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10 DC Villains With Strict Honor Codes


DC Comics villains are a dastardly and colorful lot. From criminal masterminds to intergalactic warlords, everyone has brought something unique to the table, testing their heroic foes. Some villains are rabid dogs, savagely attacking their heroes with no rules or logic other than victory. However, other villains take a more considered approach, taking into account their own code of honor.

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Villainy, by its very nature, is dishonorable, but that doesn’t mean all DC villains are. Some have their own ways of doing things and have created a system for themselves. Their heroic enemies know what to expect from these honorable enemies.

10/10 Brainiac is upfront about everything

Brainiac is undeniably dangerous, having spent years traveling the stars and building his twisted collection. For Brainiac, knowledge is the only thing that matters, and he will stop at nothing to acquire it. Brainiac may seem like a dishonorable being, but that’s not the case. Sure, he’ll stab someone like Lex Luthor, but that’s because that’s basically part of the rules between the two of them.

Against other enemies, Brainiac is all about testing himself against them in the fairest way possible. He warns the star systems he is attacking and lets them fight against him. Brainiac wants to prove he’s the best, so he makes it as fair as possible, which is very creditable.

9/10 Sinestro wants to prove his way is better than the Green Lantern Corps

Sinestro was once the greatest Green Lantern in the universe. He was a skilled and tenacious Lantern, the one who made sure no one got away from him. Unfortunately, he was also a “dyed-in-the-wool” fascist, which led to him being expelled from the Corps. Since then, Sinestro has been obsessed with two things: pushing his twisted idea of ​​order and proving he’s better than Hal Jordan and the Corps.

Sinestro has never been one to do dirty tricks. He understands that sneaky tactics can be useful in battle, but he won’t use them himself. He has his own definition of honor, a code that allows him to feel like he’s always doing the right thing even when all the evidence is to the contrary.

8/10 Catman is a good hunter

Catman was once a wealthy man who earned the respect of the world’s big cats by hunting. On the African veld, Catman realized that hunting was an honor; all participants knew their place in the old game and followed its rules. It became the way Catman would do things. As a hunter, he would never disrespect something as pure as the hunt.

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Catman is as cunning and cunning as his namesake, but he’s no liar. He wants to win just like the lions he respects so much, matching his strength, speed and cunning to his prey. He wants battles to be as fair as possible, so his enemies know who beat him.

7/10 Captain Cold created a code of honor for thieves

The Flash’s villains are formidable, especially the Rogues. It’s the biggest team of villains in the DC Universe. It’s not because they’re the most powerful, but because they understand teamwork. The reason the team is like this is because of Captain Cold. Cold is a criminal and a thief, but he has honor and he taught other thieves to be like him.

Cold uses the amount of force he has for a given mission; he doesn’t just kill for no reason. He knows he needs help, so he treats his fellow thieves with respect. He also shares the proceeds of their crimes and watches over his fellow thieves. Without his example, the Rogues would never be so successful.

6/10 General Zod is an old soldier

Superman battles powerful foes, with the strongest able to challenge him physically. As a Kryptonian, Zod is just as powerful as Superman under a yellow sun. His greatest advantage over the Man of Steel is his skill and combat experience. Zod was Krypton’s greatest soldier, trained in his fighting arts.

He is also an honorable man. Zod doesn’t mince words or hide who he is. When he has a mission, he will do everything to win. When he makes a deal, he keeps his end. Zod may be a Kryptonian supremacist, but he’s an honorable fighter who can be trusted, which is saying something.

5/10 Lex Luthor has the honor of a businessman

DC villains look up to Lex Luthor for good reason. He’s a top-notch super genius, LexCorp succeeds like few other companies, and he’s a brilliant leader, capable of even making Joker fall to his heels. Luthor is a villain who may not seem like an honorable man, but he has his own code of honor, one that has served him well over the years.

Luthor is a businessman and there are rules for the type of wars that businessmen fight. Luthor can lie, cheat, and steal, but these are weapons in his arsenal. Everyone knows he’s going to do this; however, Lex isn’t going to sneak out. He wants his enemies to know that he is the one defeating them.

4/10 Bane is a cunning and cruel fighter

Batman takes on the cruelest foes, each bringing something different to the table. Bane and Batman are more similar than most imagine. Both saw their lives destroyed as children and were forced to grow up quickly in a harsh world. Bane mastered everything he needed to know to survive Santa Prisca and used that knowledge to become a villain.

Batman isn’t exactly an honorable man, but Bane is. He plans his approach against his enemies, finding the best way to defeat them. There is nothing dishonorable in outwitting enemies or using their weaknesses against them; he gives his enemies every chance to outrun him and defeat his plans, challenging them mentally and physically.

3/10 Two-sided lives by the flip side of the coin

Two-Face was once Harvey Dent, Gotham’s top district attorney. Unlike the other lawyers in Gotham, Dent was honest to the hilt, an honorable man in a town full of people for sale. His move to Two-Face didn’t really change much. Two-Face lives on the flip side of the coin, a simple code of honor.

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Two-Face may no longer be the crusading prosecutor, but he’s no liar. He does not hide who or what he is. He lets the room decide. Everyone knows what Two-Face is right away and its code is as simple as black on white.

2/10 Mongul is the deadliest warlord in the universe

Mongul is the lord of Warworld, a mighty warrior who has wreaked havoc and death across the universe. Mongul is a title as well as a name; Warworld’s mightiest warrior becomes the new Mongul after proving himself worthy. Mongul commands the Warzoons, traveling the universe and destroying everything in his path.

The Monguls earn the title by fighting for it, being the strongest warriors in Warworld. No one becomes Mongul by playing politics, they earn it by challenging old Mongul to battle and destroying it. It’s the same when it comes to fighting Superman; Mongul does not sneak but swings out.

1/10 Ra’s al Ghul has always been Batman’s most honorable villain

DC’s most dangerous villains have high body counts, with Ra’s al Ghul having been in the killing game for a long time. With the Lazarus Pits on his side, al Ghul was able to survive the centuries. He masters the martial arts of several cultures and has taken their codes to heart. Ra’s al Ghul lives with honor as he sees it and is Batman’s most honorable enemy.

He respects his enemies and treats them as he wants them to treat him. He stands against them to test their mettle; to be dishonorable would give him an advantage which he does not want, since he wants to earn frankly.

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