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10 Best Rockstar Games Cheats, Ranked


Rockstar is responsible for developing some of the best video games in the industry. Many AAA versions come with exciting new characters, storylines, and useful cheat codes. Many of these tips tend to save players time, stress, and money. In some cases, cheats make things easier, which is useful when games only have one difficulty setting and difficult missions become frustrating and repetitive.

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Some titles developed by Rockstar, such as Max pay 3, have items players can find and unlockables that are available later in the game. However, as evidenced by their track record of popular releases, some cheats make the game more fun or add a new dynamic to the gameplay. Rockstar will likely continue to offer cheats in future projects, some of which have already made gaming history.

ten There’s a trick that gives players bigger paddles in Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

Rockstar Games isn’t known for making sports titles, but the developers have tried. In 2006, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis was released for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. The ping pong title features a handful of cheats, including the “Big Paddles” cheat released with the latest patch.

Theoretically, having a bigger paddle should make hitting the ball easier. However, due to the mechanics of the game, the cheat doesn’t make much of a difference and the comic cosmetic is there for entertainment purposes only. Despite this, the cheat adds a hilarious and memorable aspect to repetitive ping pong matches.

9 A GTA IV weapons cheat makes collecting guns simple

In GTA IV, there are no Ammu-Nation stores where players can purchase weapons. Instead, players have to buy their guns from underground gun shops – and there aren’t many of those in the game’s Liberty City version. Sure, some weapons are found in places on the map, and guns are also dropped by certain NPCs, but getting an impressive collection is a time-consuming chore.

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Like the others GTA securities, GTA IV has weapon cheats that players can take advantage of. There are two to choose from, and the second weapon cheat is arguably better because it comes with the Carbine Shotgun, which is one of the best weapons in the series. This is the easiest and fastest way to arm the protagonist, making it one of the most useful cheats in the game. GTA series.

8 Warriors Feature Infinite Rage Cheat

In an unarmed game, players often find themselves in a sticky situation when it comes to defense. However, in The Warriors, a video game based on the 1979 film, certain cheats provide players with generous benefits. In addition to instant melee weapons, extra health, and infinite sprint, the game features a cheat that grants players unlimited rage.

In rage mode, the player becomes almost invincible, exhibits different fighting styles and performs deadly combos. This temporary boost in combat also increases damage dealt, so having infinite rage makes players more deadly. As a result, many fans consider this cheat to be the best in the game.

seven Fun Mode in Manhunt 2 Adds Bright Colors to Gameplay

Manhunt is Rockstar’s stealth-action video game series, and the second title in the franchise has a pretty random cheat. The “Fun-Mode” cheat, which is only available on the PC version, comically changes the dynamics of the game. There are noticeably more color effects and slapstick sounds that accompany the on-screen action.

The first change players will likely notice is weaponry. The protagonist’s guns appear as bananas, candy canes, and bouquets of flowers. The spurting blood is replaced with colorful flowers, rainbows, and trippy patterns, while the throwables are rubber duckies that make appropriate squeaking noises. This Rockstar cheat stands out for its unique randomness, vibrant colors, and fun factor.

6 The GTA V Skyfall Cheat provides hours of entertainment

The latest solo track from GTA The franchise offers a fun cheat that provides hours of entertainment. The Skyfall cheat GTA V teleports the protagonist above Los Santos before they freely fall to the ground without a parachute.

Cheating is a great way to quickly scan the map. If players are wasted, they will eventually respawn at the nearest hospital or clinic. Of course, it can be difficult to stay alive on impact and the best way to avoid certain death is to aim for the sea, which could result in long swims back to land. However, the cheat remains a fan favorite with GTA passionate.

5 Bully has a trick that lets players shoot bottle rockets and throw eggs all day

One of Rockstar’s best-selling games during the PS2 era was bully. Terrorizing teachers and students with slingshots and stink bombs is why the title has been a hit with younger gamers. Like some Rockstar classics, bully offers a number of useful cheats. However, the one that provides the most fun is infinite ammo.

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Although slingshots have unlimited ammo, other projectile weapons do not. With the infinite ammo cheat, Jimmy is free to fire rockets and throw eggs at people all day long. This iconic cheat allows players to get the most out of the best weapons in the game and enjoy the classic title with few limitations.

4 The Rhino tank debuted in GTA III

GTA 3 was a milestone for the series. The Rockstar game was the first title in the 3D universe and introduced players to the iconic GTA vehicle, the Rhino. The armed military tank has since featured in almost every GTA version to date, although it looks a bit different in newer versions.

Commanding a tank and facing the law is a favorite pastime for many GTA players. The beginnings of the Rhino in GTA 3 also came with a cheat code spawning the tank at the right time. This infamous cheat allows players to wreak endless havoc on Liberty City and is therefore one of the best cheats Rockstar has ever produced.

3 Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition has a no damage cheat

In Midnight Club 3: Dubbed Edition, the red meter next to the speedometer indicates damage to a vehicle. After speeding through the streets and taking on various opponents in the fastest cars in the franchise, player vehicles can be beaten. So, Rockstar included a cheat to make things a little smoother.

The “No damage” cheat prevents your vehicle from taking damage. This makes it easier for the players and allows them to continue the missions. This is by far the most useful cheat in the game and the one that stands out in Rockstar’s gamography.

2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gave fans a first look at the Jetpack

One of the best cheaters of GTA San Andreas is the Jetpack cheat. The title was the first in the series to include the one-man plane, and it was also one of the best games on Playstation during the 2000s. The cheat also gave players instant access to the Jetpack from departure.

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The cheat can be entered during gameplay and will immediately spawn a Jetpack in front of CJ. It’s a quick way to navigate the map and comes in handy when climbing mountains and buildings. The Jetpack is a favorite for many GTA veterans and is an efficient means of transport, so the iconic Rockstar cheat is also known as one of the most frequently used.

1 Red Dead Redemption 2 has a cheat that clears Arthur’s bounty

It’s easy to break the law Red Dead Redemption 2. Witnesses inform the police of all crimes committed by players, which can lead to wanted level, notoriety, and a bounty on your head. One mistake can affect many things, and even after escaping the law, the protagonist’s notoriety and bounty remain until paid.

But there is a cheat in the game that makes these errors go away. Instead of using hard-earned cash to clear your name, Rockstar has included a cheat to perform the same function. When money is tight, this cheat is a lifesaver. It allows players to spend their money on supplies and better weapons, which further improves gameplay.

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