, there has been little defense against artillery and aerial bombs other than the destruction of the launchers associated with them. In recent years, the WE and countries, such as Israel, focused on lasers as a means of protecting armies in the field. A laser, powered by a diesel generator, has virtually unlimited ammo and can quickly target and destroy multiple threats in seconds. Russia’s vicious attacks on cities and other civilian targets have shown that laser defenses have their place in protecting non-military targets as well.

      Anti-Radiation Weapons

      aargm pirate missile harm ukraine
      The Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile, known as AARGM, is one of the few missiles available that can target enemy radar systems. In the future, smaller missiles will be launched from armored vehicles and will hunt enemy vehicles emitting electromagnetic radiation, from jammers to radars.

      US Navy

      A major advantage Russia had over Ukraine at the start of the war was its advantage in electronic warfare. Russia has long prioritized the ability to broadcast powerful jamming signals capable of interfering with an adversary’s radar, GPS and battlefield communications. A recent report credited Russian electronic warfare capabilities and their ability to jam Ukrainian military communications are weakening the country’s defenses. Russia also broadcasts its own radio signals, which include air defense radars, wireless drone control signals and wireless military communications, linking the entire Russian military campaign randomly.

      Ukraine would benefit from the ability to detect and attack Russian systems emitting powerful electromagnetic signals. An anti-radiation missile (ARM) capable of targeting and then destroying enemy radars, communication trucks, jamming vehicles and other transmitters would be very useful, not only to allow Ukrainian forces to better coordinate, but also to make deaf and blind Russian forces. . Unfortunately, although this ability is available at higher levels, most notably in US Navy launched aircraft AARGM anti-radiation missile, it is clearly lacking at ground level. Expect to see weapons deployed by armies within five years.

      Guided Rocket Artillery

      A HIMARS rocket artillery system operating in eastern Ukraine, July 2022.

      The Washington PostGetty Images

      The latest star in this conflict is the American-provided High Mobility Rocket Artillery System (HIMARS). HIMARS consists of a reloadable rocket launch system mounted on a medium truck chassis. HIMARS can quickly move to a firing position, release six precision guides GMLRS rockets with a range of 43 miles or more, and retreat to avoid enemy counter-battery fire. HIMARS far exceeds conventional tube artillery, including cannon artillery like the 2S19 Msta self-propelled howitzer.

      Ukraine currently uses HIMARS for interdiction missiles, hitting high-value Russian targets behind enemy lines to deprive frontline troops of artillery supplies and support. At the end of July, Ukrainian HIMARS systems destroyed 50 Russian ammunition depots.

      Traditional cannon artillery simply does not have the range to “outrun” enemy artillery, and currently there are no weapons, at least on the Russian side, that can shoot down GMLRS rockets. Few countries outside of NATO have precision-guided rockets, but the success of HIMARS + GMLRS means most countries will probably have them in a decade or less.

      Small Battlefield Drones

      Ukrainian drones
      Ukrainian servicemen look at a drone controller during a training session on the outskirts of Kyiv, July 14, 2022. Drones have become essential on the battlefield since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, allowing Kyiv to conduct reconnaissance along the front line, spot Russian forces and equipment, and direct artillery fire from a distance.


      The Russian-Ukrainian war is not the first war to use quadcopter drones for surveillance missions, but it will be the most famous war for them. The Ukrainian army, in particular, used small quadcopter dronesoften designed for the civilian market, to give ground troops the ability to check their surroundings and target enemy forces while minimizing risk. These drones allow units as small as platoon level (30-40 soldiers) to eliminate the element of surprise for any enemy force, especially those using armored vehicles.

      A small, unobtrusive drone with modern digital optics and a secure data link can give even the smallest combat unit an unobstructed view of the battlefield and the ability to look a mile or more behind enemy lines . Ukraine’s experience with small battlefield drones means NATO armies, the People’s Liberation Army of China, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force and the South Korean military will all adopt them from here. 2030.

      satellite internet

      ruin of civilian objects amid russian military invasion in ukraine in kyiv region, ukraine
      Satellite dishes attached to a ruined house in Hostomel, Ukraine.

      NurPhotoGetty Images

      According to New York TimesUkrainian helicopters carrying out dangerous missions in the city of Mariupol brought a supply of anti-tank weapons and a crucial non-weapon: a SpaceX Starlink satellite internet receiver. The receiver proved a lifeline for military and civilian forces trapped in the besieged Azovstal steelworks. The receiver, connected directly to the satellites above, allowed users to bypass war-damaged cell phone service and landline internet. Boosting civilian morale, it allowed the Ukrainian government to inform the world of the siege and act as a backup for Ukrainian military communications.

      The US military faces a growing Internet bandwidth problem, largely due to its routing of as much secure military traffic as possible through as few satellites as possible. This makes the system vulnerable in wartime to even a few anti-satellite weapons. SpaceX, with its thousands of relay satellites, has created a less secure, but more resilient network. While Starlink may not be secure enough to handle sensitive military communications, it will almost certainly inspire a military-grade version down the road. This version will combine the security of existing military satellites with the coverage of Starlink, allowing it to survive the loss of dozens of satellites to enemy action.

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      Business news live today: latest economic news, market news, economic and financial news


      Moneycontrol PRO

      Based on future open interest percentage, there were 111 stocks, including Delta Corp, Chambal Fertilizers, Max Financial Services, Cipla and SBI Life Insurance Company, in which long accumulation was observed.

      Trade Setup for Monday: 15 Things to Know Before the Bell Opens

      Last name Price To change % changes
      Indiabulls Hsg 110.05 -4.70 -4.1
      Nhpc 34.15 0.45 1.34
      Sbi 528.35 -4.10 -0.77
      ntpc 152.95 2.60 1.73




      Will India be a $5 trillion economy by FY27?


      Thank you for voting

      Overview of the IPO

      Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Open issue Closing the issue
      Upsurge Seeds View profile initial public offering of an SME 120 22.81 1200 29-07 02-08
      Equity Issue price Registration date Ad open close ad Listing Earnings % CPM Current Earnings %
      Healthy life ten 26-07 10.29 9.34 -6.6 10:60 a.m. 6.00
      Jayant Infra 67 13-07 76.00 79.80 19.1 164.20 145.07
      B Right Realest 153 13-07 155.00 154.00 0.65 148.00 -3.27
      Kesar India 170 12-07 178.00 174.00 2.35 207.00 21.76
      Scheme Fund category information Purchase order Opening date Closing date
      No NFO details available.
      Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Subscription Open issue Closing the issue

      Agni Green View profile

      initial public offering of an SME ten 5.25 0 20-07 22-07

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      August 01 – 2:00 p.m.

      What do the stars predict?

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      August 01 – 2:00 p.m.

      What do the stars predict?

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      The Holy Grail of Radioprotective Dietary Compounds


      This pigment-producing molecule displays almost unfathomable properties in other species

      Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help mitigate the increasing amounts of radiation we are exposed to daily?

      Over the past decade, one of the most interesting concepts I have come across while browsing the biomedical literature is the possibility that the biological role of melanin in the human body may extend far beyond the simple protection against UV rays.

      In fact, a recent and highly controversial paper proposes that melanin is responsible for the production of the majority of the body’s energy, effectively challenging the view of cellular bioenergetics centered on ATP and glucose that has dominated the biology over the past half century.

      Research is now emerging indicating that melanin may function in a manner analogous to energy harvesting pigments such as chlorophyll. While the proposed ability of melanin to convert sunlight into metabolic energy has startling implications (one of which is the taxonomic reclassification of our species from heterotrophic to photoheterotrophic), what may have even more dramatic implications is the prospect that melanin can actually both protect us against ionizing radiation and turn some of it into metabolically useful energy.

      Radioisotopes are increasingly accumulating in the environment, the food chain and our bodies, due to nuclear weapons testing, routine releases from the nuclear industry, hydraulic fracturing, electrical industries coal and, more recently, global fallout from the Chernobyl and Fukushima meltdowns. Add to that the inevitable onslaught of radiation exposures from medical use, cellphone communications and WiFi technology, and air travel, and you can virtually guarantee that your body burden of radiation exposure is significant and poses a health risk.

      For these reasons, reducing radiotoxicity and/or improving detoxification mechanisms should be a universal concern.

      The mysterious properties of melanin

      Melanin is, indeed, one of the most interesting biomolecules yet identified. The first known organic semiconductor, it is capable of absorbing a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum (which is why it appears black), including converting and dissipating potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation into heat. It performs a wide range of physiological roles, including scavenging of free radicals, chelation of toxic substances, protection of DNA, to name a few. It is also believed to have been one of the essential ingredients for life on this planet. Beyond its potential to convert sunlight into metabolic energy, it can also convert ionizing gamma radiation into useful energy. Outside of the realm of comic book heroes, who would have ever thought such a thing was possible?

      The first time I found this possibility in the scientific literature was a 2001 Russian report of the discovery of a species of melanin-rich fungus colonizing and apparently thriving in the walls of the still-hot fusion reactor site. of Chernobyl. In 2004, the same observation was made for the surrounding soils of the Chernobyl site. We also know that, based on a 2008 report, pyomelanin-producing bacteria were found in thriving colonies in uranium-contaminated soil. There’s also a 1961 study that found, surprisingly, melanin-rich fungi from the soils of a Nevada nuclear test site survived radiation exposure doses of up to 6400 Grays (about 2000 times a lethal dose for humans). Clearly, something about melanin in these species not only enables them to survive radiation exposures that are normally lethal to most life forms, but actually attracts them to them. Could fungi actually use melanin to “feast” on the free lunch of anthropogenic radioactivity?

      Remarkably, in 2007, a study published in PLoS titled “Ionizing Radiation Alters Electronic Properties of Melanin and Enhances Growth of Melanized Fungi,” found that fungal cells exhibited increased growth compared to non-melanized cells after exposure to ionizing radiation. In other words, the mushrooms grew better after being exposed to radiation. Irradiated melanin from these fungi also altered its electronic properties, which the authors say raised “intriguing questions about the potential role of melanin in energy capture and utilization.”

      To learn more about this groundbreaking study, see a 2007 report in the MIT Technology Review titled, Eating Radiation: A New Form of Energy?

      Can melanin give us superpowers?

      The question arises, could consuming melanin from mushrooms protect people higher up the food chain (like humans) from radiation exposure?

      This question appears to have been answered in the affirmative by a 2012 study published in the journal Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, titled “Melanin, a promised radioprotector: Mechanisms of actions in a mice model,” which found that when melanin isolated from Gliocephalotrichum simplex fungus was administered at a dose of 50 mg/kg body weight to BALB/c mice before exposure to 6-7 Grays of gamma radiation, it increased their 30-day survival by 100%. The study also noted that melanin up to a dose of 100 mg/kg (ip) did not cause adverse health effects in mice.

      In the conclusion of the study, the authors stated, “The observed attenuating effects of melanin in the present study are gaining importance, particularly in nuclear emergencies, but need to be validated in humans by more detailed experiments. Prior to these confirmations and based on ongoing investigations, it can be concluded that during such emergencies, melanin-rich diets may be beneficial in overcoming radiation toxicity in humans.

      Another study published in 2012 in Cancer Biotherapy & Radiopharmaceuticals entitled “Compton Scattering by Internal Shields Based on Melanin-Containing Mushrooms Provides Protection of Gastrointestinal Tract from Ionizing Radiation”, confirmed that the remarkable radioprotective properties of melanized mushrooms were in fact specific to the melanin and due to other well-known therapeutic compounds in fungi.

      As succinctly summarized on the Small Things Considered website: “The authors fed mice a fungus used in East Asian cuisine called Judas’ ear, tree, or jelly ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) a hour before giving them a powerful dose of 9 Gy with the beta emitter Cesium137. For perspective, anything over ~0.1 Gy is considered a dangerously high dose for humans. All control mice died within 13 days while about 90% of those fed mushrooms survived. Mice fed white mushroom (ceps) died almost as quickly as controls, but those fed white mushrooms supplemented with melanin also survived.

      So how does melanin perform this trick?

      A clue was provided by a 2011 study published in Bioelectrochemistry titled “Gamma radiation interacts with melanin to alter its redox potential and results in production of electric current”, where ionizing radiation was found to alter the redox potential of melanin.

      Unlike most other biomolecules, which experience a destructive form of oxidative damage as a result of radiation exposure, melanin remained structurally and functionally intact, appearing capable of producing direct electrical current. This current, theoretically, could be used to produce chemical/metabolic energy in living systems. This would explain the increased growth rate, even under low nutrient conditions, in certain types of gamma-irradiated fungi.

      So, you might be wondering, what is a good source of supplemental melanin for those interested in its radioprotective and radiotrophic (“radiation absorption”) properties? I believe the chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is one of the most promising candidates. Not only is it one of the nutritionally dense mushrooms, containing an immense amount of melanin, but it was known by the Siberians as the “gift of God” and the “mushroom of immortality”, by the Japanese as “the diamond of the forest”. and by the Chinese as the “King of Plants”. There is also an increasingly compelling body of scientific information demonstrating its health benefits in conditions as serious as cancer.

      It should be noted that there is a profound toxicological difference between the type of radiation exposure that comes from the outside in, for example being irradiated at a distance by radioactive material outside of us, and from the inside outwards, for example the absorption of low-dose radioisotopes. The latter can be orders of magnitude more dangerous, as radioisotopes like uranium-238, cesium-137 and plutonium-239 can be absorbed into tissues and remain there for a lifetime, wreaking havoc with each instant.

      Due to a phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect, low-dose radionuclides like uranium-238, which are technically weak emitters of alpha radiation, can be tens of thousands of times more damaging to our DNA than current radiological risk assessment models do not provide for this.

      We mention this in order to properly qualify the above information, as it could be very misleading to those who interpret it to mean that one can simply supplement with an edible melanin product to reduce and even benefit from radiation exposure. Nothing can effectively reduce the radiotoxicity of incorporated radionuclides beyond their elimination from the body.

      That said, apple pectin was used successfully after Chernobyl to significantly reduce the body burden of absorbed radionuclides in thousands of Russian children. Moreover, once we grasp the genocidal implications of the widespread contamination of the biosphere with the routine and accidental releases of radiotoxics that maintain their toxicity for thousands, and in some cases, millions of years (e.g., plutonium -239 has a half-life of 24,100 years and Uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.4 billion years), we realize that the solution (if there is one) is to eliminate gradually and trying to mitigate the global fallout from the activities of the nuclear industry over the 75 years.

      Rachael’s Food Corporation recalls ready-to-eat meat and poultry packages due to possible Listeria contamination


      WASHINGTON, July 30, 2022 – Rachael’s Food Corporation, a Chicopee, Mass. facility, is recalling approximately 2,246 pounds of ready-to-eat meat and poultry packaging products that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenesthe U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

      Ready-to-eat meat and poultry wraps were produced from July 15, 2022 through July 20, 2022. The following products are being recalled [view labels]:

      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic containers containing “ATLANTIS FRESH MARKET Italian Style Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199 and 22200, and “Enjoy before” dates of 07/30/22. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic container wrappers containing “RACHAEL’S FOOD CORPORATION Italian Style Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “Sell Through” dates of 07/30/22. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic containers containing “ATLANTIS FRESH MARKET Turkey Club Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199 and 22200, and “Enjoy before” dates of 07/30/22. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic container wrappers containing “RACHAEL’S FOOD CORPORATION Turkey Club Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “sale through 07/30/22” dates. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic containers containing “ATLANTIS FRESH MARKET Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “Enjoy before” dates of 07/30/22. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 7.5 oz. sealed plastic container wrappers containing “RACHAEL’S FOOD CORPORATION Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap” and with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “sale through 7/30/22” dates. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 8oz. sealed plastic containers containing “ATLANTIS FRESH MARKET Chicken Caesar Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199 and 22200, and “Enjoy before” dates of 07/30/22. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 8oz. sealed plastic container wrappers containing “RACHAEL’S FOOD CORPORATION Chicken Caesar Wrap” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “sale through 7/30/22” dates. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.
      • 8oz. sealed plastic container wrappers containing “ALL TOWN CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP” with lot codes 22195, 22196, 22199, and 22200, and “sale through 7/30/22” dates. 07/31/22, 08/01/22, 08/22/22 and 08/03/22 shown on label.

      The recalled products bear the establishment number “EST 34657” or “P34657” inside the USDA inspection mark. These items were shipped to outlets in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.

      The issue was discovered by FSIS during follow-up procedures after a routine FSIS product sample was confirmed positive for Listeria monocytogenes.

      There have been no confirmed reports of adverse effects due to the consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a health care provider.

      Consumption of food contaminated with L. monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, a serious infection that mainly affects the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women and their newborns. Less commonly, people outside these risk groups are affected.

      Listeriosis can cause fever, muscle pain, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, and seizures sometimes preceded by diarrhea or other gastrointestinal symptoms. An invasive infection spreads beyond the gastrointestinal tract. In pregnant women, the infection can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, or life-threatening infection of the newborn. Also, serious and sometimes fatal infections in the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Listeriosis is treated with antibiotics. People in high-risk categories who experience flu-like symptoms within two months of eating contaminated food should seek medical attention and notify the health care provider about eating contaminated food.

      FSIS is concerned that some products are in consumers’ refrigerators. Consumers who have purchased these products are asked not to consume them. These products should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase.

      FSIS regularly conducts recall effectiveness checks to ensure that recalling companies are notifying their customers of the recall and that steps are taken to ensure that the product is no longer available to consumers. When available, retail distribution lists will be posted on the FSIS website at www.fsis.usda.gov/recalls.

      Media and consumers with questions regarding the recall may contact Michael Pepin, vice president of operations for Rachael’s Food Corp, at (413) 888-1629 or [email protected]

      Consumers with questions about food safety can call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline toll-free at 888-MPHotline (888-674-6854) or chat live via Ask USDA 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. Consumers can also browse food safety posts on Ask USDA or email a question to [email protected] For consumers who need to report a problem with a meat, poultry or egg product, the electronic online consumer complaint monitoring system is accessible 24 hours a day at https://foodcomplaint. fsis.usda.gov/eCCF/.

      There is no evidence that the vibrational frequencies of the Rife machines can cure cancer


      Has the science behind smashing opera singers led to a century-old cure for cancer?

      A viral image on Facebook suggests so, writing that an American scientist named Royal Raymond Rife “knew that everything vibrates at its own natural frequency”. Believing that if he “could discover the frequencies of pathogenic organisms, he could destroy them with the same vibrational frequency”. The image goes on to claim that the device he invented – now known as the Rife machine – can cure cancer.

      But, the device is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, Medical News Today and WebMD have all reported that there is no reliable scientific evidence that the device works as a cure for cancer.

      The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat fake news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.)

      (Screenshot from Facebook)

      Rife machines, used in alternative medicine clinics today, emit low-energy electromagnetic waves, similar to radio waves. The waves are delivered to the body via electric pads on the hands and feet or via portable plasma tubes. WebMD reports that these devices are generally safe.

      According to a 1994 report by the American Cancer Society titled “Questionable Methods of Cancer Management,” Rife based his device on an unsubstantiated medical theory called “radionics.”

      The theory was promoted by Dr. Albert Abrams who practiced in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He believed he could build a device that would detect radio frequencies of disease and heal people by emitting ” disease-destroying vibrations” at the same frequencies. He died in 1924, unable to recover from pneumonia or cancer from one of his wives.

      But Rife, who believed that cancer was caused by bacteria, created such a device based on the principles of radionics, naming it the Rife Frequency Generator. Rife also invented several microscopes and believed he “could visualize the auras of living microbes…(and), use the color of the auras to calculate the electromagnetic frequency of those microbes.”

      But the science behind it was flawed. “Although sound waves can produce vibrations that will break glass, radio waves cannot destroy bacteria due to their low energy level,” the ACS wrote in the 1994 report.

      The device regained popularity in the late 1980s and 1990s with the publication of a book called “The Cancer Cure that Worked, 50 Years of Suppression”. Although Rife clinics still exist, several practitioners have been convicted of fraud and prosecuted for treating cancer patients with or selling devices similar to Rife machines.

      Recent research has begun to explore the effect of radio frequencies on cancer cells, but the research is in its early stages and uses different frequencies than those used by the Rife machine.

      “There is evidence that the application of certain radio frequencies can have favorable results. However, the human body, or even a cancer cell, is an extremely complicated system,” said Ivan Brezovich, one of the researchers at the study and professor emeritus in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Alabama.

      “There are countless variables that need to be fully explored, such as what frequency or frequencies to use, when should they be applied, at what intensity, to what parts of the body, for what types of cancer, etc.”

      Brezovich believes that more research needs to be done and believes that “patients should not forego a proven treatment method until a new modality has been verified in a scientific setting.”

      A miracle cure for cancer would be wonderful, but there is currently no evidence that Rife machines are that miracle.

      We rate this claim as false.

      “Very hot” – heat duration records could fall in the North West | Radio WGN 720


      PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Extreme heat is expected to extend through the weekend in the Pacific Northwest and authorities are investigating whether triple-digit temperatures were to blame for the death of at least four people.

      The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office said at least three people died of suspected hyperthermia during the heat wave in Multnomah County, home to Portland. A fourth death has been suspected due to heat in eastern Umatilla County.

      The deaths occurred on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The state medical examiner’s office said the heat-related death designation was preliminary and subject to change.

      Oregon and Washington have been experiencing scorching temperatures since July 25 and there will be no relief, forecasters say, until Monday when cool air from the Pacific Ocean blows in.

      Portland and Seattle could be on track to break records for the duration of the heat wave.

      Temperatures in Oregon’s largest city are expected to climb further to 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 Celsius) on Friday. On Tuesday, Portland set a daily record of 102 F (38.9 C). Portland could also be on track to break a record for the duration of the heat wave

      Seattle also reported a new daily high of 94 F (34.4 C) on Tuesday.

      If temperatures rise above 90°F (32.2°C) through Sunday in Seattle, that would be six straight days of mercury above 90°C – something forecasters say has never happened before in the city. Portland could also break the heat wave duration marks.

      The National Weather Service has extended excessive heat warnings from Thursday through Saturday night.

      Courtney Lewis and Rylee Griffin were visiting Seattle this week during the heat wave.

      “I mean it’s nice, like to help with a tan. But it’s just hot. Very hot,” Griffin said.

      Climate change is fueling longer heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, a region where weeklong heat spells were historically rare, climate experts say.

      Residents and officials in the North West have been trying to adjust to the likely reality of longer, hotter heat waves after last summer’s deadly ‘heat dome’ weather phenomenon brought record high temperatures and deaths.

      About 800 people died in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia during this heat wave, which hit in late June and early July. The temperature at the time soared to a record high of 116 F (46.7 C) in Portland and broke heat records in cities and towns across the region. Many of those who died were older and lived alone.


      Associated Press videographer Manuel Valdes contributed from Seattle


      Claire Rush is a member of the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places reporters in local newsrooms to report on underreported issues. Follow her on Twitter.

      What is Cherenkov radiation? | IAEA


      Cherenkov radiation usually occurs in radioactive materials immersed in water. Nuclear materials, of which radioactive materials are a by-product, can be used for peaceful purposes (such as energy production), but also for nuclear weapons.

      The IAEA’s mandate includes verifying that nuclear materials and facilities continue to be used for peaceful purposes. States report to the IAEA the location, quantity, chemical composition, physical form and use of their nuclear material under their safeguards agreements, and the IAEA verifies that the information provided by the State are complete and accurate.

      Using specialized equipment, namely Next Generation Cherenkov Viewing Devices (XCVD) or Digital Cherenkov Viewing Devices (DCVD), which capture emitted light, nuclear safeguards inspectors can analyze nuclear material at nuclear facilities and other locations and compare this data to information reported by the state. For example, they can measure the Cherenkov radiation present in the ponds where spent fuel from nuclear reactors is stored and determine whether the amount of spent nuclear fuel reported is accurate or not. In this way, they can detect whether nuclear material from spent nuclear fuel has been diverted from peaceful use.

      Al Stahler: looking up, looking back


      Tonight the moon is new – no moonlight to interfere with starlight.

      Once the sky turns completely dark (10:00 PM PDT), get out and look up. Almost above our heads, a faint band of light illuminates the sky: the Milky Way.

      A flock of birds…a herd of cows…a galaxy of stars.

      Our sun is one of one hundred, perhaps two hundred billion stars residing in our galaxy, named after its glow: the Milky Way galaxy.

      The Milky Way galaxy is a spinning pinwheel of stars. The glow we see tonight comes from regions closer to the center, where the stars are closer together. The Milky Way shines brightest in Sagittarius, which will rise later tonight (earlier, in the coming months). The Sagittarius glow marks the very center of our galaxy.

      The Big Dipper is high in the sky tonight. Think of the Dipper’s bowl as a picture frame; in the middle of the 20th century – before we had space telescopes – astronomers had found, just inside this frame, tens of thousands of galaxies. Scattered in all directions, countless billions of galaxies drift across the universe.

      Galaxies come in many shapes and sizes. We can’t see our own Milky Way galaxy from the outside, but astronomers have mapped our galaxy from the inside. The maps reveal that our galaxy is of a type which is – without any trace of chauvinism – the most beautiful: the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.

      Some fundamental questions: How are galaxies formed? What creates those beautiful spiral arms?

      Two objects, visible to the naked eye, provide clues.

      The Big Dipper, high in the sky on these nights, is a sign pointing to important parts of the sky.

      In the Dipper Bowl, the last two stars are, literally, “the pointers” – they point to Polaris, the North Star (not a very bright star; it just happens to sit, 24 hours a day). 24, 7 days a week, above the North Pole of the Earth. ).

      The handle of the Dipper also points, but not straight – the handle forms an arc. Follow the arc around, and the eye comes to (much brighter) Arcturus: “Follow the arc to Arcturus.”

      Our galaxy is a huge windmill of stars. All the stars in our neighborhood move in roughly the same direction… but for Arcturus. If the stars around us were a flat target, Arcturus would be an arrow, flying – fast – through that target.

      This fall, another object will be visible to the naked eye…an object that is not from our galaxy…at least, not yet. A faint ball of fur, Andromeda is another galaxy, outside of ours… larger than ours… and heading, on a collision course, towards ours. In a few billion years, the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way will collide. Like projectiles in a snowball fight, the stars are unlikely to collide…but they will feel each other’s gravity…pull into each other…eventually causing Andromeda and the Milky Way.

      Arcturus was probably once a member of another galaxy… the one that collided and merged with the Milky Way. The strange movement of the star would then be a vestige of this collision.

      A hypothesis (an educated guess): galaxies form from much smaller clusters of stars, colliding and merging. Such mergers were once common.

      To really see how galaxies formed, we have to go back in time…far back in time…we need a time machine.

      Looking back

      About two thousand five hundred years ago, on the eve of battle, the Greek army was outnumbered… but clever strategy led the Greeks to victory.

      A courier was dispatched to bring the news to the distant capital. Running non-stop, the courier brought the news to Athens in just two days…whereupon he died of the effort.

      Today’s foot races commemorate the long run of this courier, heralding the Battle of Marathon.

      The courier’s run was impressive…even though, by the time he arrived in Athens, the news was two days old. Today, we receive news instantly, transmitted by radio waves. Like all electromagnetic waves (visible light, X-rays, infrared, ultraviolet and gamma radiation), radio waves propagate at the speed of light… which can circle the Earth seven times in one second.

      Electromagnetic radiation travels fast, but the distances between galaxies are large. The light that we will see this fall left Andromeda two and a half million years ago…we will see Andromeda as it was two and a half million years ago.

      The information we get from galaxies is old news… but that’s fine, if we want to look back in time. The farther we look, the further back we look in time.

      Of course, as things get further away, they also get darker, which is why we need telescopes – buckets of light – to collect and focus light from distant parts of the universe. Looking out… looking back… telescopes are time machines.

      Large telescopes collect and concentrate light with mirrors. The larger the mirror, the more light the bezel collects… and the further back in time it can go.

      The Hubble Space Telescope had a mirror eight feet in diameter. Our newest space telescope – the James Webb Space Telescope – carries a mirror twenty-one feet in diameter. Just beginning its mission, JWST will travel far back in time…to hopefully show us how galaxies began to form.

      In the sky

      Friday evening, rising in the northwest at 10:01 p.m., the International Space Station will pass directly overhead a few minutes later.

      Al Stahler enjoys sharing science and nature with his friends and neighbors, in The Union and on KVMR-FM. He teaches classes, for children and adults, and can be contacted at [email protected].

      A spiral galaxy in The Bear.
      Provided by NASA, JPL-Caltech, Galex team, J. Huchra et al. (Harvard CFA)

      How to Get a Cash Advance Now • Benzinga


      Managing your money can be a challenge. There are expenses to cover, unexpected emergencies, changes in your work schedule, vacations and more. In the midst of all these problems, you might find yourself a bit short of money. Search in cash advances is a good way to balance your budget without taking out massive loans or taking on even more debt.

      What is a cash advance?

      A cash advance is a financial product that provides you with available cash on the basis of a pending payment or a permanent line of credit. You can even get a cash advance on work you haven’t yet completed for your employer.

      Generally, a cash advance is subject to fees and interest rates depending on the platform. Since the platforms offering cash advances vary, you should review the terms and conditions of the program before proceeding. A company can provide the amount of money you need on terms you cannot afford. Another may be cash-starved while offering low rates and terms.

      Where can I get a cash advance?

      You can obtain a cash advance from:

      • Your bank
      • A credit card issuer
      • A lender
      • A virtual payment service
      • An alternative financial platform

      When you approach your bank for a cash advance, you can avail of several types of cash advances. Credit card issuers, lenders, financial platforms and virtual payment services often provide small advances based on traditional loan requirements.

      What types of cash advances are available?

      Your selection of cash advances varies depending on where you look. Review your options before continuing your search or contacting a financial institution for assistance.

      Get paid early

      A new industry standard requires your financial institution to pay you a few days before your paycheck arrives in your account. When you sign up for such cash advance applications, the bank wants to know how much your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly salary is typically. The bank wants to know when you traditionally get paid, and the money is deposited into your account a few days before payday.

      When your paycheck arrives, the bank holds the check to reconcile your debt. In most cases, you won’t pay any fees or interest to get paid early.

      A quick cash advance

      Some banks or financial platforms offer a small cash advance (around $250) for customers in good standing. You might call it a personal loan, but a personal loan requires a lot more paperwork and verification. For a fast cash advance like this, you simply request the cash advance, the money is deposited, and you follow any other rules imposed by the bank, such as how often you can request a cash advance each year.

      Repay the advance when you can, making sure to follow the bank’s guidelines. In these cases, getting a cash advance online is much easier than going to a bank branch or office.

      Credit card advances

      When you get a cash advance with a credit card, you borrow money from your card balance. If you don’t have enough space on your card to fund the advance, you probably won’t be able to complete the transaction.

      Some consumers are familiar with credit card checks which allow them to pay cash with a credit card. However, a cash advance allows you to withdraw money for yourself, by depositing that money into your bank account or via a paper check.

      Advantages and disadvantages of a cash advance

      When considering your options, remember that cash advances have both advantages and disadvantages. Review your options and consider:

      Benefits of a cash advance

      • Immediate or near-immediate funding
      • Quick Approvals
      • Get paid before payday
      • Get the money you need without the hassle of a traditional loan

      Disadvantages of a cash advance

      • You may need more money than the bank or card can provide.
      • Some cash advances are subject to higher fees than normal.
      • Refund terms may not be favorable.

      One thing to consider when considering cash advances is that the advance should match your situation. You may have a credit card that offers low or zero interest rates for cash advances. You may be dealing with an institution that offers low or zero rates on cash advances. At the same time, you may be in the unfortunate position of having to pay high fees or interest rates on these advances.

      However, you also need to consider your ability to repay the advance. Some consumers should buy the best deal, but others can take the first advance they find knowing it will be paid off fairly quickly.

      About MoneyLion

      SilverLion is a financial platform dedicated to “rewiring” the system. With its products focused on the average consumer, the slogan is true: helping the 99% feel 100% about their finances.

      The services offered by MoneyLion include:

      • Mobile banking
      • Cash back
      • No hidden fees
      • Financial tracking services
      • Buy it now, pay later options
      • RoarMoneySM helps you get paid sooner
      • Investment accounts
      • Credit Plus Loan Creator
      • InstacashSM advances
      • MoneyLion crypto trading

      Learn more about cash advances today

      You can learn more about cash advances anytime when you research with Benzinga. Check back often to learn about financial products, stocks, and everything else that will help you live well and manage your money effectively.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      How can I get a cash advance immediately?


      You can get a cash advance immediately from a bank, financial platform or credit card issuer. Depending on the program, you may be subject to fees and interest.


      Can you get a cash advance online?


      You can get a cash advance online if you work with an online lender. You can also use the mobile app for your credit card, financial platform, or bank that provides cash advances.

      Review: Eternal Solitude and Hope in ‘A Love Song’


      This image posted by Bleecker Street shows Dale Dickey in a scene from

      This image posted by Bleecker Street shows Dale Dickey in a scene from “A Love Song.” (Bleecker Street via AP)


      The opening shots of “A Love Song” are a cue for the rest of the film – stubborn flowers and shrubs growing through dry, stony land in southwestern Colorado. They’re rough beauties, they’ve been through a lot, and yet they’re still captivating in their rawness.

      Max Walker-Silverman’s film is also a stripped-down beauty, delicate yet strong and tenacious, exploring time, love and nature. Despite being rated PG, “A Love Song” is very much an adult movie, quiet and slow and very, very restrained. It may require the viewer to relearn how to be patient amid all the rival Marvel-boom nonsense offerings in theaters these days.

      Dale Dickey of “Winter’s Bone” stars as a dying woman who sets up an RV at a lakeside campsite, pulling crawfish out of the water to eat, and having looking hopeful whenever someone approaches. She is obviously expecting someone and spends her time studying stars and birds.

      Walker-Silverman, who also provided the script – which literally could have fit on a few index cards – keeps the actors’ motivations and background hazy until they reveal them, leaving huge chunks of unspoken cinematic work.

      Dickey is absolutely up to the challenge, somehow communicating longing and loneliness while going about daily life, keeping a routine but also seeming to yearn to break it one day. Every time she hears a car on the gravel road, she does her hair like a schoolgirl.

      Well, one day a man shows up with a tough-looking handful of flowers – who also nervously tends to his hair. It’s Wes Studi playing a long-lost potential lover from 10th grade. Can the sparks fly a second time, decades apart?

      “Can you still love something that no longer exists?” she asks. He replies, “I know you can. Can’t you?”

      We’d be rude if we gave it away, but Walker-Silverman grounds his study in absolute soulful humanity. While waiting for her new man, our heroine visits another camping couple – Michelle Wilson and Benja K. Thomas – and they’re at a romantic stalemate. Even the postman has moments that are too poignant. The filmmaker tends to make every word hang in the air because there are so few.

      The only thing that seems to throw the movie off balance is the appearance and reappearance of a precocious, overly polite neighborhood girl and her four older, silent brothers. There’s something slightly surreal and Wes Anderson about them. As dry humor they don’t quite work, threatening to spoil a subtle play.

      The title comes from our heroine’s tendency to turn on her transistor radio and spin the dial, letting fate send her a message through the radio waves. “Always play the perfect song even if you don’t know why at the time,” she says. The film’s soundtrack includes “Be Kind To Me” by Michael Hurley, “The Man Who Walks Alone” by Dick Flood and “Slip Slide One By” by Valerie June.

      As a spectator, you can leave the theater with more answers than when you arrived – and that’s refreshing. Walker-Silverman has no interest in putting pretty bows on things, heaps of past stories or sentimentality. This is what love looks like with its wrinkles and sorrow, but also with sunshine and joy – it cuts through the harshness of life and blossoms with possibility.

      “A Love Song”, a Bleeker Street release, is rated PG for “light thematic elements”. Duration: 81 minutes. Three out of four stars.


      MPAA definition of PG: Parental guidance suggested.


      Online: https://bleeckerstreetmedia.com


      Mark Kennedy is at http://twitter.com/KennedyTwits

      Garena Free Fire Max Redeem Codes for July 26, 2022: Earn New Emotes, Skins & More


      Garena Free Fire Max was released last year as a high resolution graphics version of the original Garena Free Fire. The Indian government has banned various apps and games, including the popular battle royale game Garena Free Fire. The fact that the game is inaccessible in India left fans disappointed. However, there is good news for multiplayer Battle Royale fans: a suitable replacement for the banned game is still available on the app stores.
      The Garena Free Fire Max battle royale game is developed by 111 Dots Studio in which 50 players compete in 10-minute rounds. As a multiplayer battle royale game, this game has recently gained popularity in the country.
      Players can choose their starting position in this game, as well as collect supplies and weapons to keep them on the battlefield. There can only be one winner at the end of an action-adventure battle royale game.
      The creators of the game constantly add alphanumeric codes to the game. These codes provide players with the opportunity to win free prizes. Codes can also be used to unlock different stages and earn different reward points.
      Here are the Garena Free Fire Max redemption codes for July 26, 2022:
      United Kingdom2P-Z3NF-GV5U
      To redeem Garena Free Fire Max coupons for July 26, 2022, follow the steps outlined here:
      Step 1: Go to https://reward.ff.garena.com/en/ for more information.
      Step 2: Log in with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or your VK credentials.
      Step 3: Players can now copy and paste the redemption codes into the text field and confirm their actions by clicking the “confirm” button.
      Step 4: After confirmation, a dialog box will appear for cross-referencing. To use the codes, select OK.
      Players must go to the mail section of the game to claim their prize.
      Note that these codes will not work on guest accounts and will take 24 hours to redeem.


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      In-Depth Analysis of Radiation Detectors Market with Major Key Players | MIRION, Xi’an Nuclear Instrument Factory, Canberra, Ortec, Leidos


      The Market Research Intellect recently revealed an expert research report titled “Radiation Detectors Market – Latest Trends and Drivers 2022with premium information that encompasses the company’s market size, and therefore current patterns, dangers, conceivable results, and early segments. The market research sheds light on the vital growth momentum that is expected to prevail over the 2022-2028 valuation amount. The study offers statistics on key segments in exceptional geographies, as well as an accurate mapping of the global competitive landscape. The report is metameric by varieties and applications giving position at regional, national and international levels.

      Get a sample PDF copy of this report (use company email id to request higher priority) @ https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/download-sample/?rid=297287

      In addition, the market report tracks global Radiation Detector sales in 20+ high growth markets, in addition to analyzing the impact COVID-19 has had on the Radiation Detector sector in particular. The report offers significant insights and analysis on totally different major factors such as market challenges, drivers, growth avenues, threats, and restraints.

      📌 Competitive Rivalry:

      The report features company profiles and provides an in-depth analysis of major companies operating in the international market. a number of squared First Main Players measure as follows:

      • mirion
      • Xi’an Nuclear Instrument Factory
      • Canberra
      • Ortec
      • Leidos
      • ThermoFisher
      • Colly
      • Nucsafe
      • Ecotest
      • Hitachi
      • CSIC
      • CIRNIC
      • Weifeng nuclear instrument
      • hotton
      • Simax
      • NUC SAFE

      Key Segmentation of the Radiation Detector Market:

      📌 By types :

      • Gas ionization detectors
      • Solid State Detectors
      • Scintillation detectors

      📌 By request :

      • Scientific Research
      • Military
      • nuclear power
      • Medical
      • Manufacturing industry
      • Environmental protection
      • Others

      Small and medium enterprises, large enterprises

      Scope of this report:

      →» This report segments the global Radiation Detectors market comprehensively and provides the closest approximations to the general market revenue and hence sub-segments in entirely different verticals and regions.

      →» The report helps stakeholders perceive the heartbeat of the Radiation Detector market and provides them with data on major market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.

      →» This report can help the stakeholders to get to know the competitors better and gain additional insights to improve their position in their businesses. The competitive landscape section includes the competition system, new developments, agreements and acquisitions.

      Click here for profitable discounts on our latest report:https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=297287

      Regional Segmentation and Analysis for Growth Patterns:

      Geographically, this report is metameric in certain key regions, with manufacturing, exhaustion, revenue (Million USD), market share and growth rate of Radiation Detector in these regions, from 2016 to 2028 (forecast ), covering China, the United States and Europe. , Japan, Korea, India, Geographic Region and South America and its Share (%) and CAGR for the forecasted amount from 2022 to 2028.

      Research methodology :

      To estimate and validate the scale of the Radiation Detector market and many different dependent submarkets within the overall market, every square measure of top-down and bottom-up methodologies is used. The major market players are known through secondary analysis and their market shares are determined through primary and secondary analysis. Secondary sources and verified primary sources used to verify all stock allocations and distributions.

      Reasons to buy this report:

      (A) Enhance your marketing research resources with this complete and correct Global Radiation Detectors Market Report

      (B) Obtain a comprehensive understanding of general market contingencies and future market elements to organize yourself to meet challenges and ensure solid growth

      (C) The report offers in-depth analysis and numerous trends of the global Radiation Detectors market

      (D) It provides an in-depth analysis of the Fixture market trends, current and future technologies utilized, and numerous methods adopted by the major players in the global Radiation Detectors market

      (E) It offers recommendations and recommendations for new entrants in the global Radiation Detectors market and thoroughly guides established players for further market growth

      (E) Along with the most popular technological advancements in the international Radiation Detectors market, it sheds light on the long term plans of the dominating players in the company

      Direct Purchase of Radiation Detectors Market Report Click Here @ https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/select-license/?rid=297287
      About Us: Market Research Intellect

      Market Research Intellect provides syndicated and customized research reports to clients across various industries and organizations with the aim of providing functional expertise. We provide reports for all industries including Energy, Technology, Manufacturing & Construction, Chemicals & Materials, Food & Beverage, and more. These reports provide an in-depth study of industry analysis, value for regions and countries, and industry-relevant trends.

      Contact us:
      Mr. Steven Fernandes
      Market research intelligence
      New Jersey (USA)
      Tel: +1-650-781-4080
      Website: –https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/

      Learn about astronomy and telescopes at a free event at Rudy County Park Observatory


      Astronomers can learn to look up in the sky as the York County Astronomical Society will feature solar and radio astronomy programs and a telescope clinic.

      The free public event on Saturday August 20 will take place at the Astronomical Society Observatory at John C. Rudy County Park, 400 Mundis Race Road in East Manchester Township.

      The program on solar and radio astronomy will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., while the telescope clinic will take place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

      After:York man faces charge of possession of firearm: police

      After:Can you identify this robbery suspect in York?

      Radio astronomy is the study of invisible radiated energy in the electromagnetic spectrum under visible light. Society Fellow Kerry Smith will introduce the radio astronomy portion of the event and provide attendees with a glimpse into the future of the Society’s radio astronomy efforts.

      Attendees will also be able to view the sun through the company’s solar telescope, as well as view it remotely on a television screen that will be hooked up to a telescope.

      The company will also offer a program on How to Buy an Astronomical Telescope. Society members will offer information and advice on how to purchase your first optical astronomical telescope. This presentation will begin at 1 p.m.

      If you have a telescope and don’t know how to use it, bring it to the observatory and the society members can help you.

      If clear, all activities will proceed as planned. If it is completely cloudy or raining, the indoor astronomical presentation will take place as scheduled. In the event of severe weather, call 717-759-YCAS (9227) for notice of cancellation, or visit the company’s Facebook page at York County Astronomical Society (YCAS).

      – Contact Anthony Maenza at [email protected] or @atmaenza on Twitter.

      >> Please consider subscribing to support local journalism.

      Isle of Wight’s Rainbow Run raises over £30,000


      The 2022 Rainbow Run has raised over £30,000 for the Island Branch of the Wessex Cancer Trust.

      Over 700 runners, walkers and dancers joined this year’s Run – Bubble Fun 2022 on Sunday July 10 to raise funds to support those locally affected by cancer.

      Multiple waves of runners weaved their way through inflatables, bubble stations and powder paint on a day that has become the Wessex Cancer Trust’s biggest annual fundraiser.

      This figure is likely to rise as sponsorship funds continue to flow to the Wessex Cancer Trust Support Center in Newport.

      Laura Haytack, Regional Fundraising Manager, said:

      “The popularity of Rainbow Run never ceases to amaze us at the Wessex Cancer Trust. On what was expected to be one of the hottest days of the year so far, families and businesses on the Isle of Wight turned out in droves to have a great day and help support the charity.

      “We saw so many colorful smiling faces proudly collecting their medals at the finish line. We are so grateful to everyone who participated and everyone who helped make this event a success! From our runners, dedicated sponsors, supporters, donors and volunteers, this event would simply not be possible without all of you.

      Wessex Cancer Trust provides free, local emotional support to anyone living with cancer.

      For more information visit www.wessexcancer.org.uk

      5 Instant Same Day Cash Advance Loans Online No Credit Check for Bad Credit in 2022

      Many people have nothing saved for those proverbial rainy days. That’s why cash advances are a popular solution for unexpected expenses, as they provide the financial freedom you need when you’re stuck.

      With so many cash loans available, it can feel like a guessing game to decide which cash advance loans are right for you and your particular situation.

      Cash Advance Loans 2022 – Quick Overview

      Best Online Cash Advance Loans No Credit Check 2022

      Big Buck Loans

      Projector wire

      Applying for a cash advance loan through Big Buck Loans does not guarantee that lenders will not review your credit score. However, when processing your application, some lenders do a due diligence rather than a thorough search which will not affect your credit rating.

      By applying for a cash advance online through lenders on the Big Buck Loan website, borrowers will be offered fast cash advance loans offering competitive interest rates from 5.99% to 35 .99% and easy repayment terms from 2 to 24 months.

      Big Buck Loans Payday Advance Eligibility

      • 18 or older
      • Permanent U.S. resident
      • Active US bank account
      • Pass accessibility checks


      • Easy Online Cash Advance Application Process
      • Quick disbursements
      • Bad credit ratings are welcome

      The inconvenients

      Green dollar loans

      Green dollar loans (2)Projector wire

      Lenders through Green Dollar Loans are the best solution if you need a quick payday advance to get to the next payday. The application process is quick, completely online and only takes a few minutes through the Green Dollar Loans website. Once approved, the loan value is paid directly into your bank account, usually the same day!

      A payday advance can be as little as $100, perfect for sneaky unexpected expenses or last-minute school trips! Or select a higher loan value of up to $5,000, depending on your financial needs. The repayment terms are flexible and can be fixed between 2 and 24 months.

      Eligibility for Cash Advance Loans at Green Dollar Loans

      • Minimum income $1,000 per month
      • Applicants must be 18 years old/over
      • Permanent employee
      • Active bank account and contact number


      • Quick repayment of loans
      • Simple online cash advance application
      • Easy repayment terms

      The inconvenients

      Viva Payday Loans

      Personalized Viva Payday Loans (5)Projector wire

      Cash advances for those with bad credit may seem out of reach, but with the help of specialist lenders through Viva Payday Loans, cash advance loans are easy to apply for. While lenders will most likely review a borrower’s credit history, application decisions are based on an assessment of affordability rather than just a less stellar credit score.

      Loan values ​​are available from $100 to $5,000 with competitive interest rates from 5.99% to 35.99%. The repayment terms are flexible from 3 to 24 months and can be fixed according to the financial capacity of the borrower.

      Eligibility for cash advance loans at Viva Payday Loans

      • Full residency in the United States
      • Minimum legal age 18 years old
      • Permanent employee with a minimum income of $1,000 per month
      • Meet the requirements of an affordability assessment


      • Bad credit ratings are welcome
      • Flexible and affordable loan values/APR rates
      • Boost credit score

      The inconvenients

      • Not all applications receive loan approval.

      Credit Clock

      Custom credit clock (5)Projector wire

      Cash advance loans through Credit Clock loan providers can expect fast same day approval and disbursement. Lenders typically offer borrowers loan values ​​between $100 and $5,000, with APR rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. In addition, borrowers can choose a repayment term adapted to their budget between 3 and 24 months.

      Eligibility for Cash Advance Loans at Credit Clock

      • Legal age limit of 18 or older
      • Permanent job/minimum monthly income of $1,000+
      • Active bank account and contact number
      • Resident in the United States


      • Fast same day payments
      • Quick online application
      • Cost effective payday advance values ​​and easy repayment terms

      The inconvenients

      • A limited number of cash advance loans allowed

      Very happy loans

      Veryy Merry Personalized Loans (1)Projector wire

      Borrowers looking for the best cash advance loans available need look no further than the lenders affiliated with the Very Merry Loans website. This loan provider site connects borrowers to top lenders offering affordable loans and interest rates.

      Loan values ​​range from $100 to $5,000, providing flexibility for small or large expenses with interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. The online cash advance application process is simple and straightforward, and loan payments are usually paid the same day of approval.

      Eligibility for Online Cash Advance Loans at Very Merry Loans

      • 18 years or older and valid ID
      • Permanent U.S. resident
      • Minimum regular income $1,000
      • Active US bank account and mobile phone number


      • Affordable loan values
      • Competitive interest rates
      • Quick access to cash

      The inconvenients

      • Not the cheapest form of financing available

      What are cash advance loans and how do they work?

      Cash advance loans are financing solutions when funds are needed quickly for unexpected expenses. Online application is simple and user-friendly, and approval is fast, with disbursement usually the same day.

      Borrowers who need cash advances can apply for a cash advance online using a loan search site like Very Merry Loans. First, they have to complete the online application form which, once submitted, connects them to potential lenders. Then, after signing the agreement and returning the supporting information, the payment is made to the borrower’s bank account.

      How to apply for a cash advance loan in a few quick steps with Very Merry Loans?

      Step 1: Choose your loan amount

      Use the sliding scale on the website to choose the value and repayment term of your required cash advance.

      Step 2: Complete the application form

      Locate the cash loan application form at the top right of your screen, click on it and follow the instructions.

      Step 3: Wait for a decision

      Decisions on online cash advance applications typically take two minutes.

      Step 4: Get your loan

      Read, understand and sign the agreement, and check that you understand the terms and conditions. Then return it with any supporting documentation requested by the lender and sit back and wait for your funds. Payments are usually made the same day of approval.

      Online cash advance loans: features and factors to consider

      Loan cost

      High interest rates and long repayment terms can increase the overall cost of the loan. Compare the offers of each lender and choose the one that best suits your budget.

      Reputation of the lender

      Using loan search sites like the ones mentioned above ensures that you are linked to reputable, trustworthy and accredited lenders.

      Disbursement deadline

      Cash advances are usually approved and paid the same day, which is extremely useful when funds are needed in an emergency.

      Can you afford the loan?

      Check that you can afford the loan by comparing your income and expenses. Missed loan payments can impact your credit score!


      The best cash advance loans come from providers who have a simple application process, accept bad credit, and make quick payments. At Big Buck Loans, you get all of this and more! Maybe you should consider them the next time you need a quick cash advance?


      What are the requirements for legitimate online cash advance loans?

      Eligibility criteria for a cash advance loan include: applicants must be 18 years of age or older, be a permanent resident of the United States, and have a minimum income of $1,000.

      Can I benefit from a salary advance?

      Payday loans are quite common and easy to apply for. Simply log on to your favorite loan finder site and complete the application. If you meet the loan criteria, you will be connected with potential lenders who can offer you a loan to bridge the gap until your next salary payment.

      Can a cash advance loan be done online?

      Applying for a cash advance online is easy when you use the loan finder sites mentioned in this article. The whole process is done online without the need to go to the bank or have face-to-face meetings. Borrowers complete the online application form and are directly connected with potential lenders. If the loan is approved, the agreement is signed, returned, and payment is made to their bank account the same day.

      Disclaimer – The above content is not editorial, and TIL hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect thereto, and does not necessarily guarantee, vouch for or endorse any content . The loan websites reviewed are loan matching services, not direct lenders. Therefore, they are not directly involved in the acceptance of your loan application. Applying for a loan with the websites does not guarantee acceptance of a loan.
      This article does not provide financial advice. Please seek the assistance of a financial advisor if you need financial assistance. Loans available only to US residents.

      BetMGM Promo Code: Bet $10, Win $200 on MLB Sunday


      Note: If you purchase something through one of our affiliate links, Schneps Media may earn a commission.

      Photo credit: Craig Dudek

      Anyone who uses this BetMGM promo code will know that betting on baseball doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, new bettors have the chance of a guaranteed win on this busy Sunday MLB schedule.

      Signing up with any of the links on this page will trigger this BetMGM promo code. From there, new bettors can place a $10 bet on any MLB game on Sunday. This will lock in a guaranteed bonus of $200 regardless of the outcome of the initial bet.

      It’s been a crazy season so far for the local teams. The Yankees are way ahead of the AL East with no signs of slowing down. As for the Mets, they are in the middle of a heated NL East run with the Atlanta Braves. For what it’s worth, Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom missed big chunks of the season. But again, it doesn’t matter which game bettors choose when it comes to this BetMGM promo.

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      How To Unlock This BetMGM Promo Code

      It is important to note that new users can register from a computer or mobile device. However, for the best overall betting experience, we highly recommend downloading the BetMGM Sportsbook mobile app. Here is a step-by-step guide for registering new users:

      • Click on here to automatically activate this promo code.
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      • Place a $10 bet on any MLB moneyline. Win $200 in bonus money instantly.

      What MLB games to bet on

      With a full Sunday game schedule, this promo code is a no-brainer. MLB is currently headlining on BetMGM Sportsbook. After all, the NFL, NBA, and NHL are all in offseason mode right now.

      It’s also worth mentioning that this promotion can be applied to any MLB game this week, not just Sunday. This means that there are dozens of options for new players.

      Click here to activate this BetMGM promo code and unlock a guaranteed 20-1 payout. Bet $10 on any MLB money line and automatically win $200 in bonus money.

      China successfully tests unmanned helicopter launched from ship

      The helicopter took off from a ship docked near Qingdao port. Photo: Weibo via South China Morning Post

      A Chinese-made unmanned helicopter made a successful test flight after taking off from a ship in the port city of Qingdao, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

      The test flight of the AR-500BJ, developed by the helicopter research arm of the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China, paves the way for small autonomous helicopters to operate on the high seas, CCTV said on Friday. .

      While state media and Avic hailed the flight as a significant step forward, the aviation giant didn’t give details on its technology and a military analyst said these autonomous helicopters have few applications. defense.

      “In this demonstration and operation at sea, the AR-500BJ smoothly performed flight elements such as take-off and surface landing, marking a new and important breakthrough in the development of this type of helicopter without pilot,” Avic said in a statement on WeChat. .

      The helicopter weighs 500 kg (1,102 lb), according to CCTV. The helicopter was equipped with a Chinese-made heavy-fuel engine and flight control, structural, electrical and fuel combustion systems modified to fit the small parking area of ​​a ship.

      The helicopter was also designed to withstand “complex electromagnetic environments” – a military situation where electromagnetic signals interfere with the ability to monitor the battlefield.

      But it’s unclear what military duties, if any, he might perform.

      “The military use of autonomous helicopters is unclear,” said Zhou Chenming, a researcher at the Yuan Wang military science and technology think tank in Beijing. “There is no clear military use for them, even on a global scale.”

      He said fixed-wing drones have greater range and speed, while being cheaper to operate.

      The US Navy has used RQ-8 autonomous helicopters for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance, but it relies more on smaller fixed-wing drones such as the ScanEagle designed by Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary.

      Zhou also warned that the complex structure of the AR-500BJ would make repairs difficult.

      Avic’s helicopter arm said it took over the project in 2017 to test the AR-500’s ability to adapt to operation on ships and on the ground, as part of a key national research project. and development.

      Friday’s test spelled the end of the helicopter arm’s involvement, he said.

      The AR-500BJ project officially started in 2018, and the helicopter made its first flight from a ground base two years later.

      China is actively developing drones for civilian and military use, to improve logistics and deployment flexibility.

      Chinese-made military drones have also been popular with countries like Algeria and Egypt, as they are less expensive than American and European drones.

      Make waves with the new weather radio


      I was a bit sad because the transistor weather radio I had owned for decades was no longer working.

      I tried a few things but nothing I did changed its status. His disappearance was terminal. I loved the radio and didn’t want to just throw it in the trash, but giving it a burial in the garden didn’t seem appropriate either. This is one of the dilemmas of our time.

      I blame his passing on old age, and maybe he fell to the ground once too often.

      I think I originally bought it from Roy’s Electronics a couple of decades ago when the store was in the lower mall. I phoned various stores in town, but none carried them, and a few even asked what a weather radio was. Obviously times have changed and I ended up ordering one online. I hated taking out my old one, but was thrilled to have a new one.

      Now, for those of you who may not be familiar with weather radio, here is a brief explanation of how they work: Scattered across the country, the government has set up broadcast stations to transmit local weather. Our station covers North and South Slave. You can get current local and regional conditions, five-day forecasts, Great Slave Lake marine conditions and three-day forecasts.

      So if you’re on the lake or camping, if you’re within range, you can get 24/7 weather forecast in English and French. That’s assuming you have a weather radio. If you’re traveling, you can get local weather for most places you go.

      It’s pretty obvious that they’re recording the information somewhere in the south by people who really don’t know the north or how to pronounce certain names. These are FT Providence, Bay-checo and Kay-kisa. So they could brush up on their pronunciations. It’s convenient to be able to get the weather forecast when you’re out of town.

      They have a phone version of it at 873-2734. However, they seem to have dropped that part of the service, which is stuck on old dates and much colder weather. It will be interesting to see how long they keep that number. Maybe years, decades or centuries.

      All this is brought to you by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Atmospheric Protection, Climate Change, and nobody knows what else. The government loves long names, and they keep getting longer to show they care. The new weather radio I received is a leap forward in technology, so I think it’s only fitting that the network of weather radio stations needs an upgrade as well.

      My old weather radio ran on replaceable batteries. There were only three channels: A, B and C. That was about it. The new radio has a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a charger used on phones and computers. It has a small solar panel that will maintain the charge and a crank, just in case you run out of power. It would take hours to charge it that way, but easy enough to get the power to hear it once.

      It also has the full weather band, plus AM and FM, so it doubles and triples into a radio. It has a built in flashlight and when I pressed a button a very loud scary siren sounded. It surprised me so much that I almost dropped the radio, which would be ironic because that’s why I had to buy a new one. So that’s a big improvement.

      With the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time until someone comes up with a weather radio, a weather station that connects to satellites and can track thunder and thunderstorms, blizzards and precise smoke from wind and forest fires. I would add earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. In addition, local flight conditions and solar radiation. Why not. That’s the problem with being a weather junkie, you always want more.

      Jerome Carl Landry, radiation oncologist at Emory and Grady, dies at 66


      Jerome Carl Landry, MD, MBA, radiation oncologist at Emory University’s Winship Cancer Institute, professor at Emory University School of Medicine, and former medical director of Grady Memorial Hospital, died recently.

      Landry was born and raised in Louisiana. After overcoming the neurological complications of poliomyelitis at a young age, he graduated magna cum laude from Xavier University in New Orleans, then earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School.

      He joined Emory University in 1983 as an internal medicine resident, before returning to Harvard for his residency training in radiation therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he served as chief resident during his senior year. He then earned an MBA from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia.

      In 1987 he returned to Emory to join a small group of medical and surgical oncologists who formed what is now known as the Winship Cancer Institute.

      Additionally, he was responsible for developing radiation oncology services at Grady Memorial Hospital and served as Medical Director there until 2016.

      An expert and pioneer in the field of radiation oncology and the treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, Landry was the first to use and develop advanced image-guided therapeutic techniques that now define modern radiation therapies and continue to improve patient outcomes.

      He has published extensively on Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for gastrointestinal tumors and soft tissue sarcomas, providing on-site IMRT training at over 40 radiation oncology centers in the United States and the United States. foreign. His work has been highlighted at medical and academic conferences.

      “Dr. Landry’s groundbreaking research in the development of new radiation therapy techniques has helped improve care for cancer patients in Georgia and beyond,” said Jeffrey Bradley, James W. Keller Emeritus Professor of Radiation and Chairman Acting Radiation Oncology Department at Emory. . “His transformative work has established Winship of Emory as a leader in IMRT.”

      “Landry was a leader in the field of gastrointestinal oncology and led national clinical trials,” said Suresh Ramalingam, executive director of Winship Cancer Institute. “He leaves a lasting legacy on the pitch and at Winship.”

      While at Winship, Landry won numerous awards and was recognized by his peers as one of America’s top physicians by several publications, including Atlanta Magazine.

      Jerome was a fundamental figure in our department, a passionate advocate for patient care at Grady, and beyond his academic accomplishments, he was a truly kind person who brought joy to those who knew him.

      Joseph Shelton

      “Jerome was a fundamental figure in our department, a passionate advocate for patient care at Grady, and beyond his academic accomplishments, he was a truly kind person who brought joy to those who knew him,” said said Joseph Shelton, associate professor of radiation oncology. and medical director of the Loughlin Radiation Oncology Center at Grady Memorial Hospital. “He has been a valuable mentor and friend to me throughout my career.”

      After three decades, Landry left Emory in 2016 due to health issues, but remained a committed and valuable resource to those at Emory. In 2018, an endowed professorship was created in his name and is held by David S. Yu, the first Jerome Landry, MD, chair of cancer biology and associate professor of radiation oncology.

      “He was a force in our department, mentoring and training countless faculty and students,” Yu said.

      Landry is survived by his longtime partner, Dwillete Johnson.

      In lieu of flowers and to honor Landry’s passionate service to this institution, the family requests that donations be made to Emory University to support the endowed chair named in his honor and to host an annual guest lecture at the Winship Cancer Institute on topics related to his passions: the representation of racial minorities in medicine, oncology and in the delivery of health care to underserved populations, and the changing paradigms in radiation therapy and cancerology.

      Contributions may be made to Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Office of Gift Records, Emory University, 1762 Clifton Rd. NE, Suite 1400, Atlanta, GA 30322.

      Reflection of the vortex beam of the relativistic flying mirror


      The reflection process was studied using the three-dimensional (3D) particle-in-the-cell (PIC) code EPOCH35. The famous Laguerre-Gaussian (LG01) mode is used as a typical vortex beam, and it can be expressed as36.37

      $$uleft(L{G}_{01}right)=sqrt{frac{2}{pi }}frac{rsqrt{2}}{{w}^{2} left(xright)}mathrm{exp}left[-frac{{r}^{2}}{{w}^{2}left(xright)}right]mathrm{exp}left(ivarphiright)mathrm{exp}left[frac{i{k}_{0}{r}^{2}x}{2left({x}^{2}+{x}_{r}^{2}right)}right]mathit{exp}left[-2i{mathrm{tan}}^{-1}left(frac{x}{{x}_{r}}right)right]{mathrm{sin}}^{2}left(frac{pi t}{2tau}right)$$

      when it spreads in X direction. Here, (r=sqrt{{y}^{2}+{z}^{2}}); (varphi =mathrm{arctan}(z/y)); ({k}_{0}=2pi /{lambda}_{0}) is the wave number; and the wavelength of the incident beam is ({lambda }_{0}=0.8 mathrm{mu m}). In addition, (wleft(xright)={w}_{0}sqrt{{(x}^{2}+{x}_{r}^{2})/{x}_{r} ^{2}}),(mathrm{where } {w}_{0}=6.25{lambda }_{0}) is the beam waist radius and ({x}_{r}) is the Rayleigh length. The longitudinal profile was composed of ({mathrm{sin}}^{2}(pi t/2tau )) and (tau = 26.7mathrm{ fs}). The dimensionless amplitude ({a}_{0}=e{E}_{0}/{m}_{e}c{omega }_{0}=1)where (e), ({me}), ({omega }_{0}), ({E}_{0})and (vs) are respectively the charge of the electron, the mass of the electron, the laser frequency, the maximum amplitude of the laser field and the speed of light in vacuum. In our PIC simulation, a linearly polarized LG01 incident beam obliquely on the flying mirror with ({theta }_{in}=pi /6) (compared to the X axis), as shown in Fig. 1. Initially, the LG laser was injected from (x=-5{lambda}_{0})and the flying mirror was standing and occupying the domain in (13.75{lambda}_{0})X (15{lambda}_{0}), (-18.75{lambda}_{0})there (18.75{lambda}_{0}), (-10{lambda}_{0})z (10{lambda}_{0}). The electron density of the mirror was 20 ({NC}) to ensure that the laser pulse has been completely reflected17.38here,({NC}) is the critical density. The flying mirror was moving in the –Xsteering at a speed of(v=0.5mathrm{c}). Here we note that the speed of the flying mirror was set to 0.5c instead of a more relativistic speed to save computational resources, i.e. to achieve fast separation of the laser from the target and avoid the influence of digital heating. The simulation box was a (25{lambda}_{0})× (50{lambda}_{0}) × (25{lambda}_{0}) cuboid corresponding to a window of 400 × 800 × 400 cells in the X× there × zdirection, and each cell had 10 macroparticles.

      Figure 1

      Diagram of the proposed mechanism. A vortex laser beam (with LM Pin and non-zero AM Jin) is incident obliquely at an angle ({theta}_{mathrm{in}}) and reflected (with LM Pre and AM Jre) by the flying mirror (the gray part moves in the −X direction). The angle of reflection ({theta}_{re}) is significantly lower than ({theta}_{in}). Before the laser collides with the plasma mirror, Pin and Jin are collinear. After the reflection of the flying mirror, Pre and Jre are non-collinear.

      The simulation configurations of the incident and reflected electric fields are shown respectively in Figures 2a,b. Compared to the field before reflection, the distribution of the reflected field changed significantly, including the profile and the direction of propagation. In Fig. 2b, the arrow indicates the direction of the LM of the reflected beam, defined according to the direction of the LM, which must be perpendicular to that of the electromagnetic field. The wavelength of the reflected beam was lower than that of the incident beam and the angle of reflection was lower than the angle of incidence due to the relativistic effect. As shown in Figure 2c, the laser was tightly focused and the longitudinal component of the electromagnetic field could not be ignored; So the k -the profile of the spatial spectrum of the reflected field has undergone a spectral broadening. According to the coordinates of the center of gravity of the laser, the wavelength and the emission angle of the reflected beam were ({lambda }_{1}=0.283 mathrm{mu m}) and ({theta}_{re}=0.174) rad, respectively.

      Figure 2
      Figure 2

      (a) Distribution of the incident electric field ({E}_{y}) in the Xthere plane. The black box shows the electric field selected to calculate the OAM. (b) Distribution of the reflected electric field ({E}_{y}^{mathrm{^{prime}}}). The arrow indicates the direction of the LM (the direction of propagation of the reflected beam). The length is normalized to ({lambda}_{0}.) The field is normalized to ({m}_{e}{omega }_{0}c/e(4times 1{0}^{12}mathrm{V}/mathrm{m for }{lambda }_{ 0}=0.8mathrm{ mu m})). (vs) The k – profile of the spatial spectrum of the reflected beam. ({{varvec{k}}}_{{varvec{x}}}^{mathrm{^{prime}}}mathrm{ and }{{varvec{k}}}_{{ varvec{y}}}^{mathrm{^{prime}}}) are the components of the wave vector in the X and there direction, respectively, normalized to ({k}_{0}). The intensity is normalized to the maximum intensity.

      Otherwise, ({lambda}_{1}) and ({theta}_{re}) can be derived from Doppler shift formulas. Using the Lorentz transformation, in the frame of the flying mirror, the angle of incidence ({mathrm{tan}theta }_{mathrm{in}}^{^{prime}}=mathrm{sin}{theta }_{mathrm{in}}/(gamma mathrm{cos}{theta }_{mathrm{in}}+gamma beta )) and the wavelength of the incident beam ({lambda }_{0}^{^{prime}}={lambda }_{0}(1/left(gamma +gamma beta mathrm{cos}{theta }_ {mathrm{in}}right))) with the relativistic factor (gamma=1/sqrt{1-{beta }^{2}}), (beta =v/c). In the same frame, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. By inverse Lorentz transformation, in the laboratory reference frame, the reflection angle (mathrm{tan}{theta }_{mathrm{re}}={mathrm{sin}theta }_{mathrm{in}}^{^{prime)}/(gamma { mathrm{cos}theta }_{mathrm{in}}^{^{prime}}+gamma beta ))and the wavelength of the reflected beam ({lambda }_{1}={lambda }_{0}^{^{prime}}(1/left(gamma +gamma beta {mathrm{cos}theta }_ {mathrm{in}}^{^{prime}}right))). For ({theta }_{in}=pi /6) and (beta=0.5, {theta}_{text{re}}=0.176) Rad and ({lambda}_{1}=0.281 {upmu}{text{m}}) were obtained, which are in good agreement with the simulation results.

      Considering the angle of reflection, the changes in the beam profile can be well explained. As shown in Fig. 3, the red quadrilateral (ABCD) was chosen in Fig. 2a. The incident beam was reflected along (overrightarrow{{mathrm{AA}}_{1}}) (the direction of the LM), and the angle between the LM and the electric field profile was defined as (varphi)where (mathrm{sin}varphi /mathrm{sin}(varphi +{theta }_{in}+{theta }_{re})=beta mathrm{cos}{theta }_ {in}/mathrm{cos}{theta}_{re}). When the AB aircraft began to interact with the flying mirror, the target was at X1 and (varphi =0). When the flying mirror was moved to X2, the beam is completely reflected. At this time, the AB and CD planes were transformed into A1B1 etc1D1, respectively. Therefore, the profile of the reflected field became the blue quadrilateral A1B1VS1D1. According to this analysis, the angle between the LM and the reflected field profile should be (varphi =0.403) rad, which is in good agreement with the simulation result of (varphi =0.424) rad, as shown in Figure 2b.

      picture 3
      picture 3

      Diagram of the change in profile of the electric field. The red quadrilateral (ABCD) represents the profile of the incident electric field; the direction of the vector (overrightarrow{mathrm{DA}}) is defined as the direction of the incident profile. The blue quadrilateral (A1B1VS1D1) represents the profile of the reflected electric field and the direction of the vector (overrightarrow{{mathrm{D}}_{1}{mathrm{A}}_{1}}) is defined as the direction of the reflection profile. The angle between the LM and the electric field profile is defined as (varphi)where (smathrm{in}varphi /mathrm{sin}(varphi +{theta }_{in}+{theta }_{re})=beta mathrm{cos}{theta } _{in}/mathrm{cos}{theta }_{re}). X1 represents the position of the flying mirror at the beginning of the interaction between the vortex beam and the flying mirror, and X2 represents the position of the flying mirror after the interaction.

      The above results confirm that the emission angle, wavelength and distribution of the reflected beam observed in the simulation are in line with theoretical expectations. In the next section, we focus on AM and examine the time history of the average OAM per photon of the electromagnetic field.

      The average AM carried by a photon was calculated based on field data from PIC simulations using (j={varepsilon }_{0}{int }_{V}rtimes (Etimes B)mathrm{dV}/mathrm{N})where ({varepsilon}_{0}) is the dielectric permittivity of vacuum; r is the position vector; E and B are respectively the electric and magnetic fields; V refers to the entire simulation region for integration; and (mathrm{N}) is the number of photons in the entire laser beam. To accurately calculate the AM, we selected the electromagnetic fields for three periods in the middle part of the laser beam as shown in Fig. 2a. To intuitively display the simulation results, the angles investigated in this study were all angles along the + Xaxis. FIG. 4 shows the temporal evolution of the OAM carried by a photon; ({j}_{x}) and ({j}_{y}) refer to the two components of OAM in theXandtheredirections, respectively. To (t=12 T), the selected part of the vortex beam was incident on the left boundary of the simulation box. Before the vortex beam interacts with the flying mirror, ({j}_{x}=0.857) and({j}_{y}=0.491) were constant (t=12 T) at (t=19.5 T). Therefore, the OAM direction of the incident beam was 0.520 rad, which was collinear with the LM ( ({theta }_{in}=pi /6) rad) of the incident beam. To (t=24 T)the selected laser was completely reflected (the same three periods as the incident beam); ({j}_{x}=0.983) and ({j}_{y}=0.147) has remained constant (t=24 T) at (t=30 T). Therefore, the direction of the OAM of the reflected beam was 0.148 rad, thus indicating a non-collinearity with the LM of the reflected beam (according to the aforementioned result of(2.968) radi). The angle between the LM and the OAM is({Theta }_{0.5c}=0.320 mathrm{rad}.) Essentially, in addition to the longitudinal MA in the propagation direction, the transverse MA in the perpendicular propagation direction was generated by the interaction between the vortex laser and the flying mirror. This non-collinear phenomenon results from the profile change of the laser electromagnetic field caused by the double Doppler shift.

      Figure 4
      number 4

      Time history of the average OAM carried by a photon. The black and red dotted lines represent the OAM in theXandtheredirections, respectively. The time is normalized to the period (T) of the laser beam and the OAM is normalized to(mathrm{hslash }).

      Officeworks customers enraged by sign of mobile location monitoring


      An Officeworks customer has complained about a sign seen outside a Sydney store, which informed customers of the retailer’s trial of a ‘cellphone location monitoring’ program .

      The notice said the retailer, located in the CBD, would collect the data to “optimize” the store and the customer experience.

      “This is part of our ongoing efforts to optimize service and provide the best in-store experience for our customers,” the sign reads.

      “No personal or identifying information will be collected as part of this trial.”

      Customers were told that if they wanted to turn off the monitoring, they should turn off their Wi-Fi or put their phone on airplane mode while in the store.

      A photo of the post was posted on Reddit by user Equivalent-Ad7207, along with the caption, “What do Hunter Street Officeworks think they (sic) are playing?”

      Other users also seemed less impressed, with one person saying Officeworks could “improve the customer experience” by not tracking people’s locations while they’re in the store.

      Other comments claimed that several stores and malls are already using the technology, although most are not informing customers in this way.

      “It’s gonna suck not being able to go to most major chain stores or malls,” one Reddit user wrote.

      “They’ve all been doing this for ages. This is the first time I see a sign informing the customer.

      Another person agreed that this type of tracking had been in place for a while, but noted that it was “still disgusting”.

      “This stuff has been happening for years on a larger scale with point-of-sale Bluetooth beacons and the like,” they said.

      “When you go to a mall, they (advertisers/mall management) know which stores and which neighborhoods you’re shopping or hanging out.

      “Started around the same time, phone updates made it harder to permanently turn off Bluetooth. It’s still disgusting.

      News.com.au has asked Officeworks for comment on how the retailer uses this data.

      Sneaky Wi-Fi tracking technique used by companies

      Last month, cybersecurity engineer Rafig Jabrayilov warned that companies were using smart software that could track the location of each customer’s phone.

      The cyber expert said the software was so precise that it could determine exactly how much time each customer spent looking at certain products on certain shelves.

      “For anyone trying to keep their personal information private, it’s not fair. Every person has the right to privacy,” Mr. Jabrayilov said.

      “Buying something in a store shouldn’t mean you have to share your personal information.”

      Businesses can track the physical location of their customers through easily accessible information delivered through their smartphones.

      Apple and Android devices emit radio waves with a diameter of between 10 and 20 meters that broadcast its MAC (Media Access Control) address – a 12-digit code that is unique and identifies each device.

      Stores, like Nordstrom in the US – at the center of a bomb New York Times item – can implement sensors in physical stores that return accurate information about consumer behavior.

      Mr Jabrayilov said major Australian retailers were also involved in tracking consumer devices through their camera faces, but he was unable to pass on the names of outlets.

      “They basically try to identify your gender, which store you stay in the most, how many people pass and enter the stores, and which section they stay in the most,” Mr Jabrayilov said.

      Bunnings and Kmart under investigation

      Earlier this month it was revealed Australia’s privacy watchdog was investigating the use of facial recognition technology by Bunnings and Kmart.

      Australia’s Office of the Information Commissioner (OAIC) ​​has confirmed it has opened an investigation into the technology, focusing on how retail giants handle customers’ personal information.

      The investigations followed a report by consumer advocacy group Choice into retailers’ use of facial recognition technology.

      Choice analyzed the privacy policies of 25 major retailers and found that The Good Guys, Kmart and Bunnings were logging their customers’ biometrics.

      Facial recognition uses video cameras to analyze images and capture each person’s unique facial characteristics, called facial prints.

      But research by Choice found that 76% of Australians were unaware retailers were doing this, despite a sign at the front of stores.

      Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk has also opened preliminary inquiries with Good Guys Discount Warehouses (Australia) after reports that the company had suspended its use of facial recognition technology. .

      Bunnings chief operating officer Simon McDowell said he was aware of OAIC investigations into the use of facial recognition technology in his stores and would cooperate with them.

      “As we have previously explained, this technology is used only to keep the team and customers safe and to prevent illegal activity in our stores and we have strict controls around its use,” he said. declared.

      Following the publication of the Choice research, Australians shared their anger, calling the use of advanced cameras and the collection of personal data “frightening” and “disgusting”.

      Some said they would stop shopping in stores as a result.

      – With NCA NewsWire

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      AL MVP update: Best bets for Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, more


      As Major League Baseball continues its All-Star hiatus, we’ll continue to update our looks at the season’s awards with our focus on the AL MVP race. Yesterday we looked at the AL Cy Young and NL Cy Young races, hoping to find some betting values ​​from the top contenders.

      The AL MVP race is one of the most intriguing rewards of the season. While Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge was long considered the favorite to win the award, last year’s winner, Los Angeles Angels pitcher/designated hitter Shohei Ohtani, has since edged out Judge as the betting favorite. .

      The case of Shohei Ohtani

      Shohei Ohtani’s case is simple: he is an All-Star as a pitcher and hitter.

      This season, Ohtani is hitting .258/.348/.486 with 19 home runs, 56 RBIs, 51 runs scored and 10 stolen bases. Among qualified American League hitters, he is 11th in homers, 9th in RBI, 14th in runs and 17th in OPS. These aren’t mind-blowing numbers, of course, but they are dangerous hitting numbers.

      He also pairs those numbers with a 9-4 record and a 2.38 ERA in 87 innings as a starting pitcher. Ohtani also has a 29.1% Under Strike Rate (K-BB%), 0.99 WHIP and 15.7% Swing Strike Rate (SwStr%), which are among the best in the American League. So it’s only fitting that, as we covered yesterday, he’s currently third in the AL Cy Young race according to Vegas Sportsbook.

      Still, I like a bet on Ohtani as Cy Young more than a bet on him as MVP. It’s not because I think Ohtani has a low chance of winning MVP, it’s just that I think the odds aren’t very favorable. Ohtani being listed at -105 means you would have to bet $105 on him to win the AL MVP in order to win $205, so a profit of $100. It’s a good bet, but when it comes to futures (betting on future events) we generally want to attack better odds.

      This would apply to his Cy Young ratings, which are +850. This means that a $100 bet on Ohtani to win the AL Cy Young would net you a profit of $850. To me, the upside of placing a bet on Ohtani at these odds is far more intriguing than his current MVP odds.

      The Case of Judge Aaron

      In fact, I’d rather bet on Aaron Judge as the AL MVP.

      For starters, as a pure hitter, Judge is more deserving of the award. Judge is 1st in the American League in wins over substitution (WAR), 1st in home runs, 1st in runs scored, 2nd in RBI, 2nd in weighted runs created over (wRC+) and 2nd in OPS. There’s actually no more deserving hitter in the entire league when it comes to MVP voting.

      However, we know Ohtani’s case is that he is not only a good hitter but also an elite pitcher. Such was the case for Ohtani last year when he also won the AL MVP award. The truth is, that’s likely to be the case for Ohtani for years to come. At some point, voters are going to think it’s unfair to keep giving him both.

      To be clear, I’m not saying that’s the right way to look at this situation. However, I believe it is likely. Ohtani’s performance as a pitcher and hitter could qualify him as the MVP for the next five or six years, but, at some point, voters are just going to vote for the best outright hitter to restore some sense of “l ‘equity”. ”

      I believe that this year could be the occasion to do so. Yes, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won the triple crown last year and still hasn’t won MVP, but Ohtani’s offensive numbers last year were way above his output this year. Last year Ohtani hit 46 homers while hitting 100 runs, scoring 103 and stealing 26 bases. It’s on course to not hit all of those numbers in 2022.

      It could give voters, rightly or wrongly, the opening to reward the judge for a potential Triple Crown season. Since Judge’s odds (+130 – bet $100 to win $130) are more favorable than Ohtani’s, I think this is the more attractive bet. But you might think I’m just being cynical about MLB voters.

      Whichever way you think the voting will end up, you can create a sports betting account and place a bet using one of our promo codes below:

      Is it just a race for two?

      The other question you might have is whether or not there is another player who could catch Ohtani or Judge in terms of AL MVP consideration. The short answer is simply: No.

      Yordan Alvarez is the only other logical hitter to discuss at this point as he is 1st in OPS, 2nd in homers, 3rd in runs scored and 5th in RBI. However, I think it would take injuries to Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani to open the door for Alvarez. It’s just not worth betting for me.

      For more MLB coverage like this AL MVP article, visit amNY Sports

      Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani stands at the circle on the deck during the third inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, Thursday, July 7, 2022, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

      Educated Patient® Lung Cancer Summit Radiation Advances Presentation: June 25, 2022


      Over the past two decades, radiation therapy has advanced dramatically, allowing lung cancer patients to receive a higher dose of treatment over a shorter period of time, without damaging non-cancerous organs and tissues around the tumor. , while being “very effective,” according to one expert.

      Dr. Terrance M. Williams, professor and director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, Calif., discussed advances in radiation therapy over the years and how it has benefited patients in the CURE® Educated Patient ® Lung Cancer Summit.

      Williams described radiation as a type of therapy that cannot be seen, felt or heard. During radiation, packets of high-energy photons are directed at the tumor, while avoiding normal tissue, by the radiation machine. The mechanism of its operation is to cause double-stranded DNA breaks in tumor cells, which cannot be repaired and eventually die.

      Not damaging normal tissue is a big part of radiation therapy, but it couldn’t always be avoided, he said. In the past, radiation therapy was not as precise, causing damage to normal tissues and organs around the tumor.

      “I would say that in the past our ability to concentrate the tumor and minimize damage to surrounding normal tissues or organs was not as good as it is today,” Williams said. “Our techniques are more precise for (the tumor). Thanks to this, we can minimize collateral damage (caused by radiation) to normal tissues and increase the dose to the tumor, making it more effective.

      These advances have made it possible to perform the therapy in a shorter time, which benefits the patient, but at a higher dose.

      “For stage 1 lung cancer, for example, in the past, it sometimes took 35 treatments over seven weeks, Monday to Friday. Now we can deliver that in three to five treatments over one to two weeks,” Williams explained.

      Advances like these have also been “very effective” in treating the disease, he added. A significant advance in space for stage 1 lung cancer is stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) – which has shown disease control rates and cure rates comparable to surgery, which has been the “gold standard” for many years.

      “Over the past two decades, we have improved our ability to treat stage 2 and stage 3 lung cancer through this work and formal techniques, and cure rates have increased steadily,” said said Williams, adding that there is still more to do. learned on the horizon.

      In stage 1 lung cancer, some clinical trials are underway evaluating the combination of radiation therapy and immunotherapy to attack the tumor, “we are very excited about the results of these trials,” Williams said.

      As part of stage 4, progress has been made in understanding the use of radiation in patients with limited metastatic disease. Some results suggest an improved chance of the cancer not coming back and overall survival. Additionally, several clinical trials are testing immunotherapy and radiation therapy in small cell lung cancer, as well as radiation therapy in combination with new immunotherapeutic agents.

      “These are some of the exciting clinical studies we will be doing over the next five years,” he said.

      It’s important for patients to keep up to date with these advances and clinical trials in radiation therapy for lung cancer because it allows them to have a conversation with their doctor and ask them the right questions, Williams concluded.

      For more information on cancer updates, research and education, be sure to subscribe to CURE® newsletters here.

      Cash advances for social security beneficiaries • Benzinga


      If you’re retired and working on a fixed income, you may need help getting a little extra cash here and there. You can find places that offer cash advances on Social Security checks. For those who rely on their Social Security checks to get by, cash advances can help when money is tight or in an emergency.

      Cash advances for social security beneficiaries

      Social Security checks are considered verifiable, regular income, much like a paycheck. Thanks to these features, places like MoneyLion offer cash advances that are available to Social Security recipients. Let’s review what a cash advance can do for Social Security recipients and the many uses for these advances.

      Unforeseen events

      Life can sometimes be unpredictable and that only becomes more true once you retire. Many unforeseen emergencies can arise. Whether you need to repair a leak in the roof or are dealing with a health issue, you may not have factored in this expense. Taking out a cash advance on your Social Security payments can save you from going into debt or not being able to get the services you need.

      Short of funds

      Budgeting is difficult in general. But budgeting for the rest of your life after you retire can be even harder. It’s almost impossible to completely plan all the expenses you’ll need to save for, and as life goes on, you could find yourself running out of funds. Thanks to lenders like MoneyLion, you can use your Social Security checks for a cash advance.

      Financial emergency

      Advance payments on Social Security checks may be available in times of financial emergency. It means you need money against a threat to your health or safety. Examples include lack of funds for food, clothing, housing, or medical care.

      Where are cash advances available for Social Security recipients?

      These days, it’s more common for lenders to recognize Social Security checks as acceptable income for a loan. Remember, however, that anything you borrow will be deducted from the total amount of Social Security assistance you will receive. There may also be additional fees or interest rates applied to your cash advance. Here are some cash advance issuer options:

      • Silver Lion: Provides an Instacash program that allows users to borrow at 0% APR
      • FaaastCash: A great option for those with lower credit scores.

      How to get the most out of a cash advance

      A MoneyLion cash advance can be an extremely useful financial tool. Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

      Take only the amount you need: Sometimes you will be eligible for a larger cash advance than you requested. Be sure to only take the amount you need, as you will be responsible for repaying the full amount plus fees and interest. The more money you take, the more interest you will end up paying. So it is better to withdraw less because it will save you money in the end.

      Make timely payments: Whatever amount you borrow, make sure you pay on time. This will help you avoid additional charges like fines or rollover penalties. Also, the longer you wait, the more you will have to repay, so it is in your interest to pay off the loan as soon as possible.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are cash advances hurting your credit?


      Are cash advances hurting your credit?


      Jungyun Kim


      Taking out an advance will not affect your credit; However, if you fail to make timely payments, it will hurt your credit.

      Answer link



      Can banks give cash advances?


      Can banks give cash advances?


      Jungyun Kim


      Yes, you can obtain a cash advance from the banks; however, there will usually be a fee.

      Answer link



      Exploration Update – Drilling Begins on Calder-Lennox Property


      Toronto, ON – TheNewswire – July 20, 2022 – Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. (“Noble” or the “Company”) (TSXV: NOB), (FRANKFURT:NB7), (OTC:NLPXF) is pleased to report on the progress of a number of its active projects.

      Township of Calder-Lennox, Ontario (4,800 ha)

      A three-hole, 1500m drill program has been mobilized on the Company’s Calder-Lennox property. The drill target is a 3.5 km conductive zone which does not appear to have been tested in the past. Drilling is expected to continue through August with results expected in early October. (see Figure 1)

      Click on image to view full size

      Figure 1: Conductive area (round dots) on magnetic background.

      Buckingham Graphite Project, Quebec (3,700 ha)

      The crews have completed Phase 1 of the planned surface exploration program. The work included visual prospecting as well as a surface conductivity survey (Beep Mat). New graphite mineralization has been located and samples taken. The results of the sample analyzes are expected in early September.

      Nagagami Carbonatite Niobium and Rare Earths Project, Ontario (14,000 ha)

      Consultations are progressing with Constance Lake First Nation (CLFN) and it is expected that Noble and CLFN will enter into an exploration agreement in the near future. An early exploration permit has been received from the province and helicopter-assisted drilling is expected to begin in September.

      The Cousineau Boulder Project, Ontario (4,500 ha)

      An airborne magnetic-electromagnetic survey by helicopter is expected to be completed in July/August.

      Island Pond property, central Newfoundland (14,400 ha)

      The works will include a airborne magnetic-electromagnetic survey by helicopter, expected to be completed in August/September

      Cere Villebon, Quebec (483 ha)

      A visit was made to Céré Villebon in June. Historic drill holes have been located. Historical mineralization does not appear to be coming to the surface, so no mineralized trenches or outcrops have been located.

      Laverlochere, Quebec (518 ha)

      The Laverlochère property was also visited and reported, historical mineralization was sampled. Samples have been submitted to the lab with results expected in early September

      The historical exploration results disclosed in this press release do not comply with the requirements of National Instrument 43-101.

      Wayne Holmstead PGeo (ON), a “Qualified Person” as that term is defined by National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed the data disclosed in this press release, and has otherwise reviewed and approved the technical information contained herein. press release on behalf of Noble.

      About Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. :

      Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. is a Canadian junior exploration company which, in addition to its interests in Canada Nickel Company Inc., Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd. and MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., and its interest in the Holdsworth gold exploration property in the Wawa area of ​​Ontario, will continue to hold mineral rights to ~36,400 hectares, in the Timmins-Cochrane region of northern Ontario, in which Noble has acquired a 50% interest in 7 patents and 310 tenure-identified mining claims totaling approximately 6,600 ha in the Carnegie Townships, Kidd, Wark and Prosser and an option for 4,800 ha in Calder Township. known as Project 81, plus approximately 11,000 additional hectares in the Timmins area. Project 81 contains diversified exploration-ready targets for gold, nickel-cobalt and base metals at various stages of exploration. It will also hold its recently acquired ~14,600 hectares in the Nagagami carbonatite complex near Hearst, Ontario, and ~14,400 hectares of mining claims in central Newfoundland. In addition, it holds mining rights to ~3,700 hectares in the Buckingham Graphite property, ~518 hectares in the Laverlochere Nickel, Copper, PGNM property and ~482 hectares in the Cere-Villebon Nickel, Copper, PGM property, all of which are in the province of Quebec. More detailed information is available on the website at www.noblemineralexploration.com.

      The common shares of Noble trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “NOB”.

      Caution :

      Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved of the information contained herein.

      The foregoing information may contain forward-looking statements regarding the future performance of Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Forward-looking statements, particularly those regarding future performance, are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially from the Company’s plans and expectations. These plans, expectations, risks and uncertainties are detailed herein and from time to time in the Company’s filings with the TSX Venture Exchange and securities authorities. Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. does not assume any obligation to update or revise its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


      H. Vance White, President

      Phone: 416-214-2250

      Fax: 416-367-1954

      E-mail: [email protected]

      Investor Relations: [email protected]

      Satellite avoids collision with debris scrambled by space weather


      In its race against space weather, a satellite avoids space debris. Satellites have more drag and debris due to increased flares and flares from the sun.

      (Photo: Space X)

      Direct near collision

      An accidental collision with space debris almost missed happened to a European spacecraft that rushed to avoid dying prematurely in Earth’s atmosphere due to bad space weather.

      The satellite in the Swarm constellation which tracks the Earth’s magnetic field flew at a higher altitude after encountering increased drag due to variations in the density of the upper atmosphere caused by solar activity.

      The decision, which was to increase the height of the satellite by 45 kilometers for ten weeks, had to be abandoned when mission control received a call from space junk.

      Full support

      The event, which happened on June 30, forced the ground control team to instantly execute an evasive maneuver to escape the debris, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). statement.

      In ESA’s view, the accident highlights the unstable conditions in Earth’s orbit. With thousands of pieces large enough to kill a satellite currently known to fly around Earth, the space junk problem has only gotten worse.

      Satellite operators face a double whammy as the sun enters a phase of more extreme activity, generating more sunspots, flares and coronal mass ejections than it has in decades. years.

      Also read: Direct hit: Earth will face a head-on collision with a solar storm

      Condition in space

      Satellites must pass through the thickening gas as if flying against the wind as the density of the upper atmosphere increases. Satellite operators must use onboard propulsion to prevent satellites from spiraling back to Earth.

      Hugh Lewis, professor of engineering and physical sciences at the University of Southampton in the UK, and other experts predict that these same changes in air density will cause a temporary increase in the number of debris fragments in orbit low terrestrial because these fragments experience the same increased drag as the satellites. In a previous interview with Space.com, one of Europe’s top space debris specialists. These parts, unlike satellites, are uncontrollable.

      Future maneuvers

      According to ESA’s Swarm team, the orbit climb maneuver has finally been completed, allowing the spacecraft to operate safely for the foreseeable future.

      Survive space weather

      Due to instabilities in the ionosphere which can reflect, refract or absorb radio signals, Space weather affects communication between Earth and satellites. This includes radio waves from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. By generating areas of increased density, space weather can alter the density structure of the ionosphere.

      In terms of economic impact, the loss of the infrastructure necessary for electricity distribution networks large enough to cover an entire continent would result from space weather. Electrical currents that once flowed through telegraph wires in the 19th century due to the geomagnetic field, interplanetary magnetic field, and solar wind can now penetrate electrical power transmission lines with potentially disastrous results.

      Related Article: Experts Warn Powerful Solar Storms Can Eventually Destroy Satellites

      For more cosmic news, don’t forget to follow Nature World News!

      © 2022 NatureWorldNews.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

      Can Kiswahili unite Africans and accelerate decolonization? | Opinions


      On July 5, Uganda’s cabinet adopted Kiswahili (Swahili) – Africa’s most widely spoken indigenous language, which has long had official status in Kenya and Tanzania – as its official language and made it a compulsory subject in schools. primary and secondary, in line with a directive from the East African Community (EAC) bloc.

      I wholeheartedly support this development and believe that the entire sub-Saharan continent should adopt Kiswahili as its official language.

      Here’s why.

      Currently, there is no indigenous language in Africa spoken enough to serve as a common language on the continent. I find myself so often having to communicate with a fellow African in English, the language of our former colonizers. It makes me ashamed, embarrassed – but there is no alternative. Unfortunately, after independence, the founding fathers of our nations did not recognize the need to establish a common language – a language that did not belong to the settlers – which could help us to communicate easily with each other and to forge a spirit closeness and unity. Instead, they pushed us to adopt English – or French or Portuguese – as our common language.

      My life, from primary school to adulthood, socially and academically, for example, has been dominated by English in my home country of Zimbabwe.

      In 1980, the year Zimbabwe gained independence from Britain, I opened Hallingbury Primary School in Harare. There, our mostly white English-speaking teachers told us not to speak Chishona – my mother tongue – or any other native language of the country during school hours, and continued to punish anyone who inadvertently did so.

      I suppose they were entitled to it, because the government had already designated English as the main language of communication in the country. It didn’t help that at the time everyone marveled at Prime Minister Robert Mugabe’s perfect command of English and that Western observers considered him “one of the world’s great speakers”. “. So our social indoctrination seemed normal and somewhat commendable. Just when the government of our newly independent nation should have supported and prioritized Indigenous languages ​​and cultures, English was sold to young children as a marker of intelligence, sophistication and status. I quickly came to believe that Chishona was inferior to English and should not be associated with academia, science, or business.

      After completing my primary education, I moved on to Prince Edward Secondary School, based in Harare, which is considered one of the best public schools in the country. The six years I spent there were an academic exercise in organized anglicization. The school was named after Britain’s Prince Edward and took immense pride in preserving old English traditions – and encouraging students to write, speak and think in English – at the expense of our African heritage. During my time there, I underwent an extensive and overt westernization process that distorted my African identity. And the situation was not much different outside of school. Two of the four state-owned national radio stations, Radio 1 and Radio 3, would broadcast in English and focus on English content. A significant portion of state broadcaster ZBC TV’s programming, including the main daily newscast, was also in English. We were mainly exposed to British and American programs, designed for English-speaking Western audiences, throughout our most formative years.

      Besides English, I studied only one other language throughout my formal education: French. No one bothered to teach me isiNdebele, TjiKalanga, Tshivenda or Setswana, indigenous languages ​​commonly spoken in Zimbabwe. As a result, I never acquired the ability to socialize with Zimbabweans across the country who were not educated in English or who chose on principle not to learn or communicate in the colonizer’s language.

      Due to the state’s prioritization of English, I ended up developing two different personas – one that communicates primarily in English, responds to western social codes, and is immersed in western culture for use in life daily life and interactions, and another that communicates in Chishona and favors traditional ways of living and being, to be used in interactions with certain family members, such as my paternal grandmother, who did not speak English.

      As the famous West Indian writer and political philosopher Frantz Fanon said in his landmark novel Black Skin, White Masks, “To speak a language is to appropriate a world, a culture”. My African peers and I, unfortunately, were stuck with English (and immersed in the music, arts and literature it forced upon us). The Zimbabwean government has made no effort to legislate and promote multilingualism through education.

      At the regional level, the Southern African Development Community, the Economic Community of West African States and the Organization of African Unity fared no better. They adopted policies that promoted English, French and Portuguese as official working languages ​​and made no effort to accommodate indigenous languages.

      Renowned Kenyan scholar and writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o lamented that older generations in Africa, presenting “the languages ​​of Europe as if they were the only ones capable of carrying knowledge, intelligence and everything else” , have created “a mentality in Africa where even African leaders expect validation from the West”.

      This clearly mistaken mentality should have no place in Africa today.

      During colonial times, English, Portuguese and French were introduced to the continent and prioritized in all social, economic and educational contexts, not because they were somehow “better” than indigenous languages , but because their widespread use made it easier for the colonizers. exploiting Africa’s natural and mineral resources and undermining its history, traditions and economic systems.

      So why do Africans still insist on using these languages ​​to communicate with each other?

      In February this year, just months before Uganda’s decision to follow suit, the African Union finally adopted Kiswahili as its official working language alongside European languages.

      Nevertheless, African leaders must do more to limit and ultimately end the dominance of colonial languages ​​in Africa. Establishing Kiswahili as the main transnational language across sub-Saharan Africa can help heal our stained souls and restore our dignity.

      Kiswahili, which has its origins in East Africa, is steeped in African history and shares similarities with a multitude of “Bantu” languages ​​such as Chishona, Isizulu, Oshiwambo, Isixhosa and lingala, to name a few.

      According to the United Nations, it already has more than 200 million speakers in more than 14 countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan, Somalia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, the Comoros and as far as Oman and Yemen in the Middle East,

      The University of Cape Town plans to introduce Kiswahili as an elective language course from 2023 and as a major subject from 2028. Similarly, Addis Ababa University is expected to start teaching Kiswahili in partnership with the University of Dar es Salaam.

      A continental policy for teaching Kiswahili in schools and universities can help encourage the free movement of people in Africa and foster social and economic integration. It could create a market of 1.1 billion people and be a game-changer for the media, film and TV industry – a tantalizing business prospect that can help creatives tell a plethora of historical and contemporary African stories. neglected. Widespread use of Kiswahili can also strengthen academic collaboration and help mitigate the consequences of medical colonization from the West. If more countries follow Uganda’s example and make Kiswahili an official language, it may encourage educational institutions across Africa to pay as much attention to this indigenous language as to European languages. As a result, our younger generations can finally socialize using an indigenous African language.

      This is Africa, and we are Africans. It is high time we started talking to each other using an African language.

      The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

      Robin Roberts’ partner completes radiation therapy for breast cancer


      Robin Roberts celebrates the end of radiotherapy for his longtime partner, Amber Laign, as part of her treatment for breast cancer.

      “Sweet Amber is finishing her radiotherapy, a very important phase of her treatment!” the “Good Morning America” ​​anchor captioned an Instagram video Monday that showed Laign ringing the cancer ceremony bell at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

      “We thank you both for all your well wishes and prayers,” Roberts continued. “Proud of her and all the other Thrivers for your courage and grace during a difficult time. This is indeed my #mondaymotivation 🙏🏾.

      In the short clip, the massage therapist and businesswoman read a plaque on the wall and said, “My treatment is over, class is over and I’m on my way.”

      She then rang the bell three times and took off her hat to jump up and down before joining several people within earshot who cheered her on.

      Robin Roberts’ partner Amber Laign has celebrated a victory in her ongoing breast cancer treatment.
      Getty Images for Shawn Carter Fo

      On his Instagram Story, Roberts also posted a boomerang video showing Laign doing his “good dance after ringing the bell!!”

      The longtime broadcaster announced in April that Laign had to put his treatment on hold due to “complications with chemotherapy.”

      “They are working on it. We will understand. The prognosis is still very good,” Roberts told Entertainment Tonight at the time, noting that Laign’s “spirits” took a hit after hearing the news.

      Roberts posted a video of Laign ringing a cancer bell after finishing radiation therapy.

      “But I was able to tell him, like most people [who] have gone through cancer [know]it happens,” added the TV host, who fought her own battle with breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2007.

      In February 2022, Roberts revealed that Laign, who she has been dating since 2005, was diagnosed with breast cancer end of 2021 and was operated on in January.

      She explained to her Twitter followers that she would be “away from ‘GMA’ once in a while” to help Laign navigate her health journey — just like Laign did for her.

      “It’s my turn now to be there for her like she was for me.”

      Amber Laign
      Laign danced and clapped in the short clip.

      In 2012, years after beating breast cancer, Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a condition in which blood-forming cells in the bone marrow become abnormal.

      She received a bone marrow transplant thanks to her sister, but the procedure kept her in the hospital for an entire month.

      “I felt like I was dying,” Roberts told People of the experience. “I couldn’t eat or drink. I couldn’t even get out of bed.

      Robin Roberts and Amber Laign
      Roberts, who has been dating Laign since 2005, also battled breast cancer.
      Getty Images for GLAAD

      She admitted to ET during the April interview that it’s “human nature” to ask, “Why me?” However, she said she learned to change her perspective.

      “I was like, ‘Why not me? Why not me?’ I have the strength. I lived that. I can help Amber,” she recalled. “She helps me, so I shot ‘Why me?’ to ‘Why not me?’

      Europe Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market Progression Over the Forecast Period, 2022-2028 – Travel Adventure Cinema


      2022 Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market Overview

      Latest Update: This has resulted in several changes. This report also covers the impact of the current COVID-19 situation.

      The report offers detailed coverage of the Electromagnetic Shielding Materials industry and key market trends. The market study includes historical and forecast market data, demand, application details, price trends and company shares of major Electromagnetic Shielding Materials by geography. The report splits the market size, by volume and value, on the basis of application type and geography.

      Major Key Vendors of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market are:- 3M, Parker Hannifin Corp, Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd, SAS Industries, Inc, HEICO Corporation, Laird, Marktek Inc

      Get a Sample PDF Copy of this Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market Report @ https://www.reportsinsights.com/sample/631745

      This research report categorizes the global Electromagnetic Shielding Material market by top players/brands, region, type and end user. This report also studies the global Electromagnetic Shielding Materials market status, competition landscape, market share, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, opportunities and challenges, sales channels. and distributors.

      The main types of products covered are:
      Conductive coatings
      Conductive plastics

      The application coverage in the market is:
      Aerospace and Defense

      Scope of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market:

      FORECAST YEAR 2022-2028
      UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
      CAGR Yes (%)
      BY COMPANIES 3M, Parker Hannifin Corp, Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd, SAS Industries, Inc, HEICO Corporation, Laird, Marktek Inc
      SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, etc.
      REPORT COVER Total Revenue Forecast, Company Ranking & Market Share, Regional Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, Emerging Trends, Business Strategies, etc.
      REGIONAL ANALYSIS North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

      Performance by Region of the Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Industry

      This report studies the global Electromagnetic Shielding Materials market status and forecast, categorizes the global Cable Conduits market size (value & volume) by key players, type, application, and region. This report focuses on top players in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and other regions (Middle East & Africa, Central & South America) .

      To obtain this report at a favorable rate. : https://www.reportsinsights.com/discount/631745

      The research objectives of this report are:

      • Focuses on the key global Electromagnetic Shielding Materials companies, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape and recent developments.
      • To project the sales value and volume of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials submarkets, with respect to key regions.
      • Analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches and acquisitions in the market.
      • To study and analyze the global Electromagnetic Shielding Materials market size (value & volume) by company, key regions, products and end-user, breakdown data for the last five years, and forecast to 2028.
      • To understand the structure of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials market by identifying its various subsegments.
      • Share detailed information on key factors influencing market growth (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

      Report Scope: –

      The scope of the report combines detailed research of Global Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Market 2022 with the apprehension given to the advancement of the industry in certain regions.

      The Top Companies Report is designed to provide our buyers with insight into the most influential players in the industry. Also, information about different companies’ performance, earnings, gross margin, strategic initiative and more are presented through various resources such as charts, graphs and infographics.

      Access full report description, table of contents, table of figure, chart, etc. @ https://www.reportsinsights.com/industry-forecast/electromagnetic-shield-material-market-research-report-2022-631745

      About Us:

      Reports Insights is the research industry leader providing contextual, data-centric research services to clients worldwide. The firm assists its clients in developing business policies and achieving sustainable growth in their respective market area. The industry provides consulting services, syndicated research reports, and custom research reports.

      Contact us:

      E-mail: [email protected]

      Sales: [email protected]

      How GADCapital Cash Advances Can Help Business Owners Grow Their Business


      Running a business is hard work. There are so many things to think about: marketing, product development, staffing, and the list goes on. In order to grow your business, you need cash to invest in new opportunities. This is where cash advances can help. A cash advance from an online cash advance lender can provide you with the funds you need to grow your business.

      New small businesses often suffer from a lack of funds to buy the inventory they need, resulting in empty shelves. They lack funding for marketing and promotion, which makes it difficult to establish a presence in the neighborhood. There are also successful businesses that need to expand or buy new equipment, but are unable to afford the changes.

      Business owners need access to capital to grow their business.

      Whether investing in new opportunities or simply covering day-to-day expenses, cash flow is essential to business growth. However, access to capital can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. This is where cash advances come in. Cash advances from online lenders can provide you with the funds you need to grow your business.

      There are many reasons business owners turn to cash advances. Maybe they need money to cover a one-time expense, like new equipment or inventory. Or maybe they are looking for a way to finance their growth without going into debt. Whatever the reason, cash advances can be a useful tool for business owners who need access to capital.

      Here are some of the ways in which GADCapital cash advances can help business owners grow their business:

      1) Invest in marketing: One of the best ways to grow your business is through effective marketing. With a cash advance, you can invest in targeted marketing campaigns that will reach your target audience.

      2) Expand product lines: If you have a great product, cash advances can help you expand your product line. With additional funds, you can research and develop new products to meet your customers’ needs.

      The cash advance can also be used to invest in other areas of your business, such as:

      • Hiring new staff
      • Training of existing staff
      • Rent a new office or commercial space
      • Purchase of new equipment

      However you choose to grow your business, cash advances can provide you with the funds you need to make it happen. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider applying for a cash advance today.

      A cash advance can provide business owners with the funds they need quickly and easily.

      If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, cash advances can be a helpful tool. With a cash advance, you can invest in marketing, expand your product line, or hire new employees. Cash advances are easy to apply for and can provide you with the funds you need quickly.

      Upgrades can be expensive, and you might want to incorporate cutting-edge technology. Additionally, business owners need to make sure they can get discounts on bulk purchases and have enough inventory for customers. Lack of merchandise means empty shelves, angry consumers leaving for other businesses, sometimes never returning.

      When it comes to options for business owners who need access to funds, cash advances are becoming increasingly popular. You can easily and quickly get the the money you need with a cash advance. There is no requirement to submit collateral or go through a lengthy application process.

      Using a cash advance to grow your business has a number of advantages, including fast funding and no collateral required.

      You can easily and quickly get the money you need with a cash advance to grow your business. Cash advances are seen by many small business owners as an effective tool for expanding their business. Quick funding is available through cash advances, which can be used for many things like marketing, expanding your product line, or adding new employees.

      So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider applying for a cash advance today. With a cash advance, you can get the funds you need quickly and easily, without having to go through a lengthy application process or provide collateral. Cash advance can help you grow your business in several ways.

      Cash advances are a great way for business owners to get the money they need without having to go through a traditional bank loan process.

      Cash advances can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a way to get the money you need to grow your business. Applying for a cash advance is simple and you can get the money you need now.

      For business owners who need access to funds, cash advances are a fantastic choice. You can easily and quickly get the money you need with a cash advance. There is no requirement to submit collateral or go through a lengthy application process. So if you’re ready to grow your business, consider asking for a cash advance right away.

      Business owners can support the growth and success of their business by using cash advances appropriately.

      For business owners who want to access funds, cash advances can be a helpful tool. It’s time to move to a bigger space in a new location as business is booming. Unfortunately, moving expenses could break your bank. To offset the high costs of your move, consider getting a loan or cash advance. The loan can be paid off quickly if you start selling more items and your income continues to increase.

      It’s a fantastic choice for entrepreneurs who need access to cash. So, if you’re ready to grow your business, consider applying for a cash advance right away. You can achieve your goals and grow your organization with cash advances. You can make investments in your business and realize your full potential with a cash advance. Applying for a cash advance is simple and you can get the money you need now.

      When it comes to options for business owners who need access to funds, cash advances are becoming increasingly popular. You can easily and quickly get the money you need with a cash advance. There is no requirement to submit collateral or go through a lengthy application process. Additionally, there is no fixed monthly payment as the financial advances are repaid through future purchases.

      A business can use cash financing in a wide variety of situations. However, it’s also crucial to weigh the benefits of a loan against the revenue your business is expected to make from repairs and improvements.

      Author Bio: Brycen Schinner, Loans Writer at GADCapital

      Brycen Schinner works as a personal finance editor. He holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In the past, as an editor at eBay as well as head of the editorial team who wrote about eBay’s content team around the world. He has also written for Yahoo. After joining Gad Capital in 2013, he covered topics ranging from personal loans to debt management.

      Electromagnetic attack: the invisible threat to our wireless world


      The world depends on radio waves

      They are essential for the exchange of data and information, networking and communication. They form the basis of television and radio broadcasting, satellite transmissions and our daily communications. While used without fear by ordinary people, the radio waves of military organizations are well known to present vulnerabilities, with some adversaries having the means to manipulate the radio waves and compromise their confidentiality, integrity or availablity. But now, with the dizzying increase in the number of connected electronic devices (e.g. the “Internet of Things”), it is not just military forces that must be wary of interference and more subversive activity from electromagnetic attack.

      Immaterial War

      The military has struggled with electromagnetic (EM) attacks for over a century. In a conflict, reducing the adversary’s access to information by denying their sensors and communications can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Modern military forces, including those of the superpowers, have mastered this discipline for a long time – with decades of experience using EM attack and defending against it. But things are changing.

      There is a new threat, displayed by smaller states (i.e. “non-superpowers”) and smaller non-state actors who can now obtain EM attack capabilities at increasingly higher costs. down. And, as the number of devices employed by adversaries and our own forces continues to grow, the usefulness (and threat) of EM activity will continue to increase.

      Take, for example, the growth of wireless communications. A fiber optic cable buried under a layer of soil and concrete is quite robust from an exploit point of view. However, this data can then pass through a point-to-point microwave link (link by radio waves), before returning underground. Needless to say, this microwave link is much easier to access and attack via eavesdropping or disruption (jamming) than the wired network it serves. By attacking the microwave link, hostile actors negate the physical security inherent in the underground wired network.

      Defense is pursuing the “Military IoT” in many forms and with many different projects. The prospect of increasingly connected military capabilities offers many benefits, but comes up against the same EM-related drawbacks that threaten conventional IoT systems. A true military IoT would be very difficult to secure in an EM sense – and perhaps the best solution would be to disable this technology during a conflict scenario or operate assuming it would be denied.

      How to solve the riddle of electromagnetic interference

      Unfortunately for businesses, this is no longer a problem reserved for the military. The gray zone – an area in which hostile actors are able to attack political, economic and military instruments without provoking a conventional response – is expanding. As such, private companies are at risk of falling victim to malicious actors, especially if they are seen as a core part of a country’s infrastructure. And damaging them therefore hurts the nation they are in.

      Electronic protective measures (EPM) are an option available to the military and businesses. An example of this is the addition of protective devices in receivers to protect them. However, lately there has been a trend away from protecting electronic systems, as these can limit system performance in terms of bandwidth or throughput. Electronic protection systems (for example, with the use of Faraday cages (shielding) or shielding) can be complex and expensive.

      A resilience-based approach to EM attack is likely to offer a balance between no protection and “over-protection”. However, the cornerstone of effective resilience and rapid recovery is informed decision-making and therefore detection. The attribution of EM disturbance to EM interference or attack is critical to this process.

      Solutions are now available to quickly indicate if an attack is in progress or if electromagnetic interference is present. These disturbances would otherwise have been untraceable. Such capabilities are particularly important because the human senses have no way of detecting radio waves, and it is very easy to misdiagnose a device malfunction or failure as a hardware or software fault. This further demonstrates why situational awareness of the EM environment (and EM spectrum) is so important.

      The civilian world is increasingly using the EM spectrum, but perhaps without a full understanding of its vulnerabilities. What is certain is that as the number of devices using radio waves or wireless grows, incidents of EM interference will increase and, unfortunately, the opportunities for bad actors to use EM attack.

      Final Thoughts

      As our wireless connectivity, exemplified by the IoT, continues to grow, considerations that once only concerned military and security services are now relevant to civilian industries. Fortunately, the preparation remains the same. Organizations need to ensure that they have the situational awareness necessary to know where their vulnerabilities are and when those vulnerabilities are exposed. Failure to do so opens the door to both financial and reputational loss.

      About the Author

      Richard Hoad is a technical strategist at QinetiQ. We deploy our scientific and technological knowledge, our proven research capabilities and our unique, purpose-built facilities to provide both services and products that meet the needs of a wide range of global customers. We operate primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets and our customers are primarily government organizations including ministries of defense as well as international customers in other targeted industries.

      Featured Image: ©Pixel

      Bet $10, Win $200 Sunday Night Baseball


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      MLB Weekend Schedule

      The New York Mets are entering their next series after winning their previous series against the Atlanta Braves. The Mets looked great on the mound and on the field as they held the Braves to four combined points in their two wins. They’ll need their pitching to stay warm if they’re going to take care of business against the Cubs in this one.

      The Chicago Cubs enter this one after being swept by the Baltimore Orioles in their short two-game series. The Cubs struggled at home plate, as they only scored three runs in this series. They’ll need their bats warmed up if they’re going to challenge the Mets.

      Boston will look to snap its four-game losing streak when it travels to New York for the opener of a three-game series on Friday night. The Red Sox won two games against the Yankees last weekend, but have lost four in a row at Tampa Bay this week. New York is coming off a disappointing 7-6 loss to Cincinnati in 10 innings on Thursday.

      Elsewhere in Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers host the Seattle Mariners Friday night in Game 2 of their weekend series from Globe Life Field. The Rangers got off to a fast start in Thursday’s opener, while the Mariners have won four of the six games between the two in 2022 heading into this weekend’s streak. Both groups seem unlikely to catch the Astros at the top of the division, but one of the coveted Wild Card spots looks more in their cards.

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      Betting on Major League Baseball?

      LARES-2 | Vega-C | everyday astronaut

      take off time
      July 13, 2022 – 13:13:17 UTC | 10:13:17 GFT
      Assignment name
      Launch Provider
      (Which rocket company launched it?)
      (Who paid for this?)
      European Space Agency (ESA)
      Launch location
      ELV-1, Guiana Space Center, French Guiana, France
      Payload mass
      Where did the spaceship go?
      Multiple orbits
      Did they try to recover the first floor?
      No, it’s not a Vega-C ability.
      Where did the first stage land?
      He crashed into the ocean
      Did they try to recover the fairings?
      No, it’s not a Vega-C ability.
      Are these fairings new?
      It was the :
      – 1st flight of the Vega-C rocket
      – 14th European Space Agency mission overall
      – 1st mission of the European Space Agency in 2022
      – 21st Vega mission overall
      – 1st Vega mission of 2022
      – 83rd orbital launch attempt of 2022 (81st successful)
      where to watch
      Official ESA rebroadcast

      How was it?

      Arianespace and the European Space Agency have successfully completed the inaugural launch of the Vega-C rocket, an upgraded version of the Vega rocket. The rocket was launched from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, taking several payloads, including LARES 2, into orbit.


      The Vega-C carried several payloads into orbit, the most important being the LARES-2. It was accompanied by the AstroBio Cubesat, the GreenCube, the CELESTA, the TRISAT R 3U, the MTCube 2 and the Alpha.

      LARES-2, or Laser Relativity Satellite 2, is an upgraded version of the LARES satellite currently in orbit. The satellite was built for the Italian Space Agency by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics. As seen below, the LARES-2 is a 42cm sphere covered in reflectors. The satellite is passive, but will be monitored by the ground station’s lasers, which will measure frame dragging, or the Lense-Thirring effect, which is a distortion of space-time caused by the rotation of a body planetary, like the Earth. Although small, the satellite has a large mass of almost 295 kg, which means that the satellite will be protected from disturbances such as solar wind and photons, which could cause the spacecraft to wobble.

      The LARES-2 satellite (Credit: OHB-CGS)

      CELESTA (CERN Latchup Experiment STudent sAtellite), also known as ROBUSTA 1D (Radiation on Bipolar Test for University Satellite Application), is a Cubesat of the University of Montpellier II. The satellite is tasked with studying short circuits in the electronic system caused by energy particles and comparing them to the radiative environment of CERN’s High Energy Accelerator Mixed Field (CHARM) facility.

      MTCube 2 (Memory Test CubeSat), also known as ROBUSTA 1C is also a Cubesat project from the University of Montpellier II. Its mission will be to conduct experiments on the effects of radiation on memory components in space. The mission is on behalf of the European Space Agency.

      The TRISAT-R satellite is a scientific and educational mission developed by the University of Maribor in Slovenia. The Cubesat will primarily study and map ionizing radiation in Medium Earth Orbits (MEO), as well as test AI algorithms using COTS components and error mitigation techniques in the high radiation environment of the spacecraft. ‘space.

      TRISAT-R, satellite
      The TRISAT-R (Credit: ESA)

      ALPHA is an Italian technology demonstration developed by ARCA dynamics. The purpose of the Cubesat is to demonstrate radiation resistant technology. The mission will take place in the inner Van Allen belt in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). This is an extremely harsh radiation environment where the earth’s magnetic field traps harmful solar winds and cosmic rays from the sun. There, ALPHA will carry out experiments that will allow us to better understand phenomena linked to the magnetosphere, such as the aurora borealis and australis.

      ALPHA, Cubesat
      Cubesat ALPHA (Credit: ARCA Dynamics)

      The AstroBio Cubesat and the GreenCube are Italian technology demonstration Cubesats developed by ENEA. AstroBio is testing solutions for detecting bio-molecules, a technology that will improve the health of astronauts and could even help in the search for life in future planetary exploration missions! GreenCube will conduct a plant growing experiment in a microgravity environment.

      What is Vega-C?

      The Vega-C, or Vega Consolidation, is an updated version of the original Vega rocket that has been optimized for better launch performance and flexibility. Development began in 2014 with the aim of meeting ever-changing payload demands and competing with cheaper launch vendors. It was the rockets’ maiden voyage.

      The Vega-C features several key changes from the original Vega model. On the first stage, the original P80 motor was replaced by the PI20C booster. The entire Zefiro 23 second stage has been replaced with the Zefiro 40. The current AVUM fourth stage will be replaced with a larger AVUM+. These updates will enable new mission settings. The Vega-C will be able to carry a double payload when using the Vespa-C payload adapter, alternatively it will be able to carry a single large satellite with multiple small payloads when using the payload distributor Multiple Vampire and SMSS.

      The Vega-C has three solid fuel stages and a liquid fuel fourth stage. It is capable of carrying ~2200 kg in a polar orbit of 700 km.

      VEGA-C, elevation, stage separation
      Illustration VEGA-C elevation & Floor separation (Credit: ESA)

      First stage

      Vega C’s first stage, the P120C, uses hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as a propellant. The stage generates an average thrust of 3,015 kN and has a specific impulse of 280 seconds.

      Second step

      The rocket’s second stage, Zefiro 40, also uses the HTPB booster. The rocket engine burns provides 1,122 kN of thrust and has a specific impulse of 287.5 seconds.

      Third step

      The third stage, Zefiro 9, also uses the HTPB thruster. The engine of this stage provides 314 kN of thrust and it has a specific impulse of 295.2 seconds. This stage is identical to the original Vega third stage.

      Fourth step

      The fourth and final stage of the Vega-C rocket, AVUM+ (Attitude & Vernier Upper Module), uses hypergolic thrusters, asymmetric dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) for fuel, and nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) as an oxidant. This step has a specific impulse of 314.6 seconds.

      Mission timeline

      Event Time* (h:m:s)
      P120 ignition 00:00:00
      Separation P120 00:02:26
      Z40 ignition 00:02:27
      Z40 Separation 00:04:35
      Z9 ignition 00:04:42
      Fairing separation 00:04:46
      Z9 Separation 00:07:22
      AVUM+ 1st ignition 00:18:11
      AVUM+ cut 00:22:16
      AVUM+ 2nd ignition 01:14:03
      AVUM+ cut 01:23:04
      Main P/L Separation 01:24:06
      AVUM+ 3rd ignition 01:35:46
      AVUM+ cut 01:35:57
      AVUM+ 4th ignition 02:07:04
      AVUM+ cut 02:07:16
      Beginning of the Cubesat separation sequence 02:09:56
      1st CubeSat separation 02:09:56
      Separation of the 2nd CubeSat 02:09:58
      Separation of the 3rd CubeSat 02:09:59
      Separation of the 4th CubeSat 02:10:01
      AVUM+ 5th ignition 02:15:28
      AVUM+ cut 02:15:32
      *Actual time may vary

      “In outright war, the Indian military will be no match for the AI-backed Chinese war machines”


      New Delhi, July 16 (IANS): If India and China were to fight a war in the near future, India risks losing the war within ten days. China could take Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh with minimal casualties, and India couldn’t do much about it, says military expert and best-selling author Pravin Sawhney.

      It’s because the Indian army is preparing for the wrong war, says Sawhney in his revealing and disturbing book, “The Last War: How AI Will Shape India’s Final Showdown With China” (Aleph), as he explains in detail how this alarming scenario could unfold.

      China’s war with India will be reminiscent of the 1991 Gulf War in which US military combat networks linking sensors to gunners and guided munitions with the support of space assets caused a shock and a fear among militaries around the world. Similarly, China’s war with India will stun the world with the use of artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, multi-domain operations, imaginative warfare concepts and human-robot collaboration. smart, writes Sawhney.

      China has been preparing for this since the Doklam Crisis in 2017, after which it permanently increased its troops across the Line of Actual Control, leading to a stalemate that continued for two years without any tangible sign of resolution.

      The author argues that China’s superpower status will only grow and the “capabilities mismatch” between the two countries will increase. And if there is outright war, the Indian military will be no match for the AI-backed Chinese war machines.

      In such a war, traditional conventional forces will be at a huge disadvantage, nuclear weapons will have no role to play, and the valor of individual soldiers will be irrelevant.

      India is honing its forces to wage war in the three physical domains of land, air and sea, while the PLA is striving to become the superior overwhelming force in seven domains – air, land, sea ​​(including warfare on the high seas), outer space, cyberspace, the electromagnetic spectrum, and near space (aka the hypersonic realm).

      The PLA’s disruptive technologies will overwhelm India within the first seventy-two hours of the outbreak of hostilities and lead to the rapid end of India’s resistance, the author writes, as the main battlefield will not be not on earth but in cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum.

      “The Last War” explains why it is essential that India works to prevent such a war from taking place.

      He should avoid focusing on a joint fight with the United States, whose power in the region is weakening. Instead, India should seek to make peace with China and Pakistan, its main adversaries at the moment, while simultaneously working to build up its military and technological forces in areas it has not focused on. its resources. Only then will the country’s borders be firmly secured and the region’s future peace and prosperity assured, the author argues.

      Sawhney has been the editor of the national security and defense news magazine FORCE since August 2003. The author of three books – “Dragon On Our Doorstep: Managing China Through Military Power” (co-authored with Ghazala Wahab), “The Defense Makeover: 10 Myths Shaping India’s Image”, and “Operation Parakram: The Unfinished War” – he was Visiting Scholar at the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, UK and Visiting Scholar at the Cooperative Monitoring Center, USA.

      After thirteen years of commissioned service in the Indian Army, he worked with The Times of India and Indian Express – and with the UK-based Jane’s International Defense Review.

      Seriously, what are all these mysterious spatial signals doing?


      Astronomy can be, in some ways, a lot like the classic board game Clue. Scientists explore a sprawling but ultimately contained world, collecting information and testing theories about a great mystery. You can’t cover every corner, but with the right combination of strategy and luck, you can piece together enough clues to reasonably guess the neat answer – who, where and how – encased in a little yellow envelope in the center of it all. .

      Only, instead of a fictional killer, astronomers are trying to track down the source of strange flashes of radio signals reaching Earth from the depths of space.

      Scientists have discovered hundreds of such flashes, known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), over the past 15 years. Signals are intense and fleeting things. They come from all directions in the night sky and sneak up on our telescopes. Most are unique pieces, never to be seen again. A few “repeating FRBs” have appeared more than once. Astronomers have gathered as much evidence as possible and traced the approximate origins of FRBs to the enormous mansion that is our universe. Almost all come from distant galaxies, while just one so far came from somewhere in our own Milky Way. But astronomers still haven’t understood polar, or how; they don’t know for sure what type of astrophysical objects produce these powerful radio wave emissions.

      But astronomers have found a tantalizing new clue.

      A team of researchers has detected a new FRB from a galaxy billions of light-years from Earth, and this one is stranger than all the others. Most bursts last only a few milliseconds, pulsing with such intensity that they glow as brightly as galaxies before disappearing. But this emission of radio waves lasted about 1,000 times longer: three whole seconds. And there was something unusual about the signal itself. Astronomers detected small pulses, peaking about every 0.2 seconds, during the three-second burst. The researchers had previously detected an FRB source that followed a noticeable pattern, producing millisecond flickers for several days before calming down and then restarting. But the flashes themselves were random. It was the first time that the signal itself featured such a precise rhythm.

      “In the FRB world, this is definitely big news,” Sarah Burke-Spolaor, an astronomer at the University of West Virginia who studies FRBs and was not involved in the new detection, told me. “The main question we always ask ourselves with FRB is: what makes them? A strict periodicity like this would be major.

      The existence of such a model supports the growing evidence that suggests the culprit behind FRBs is a neutron star, the remnant core of a once-giant star that has burned up its fuel. Professor Plum could be a pulsar, a type of neutron star that spins rapidly and spews beams of radiation from its poles. Or Miss Scarlet could be a magnetar, another type of neutron star, known for its strong magnetic fields. “It’s very difficult to design a natural clock like that, but pulsars are the only known emitting objects with enough momentum to behave that way,” Burke-Spolaor said.

      The researchers behind the detection didn’t have enough to definitely pin the FRB to a pulsar, Shami Chatterjee, an astrophysicist at Cornell University and co-author of the new research, told me. They also don’t have a good explanation for why this signal was so intense. Perhaps unseen gravitational forces amplified the emissions from a pulsar as it headed our way, making them brighter for radio telescopes. Or maybe a magnetar is having a giant flare. The latest detection bears some similarities to radio emissions from pulsars and magnetars found in our own Milky Way galaxy, but the strange new signal sounds, well, stranger. “It’s all just very particular,” Chatterjee said.

      At that time, you might be thinking, Okay, astronomers have their suspicions about what’s responsible for the FRBs, but they haven’t solved the case. Add to that the discovery of a surprisingly clear pattern, and you might wonder: Could it be aliens? No, sorry. “Periodic signals are very, very common from normal astronomical sources,” Sofia Sheikh, an astronomer at the SETI Institute who works to find signs of advanced technology beyond Earth, told me. These sources include pulsars and magnetars. “If the source was pulsing pi numbers or the Fibonacci sequence or something like that, then that would be a SETI story,” Sheikh said.

      If pulsars can indeed produce FRBs, astronomers can study these flashes to help them solve other cosmic mysteries. Scientists have already used the rhythms of less mysterious pulsars in the Milky Way as a kind of astrophysical clock, allowing them to perform various tasks such as measuring the mass of Jupiter, studying the properties of the space between stars and even discover a diamond-made exoplanet, Burke-Spolaor said. In the case of the diamond planet, which also started with an unusual signal, the clues quickly piled up: when astronomers noticed an intriguing shift in radio emissions from a pulsar 4,000 light-years away, they realized the best explanation was the presence from a nearby planet. The planet, according to their analysis, was composed mostly of carbon and oxygen, and dense enough to crystallize into a world of diamonds.

      Astronomers hope to stumble upon more FRBs like this in their search for our cosmic lands. The Canadian telescope that detected this burst is constantly looking for more, and future observatories could discover thousands of them each month. “With every step of the process with the FRBs, every answer we got comes with a lot of other questions,” Burke-Spolaor said. “This detection does the same thing.” So far, astronomers have only looked for FRBs that last a few milliseconds because they didn’t think the flashes could last much longer, and it’s possible “we could miss a bunch of FRBs that last a few seconds,” Vikram Ravi, an astronomer at Caltech who was not involved in the new research but who studies FRBs, told me. The history of FRBs is a long game, and scientists now know to expect sudden twists. The secret envelope remains closed, but astronomers still have many cosmic halls to explore, and each turn promises to reveal a new clue.

      Merchant Cash Advance Market Set for Development Growth, Industry Outlook, Business Outlook, and Revenue Estimate by 2022-2028 | Key Company Profiles – Fundbox, Kabbage, Square Capital, National Funding


      The research report on theMerchant Cash Advance Market” covers the market size, market dynamics and development prospects of the market for the forecast period. This report provides quantitative and qualitative data and business participants in the supply chain process and helps market vendors to increase the productivity and operational efficiency of their business. The report categorizes market growth, market share, latest trends, market players, micro macro economic data, and industry attractiveness by segment.

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      One of the essential parts of this report includes Merchant Cash Advance Market key vendor’s discussion of executive summary, company profiles, market revenue, and financial analysis. The research report will help market players to develop future business strategies and learn about the global competition.

      The key players covered in this report:

      Fundbox, Kabbage, Square Capital, National Funding, CAN Capital, Credible, Stripe Capital, CanCapital, PayPal Working Capital, American Express Merchant Financing, Fora Financial, Lendio

      Report Scope:

      The Merchant Cash Advance market report defines several important characteristics of the market. It will provide the beginnings of this report, describe the needs of this business and the expected results of the research efforts, identify the constraints in the development of a specific solution, the business processes impacted by the project and identify the internal and external entities. The Global Merchant Cash Advance Market report covers the manufacturers, outlines CAGR status and analyzes its value, potential growth, market competition landscapes, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, SWOT and many development plans over the next few years. The detailed analysis of the market position is constantly growing with precise innovation and development activities in the industry.

      Segmentation by types of products/services:

      $5,000-250,000, $250,000-500,000, >$500,000

      Merchant Cash Advance Market Applications:

      Time spent in business 18 months

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      ➸ Define, describe and forecast the market for Merchant Cash Advance Market products by type, application, end-user, and region.
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      ➸ Provide analysis of market dynamics, such as market driving forces and market growth restraints.
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      ➸ Track global market trends and study the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on major global domains.
      ➸ Analyze participants’ market opportunities and provide industry leaders with insights into the competitive landscape.

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      Regional landscape:

      State some of the factors which directly affect the market including production strategies, business methods, development platforms and product models. It will also detail the revenues recorded by these given regions. Moreover, the Merchant Cash Advance market report includes specific information on various country-level development plans, potential market restraints, and other restraints to revenue growth. Geographically, the regions covered in the report:

      ➸ North America (USA, Canada)
      ➸ Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Others)
      ➸Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others)
      ➸ Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Others)
      ➸ The Middle East and Africa

      Opportunities for growth:

      The global merchant cash advance industry is studied for potential growth in a variety of applications and regions. The research assesses the rate of development and value of the industry due to industry demographics and growth driving factors. It covers developing market conditions, preferred market channels, domain drivers and restraints, to name a few. The analysis took into account prices, revenues, revenue growth, production costs and other parameters.

      Answers to key questions in the report:

      • What is the growth potential of the Merchant Cash Advance market?
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      • What growth opportunities might arise in the merchant cash advance industry in the coming years?
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      How PCPs can anticipate cognitive decline in their patients


      Early detection using modern tools is necessary to improve the quality of life of your patients

      In less than 15 years, the population of people aged 65 and over in the United States is expected to reach 80 million, up from less than 55 million in 2019, according to US Census projections. Unfortunately, years of life gained are often associated with health-related disability. As part of the United Nations Decade of Healthy Aging (2021-2030), there is global momentum to promote healthy aging and add life to years.

      Neurological disorders, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, are the leading cause of disability worldwide. The WHO predicts that brain-related disabilities will account for half of the global economic impact of disability by 2030. Dementia is the disability American adults fear most and Alzheimer’s disease is the most feared type of dementia. more frequent. Currently, more than 10 percent of people age 65 and older and about a third of people age 80 and older have Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Promoting brain health is key to adding life in years.

      Unfortunately, the current state of brain care delivers too little too late, failing to promote brain health and prevent or minimize the impact of brain-related disabilities. To improve care and manage growing needs, the following challenges must be addressed:

      The current approach to brain health is largely reactive with minimal attention paid to preventing cognitive decline and promoting cognitive resilience. Brain care usually only becomes a priority if a patient or family member raises a concern, which delays diagnosis and shortens the window of opportunity for intervention, especially given patients’ reluctance to do share their concerns (e.g., because of stigma). The approach to heart health or cancer screening illustrates the power and promise of a different, more proactive approach to brain health.

      Primary care providers (PCPs) face practical barriers to performing more systematic screening.A recent survey by the Alzheimer’s Association found that almost all PCPs (96%) think it’s important to assess patients aged 60 and over for cognitive impairment, but they currently perform assessments for half (48%). Among the top barriers, 72% of PCPs said they have trouble differentiating pathological cognitive impairment from normal aging and 47% say they lack the expertise to perform cognitive assessments. PCPs also report a lack of access to cognitive tests and the resources and time to administer them. Taken together, PCPs are not well equipped to screen and monitor patients with cognitive impairment at present.

      Limited access to specialized resources for a specific diagnosis leads to delays in initiating care plans. Unfortunately, there is a significant shortage of specialists, which often leads to wait times of three to nine months to see one. Many patients might not need specialist referral if PCPs were better equipped to provide diagnostic and management services, especially to patients with uncomplicated cases of dementia and other diseases of the brain. brain.

      Early detection of cognitive impairments and specific diagnoses, such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI), offers several opportunities to benefit individuals and their families:

      Impact the cognitive trajectory through lifestyle and health interventions. Research shows that preserving brain function and building cognitive resilience is a lifelong endeavor. A growing body of evidence also suggests that interventions addressing modifiable risk factors, such as obesity, hearing and/or visual impairment, nicotine use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, impaired mood, medication side effects, poor diet, sleep disturbances, lack of exercise and/or loneliness may help mitigate the risk of cognitive impairment and progression to dementia (see Lancet Commission 2020, FINGER study 2015). Encouragingly, in a 2022 Lifebrain survey, 70% of people said that memory issues would be a key motivation for them to improve their lifestyle (under the guidance of their healthcare team). These results underscore the need for a greater emphasis on prevention and the implementation of personalized interventions as early as possible.

      Plan what matters most. Early diagnosis allows patients and their families to define their future goals and plan for them (i.e. live the life they choose based on what matters most to them specifically). A survey by the Alzheimer’s Association found that 85% of older adults in the United States want to know early if they have Alzheimer’s disease, citing their top two reasons as the ability to plan with their family and get a earlier treatment (both 70%).

      Get timely care and access to clinical trials. Clear and early diagnosis helps ensure that therapies can be implemented much earlier, during the windows of opportunity where the greatest improvements are possible. It also gives patients time to consider enrolling in clinical studies, allowing researchers to follow them longitudinally and develop objective measures of target engagement for new treatments.

      PCPs are well positioned to partner with individuals and their families to promote brain health, identify cognitive impairment early, and ensure interventions are aligned with what matters most to each patient. To do this, PCPs need new tools. Fortunately, the landscape of cognitive assessments is changing rapidly as technology advances, technology adoption among older adults increases, and external events – as exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic – drive innovation.

      There are several limitations to traditional cognitive screening tools. Paper-based assessments require manual workflows, involve subjective scoring and interpretation, and offer only limited information about a person’s cognitive abilities, making them neither efficient nor scalable. Additionally, larger neuropsychological batteries are required for confirmatory diagnosis and the process of performing these tests and obtaining the results can be time-consuming and labor-intensive and, therefore, can introduce unnecessary delays in the clinical decision-making process.

      Digital cognitive assessments are creating a new space for proactive screening and intervention in primary care. AI-based assessments that measure performance on a range of tasks and analyze a wide range of metrics offer the potential for early detection and specific diagnosis, detecting subtle signs of cognitive impairment in sub -preclinical types of AD and MCI. These tools are also much more efficient, can integrate easily into primary care workflows, and may not require physician administration. Automated scoring and immediate interpretation frees up more time for PCPs to focus on next steps for the patient, which some digital solutions also help with integrated clinical decision support.

      More widespread use of digital cognitive assessments can benefit patients, providers, and the entire healthcare system. Digital solutions deliver value to PCPs by improving both cognitive assessment rates and practice workflows, while providing new revenue opportunities. They can be effectively integrated into annual well visits, establishing reliable practice for cognitive screening, and they can help PCPs take advantage of new Medicare reimbursement codes for cognitive assessment and care planning, which have been underutilized to date. Additionally, in a value-based world of health care delivery, simplified assessments offer the potential to help prevent complications requiring urgent or acute care by quickly identifying those most at risk. By enabling broader and more effective screening, digital assessments can help facilitate earlier and more impactful interventions, more efficient triage to specialists, and opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials.

      It’s never too early, but it’s also never too late, to impact individual cognitive trajectories and reduce patients’ risk of brain disability and dementia. Gaining a deeper understanding of new approaches to digital brain health assessments can empower PCPs to help their patients stay ahead of cognitive decline and transform human health.

      Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD is Chief Medical Officer of Linus Health, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Principal Investigator at the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research, and Medical Director of the Deanna and Sidney Wolk Center for Memory Health at Hebrew SeniorLife.

      Ankur Bharija, MD is vice president of geriatrics at Linus Health and assistant professor and practicing geriatrician, primary care and population health, at Stanford University School of Medicine.

      Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More


      The last thing anyone wants to hear after their breast cancer is in remission is that they need another round of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, this can happen when breast cancer comes back.

      It can also happen when a secondary cancer, such as leukemia, develops.

      Secondary cancers are cancers that develop as a result of cancer treatments or other risk factors after the original cancer has gone into remission. A secondary cancer can develop months or even years after cancer treatments have finished.

      People who have been treated for breast cancer can develop leukemia as a second cancer.

      Read on to learn more about the risk of developing leukemia after breast cancer, what causes it to develop, how it is treated, and more.

      It is estimated that about 0.5% of people treated for breast cancer develop secondary leukaemia. This is different from a recurrence of breast cancer after remission.

      Leukemia after breast cancer treatment is a new and different cancer. It’s not the return of breast cancer.

      Leukemia can be acute or chronic. Acute leukemias grow and spread quickly, while chronic leukemias spread slowly.

      In most cases, the type of leukemia that develops after breast cancer treatment is acute. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common type of leukemia to develop as a secondary cancer after breast cancer treatment.

      Cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy, affect both cancer cells and healthy cells. It is known that exposure to radiation can increase the risk of certain cancers.

      Additionally, researchers believe that breast cancer treatment damages the DNA inside your bone marrow. The cells inside your bone marrow are responsible for making blood cells. Damage to DNA in the bone marrow can affect the production of blood cells. In rare cases, this can lead to leukemia, as leukemia is a cancer of the blood.

      A study 2019 indicated that it is possible that these DNA mutations already exist in some people. This research hypothesizes that chemotherapy and radiation therapy activate pre-existing mutations and may explain why secondary leukemia only affects a small number of people who have received breast cancer treatments.

      If further studies confirm these findings, it could allow doctors to identify people at risk for secondary leukemia even before breast cancer treatments begin.

      Other cancers after breast cancer

      The most common cancer in people with breast cancer is another breast cancer. Having breast cancer once increases your risk of developing other breast cancer tumors.

      Other types of cancer that sometimes occur after breast cancer treatment include:

      Leukemia can develop months or years after breast cancer treatment. It’s a good idea to keep all follow-up appointments and report any new symptoms to your doctor.

      Some leukemia symptoms may seem minor or resemble symptoms of less serious conditions at first, but reporting them early can make a difference in treatment options and outcomes. If you have had symptoms of leukemia for more than a week or two, tell your doctor.

      Symptoms of leukemia include:

      Your leukemia treatment will depend on several factors, including your general health, how far the leukemia has spread, and how you responded to chemotherapy and radiation therapy during breast cancer treatment.

      Remember that leukemia is not a recurrence of breast cancer. It is a new cancer that will need to be treated separately.

      Treatment options include:

      • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the main treatment for all forms of leukemia and is used to kill cancer cells.
      • Radiotherapy: Radiation therapy uses energy to kill cancer cells.
      • Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy uses specialized drugs to find, block and kill cancer cells.
      • Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy teaches your immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.
      • Bone marrow transplants: A bone marrow transplant, sometimes called a stem cell transplant, is a procedure that replaces your unhealthy bone marrow cells with cancer-free bone marrow cells. Healthy cells can come either from your own body or from the body of a donor. You can read more about bone marrow transplants here.

      The outlook for leukemia depends on a number of factors, including:

      • how far the leukemia has spread at the time of diagnosis
      • your general state of health
      • how well you respond to treatment
      • your age

      According to National Cancer Institutebetween 2012 and 2018, the 5-year survival rate for all types of leukemia was 65.7%.

      Over the past few decades, survival rates have steadily increased. It is likely that this trend will continue as new, more effective treatment options are developed.

      A small but significant percentage of people treated for breast cancer eventually develop secondary leukemia as a result of treatment.

      Researchers are still conducting studies to determine what causes this increased risk of leukemia and what can be done to reduce this risk. Currently, it is believed that a combination of known radiation risks and possible pre-existing genetic factors could lead to secondary leukaemia.

      It’s a good idea to pay attention to any signs and symptoms you experience after breast cancer treatment and report them to your doctor immediately. Early diagnosis can increase your treatment options and improve your outlook.

      17 Midwestern Artists Offer Insight into Black Abstraction Art in SooVAC Exhibit


      Sometimes an artist finds the community, but other times the community finds the artist.

      In the case of Twin Cities-based artist/curator Gregory J. Rose, he wanted to find other artists working in Black Abstraction, so he put out an open call for an exhibition that would focus on exactly that.

      “Since the uprising and George Floyd, art has been at the forefront of the past, of healing, of communication and of community,” Rose said. “I wanted to know who my peers were because I’ve lived here since 2001.”

      His responses were collected in the group exhibition “Change Is God – Take Root Among the Stars: Black Abstraction in the Midwest,” currently on view at the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis. Seventeen artists who call the Midwest home — including one in Oklahoma who has advocated for that state as part of the region — make up the mix of two- and three-dimensional work in this exhibit, which includes painting, installation , quilting, video and sculpture.

      abstract power

      Abstract art is more like music in the sense of looking and feeling rather than immediately recognizing faces and places and then assigning meaning. In a 2020 academic study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers found that abstract art can help people understand things more conceptually than realistically, evoking “distant” feelings. .

      Eight of the performing artists have made the Twin Cities their home. Stephanie A. Lindquist’s four abstract photographs and lightboxes, arranged on the floor like a reproductive organism, are actually representations of mold that grows from Minnesota to West Africa.

      Sarah White’s dynamic installation is a suspended white canvas with electromagnetic lines scribbled across it and a faint video projection of a black woman tying a rope around herself and then lying on the floor.

      He was inspired by “what it’s like to have my hands on a body and feel their grief and think about how the heart has electromagnetic waves that go out 3 meters in every direction,” White said in a video on the SooVac YouTube channel.

      Also on display is recent Guggenheim Fellow Ta-coumba T. Aiken, who recently closed a solo exhibition at the Dreamsong Gallery in northeast Minneapolis. Aiken, whose circular acrylic-on-canvas works “Time to Face It! Tell the truth” and “KEYes on the Prize” are on display, noted how abstraction is “not a new thing for African-American artists, to call ourselves abstract black artists.” He mentioned Alma Thomas, whose work is in the Whitney Museum of American Art, as one of the first black abstract artists.

      “Then there are people like Norman Lewis, who was an abstract artist at the same time as Jackson Pollack, but art critics wouldn’t talk about him, probably because he was black,” Aiken said. “When I discovered his work, it was phenomenal.”

      Part of Rose’s desire for the show was to move the conversation around black abstraction beyond the more well-known Twin Cities artists who worked there, such as Aiken, Seitu Jones and Clarence Morgan, with whom he studied. in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. .

      Artist Alex Beaumont began his work around a personal project exploring his Jamaican nature.

      “I’ve felt a bit tenuous or disconnected at times that I haven’t had a deeper relationship with the island and certain members of my family,” Beaumont said.

      “In the work, I count with these feelings of loss and I feel this materially in the withdrawal of the threads of the work – this permeability of the work with the cut canvas – but I also claim my experience embodied in my Jamaican. .”

      She uses fabric made from the sorrel plant. Her textile pieces also visually reference the iron work on her family’s home in Mandeville, Jamaica.

      Beaumont grew up in South Carolina, but her father is from Jamaica and her mother is of German descent. She likens the way Jamaican culture spread to the breath of a dandelion’s seeds.

      “It gave me a deep sense of comfort that, you know, the things that I feel and experience within the framework of [a Jamaican] The Diaspora really has this connective tissue with the other people in that Diaspora,” she said. “It was a great experience to be part of this show.”


      Change is God – Take Root Among the Stars: Dark Abstraction in the Midwest

      When: Ends Sat., July 30, with a reception and panel discussion from 5-8 p.m.

      Where: Soo Visual Arts Center, 2909 Bryant Ave. S., #101, Deputies.

      Hours: 1pm-6pm Wed-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat-Sun

      Information: 612-871-2263 or soovac.org.

      A review of seismo-electromagnetic research i


      image: The apparent resistivity (ρa) begins to increase in a pulsating fashion about three months before the March 27, 2017 Yangbi MS5.1 earthquake at the DAL station (epicenter 32 km). It reaches its maximum magnitude 15 days before the earthquake, then decreases to its background value 3 days before the earthquake. The phase (φ) varies accordingly. (a) The ρa and φ at the frequency of 75 Hz are recorded for about 2 continuous years before and after the earthquake (the data error is less than 10%). (b) Part data cut from (a); XY and YX indicate the polarizations of the electric field respectively according to NS and EW (Han et al., 2021)
      see After

      Credit: ©Science China Press

      Almost all EM methods used in prospecting for resources and deep structures began to be used in monitoring and forecasting earthquake precursors since 1966 Xingtai Ms6.8 earthquakes. New satellite observation techniques based on the DEMETER and CSES, and CSELF satellites have been developed over the last decade. Some search results are shown below.

      Earth Resistivity (DC): Prior to earthquakes of magnitude >7.0, ground resistivity at stations adjacent to the epicenter showed typical characteristics of anomalous decline. Resistivity is one of the few parameters with characteristics of repeatable anomalies before earthquakes. More than 80 stations currently exist in China.

      Magnetotelluric MTobservation: Resistivity first decreased and then recovered during the 1976 Tangshan Ms7.8 etc are observed. Earthquakes and aftershocks are concentrated near the boundary or conversion zone, in between there is low resistivity with high rock porosity and low mechanical property, and high resistivity. Observation using the CSELF DAL station shows that the apparent resistivity begins to increase in a pulsed fashion about three months before Yangbi MsEarthquake of 5.1 of March 27, 2017 at the DAL station (distance from the epicenter of 32 km) then decreases to the background value 3 days before the earthquake (Fig.1).

      Geomagnetic observation: The relationship between geomagnetic anomalies and seismicity can be divided into two main categories: (1) the magnetic susceptibility and remanent magnetism of rocks under stress will change (“piezomagnetic effect”), which can be used in earthquake prediction. short-term and imminent earth. (2) The geomagnetic anomaly is exhibited by the induction effect due to the change in underground electrical property (“induced magnetic effect”) which usually occurred several months or more before the earthquake. Hundreds of geomagnetic stations have been built in China so far. In the event of a seismic emergency, mobile measuring stations or sites equipped with fluxgate magnetometers will be deployed for emergency observation

      Observation of the geoelectric field: The conventional geoelectrical method, called ‘Tu Di Dian’ played an important role in the successful prediction of 1975 Haicheng Ms7.3 earthquake. A revolutionary improvement in the observation of the geoelectric field has taken place since 1981. The VAN method proposed by Greek scientists and a special instrument has been developed. Over 120 stations have been built to date.

      Electromagnetic radiation observation: Most stations observe only the electric field or the magnetic field. For stronger earthquakes, anomalies usually start earlier, with a large area of ​​measurable anomalies. For example, the range of EM radiation anomalies from an earthquake of magnitude ≥ 5 can reach 500 km. This method is far behind other technologies. However, due to its low cost, it developed rapidly and more than 200 stations were built in China.

      Electromagnetic observation by satellite: Since the launch of the first seismo-electromagnetic satellite detector DEMETER on June 29, 2004 by France etc., research using satellite observation data to study seismo-electromagnetic anomalies has become a new area of ​​research. China’s first CSES seismo-electromagnetic satellite is also launched on February 2, 2018. Satellite observation mainly focuses on ionospheric electromagnetic field, in situ plasma parameters and high-energy particle flux, etc. Earthquake-related anomalies mostly occurred within a week. or a few hours before earthquakes, showing typical short-term and imminent temporal characteristics. The main disadvantage of satellite observation is that the satellite is located directly in the ionosphere, so it can easily register interference in space, which can lead to too many anomalies. The transit time of a single satellite is limited, the orbital interval is large, and large space-time voids may exist. A new satellite, named CSES-2, is under development and will be launched in 2022. This will further improve coverage and spatio-temporal resolution.

      Outgoing long-wave radiation (OLR) from infrared detection showed a significant increase one month before the earthquakes. Several ground-based ionospheric detection technologies have also been applied to study vertical ionospheric ionosonde, very low frequency radio waves, Schumann resonance and GNSS TEC, etc. The joint study of anomalies on the ground, the EM satellite and the infrared is very promising. in research on lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling mechanisms.

      Physical experience: Most measurements of resistivity of rocks in the laboratory at normal temperature or at elevated temperature and pressure suggest that the change in resistivity caused by the fracture of rocks is much larger than the deformation induced by seismic strain. In experiments, resistivity typically undergoes a change in three stages before final decay: slow increase, steady or minor disturbance, and final rapid decline. Experiments show that most radiated electromagnetic waves are in the form of a single pulse or a continuous train of pulses, but paroxysmal pulses can also occur. The electrical signal appears earlier than the magnetic signal, with higher frequency and amplitude. Field tests such as large-load blasting, small-scale blasting, and limestone mine blasting have shown that waves of different frequencies appear in different orders. Secondary radiation excited by seismic waves exists. These phenomena are similar to those observed by seismic stations.

      Numerical modeling : The electrokinetic effect of the seismo-electromagnetic radiation signal generated by the porous medium model has received wide attention in recent years. The electric field accompanying the seismic P wave is not only related to the amplitude of the P wave and the dynamic electrical coupling coefficient, but also related to the porous structure of the medium. There are three main pathways of seismic ionospheric coupling: supplemental DC electric field coupling, acoustic and gravity wave propagation, and electromagnetic wave propagation coupling. Testing by the controlled source signal in the very low frequency range of the Earth’s surface has shown that the lower the frequency, the lower the propagation loss in the ionosphere.

      Proposals: To obtain more comprehensive information about the anomalies before the earthquake, detailed three-dimensional (3D) observation and multi-parameter research should be conducted (Fig. 2).

      The stability of the earth’s surface impedance and apparent resistivity parameters calculated from synchronous observation of electric and magnetic fields (such as the MT method) and the ability to judge reasonable data are particularly helpful in distinguishing the origin of the electric field or source magnetic field anomaly and interference from non-seismic factors.

      Many seismo-electromagnetic anomalies appear in alternating EM fields, therefore, in the process of building a well-equipped “natural laboratory”, multiparameter observations in the frequency band of the alternating EM field must be taken into account. It is recommended to standardize the use of the EM field frequency band designation officially issued in China: very low frequency (VLF, 3k to 30 kHz), ultra low frequency (ULF, 300 to 3000 Hz), super low frequency . frequency (SLF, 30 to 300 Hz), extremely low frequency (ELF, 3 to 30 Hz) and extremely low frequency (TLF,

      Two biases appear that need to be clarified: (1) In the absence of sufficient analysis of the source and characteristics of the anomalies, it is assumed that the anomalies in the data are related to the earthquake. (2) It is generally accepted that many abnormal phenomena are caused by interference. According to the observation examples, the paper summarized the “four-step” methods of identifying and extracting anomalies and achieved reasonable results. In this process, obtaining the effective background field forms the basis, while identifying the actual anomaly caused by the earthquake is the key.

      Many studies have confirmed the effect and importance of crustal fluids on the induction or triggering of earthquakes. The EM method has unique advantages in detecting fluids and partially molten rocks of the lower crust and upper mantle and has become an irreplaceable technology in earthquake prediction. It is necessary to conduct detailed EM surveys that cover the entire depth of the crust and up to the upper mantle in areas of typical seismic activity or in areas that have been affected by strong earthquakes.

      See the article:

      Zhao G, Zhang X, Cai J, Zhan Y, Ma Q, Tang J, Du X, Han B, Wang L, Chen X, Xiao Q, Sun X, Dong Z, Wang J, Zhang J, Fan Y, Ye T 2022. A review of seismo-electromagnetic research in China. Science Earth Sciences in China, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11430-021-9930-5

      CCGA at record pace for cash advances – HighRiverOnline.com


      The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is at a record pace in terms of the number of Advance Payments Program advances issued, as well as dollars issued.

      “What we’ve seen so far is a record year in terms of the number of advances as well as the dollar value of advances,” said David Gallant, director of finance and operations. “On the first day of the program this year, we awarded more than 1,500 farmers over $275 million through the cash advance program.”

      According to Gallant, the average advance is up nearly 50% for farmers this year.

      He believes that with higher input costs, rising interest rates and continued pressure from weather impacts and supply chain challenges, many farmers will be keen to access the increased benefit. which took effect on June 20.

      The interest-free portion of a cash advance has increased from $100,000 to $250,000 for the 2022 and 2023 programs, which Gallant says could save farmers using the program up to $5,500. $ in interest charges over the next two years.

      “Margins are shrinking, and anywhere you can cut costs, especially on working capital, that will be valuable,” Gallant said. “$5,500 is not something to sneeze at, so I think it will inspire more and more farmers to consider this type of program to ensure they can maximize the savings they can make. on their working capital needs.

      Through the CCGA, farmers can access advances on more than 50 commodities, including crops, livestock and honey. Farmers can apply for a cash advance of up to $250,000 without interest and up to a maximum of $1,000,000. The interest-bearing portion is subject to prime interest less 0.75%.

      Farmers considering a cash advance for the first time are encouraged to call CCGA at 1-866-745-2256 to apply over the phone. Existing customers can use the self-service options available from their online account, make a request by phone or download a request form at www.ccga.ca.

      The Advance Payments Program is a federal loan program administered by the CCGA. It provides Canadian farmers with marketing flexibility through low-interest, no-interest cash advances.

      WynnBet NY promo code create advantage with $50 bet, earn $200 in free bets




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      Radiation Therapy Immobilizers Market Research Analysis: 2022,


      Radiation therapy immobilizer

      The research report “Radiation Therapy Immobilizer Market” is a competent and top-down research by specialists on the current state of the industry. It is simple to assess the size, climate, growth, and development of the market as the Radiotherapy Immobilizer market is separated by type, application, and end-use. This statistical survey report provides the latest industry insights and future industry patterns, allowing you to single out items and end customers driving development and revenue benefits. The Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market analysis is based on a number of organizational objectives including product sub-segments, product definition, manufacturing capacity, raw material requirement, distribution cycle, and financial datas.

      Ask for our exclusive sample PDF report with industry trends and growth figures @ https://www.stratagemmarketinsights.com/sample/148733

      The report offers detailed records related to threats and demanding situations covered by the company’s assets. The report declares numerical facts regarding market size and volume at unique times. Based on an analysis of historical growth and current scenario of the Radiation Therapy Immobilizers Market, the report aims to offer actionable insights into the growth projections of the global market. Also helps users in their development strategy. The report also provides full details in terms of recent developments in the market and all manufacturers.

      The report thoroughly explores significant recent developments by key players and innovation profiles in the global Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market, including:

      Wardray Premise, Bionix, Gentec, Lap, Neusoft, Civco, Elekta, Denolo, Capintec, Inc, Sun Nuclear, Natus

      Radiation Therapy Immobilizers Market Analysis and Overview:

      The global radiotherapy immobilizers market has been segmented based on different aspects. The reports cover key developments, market share and growth strategies in the global market. These activities have paved the way for the expansion of the business and customer base of market players. The various companies focus on growth strategies such as product launches, types, applications, product approvals, and supply chain analysis. The market is also segmented by region. The report also includes company profiles along with their SWOT analysis and market strategies. It focuses on the real drivers and restraints for key players and presents a challenge status with development prospects.

      Segmentation by type:

      Whole body, Head, Lower limbs, Chest

      Segmentation by Application:

      Adult, Pediatric

      Key aspects of the market are illuminated in the report:

      👉 Executive Summary: It covers summary of most vital studies, global Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market increase rate, humble circumstances, market trends, drivers, and issues along with macro pointers.

      👉 Study Analysis: Covers major companies, vital market segments, the scope of products offered in the global Radiotherapy Immobilizers market, years measured, and study points.

      👉 Company Profile: Each well-defined company in this segment is selected based on product, value, SWOT analysis, capacity and other important characteristics.

      👉 Manufacturing by Region: This global Radiation Therapy Immobilizers report offers data on import and export, sales, production and key companies in all regional markets studied.

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      This report also splits the market by region:

      The report provides a detailed overview of the business with qualitative and quantitative information. It provides scope and forecast of the global Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market based on various segments. The Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market by region is further sub-segmented by respective countries and segments. The report covers an analysis and forecast of the countries in the world with current trends and opportunities prevailing in the market. The report analyzes factors affecting the Radiation Therapy Immobilizers market from both demand and supply side. Evaluates market dynamics affecting market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and future trends.

      ➸ North America (USA, Canada)
      ➸ Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Others)
      ➸Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others)
      ➸ Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Others)
      ➸ Middle East and Africa

      Market dynamics:

      The Radiation Therapy Immobilizer market is driven by the incidence of prominent players who continue to fund the market growth significantly every year. The report studies the value, volume trends, and pricing structure of the Radiotherapy Immobilizer Market so that it can predict maximum growth in the future. In addition, various suppressed growth factors, restraints, and opportunities are also estimated for the advanced study and suggestions of the market during the evaluation period.

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      What is the market size and forecast of the Global Radiotherapy Immobilizer Market?
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      What are the products/segments/applications/areas to invest in during the forecast period in the global Radiotherapy Immobilizers market?
      What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in the market?
      What are the technology trends and regulatory frameworks in the Radiotherapy Immobilizer market?

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      Vikrant vs Fujian – How does Indian Navy’s 2nd aircraft carrier compete with Chinese PLA Navy’s Type 003 aircraft carrier?


      The Indian aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, completed the fourth phase of sea trials on July 10, which involved integrated testing of major equipment and systems on board, including some of the equipment in the aviation facilities complex, the navy said. Indian.

      The ship is expected to be delivered at the end of July, after which it could be commissioned on August 15, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

      “Indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant has completed the 4th phase of sea trials of major equipment and systems, including key aviation equipment undertaken with further performance improvement, in preparation for the delivery of the largest indigenous warship to Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,” the Navy said in a statement. Tweeter.

      The Navy has also released images of the new aircraft carrier, one of which shows INS Vikrant from a distance and the other shows a Naval Dhruv helicopter hovering above the flight deck. A MiG-29K fighter jet and a Kamov Ka-31 helicopter are also parked on the flight deck.

      Designed by the Indian Navy’s Naval Design Directorate (DND), the Vikrant was built by state-owned Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) with 76% indigenous content, putting India in an elite club countries – USA, UK, Russia. , France and China – which can build aircraft carriers.

      INS Vikrant (Indian Navy/via Twitter)

      “The Indian Navy and Cochin Shipyard Ltd’s indigenous design and construction of an aircraft carrier is a shining example in the nation’s quest for ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India Initiative’ with over 76% content native,” the Navy said. in a press release.

      INS Vikrant’s first sea trials were completed in August 2021, after which the second and third phases of sea trials took place in October 2021 and January 2022, respectively.

      During these three test phases, endurance tests were carried out on the propulsion machinery, electrical and electronic assemblies, deck machinery, life-saving appliances and the vessel’s navigation and communication systems.

      Indian Vikrant vs Chinese Fujian

      The arrival of INS Vikrant marks a significant increase in the Indian Navy’s power projection capabilities amid growing tensions with China and increasing incursions by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy from China in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

      With two aircraft carriers in the fleet, even if one leaves for maintenance, the other will remain functional. In addition, the Indian Navy wishes to acquire a third aircraft carrier.

      On the other hand, China also launched its aircraft carrier Fujian or Type 003 on June 17. Named after the Chinese province of Fujian, the Type 003 is China’s third aircraft carrier and the first with an all-indigenous design.

      Experts suggest that Fujian is likely to be used to project Chinese power into the South China Sea (SCS) and Indian Ocean.

      So far, China is not known to have released the detailed specifications of the Fujian, except that it has a displacement of over 80,000 tons, more than double the displacement capacity of 37,500 to 40,000 tons of the Vikrant.

      Fujian is technically more advanced than other Chinese carriers

      Also, the Fujian is perhaps the largest non-US aircraft carrier in the world, with a length of about 320 meters and a width of about 73 meters, based on satellite images.

      INS Vikrant is only 262 meters long with a beam of 62 meters and a height of 59 meters. It has 14 decks, five of which are in the superstructure and 2,300 compartments, and it can accommodate a crew of 1,700, including special cabins for female officers.

      Based on ski jump ramp technology, Vikrant can operate short takeoff but stopped landing (STOBAR) aircraft with two takeoff runways and one landing runway with three arresting wires.

      Initially, Vikrant will operate approximately 24 Russian-made MiG-29K fighter jets also deployed at INS Vikramaditya. However, the Indian Navy is also buying a fleet of deck-based fighter jets, for which it has shortlisted Boeing’s F/A-18E Super Hornet and Dassault Aviation’s Rafale-M (Marine).

      Dhruv helicopter hovering above the flight deck of INS Vikrant (Indian Navy/via Twitter)

      In addition, the warship will also operate Kamov-31 helicopters, MH-60R multi-role helicopters and other locally built advanced light helicopters.

      While Fujian has a much more advanced system for launching its aircraft, the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS) allows the carrier to launch a wider range of aircraft.

      The ski jump ramp on a carrier flight deck allows an aircraft to take off from a runway that is shorter than its required takeoff run but still powered by its power.

      On the other hand, EMALS uses powerful magnetic fields generated by electromagnetic induction motors that power the catapults to propel the aircraft, much like the steam-powered catapults used in CATOBAR (Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) technology. ).

      Compared to the ski jump ramp used by Vikrant, Fujian’s electromagnetic catapults can propel heavier aircraft at much faster speeds, allowing them to launch combat aircraft loaded with more ammo.

      EMALS can also launch drones and large transport aircraft which are better than transport helicopters on aircraft carriers in terms of range, speed and cargo capacity.

      Additionally, electromagnetic catapults can launch large reconnaissance aircraft equipped with Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), increasing the range at which adversaries can be detected in advance.

      Fujian will operate the J-15T, a catapulted version of the J-15B that flies from STOBAR ski jumps aboard the Type 001 “Liaoning” and Type 002 “Shandong” aircraft carriers.

      The photo of what is believed to be the latest variant of China’s J-15 carrier-based fighter jet. (via Twitter)

      The J-15 Flying Shark is inspired by the Russian Sukhoi Su-33. It is currently the only carrier-based fighter in service with the PLA Navy, with the FC-31 ‘Gyrfalcon’ being tested and awaiting serial production.

      Additionally, as previously reported by EurAsian Times, Fujian may eventually get an Electronic Warfare (EW) variant of the J-15, as will the US Navy’s EA-18 Growler EW aircraft based on the F/A- 18 Super Hornets; a next-generation stealth fighter believed to be the J-35; a fixed-wing early warning aircraft dubbed the KJ-600; armed reconnaissance drones and the Y-7 transport aircraft.

      Mr. Basketball’s Jones named hard-hitting coach


      TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (seminoles.com) — Seminole Associate Head Coach Stan Jones, who was inducted into the College Basketball Assistant Coach Hall of Fame in 2019, has been named one of the Division’s Most Influential Coaches. I by Silver Waves Media.

      For more than 20 years, Jones has been an integral part of elevating the Florida State program to elite status within the ACC and across the country. The Seminoles are one of the most respected programs in the country that have won two ACC championships, played in eight NCAA tournaments and had 22 players as NBA Draft Picks or players who played in the NBA since Jones became one of the program’s architects. in 2002.

      With Jones working alongside head coach Leonard Hamilton at Florida State, nine players were selected in the first round of the NBA Draft, five of whom earned NBA Draft lottery status.

      Silver Waves editors said, “The Atlantic Coast Conference’s longest-serving assistant coach, Stan Jones is entering his 21st season at Florida State. Jones’ 20+ years in the ACC earned him a reputation as an elite strategist, developer, and scout. His veteran leadership carried the Seminoles to a long list of consistent national success. While in Tallahassee, the Seminoles won an ACC Tournament Championship, an ACC Regular Season Championship, eight NCAA National Tournament appearances, including four Sweet 16s. In 2019, CoachStat.net named Jones the top assistant coach in college basketball. . Jones has helped over 50 Seminoles become professional players. Jones’ career record as an assistant coach at FSU is 417-242 (.633).

      Florida State is the fourth-winningest program in the ACC since 2012, when the Seminoles won the first ACC championship in school history.

      Going into the 2022-23 season, Florida State has produced an ACC record four straight sixth ACC Men of the Year (Mfiondu Kabengele, 2019; Patrick Williams, 2020; Scottie Barnes, 2021; Matthew Cleveland, 2022) – with Kabengele, Williams and Barnes being first-round picks in the NBA draft. Barnes was named the 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year, while Kabengele led the Houston Rockets-affiliated Rio Grande Vipers to the 2022 NBA G League Championship.

      Barnes, the No. 4 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, was named to the All-NBA Rookie Team while Barnes (Toronto Raptors), Williams (Chicago Bulls), Malik Beasley (Minnesota Timberwolves), Trent Forest (Utah Jazz), Terance Mann (Los Angeles Clippers) and Devin Vassell (San Antonio Spurs) led their teams to the NBA Playoffs.

      Jones was also instrumental in Florida State’s incredible graduation rate, with 72 of 74 (0.973%) Seminoles who played their four-year career as Seminoles graduating from Florida State University. . Junior Caleb Mills (BSc Social Science) and Harrison Prieto (MSc Meteorology) will graduate during FSU commencement drills on July 29.

      Seminole fans interested in buying season tickets for all home regular season gamesPeople at the Donald L. Tucker Center can find out more hereor are encouraged to call the Florida State Box Office at 1-888-FSU-NOLE.

      Protests in Zhengzhou and Henan: China suppresses mass protest by bank depositors demanding repayment of their savings


      The anguished petitioners have staged several protests in Zhengzhou City, the provincial capital of Henan, over the past two months, but their demands have invariably fallen on deaf ears.

      On Sunday, more than 1,000 depositors from across China gathered outside the Zhengzhou branch of the country’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, to kick off their biggest protest yet, more than half a dozen protesters at CNN.

      The protest is one of the largest China has seen since the pandemic, with domestic travel restricted by various Covid movement restrictions. Last month, authorities in Zhengzhou even resorted to tampering with the country’s Covid digital health code system to restrict depositors’ movements and thwart their planned protest, sparking a national outcry.

      This time, most protesters arrived outside the bank before dawn – some as early as 4 a.m. – to avoid being intercepted by authorities. The crowd, which includes elderly people and children, occupied a towering staircase outside the bank, chanting slogans and waving banners.

      “Henan banks, return my savings!” they shouted in unison, many waving Chinese flags, in videos shared with CNN by two protesters.

      Using national flags to display patriotism is a common strategy for protesters in China, where dissent is strictly suppressed. This tactic is intended to show that their grievances are only with local governments, and that they support and rely on the central government to seek redress.

      “Against Henan government corruption and violence,” read a banner written in English.

      A large portrait of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong has been stuck to a pillar at the entrance to the bank.

      Across the street, hundreds of police and security personnel – some in uniform and some in civilian clothes – gathered and surrounded the site, as protesters shouted “gangsters” at them.

      Violent repression

      The standoff lasted for several hours until after 11 a.m. when rows of security guards suddenly charged down the stairs and clashed with protesters, who threw bottles and other small objects at them.

      The scene quickly descended into chaos, as security guards dragged protesters down the stairs and beat those who resisted, including women and the elderly, according to witnesses and social media videos.

      A woman in the eastern province of Shandong told CNN she was pushed to the ground by two security guards, who twisted and injured her arm. A 27-year-old man from the southern city of Shenzhen, surnamed Sun, said he was kicked by seven or eight ground guards before being carried away. A 45-year-old man from downtown Wuhan said his shirt was completely torn in the back during the fight.

      The protest outside the Zhengzhou branch of the country's central bank, the People's Bank of China, is the largest depositors have staged in recent months.

      Many said they were shocked by the sudden outburst of violence by the security forces.

      “I didn’t expect them to be so violent and shameless this time. There was no communication, no warning before they abruptly dispersed us,” one metropolis affiant said. outside Henan who had previously protested in Zhengzhou and asked CNN to conceal his identity. name for security reasons.

      “Why would government employees beat us up? We are just ordinary people asking for our deposits back, we haven’t done anything wrong,” the Shandong woman said.

      Protesters were thrown onto dozens of buses and sent to makeshift detention sites across the city – from hotels and schools to factories, according to who was taken there. Some injured were escorted to hospitals; many were released from custody by late afternoon, the people said.

      CNN has contacted the Henan provincial government for comment.

      The Zhengzhou Business District Police Station – which has jurisdiction over the protest site – hung up on CNN’s call seeking comment.

      Late Sunday night, Henan’s banking regulator issued a terse statement, saying “relevant departments” were speeding up efforts to verify customer fund information at the four rural banks.

      “(Authorities) are developing a plan to address the issue, which will be announced in the near future,” the statement said.

      broken lives

      The protest comes at a politically sensitive time for the ruling Communist Party, just months before its leader Xi Jinping is seeking an unprecedented third term in a key meeting this fall.

      Large-scale protests over lost economies and ruined livelihoods could be seen as a political embarrassment for Xi, who has promoted a nationalist vision of leading the country towards “great rejuvenation”.

      Small banks in China are struggling.  Savers could lose everything

      Authorities in Henan are under enormous pressure to stop the protests. But applicants are not deterred. As the problem drags on, many have become increasingly desperate to recover their life savings.

      Huang, the depositor from Wuhan, lost his job in the medical cosmetology industry this year as companies battled the pandemic. Yet he is unable to withdraw any of his savings – more than 500,000 yuan ($75,000) – from a rural bank in Henan.

      “Being unemployed, I can only live on my past savings. But I can’t even do that now – how am I supposed to (support my family)? said Huang, whose son is in high school.

      Sun, from Shenzhen, is struggling to prevent bankruptcy at his machinery factory after losing his 4 million yuan ($597,000) deposit with a bank in Henan. He can’t even pay his 40+ employees without the funds.

      Sun said he was covered in bruises and had a swollen lower back after being repeatedly stomped on by security guards during the protest.

      “The incident completely changed my perception of the government. I have spent my whole life trusting the government so much. After today, I will never trust it again,” he said.

      Artemis I mannequins will save astronauts from space radiation during trips to the Moon; here’s how


      The German Aerospace Center (DLR), in a joint project with the Israel Space Agency, has tested a special vest that will be donned by a pair of dummies as they fly during the Artemis I uncrewed mission. The dummies named Helga and Zohra underwent testing at the German space agency’s Cologne headquarters and have now been shipped to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

      There, passengers will be integrated into the Orion spacecraft which will be mounted atop the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket before its launch to the Moon later this year. Apart from these two, Orion would also have another passenger, a dummy who was chosen for Artemis I in June last year.

      Purpose of the Artemis I dummies

      Three of Orion’s seats will be occupied by mannequins that will be used to monitor the effects of the launch and the space radiation that will be felt by the astronauts. According to a blog published by the European Space Agency (ESA), Helga and Zohra will each be equipped with more than 5,600 sensors to measure the radiation load during their journey around the Moon. Notably, only one of the models, Zohar, will wear a radiation protection vest, called AstroRad. Since the other will not be shielded, scientists will compare the radiation dose experienced by the two and figure out how best to protect future astronauts.

      (Illustration of three mannequins inside the Orion spacecraft; Image: NASA/Lockheed Martin/DLR)

      In the image above, the three mannequins are shown occupying the seats of Orion, which would be powered by the European Service Module (ESM) developed by ESA. The agency claims that in addition to providing spacecraft with propulsion, electricity, thermal control, air and water, the ESM would send the dummies farther than any human has ever gone ( 5,00,000 kilometers from Earth).

      Notably, the newly added mannequins are in the shape of a woman to gauge the effects of long-term spaceflight on female astronauts. Indeed, NASA plans to send the first female astronaut to the Moon as part of its Artemis program. “We chose female ghosts because the number of women flying in space is increasing, and also because the female body is generally more vulnerable to radiation,” DLR scientist Thomas Berger said in a statement. “Regarding the harmful effects of space radiation, the breasts and ovaries have a greater risk of developing cancer.”

      Radiation in space

      Radiation levels in outer space are 700 times greater than what we experience on Earth, thanks to the protective blanket of our planet’s magnetic field. Scientists are concerned about both sources of radiation – that from outside the galaxy and the unpredictable ejection of charged particles from the sun. According to the ESA, cosmic rays are still out there and they are powerful enough to pass through metals and plastic and hit human cells.

      To find a solution to this, the two sister dummies with special vests will navigate through two periods of intense radiation in the first hours of launch and then back to Earth. On their journey, they would also pass through two giant “radiation donuts”, called the Van Allen Belts surrounding our planet. To make sure the measurements are accurate, the engineers made the mannequins out of plastic that mimics the density of bones, muscles and organs.

      (Plastic parts used for mannequins; Image: DLR)

      High-tech help on the way in the case of the murder of a 52-year-old student in Morgantown | News, Sports, Jobs


      Rod Everly inspects the site Wednesday, June 1, 2022, where the decomposed and decapitated bodies of Karen Ferrell and Mared Malarik were found in 1970 in a wooded, rural expanse near Morgantown, W.Va. Victim leaders n have yet to be located after all these years. This is why the painstaking work in the archaeological style began. (Ron Rittenhouse/The Dominion-Post via AP)

      MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — It’s not easy to leave no stone unturned at a 52-year-old crime scene.

      Not when investigators have to dig mostly by hand, so as not to disturb any evidence that might still be hiding in the ground.

      Armed with garden trowels and toothbrushes, West Virginia State Police forensic investigators and others have done just that in recent weeks in a wooded, rural tract near Morgantown.

      It’s a place that has chilled and captivated generations of college town residents. This is where the decomposed and decapitated bodies of Karen Ferrell and Mared Malarik were found in 1970.

      WVU freshmen and friends were spied getting into a cream-colored sedan on a cold night in Morgantown four months prior. They were hitchhiking back to their dorm after a movie in town.

      A side note to the narrative is equally poignant and chilling: the heads of the victims have yet to be located after all these years.

      This is why the meticulous work in an archaeological style began in mid-May.

      Albert “Rod” Everly, a retired entrepreneur and vocational teacher, was part of the National Guard unit that discovered the bodies that April afternoon 52 years ago.

      A recent book and podcast about the murders piqued his interest – a series of anonymous letters believed to have been written by the perpetrator, in particular.

      He scoured the site according to the author’s directions, and in mid-May six cadaver dogs, yelping and furiously wagging their tails, went to the two areas where the writer said the final evidence could be found.

      As recently as last Monday, two other groups of dogs – all dogs working separately from each other – all had the same reaction, to varying degrees, in the aforementioned areas.

      “That’s what keeps me going,” he said. “The dogs all give off the same smell in the same two places.”

      Everly briefly employed a backhoe and a professional operator to dig a few more feet at both sites to widen the field of investigation.

      In the meantime, high-tech help is on the way.

      Michael Kief, who does forensic investigations with the West Virginia State Police, said the agency was purchasing a ground-penetrating radar unit this month to work on such cases.

      “It’s basically an X-ray machine,” said Kief, who recently retired as a state police lieutenant and has worked on several cold cases during his career.

      The technology uses radio waves to detect anomalies in the ground and strata, such as sunken, sunken areas where bodies – or body parts – might be buried, he said.

      “We can get a 3D image of an area,” he said. “We can grill anything.”

      Kief said the agency is finalizing the documents for the purchase this month. It works, tech could be used in this expanse near Morgantown housing the remains of two snatched lives.

      It’s really about closure, both and Everly said, if a final discovery could be made.

      Steve McGuffin agrees. Her aunt and uncle were Richard and Bess Ferrell, the adoptive parents of Karen Ferrell.

      He was 2 years old when his cousin and her friend were killed. Since the family is close, he probably met Karen Ferrell when he was a kid – he just doesn’t remember, he said.

      What he remembers, he said, is the character of two people who simply wanted each other to carry on, in the face of terrible loss.

      Two people who bought groceries and Christmas gifts for neighbors in need, sometimes anonymously.

      “They lost everything but they didn’t turn in on themselves,” he said of the couple.

      “Instead, they did it for others.”

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      Merchant Cash Advance Market Next Big Thing: Major Giants Rapid Finance, National Funding, Lendio, Fundbox, CAN Capital


      The market research is broken down and major geographies with country-level breakdown. According to AMA, the global merchant cash advance market is expected to grow at a growth rate of 6.46% and could reach a market size of USD 1,142.63 million by 2026.

      This press release was originally issued by SBWire

      New Jersey, United States — (SBWIRE) – 07/09/2022 – The Global Merchant Cash Advance Market In-Depth Research Report 2021, Forecast to 2026 is the latest study released by AMA assessing the market, highlighting opportunities, analysis from the risk side and leveraging strategic and tactical decision making Support. The influencing factors of growth and regulations regarding the use of information, the availability of highly reliable products in the market and the increase in operational efficiency of global merchant cash advance players. The study provides insights into market trends and development, drivers, abilities, technologies, and changing dynamics in the global merchant cash advance market. According to the study, the key and emerging players in this market are Lendio (USA), Fundbox (USA), CAN Capital Inc. (Costa Rica), National Business Capital (USA), Kabbage (USA), United States), Rapid Finance (United States). USA), National Funding (USA), Kalamata Capital Group (USA), Libertas Funding (USA), Perfect Alliance Capital (USA), OnDeck (USA).

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      Merchant Cash Advance Report Scope
      Unlike traditional loans, merchant cash advance is a business financing process that provides cash funds to an organization for expansion, business growth, seasonal cost coverage, etc. The option can be useful for companies that do not have a sufficient balance to apply for the loan. and are in urgent need of cash. It is structured as a lump sum payment to a company in exchange for an agreed percentage of future sales. When applying for a cash advance, merchants do not need to do lengthy paperwork like bank business loans and also get quick approval and funding. By type of method, fractional financing segment will dominate over the forecast period, and by vertical, retail and e-commerce sector will take the largest market share by 2026.

      The titled segments and sub-sections of the market are illuminated below:
      by sector (IT and telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, travel and hospitality, energy and utilities, other), method (split financing, escrow account, direct debit)

      Market factors:
      Increased preference for merchant cash advances as they provide quick access to capital
      The increasing demand due to various advantages
      No fixed payment term as reimbursement is based on company sales history

      Market trends:
      Growing trend for less documentation during application and closing costs
      Increasing digitization across the world
      Technological Advances Associated with Merchant Cash Advance

      Easy financing option for SMEs that don’t have a limited balance for traditional loans
      The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry
      Growing demand from developing countries such as India

      Regions included are: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, South America, Middle East and Africa

      Country level breakdown: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium , Austria, Turkey, Russia, France, Poland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand, etc.

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      Market leaders and their expansionist development strategies
      In July 2021, Libertas Funding announces a strategic partnership with WebBank, the best-in-class digital lender. Libertas Funding, LLC, a leading technology-driven specialty finance and asset management company, has added a term loan product powered by popular digital lender WebBank, a state-chartered bank insured by the FDIC. The new product allows small and medium-sized businesses to access capital quickly, through a simple online application process.
      In February 2021, Fundbox was targeting $300 million raised at a $1.5 billion valuation via Wall Street SPAC. If the deal is signed, Fundbox will be the latest in a series of Israeli companies expected to enter US stock exchanges through an inactive company. A partial list includes Pioneer, Ree, Taboola, Innoviz and Otonomo

      Strategic Points Covered in Table of Content of Global Merchant Cash Advance Market:
      Chapter 1: Introduction, Market Driving Product Objective of Study and Research Scope of Merchant Cash Advance Market
      Chapter 2: Exclusive Summary – the basic information of the merchant cash advance market.
      Chapter 3: Displaying Market Dynamics – Drivers, Trends and Merchant Cash Advance Challenges and Opportunities
      Chapter 4: Introducing Merchant Cash Advance Market Factor Analysis, Porters Five Forces, Supply/Value Chain, PESTEL Analysis, Market Entropy, Patent/Trademark Analysis.
      Chapter 5: Product Display by Type, End User and Region/Country 2015-2020
      Chapter 6: Evaluating the leading manufacturers of the Merchant Cash Advance Market which consists of its Competitive Landscape, Peer Group Analysis, BCG Matrix & Company Profile
      Chapter 7: To assess the market by segments, by countries and by manufacturers/company with revenue share and sales by key countries in these various regions (2021-2027)
      Chapter 8 & 9: Viewing the appendix, methodology and data source

      Finally, Merchant Cash Advance Market is a valuable source of advice for individuals and businesses.

      Read the detailed index of the full research study at @ https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/reports/176834-global-merchant-cash-advance-market

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      SWOT analysis of the magnetic wires market by 2028


      New Jersey, United States – The Magnetic Wires Market The research report aims to provide a quick overview of the overall industry performance and important new trends. Important information, as well as conclusions, latest key drivers and constraints, are also described here. A wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques are used by market analysts, including in-depth interviews, ethnography, customer surveys, and secondary data analysis. It becomes easy for major players to collect important data regarding key organizations along with information such as customer behavior, market size, competition and market needs. By referring to this Magnetic Wires Market research report, it becomes easy for key players to take evidence-based decisions.

      This Magnetic Wires Market research report adds the potential to impact its readers and users as market growth rate is affected by innovative products, growing demand for the product, wealth in raw materials , increasing disposable incomes and changing consumer technologies. It also covers the effect of COVID-19 virus on market growth and development. Market participants can briefly study the report before investing in the market and expect higher returns. According to the report, the market scenario continues to fluctuate based on many factors.

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      Several industries are interested in determining what the customers really want and the Magnetic Wires market report helps in this regard by carrying out detailed market research. Before bringing a new product to market, every business owner wants to know the demand for the product, and this market research report is the best guide for them. It further helps in meeting business requirements by covering all the latest advances in the market. The Magnetic Cables Market report is the best way to keep a close eye on the activities of leading competitors as well as the strategies they are deploying for the expansion of their business. It further conducts in-depth analysis for the 2022-2028 assessment period to provide more business opportunities for business owners.

      Top Key Players in Magnetic Yarn Market Research Report:

      HITACHI, Elektrisola, Superior Essex, CNC Tech, SparkFun Electronics, Tongling Jingda Special Magnetic Wire, Zhejiang Shangfeng Industrial Holding, Liaoning Donggang Electromagnetism Wire, Roshow Technology, Tianjin Jingwei Electric Wire, Goldcup Electric Apparatus, Guangdong Ronsen Super Micro-Wire, Galanz Electrical Thread

      Key Segments Covered in Magnetic Wires Market – Industry Analysis by Types, Applications and Regions:

      Magnetic Wire Market – Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017-2029)

      • Polyamide coated
      • Polyurethane coated

      Magnetic Wires Market – Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017-2029)

      • Electric motors
      • Transformers
      • Generators
      • Others

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      Scope of the Magnetic Wires Market Report

      FORECAST YEAR 2029
      UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
      SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, and more.
      REPORT COVER Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
      BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
      CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free report customization (equivalent to up to 4 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.

      Regional Analysis For Magnetic Cables Market:

      The Magnetic Wires Market research report details the ongoing market trends, development outline, and several research methodologies. It illustrates the key factors that directly manipulate the market, for example, production strategies, development platforms, and product portfolio. According to our researchers, even minor changes in product profiles could lead to huge disruptions in the factors mentioned above.

      ? North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
      ? Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
      ? Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
      ? South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
      ? Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

      What insights does the Magnetic Wires market report provide readers?

      ? Fragmentation of Magnetic Wires by Product Type, End Use, and Region
      ? Comprehensive assessment of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market landscape
      ? Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches of each Magnetic Wires player
      ? Various regulations imposed by governments on the consumption of Magnetic Wires in detail
      ? Impact of modern technologies, such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence and social media platforms on magnetic wires

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      Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for market narrative storytelling. VMI offers in-depth forecast trends and accurate insights on over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

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      We also provide insight into the strategic and growth analytics and data needed to achieve business goals and critical revenue decisions.

      Our 250 analysts and SMEs offer a high level of expertise in data collection and governance using industry techniques to collect and analyze data on over 25,000 high impact and niche markets. Our analysts are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, expertise and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

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      4th of July HP Gaming PC Deals

      HP has plenty of great gaming PC deals for the week of July 4, too, especially when combined with the 5% or 10% off coupon codes. Eligible models include the recently updated HP Envy and OMEN 2022 gaming PCs. The HP Envy lineup is ideal for those who don’t want their gaming PC to look like… well, a gaming PC. It has plenty of customizable powerful components under the hood combined with an understated aesthetic. If, however, you want a bold (and RGB!) look and over the top cooling, you’ll want to look to the HP OMEN range. The HP OMEN 25L is a budget gaming PC that offers the power of the RTX 30 series at a fantastic price. The HP OMEN 40L and 45L are updates over the previous generation 25L and 30L. Newer models have larger chassis volume and dual (40L) or triple (45L) intake fans for better airflow. The 45L goes one step further by placing a 360mm liquid cooling system externally above the case called the “Cryo Chamber”. This allows for cooling that rivals DIY enthusiast systems. As for the components, the 40L and 45L feature the latest Intel Alder Lake processor, Z690 motherboard and RTX 30 series video card.

      HP ENVY Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

      Use code: 5JULY4HP

      HP ENVY Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

      Select RTX 3060Ti

      Use promotional code “5JULY4HP”

      27% off $1,309.99

      HP OMEN 25L Intel Core i7-12700 RTX 3070 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB HDD

      Use code: 10JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 25L Intel Core i7-12700 RTX 3070 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB Hard disk

      Use promotional code “10JULY4HP”

      23% off $1,749.99

      HP ENVY Intel Core i7-12700 RTX 3070 Ti Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

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      HP ENVY Intel Core i7-12700 RTX 3070 Ti Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

      Use promotional code “10JULY4HP”

      19% off $1,899.99

      HP OMEN 25L Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake RTX 3080 Gaming PC with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

      Use code: 10JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 25L Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake RTX 3080 Gaming PC 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

      Select RTX 3080

      Use promotional code “10JULY4HP”

      26% off $1,919.99

      HP OMEN 30L Intel Core i7-11700K RTX 3080 Ti Gaming PC with 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2TB HDD

      HP OMEN 30L Intel Core i7-11700K RTX 3080 Ti Gaming PC with 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2TB Hard disk

      HP OMEN 45L Intel Core i7-12700K Alder Lake RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

      Use code: 10JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 45L Intel Core i7-12700K Alder Lake RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC 16GB RAM 512GB SSD

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      28% off $2,109.99

      HP OMEN 45L Intel Core i7-12700K Alder Lake RTX 3080 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB HDD

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      HP OMEN 45L Intel Core i7-12700K Alder Lake RTX 3080 Gaming PC with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB Hard disk

      Use promotional code “10JULY4HP”

      discount of 20 $2,699.99

      4th of July HP Gaming Laptop Deals

      The 4th of July HP sale includes deals on three gaming laptops. HP OMEN Laptops deliver serious gaming performance in a sleek, slim package. These HP configurations are equipped with an RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 video card, recommended for portable gaming. A less powerful video card would limit the games you could play, and a more powerful video card would probably not be noticeable in terms of 1080p gaming performance.

      HP OMEN 16

      Use code: 10JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 16″ AMD Ryzen 7 5800H RTX 3070 Gaming Laptop with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

      Use promotional code “10JULY4HP”

      19% off $1,549.99

      HP OMEN 15

      Use code: 5JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 15″ AMD Ryzen 5 5600H RTX 3060 Gaming Laptop with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

      Use promotional code “5JULY4HP”

      23% off $1,299.99

      HP OMEN 15

      Use code: 10JULY4HP

      HP OMEN 15″ Intel Core i7-10870H RTX 3060 Gaming Laptop with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

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      28% off $1,499.99

      HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset

      HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset

      The Reverb G2 normally retails for $599, but the HP Store is offering it for $200 off. That makes it the same price as the Oculus Quest 2,256GB model, but with some significant upgrades under the hood. The Reverb G2 sports the second highest resolution of any VR headset with 2160×2160 pixels per eye (even more than the Quest 2’s already impressive 1832×1920 resolution), manual IPD adjustment, a much sturdier headband than the Quest 2, an inside-out tracker that doesn’t require external sensors and out-of-ear headphones so they don’t get so dirty and maintain your peripheral hearing.

      4th of July HP Gaming Monitor Deals

      A good gaming PC can only reach its full potential when paired with a good gaming PC. HP’s 4th of July sale includes deep discounts on three gaming-centric monitors. These monitors all feature super-fast 1ms response times, 165Hz refresh rates, and high-quality IPS panels. Of course, they will also make excellent general-purpose workstation monitors.

      HP OMEN 27i 27

      HP OMEN 27i 27″ 2560×1440 1ms 165Hz Compatible Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

      HP OMEN 25i 25

      HP OMEN 25i 25″ 1080p 1ms 165HZ IPS GSYNC-capable Monitor

      HP X32 32

      HP X32 32″ 2560×1440 1ms 165Hz AMD FreeSync Premium IPS Gaming Monitor

      Changing cash advance could put $5,000 in your pocket


      Canadian farmers with cash advances will save $61 million in interest costs over the next two years after Ottawa increased the interest-free portion of the Advance Payments Program.

      Producers can borrow up to $1 million based on the expected value of their produce in a program year, with the first $100,000 interest free and the rest at prime or below, depending on the produce. and the administrator.

      But as of June 20, the interest-free portion is $250,000 for this year and next.

      “As a result, participating producers will save an average of $5,500 in interest costs over the next two years,” Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada said in a statement. “This change will represent total savings of up to $61 million over two years for approximately 11,000 growers.”

      The move was welcomed by farm groups, including Alberta Wheat, which administers cash advances through its FarmCash division.

      “Producer cash flow has been hit hard over the past year by widespread drought and now by rising fuel, seed and crop management costs,” said Alberta Wheat President, Greg Sears, in a statement.

      Greg Sear. Photo: Supplied

      “Canadian producers are proud to step up and sustain the domestic and global food supply. But we need enterprise risk management tools to be able to do what we do best. The cost savings brought about by this change will ensure that we are set for success. »

      Farmers with cash advances should expect to hear from their account managers “in the coming days,” the June 23 statement said.

      The program, which is delivered through 30 industry associations, distributed $2.4 billion in advances last year to 17,430 producers across the country.

      Advances are repaid as farmers sell their produce, with periods of up to 18 months to fully repay the advance for most commodities, and up to 24 months for cattle and bison. Cash advances are calculated on the basis of a maximum of 50% of the expected market value of eligible agricultural products that will be produced or stored.

      “With the increased interest-free portion, eligible growers will have access to additional cash flow over the next two growing seasons,” the government said.

      “With higher input costs, rising interest rates and continued pressure from weather impacts and supply chain challenges, many farmers will be keen to access the increased benefit soon,” said Dave Gallant, director of finance and operations for the Canadian Canola Growers Association, one of the program’s key administrators.

      A list of cash advance administrators, along with their administration fees and rates on the interest-bearing portion of loans, can be viewed at Government of Canada website.

      Tampa General Hospital offers new treatment option for recurring brain cancer to improve quality of life


      Surgical radiation therapy targeted inside the brain offers treatment for recurrent cancer after tumor removal.

      TAMPA, Florida., July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Doctors from Tampa General Hospital and USF Health Morsani College of Medicine are the first Hillsborough County to offer patients suffering from recurrent brain tumors a revolutionary treatment.

      Doctors at Tampa General Hospital and USF Health Morsani College of Medicine offer a breakthrough treatment for patients with recurring brain tumors. Known as GammaTile, the FDA-approved procedure places a postage stamp-sized tile of bio-absorbable collagen into the tumor site, immediately after surgery to remove the tumor.

      Known as GammaTile, the FDA-approved procedure places a postage stamp-sized tile of bio-absorbable collagen into the tumor site, immediately after surgery to remove the tumor. The procedure slows the progression of a recurrent brain tumor by immediately targeting residual tumor cells with precise doses of gamma rays before these cells can significantly replicate.

      “This new approach expands future horizons because it increases options for patients with recurrent disease who cannot tolerate more external radiation,” said Dr. Jean-David, Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Director of Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation Therapy) Services and Senior Physician for Radiopharmaceuticals at Tampa General. “GammaTile delivers internal radiation to the specific area of ​​the tumor as an additional treatment and a game-changer for patients with recurrent brain tumors.”

      Every year in United States, more than 200,000 people are diagnosed with aggressive brain tumors that spread rapidly, develop resistance to certain treatments and are often fatal. Surgical resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been the traditional approaches to fight these brain tumors such as glioblastomas, gliomas and meningiomas.

      GammaTile at Tampa General offers a potentially life-extending option when traditional methods, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, fail to stop the recurrence of aggressive brain cancers. Many patients with recurrent brain tumors have received levels of radiation therapy that cause the risk of additional exposure to outweigh the potential benefits of additional treatment. As a result, these patients are left with surgery as their only option. Unfortunately, surgery to remove the tumor is rarely enough to prevent the growth of residual cancer cells.

      “GammaTile begins targeting all recurrent tumor cells immediately after placement,” said Dr. Richard Tuli, chairman of the department of radiation oncology at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, chief of radiation oncology at Tampa General, and associate director of the TGH Cancer Institute. “With traditional treatments, patients often had to wait for their surgical wounds to heal before undergoing radiation therapy. In addition, their treatment likely required multiple visits to receive the recommended dose. GammaTile allows potentially life-saving radiation treatments to begin as soon as they have surgery The introduction of this treatment is another example of the kind of innovation and multidisciplinary care that patients can expect from the TGH Cancer Institute.

      In clinical trials, patients treated with GammaTile therapy did not need to travel to the hospital or clinic and were able to go about their daily lives. The tile is isolated except for a small area which allows the targeted dose to be concentrated at the site most likely to have a recurrence, which spares healthy tissue and may limit side effects such as loss hair. The tile dissolves harmlessly, so no further surgery is needed to remove it.

      “Working as a team, neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists can use this innovative treatment for recurrent brain cancer right in the operating room, providing patients with a better quality of life,” said Dr. Harry van Loveren, medical director of neurosurgery at Tampa General. and chairman of the department of neurosurgery and brain repair at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine. “It’s a truly multidisciplinary approach that considers the whole patient and gives each patient the opportunity to continue to fight brain cancer.”

      For more information about GammaTile and other innovative radiation oncology treatments offered at the TGH Cancer Institute, call 813-844-3903 or visit https://www.tgh.org/institutes-and-services /cancer-institute.


      Tampa General Hospital, a 1,041-bed nonprofit academic medical center, is one of America’s largest hospitals and provides world-class care as the region’s only trauma center. level I and comprehensive burn care. Tampa General Hospital is the highest-ranked hospital in the market in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021-22 Best Hospitals, and one of the top four hospitals in Floridawith five specialties ranked among the best programs in United States. Tampa General Hospital was named a Model of Excellence by the 2022 Fortune/Merative list of Top 100 Hospitals. The University Medical Center’s commitment to growing and developing its team members is recognized by two prestigious 2021 Forbes magazine rankings – America’s Best Employers by State, Third out of Florida’s 100 Companies and First Among Healthcare Organizations and and 13th nationally among America’s Top Employers. for women. Tampa General is the safety net hospital for the region, caring for everyone regardless of ability to pay, and in fiscal year 2020 provided net community benefit worth more than $182.5 million in the form of health care for underinsured patients, community education and financial support to community health organizations in Tampa Bay. It is one of the nation’s busiest adult solid organ transplant centers and the primary teaching hospital for USF Health Morsani College of Medicine. With six medical helicopters, Tampa General Hospital transports seriously injured or ill patients from 23 surrounding counties to receive the advanced care they need. Tampa General is home to a nationally accredited comprehensive stroke center, and its 32-bed neuroscience and critical care unit is the largest on the west coast of Florida. It also houses the 82-bed Jennifer Leigh Muma Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a nationally accredited rehabilitation center. Tampa General Hospital’s footprint includes 17 Tampa General Medical Group primary care offices, TGH Family Care Center Kennedy, TGH Brandon Healthplex, TGH Virtual Health, and 19 outpatient radiology centers. Tampa Bay Area residents also receive world-class care from the TGH Urgent Care network of clinics powered by Fast Track, and they can even receive home visits in select areas through TGH Urgent Care at Home, powered by Fast Track. As one of the largest hospitals in the nation, Tampa General Hospital is the first in Florida to partner with GE Healthcare and open a clinical command center that uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve and better coordinate patient care at lower cost. For more information, visit www.tgh.org.

      About USF Health

      USF Health’s mission is to imagine and implement the future of healthcare. It is the partnership of USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, Taneja College of Pharmacy, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, Curriculum graduate and postdoctoral fellowships in biomedical sciences and USF Health. group of multi-specialist physicians. The University of South Florida is a high-impact global research university dedicated to student success. Over the past 10 years, no other public university in the nation has moved up the US News and World Report national university rankings faster than USF. For more information, visit health.usf.edu.

      Media Contact: Karen Barrera
      Deputy Director of Communications and Partnerships
      (813) 928-1603 (cell)
      [email protected]

      Tampa General Hospital logo.  (PRNewsFoto/Tampa General Hospital)

      Tampa General Hospital logo. (PRNewsFoto/Tampa General Hospital)

      (PRNewsfoto/Tampa General Hospital)

      (PRNewsfoto/Tampa General Hospital)



      View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tampa-general-hospital-offers-new-treatment-option-for-recurrent-brain-cancer-to-improve-quality -of -life-301583182.html

      SOURCE Tampa General Hospital

      SWOT analysis of the electromagnetic metering pumps market by 2028


      New Jersey, United States – The Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market The research report aims to provide a quick overview of the overall industry performance and important new trends. Important information, as well as conclusions, latest key drivers and constraints, are also described here. A wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques are used by market analysts, including in-depth interviews, ethnography, customer surveys, and secondary data analysis. It becomes easy for major players to collect important data regarding key organizations along with information such as customer behavior, market size, competition and market needs. By referring to this Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market research report, it becomes easy for key players to take evidence-based decisions.

      This Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market research report adds the potential to impact its readers and users as market growth rate is affected by innovative products, increase in demand for the product, l influx of raw materials, increasing disposable incomes and changing consumer technologies. It also covers the effect of COVID-19 virus on market growth and development. Market participants can briefly study the report before investing in the market and expect higher returns. According to the report, the market scenario continues to fluctuate based on many factors.

      Get Sample Full PDF Copy of Report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart) @ https://www.verifiedmarketreports.com/download-sample/?rid=493208

      (Use company email id to get higher priority)

      Several industries are interested in determining what the customers really want and the Electromagnetic Metering Pumps market report helps in this regard by carrying out detailed market research. Before bringing a new product to market, every business owner wants to know the demand for the product, and this market research report is the best guide for them. It further helps in meeting business requirements by covering all the latest advances in the market. The Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market report is the best way to keep a close eye on the activities of leading competitors as well as the strategies they are deploying for the expansion of their business. It further conducts in-depth analysis for the 2022-2028 assessment period to provide more business opportunities for business owners.

      Top Key Players in Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market Research Report:

      Iwaki, NIKKISO, Cheonsei, Miltonroy, PULSAFEEDER, Bleu-Blanc, Metexcorporation, Prominent, SEKO, OBL

      Key Segments Covered in the Solenoid Metering Pump Market – Industry Analysis by Types, Applications and Regions:

      Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market – Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2029)

      • Flow less than 10 L/h
      • 10 L/H below flow Below 50 L/H
      • 50 L/H below flow Below 90 L/H

      Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market – Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2017 – 2029)

      • Oil
      • Chemical industry
      • Power metallurgy
      • Shipbuilding
      • Light industry
      • Agriculture

      For more information or query or customization before buying, visit @ https://www.verifiedmarketreports.com/product/electromagnetic-metering-pump-market-size-and-forecast/

      Scope of the Electromagnetic Metering Pumps Market Report

      FORECAST YEAR 2029
      UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
      SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, and more.
      REPORT COVER Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
      BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
      CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free report customization (equivalent to up to 4 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.

      Regional Analysis For Electromagnetic Metering Pump Market:

      The Electromagnetic Dosing Pump Market research report details current market trends, development outline, and several research methodologies. It illustrates the key factors that directly manipulate the market, for example, production strategies, development platforms, and product portfolio. According to our researchers, even minor changes in product profiles could lead to huge disruptions in the factors mentioned above.

      ? North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
      ? Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
      ? Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
      ? South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
      ? Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

      What insights does the Electromagnetic Dosing Pump market report provide readers?

      ? Fragmentation of electromagnetic metering pumps based on product type, end use and region
      ? Comprehensive assessment of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market landscape
      ? Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches of each electromagnetic metering pump player
      ? Various regulations imposed by governments on the consumption of Electromagnetic Dosing Pump in detail
      ? Impact of modern technologies, such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence and social media platforms on the electromagnetic metering pump

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      Visualize the Solenoid Metering Pumps Market Using Verified Market Intelligence:-

      Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for market narrative storytelling. VMI offers in-depth forecast trends and accurate insights on over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

      VMI provides a global overview and competitive landscape with respect to region, country and segment, as well as key players in your market. Present your market report and results with an integrated presentation function that saves you more than 70% of your time and resources for presentations to investors, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. products. VMI enables data delivery in Excel and interactive PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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      Hive ransomware gang turns to Rust, more complex encryption • The Register


      The Hive group, which has become one of the most prolific ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operators, has significantly overhauled its malware, including migrating code to the Rust programming language and using an encryption process more complex files.

      Researchers from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) discovered the Hive variant by analyzing a change in the group’s methods.

      “With its latest variant featuring several major updates, Hive also proves that it is one of the fastest evolving ransomware families, illustrating the ever-changing ransomware ecosystem,” the researchers said. in an article this week.

      Hive was first detected in June 2021, with the data-encrypting software being offered to affiliates who pay to use the ransomware in their own campaigns. The number of ransomware infections continues to rise, with Panda Security seeing a 62% increase in the use of extortion software in 2021, which accounted for 10% of all cyberattacks. According to third-party risk management firm UpGuard, which recorded similar figures, one of the main drivers has been the rise of RaaS.

      Affiliates can earn up to 80% from each ransom payment, according to UpGuard.

      Like most new ransomware groups, Hive’s operators run double extortion campaigns: siphoning data, encrypting files, and telling victims that their stolen information will be exposed if they refuse to pay the ransom.

      According to Trend Micro, energy companies were a prime target for Hive, followed by healthcare institutions, financial services institutions and the media. Between June and December 2021, the gang compromised 355 businesses and the group has impacted an average of three businesses per day since it was first detected, the researchers wrote in a report in March. The FBI issued an advisory on the group in August 2021.

      The Hive gang drew attention when it hit Costa Rica’s national public health services agency in May.

      It also continues to evolve its operations. In October 2021, the group deployed malware to encrypt Linux and FreeBSD systems, and in April the group began targeting Microsoft Exchange servers.

      Recent work by MSTIC researchers has uncovered the latest variant.

      “This analysis led to the discovery of the new Hive variant and its multiple versions, which have slightly different available parameters in the command line and running processes,” they wrote. “By analyzing these patterns in samples of the new variants, we discovered even more samples, all with low detection rate and none correctly identified as Hive.”

      Hive’s updates will have far-reaching impacts given that its RaaS payload has been used in attacks against organizations across a range of industries by major ransomware affiliates, such as DEV-0237.

      The key change in the updates is Hive’s move from the Go programming language to Rust, which provides compile-time memory safety for greater stability, deep control over low-level resources, and variety. of cryptographic libraries for fast file scrambling.

      Additionally, being written in Rust will make Hive code a little harder to reverse engineer, Microsoft researchers say. Hive isn’t the first ransomware to be written in Rust; Another example is BlackCat.

      Detecting the Hive variant is also more difficult, according to MSTIC.

      “The new Hive variant uses string encryption which may make it more evasive,” the researchers wrote, referring to the malware executable. “The strings reside in the .rdata section and are decrypted at runtime by XORing with constants. The constants used to decrypt the same string sometimes differ from sample to sample, making it an uncertain basis for detection. reliable.”

      Hive now also includes features to stop security services and processes, such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus, that might otherwise slow down the attack chain.

      The data encryption mechanism in the variant is also important, the researchers wrote. It uses a new set of algorithms: Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellmann with Curve25519 and XChaCha20-Poly1305, which provides authenticated encryption with ChaCha20 symmetric encryption.

      Hive’s method is unique, according to MSTIC.

      “Instead of embedding an encrypted key in each file it encrypts, it generates two sets of keys in memory, uses them to encrypt the files, then encrypts and writes the sets to the root of the drive it encrypts, two with the .key extension,” the researchers wrote. To indicate which key was used, the name of the file containing the corresponding encryption key is appended to the name of the disk-encrypted file.

      Likewise, the variant’s command-line interface hampers analysis by threat hunters. In previous versions, the username and password used to access the Hive ransom payment site were embedded in the executable. In the latest variant, these credentials must be provided in the command line via a particular parameter, preventing analysts from obtaining them from code samples.

      Command line parameters give attackers flexibility when executing the payload by adding or removing functionality. The MSTIC researchers found a range of parameters in different samples in the latest variant.

      “Overall, it looks like different versions have different settings that are constantly being updated,” they wrote. “Unlike the previous variants where there was a ‘help’ menu, in the new variant the attacker has to know the settings in advance. Since all the channels are encrypted, it is difficult to find the settings for the security researchers.

      The ransom note that ships with Hive has also changed, with the latest version referring to .keys files with the new filename convention and new mention of virtual machines. ®

      Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market Size, Share and Forecast to 2028


      New Jersey, United States,
      – The Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market The report offers important insights into the state of the industry. This research offers in-depth details on the fundamentals, productivity, strengths, manufacturers, and current industry trends that support business expansion and economic success. The study endeavors to maintain an in-depth analysis and offer a regional assessment of the global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market.

      The Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market study examines the potential segments including product type, application and end-user and their size impact. In simple and understandable formats, the article offers a detailed and knowledgeable assessment of the complex analysis of prospects, development variables and future projections.

      Click the link for a sample copy of the report: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/download-sample/?rid=248301

      To ensure that specific details of the Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market sales footprint and sales demographics are accurately captured, in-depth analysis of multiple regions is performed allowing the user to draw the most of the data.

      Market segmentation :

      Key players:

      • Trans-Radial Solutions LLC
      • Fluke Biomedical
      • Marshield
      • MAVIG GmbH
      • International shielding
      • Ultraray
      • Biodex Medical Systems? Inc.
      • Kiran
      • Gamma Gurus
      • Protech Medical
      • Nuclear Shields BV
      • Radiation protection products? Inc.
      • Barrier technologies

      Segment by types:

      • Height adjustable type
      • Foldable
      • Swivel table type
      • Others

      Segment by applications:

      • Conventional radiology rooms
      • CT rooms
      • Others

      Get | Discount on the purchase of this report @ https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/ask-for-discount/?rid=248301

      Scope of Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market Report:

      Report attribute Details
      Market size available for years 2022 – 2028
      Base year considered 2021
      Historical data 2018 – 2021
      Forecast period 2022 – 2028
      Quantitative units Revenue in USD Million and CAGR from 2022 to 2028
      Segments Covered Types, applications, end users, and more.
      Report cover Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
      Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
      Scope of customization Free report customization (equivalent to up to 8 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.
      Pricing and purchase options Take advantage of personalized purchasing options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchase options

      Regions are covered in Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market Report 2022 to 2028

      For all-round understanding of dynamics, the Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market is analyzed across key geographies, namely; North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK) United Kingdom, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa). Each of these regions is analyzed based on the results of the major countries in these regions for a macro-level understanding of the.

      Report Highlights

      – Quantitative information and forecast for the global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market industry, segmented by type, end-use and geographical region.

      – Expert analysis of the key technological, demographic, economic and regulatory factors driving the Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market growth through 2026.

      – opportunities and recommendations for new investments.

      – Growth prospects for emerging countries until 2026.

      For more information or query or customization before buying, visit: https://www.marketresearchintellect.com/product/global-mobile-radiation-shields-and-barriers-market-size-and-forecast/

      Answers to key questions in the report:

      ✦ What is the growth potential of the Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market?
      ✦ Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
      ✦ Which region will impose itself as a precursor in the years to come?
      ✦ Which application segment will grow at a rapid pace?
      ✦ What are the growth opportunities that could emerge in the lock washer in the coming years?
      ✦ What are the main challenges that Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers may face in the future?
      ✦ Who are the leading companies in the Global Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers Market?
      ✦ What are the main trends that have a positive impact on the growth of the ?

      Below is an overview of these quadrants.

      1. Customer Experience Map:-

      The Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market research offers an in-depth assessment of various customer journeys relevant to the and its segments. It offers various impressions of customers on the use of products and services. The analysis takes a closer look at their pain points and fears across various customer touchpoints.

      1. Information and tools: –

      The various insights contained in the Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market study are based on elaborate cycles of primary and secondary research that analysts engage with during research. Research Intellect analysts and expert advisors adopt industry-wide quantitative customer information projection tools and methodologies to arrive at results, making them reliable.

      1. Actionable Results:-

      The results presented in this study are an indispensable guide to meeting all business priorities, including those that are mission critical. The results, when implemented, showed tangible benefits to business stakeholders and industry entities to improve their performance. The results are tailored to the individual strategic framework.

      1. Strategic frameworks: –

      The Mobile Radiation Shields and Barriers market study allows companies and anyone interested in the to define broad strategic frameworks. This has become more important than ever given the current uncertainty due to COVID-19. The study deliberates consultations to overcome various past disruptions and plans new ones to strengthen preparedness.

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      Air Force awards $950 million JADC2 contract to 27 companies – MeriTalk


      The United States Air Force (USAF) has awarded 27 companies – large and small – places under a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract worth up to $950 million. in support of the Air Force’s role in the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Battlefield Strategy.

      The IDIQ contract will help develop and operate systems in the land, air, maritime, space, electromagnetic spectrum and cyber domains to support the JADC2 strategy.

      The contract – awarded through the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center – will allow 27 contractors to compete for work related to the Pentagon’s ambitious effort to connect sensors and shooters in all domains into a single network. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center will determine work locations with each contract order and expects work to run through May 28, 2025.

      Winners include:

      • ADDX
      • Capella area
      • AT&T
      • Applied Information Sciences
      • Research Associates in Atmospheric and Space Technologies
      • Credit management solutions
      • Advanced technologies
      • EOS Defense Systems United States
      • Exfo America
      • Hermeus
      • Ierus Technologies
      • Cyberspace Solutions
      • label box
      • Nalej
      • sound
      • Praese
      • Real-time innovation
      • Riverside Research Institute
      • Astronautic Saber
      • Shared spectrum
      • AI Shield
      • skylight
      • Sparkcognition government systems
      • Principle 3
      • Tracking systems
      • Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems
      • BrainGu

      The JADC2 strategy envisions the creation of a massive “network of networks”, sharing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance from sensors in air, land, sea, space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum. , identifying the appropriate units or platforms to deal with threats, and connecting them with the necessary information. To realize this vision, the Pentagon will need to use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and new methods of communication.

      The Pentagon originally appointed 27 JADC2 contractors in May 2020 and has since added other vendors to support the program.

      Beginner’s Guide to Using Bluetooth on Your iPhone


      Bluetooth has been around for decades and the tool has become an essential part of modern gadgets. It might do you good to learn how Bluetooth works on your iPhone, especially since the iPhone user interface makes essential Bluetooth functions quite easy to perform.

      In this guide, we’ll look at what Bluetooth is, what it can be used for, where it can be found, and the basic operations that can be performed on an iPhone, including pairing, activating, and renaming devices. Bluetooth devices.


      What can you use Bluetooth for?

      Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to communicate or connect with various devices through radio waves. When your iPhone is within 33 feet of a connected Bluetooth device, you can use Bluetooth on your iPhone to transfer tons of files, pictures, and more between the two devices.

      You can also use Bluetooth to connect to third-party devices, such as speakers, AirPods, keyboards, game controllers, and headsets.

      How to turn Bluetooth on or off on an iPhone

      You can access Bluetooth through Control Center or through your iPhone settings. You can turn Bluetooth on and off in iPhone settings, while Control Center will only allow you to turn it on.

      If you press the Bluetooth button in Control Center to turn it off, it will disconnect your iPhone from paired devices and stop new Bluetooth connections. This happens even though Bluetooth is still enabled in the settings. We will describe the two methods of enabling and disabling Bluetooth below.

      Here’s how you can turn Bluetooth on or off from Settings:

      1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
      2. Tap the toggle next to Bluetooth to enable or disable it.

      Here’s how to disconnect Bluetooth from Control Center:

      1. If you have an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to access Control Center. For devices with a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
      2. Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on or disconnect devices.
      3. If the icon in Control Center is blue, it indicates Bluetooth is on. If the icon is gray, it indicates that Bluetooth is disconnected from all devices. If a diagonal line crosses it, it means Bluetooth is off.

      How to Pair or Unpair a Bluetooth Device on an iPhone

      Pairing a device is a quick and easy process. Follow these steps to pair or unpair a device with your iPhone’s Bluetooth:

      1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
      2. Make sure Bluetooth is authorized.
      3. If you are pairing a new device, scroll down to Other devices and tap the new device to pair. Make sure the device is within range and in Bluetooth pairing mode.
      4. If you’re connecting a device you’ve been paired with before, you’ll find the device under My Devices. Tap it to connect. Depending on your device, you may be prompted to enter a code that appears on your screen.

      To unpair a Bluetooth device from your iPhone, you must:

      1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
      2. Tap the Information next to the device and select Forget this device.
      3. To quickly unpair any paired device, disconnect Bluetooth devices from Control Center.

      If a Bluetooth device moves out of range or if its Bluetooth is turned off, your iPhone will automatically disconnect from it. However, the device will not be forgotten. If Bluetooth remains on, it will automatically connect to previously paired devices when they come back into range.

      How to Change the Name of a Bluetooth Device on an iPhone

      To change the name of a Bluetooth device, you must first make sure your iPhone is connected to the device. You cannot rename a device if it is not connected. To rename a Bluetooth device on your iPhone, here’s what you’ll need to do:

      1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
      2. Tap the Information icon of the connected device you want to rename.
      3. Select Last name.
      4. Type the name of your choice and return to the previous page to complete the process.

      Changing the name of a Bluetooth device will help make identification easier, create an organized and accessible list, maintain individuality and increase efficiency.

      What to do if Bluetooth is not working on your iPhone

      Bluetooth tends to work seamlessly and is easy to use. However, like all other technologies, it is not perfect and can be difficult to use at some point. There are several obvious troubleshooting tips that will help you get your Bluetooth working if you’re having trouble.

      Here is a list of potential solutions to Bluetooth problems:

      1. Update iOS

      This can be done in Settings > General > Software Update. If your software is already up to date, continue to the next step.

      2. Forget a device and pair it again

      This is one of the most popular fixes. Select Forget this device From your bluetooth settings, turn off the devices bluetooth, turn it back on and try to pair it as a completely new and unrecognized device. Often, a fresh start is all your iPhone needs to get its bearings.

      3. Pair the Bluetooth device to another iPhone

      This will eliminate any fault in the device you are trying to pair. If the problem persists when connecting with another iPhone, there may be a Bluetooth problem in the device itself. You can also do this by trying to connect your iPhone to another Bluetooth device instead to see if your phone works.

      4. Reset network settings

      When all else fails or your Bluetooth issues get too frequent, you can reset network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will erase all saved Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and VPN configurations on your iPhone. Just reestablish all those connections like you did when your phone was brand new.

      Bluetooth is in your iPhone settings, and there are a number of things you can do with it. On your iPhone, you can pair, unpair, rename devices, and turn Bluetooth on or off. You can also find Bluetooth in Control Center, which provides quick and easy access to connect or disconnect from paired devices.

      One dead, 4 injured in shooting in downtown Sacramento


      Updated 12:31 p.m.

      One person was killed and four others were shot early Monday morning in downtown Sacramento, police said. This is the second mass shooting in the city center in the past three months.

      Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester said no suspects have been arrested.

      The shooting happened on 16th and L streets outside Mix Nightclub. It happened just as the nightclubs were opening, police said.

      Sacramento police officers place evidence markers along 16th Street downtown, around the corner from where five people were shot — and one killed — after the exit of the Mix nightclub on July 4, 2022.Kris Hooks / CapRadio

      Police closed 16th Street between J and L streets.

      Family and friends have identified the person killed as 31-year-old Greg Najee Grimes. Grimes was an assistant football coach at Inderkum High School, the school he graduated from in 2008 before earning a scholarship to Boise State University.

      Rey Rodriguez was in the nightclub last night when it happened. He said he didn’t hear any arguments or fights inside the nightclub, but as he and his friends were leaving around 1.50am, they heard gunshots in the street below.

      “All you hear is bam bam bam…it’s just automatic gunfire,” Rodriguez said. “They brought us back inside the club, basically.”

      Rodriguez said they stayed inside the club for about 15 minutes while police arrived. After leaving the club, he said there were shell casings “all over the floor”. He was at the scene Monday morning waiting to retrieve his car, which was behind crime scene tape.

      Sacramento police are looking for help getting community videos and photos. The department has set up a portal where witnesses can upload video of the shooting. The public can also call (916) 808-5471 or (916) 443-4357 to submit tips anonymously.

      In a reportMayor Darrell Steinberg called on people to address gun violence “an emergency that requires an immediate and effective response.”

      “Whether it’s a mass shooting or an altercation that ends in death, the root cause is the same,” Steinberg wrote. “The proliferation of guns and the lack of adequate societal and mental health supports in our country means more people are armed and ready to pull the trigger.”

      Sacramento police officers examine evidence markers near the scene of a fatal shooting outside a nightclub in downtown Sacramento, Calif., early morning Monday, July 4, 2022.AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

      City council member Katie Valenzuela, who represents downtown, said her first thought after receiving a call about the shooting was “not yet.”

      “You keep hoping that when you hear these kinds of terrible incidents, it will be the last time,” Valenzuela said in a phone interview with CapRadio. “You hope we can put in place interventions to prevent things from happening again.”

      This is the third mass shooting in Sacramento this year.

      The first performed in February when a man killed his three daughters, a chaperone and himself during a supervised visitation.

      In April, six people were killed and 12 injured in a mass shooting in K street, one of the deadliest shootings in the city’s history. On the night of the shooting, police said at least five people opened fire in the crowded nightlife district near K and 10th streets following an apparent argument. Three people have been arrested and charged with murder.

      “It’s another example of, you know, we understand what’s going on,” Valenzuela said. “It’s really a question of how we put our resources and our policies to support these things.”

      After the April shooting, Valenzuela, Steinberg and other city leaders called for more funding for youth and gang prevention programs to build on past successes. Prior to the pandemic, Sacramento recorded a 28-month period without a youth homicide in the city.

      Sacramento will vote in November on a ballot measure that would require the city to earmark 40% of its taxes on cannabis-related business operations for youth funding, generating about $12 million a year.

      This is a developing story and will be updated.

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      Disturbed by China, another ‘worried neighbor’ joins the hypersonic race; Scramjet engine combustion flight test by end of month


      Japan may soon conduct the first combustion flight test of its under-development scramjet engine to advance its hypersonic technology.

      The flight test could take place on July 23, 2022 at the Uchinoura Space Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), according to a statement given to Janes by the Japanese Ministry’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency. of Defense (MoD). (ATLA).

      It is expected that the flight will provide crucial data that will drive the project forward.

      The engine will power a variety of hypersonic vehicles, boosting the country’s ability to protect outlying islands, according to the report.

      The goal of the research project, according to the ATLA, is “to acquire a model that estimates [the] in-flight combustion phenomenon in [the] scramjet engine. The organization added that the results would be comparable to information from ground-based wind tunnel testing.

      To “correct and predict data during the actual flight,” the agency continued, it will also develop and evaluate numerical model analysis.

      New advances in hypersonic technology from Beijing have become a major concern for Tokyo. Currently, Japan is looking to increase its investment in the development of hypersonic technology.

      Japan’s hypersonic program

      Hypersonic weapons can maneuver in flight and travel at speeds greater than five times the speed of sound, making them much harder to intercept. Russia and China have already deployed these weapons, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads.

      In March 2020, Japan first announced plans to develop its hypersonic weapons, aiming to join a small group of nations including Russia, China and the United States. The strategic importance of these plans increases as there are indications that Tokyo may change its pacifist constitution to allow for greater military power.

      File Image: Hypersonic Weapon

      Japan intends to deploy two types of hypersonic weapons: the Hypersonic Cruise Missile (HCM) and the High Velocity Flight Projectile (HVGP).

      The HCM performs the same functions as a conventional cruise missile. It can be fitted with either an explosive penetrating warhead (EFP) for land attack, or an armor-piercing warhead intended to pierce the deck of an aircraft carrier.

      Rather, the HVGP uses a solid-fuel rocket engine to raise its warhead to a high altitude before separating, from where it can glide at hypersonic speeds towards the target. It can also be equipped with many EFPs for area saturation attacks.

      Collaboration with allies?

      China has accelerated the development of hypersonic weapons, including carrying out tests in 2021 of a system that would deploy a hypersonic glider vehicle during an orbital bombardment. Japan is working with partners to develop sufficient capabilities to defend against these weapons.

      In January 2022, the United States and Japan announced their intention to sign a new agreement to enhance their cooperation in research and development on emerging technologies focused on advanced space systems and hypersonic missile defense.

      In a joint statement released after the meeting, U.S. and Japanese officials gave little information on the details of the R&D sharing agreement, saying only that “Ministers are committed to continued investment joint ventures that accelerate innovation and ensure the Alliance maintains its technological edge in critical and emerging areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, directed energy and quantum computing,”

      Additionally, a hypersonic missile test reportedly conducted by nuclear-armed North Korea earlier this year prompted Tokyo to focus on developing anti-hypersonic technologies.