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5G in Autonomous Vehicles Market Analysis, Trends and Dynamics


Global market for 5G in autonomous vehicles

5G in the autonomous vehicle market Autonomous vehicles (AV) have their own intelligent on-board sensors. With the help of technological developments and several experiments, it appears that cameras, radars and lidars for road navigation should be enough for autonomous vehicles (AV) to move safely from point A to point B with their embedded technologies. But why do they need 5G data connectivity so badly?

An advanced car concept known as autonomous vehicle, driverless car, or self-driving car reads and senses the environment to operate or drive without human intervention. The time it takes for the input signal to enter the computer and for the computer to make a decision affects the safety and optimal functioning of autonomous vehicles. Using a 5G network will complete this cycle in less than 2 milliseconds on average. These vehicles are equipped with hundreds of sensors to increase their intelligence, but this creates huge volumes of data that must be manipulated, processed and analyzed in order to simulate human reactions.

Four basic sensors – camera, ultrasonic, radar and lidar – are used by autonomous vehicles. Each sensor has its own limitations, however. Camera-based sensors are unable to find objects in rain, night or foggy conditions. Although accurate in all visibility situations, radar cannot distinguish between different types of objects without a human driver due to its longer wavelength. Radar uses radio waves to identify automobiles and other things.

The other sensor, the lidar, has also proven to be very useful for a fully autonomous capability with much higher resolution to detect anything near the automobile. However, laser beams are expensive due to ten times the expense and do not provide accurate results in weather conditions such as snow, smoke, fog.

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Global 5G in Autonomous Vehicles Market: Major Players
General Motors Company
Tesla Inc.
Continental AG
Ford Motor Company
Denso Company
Robert Bosch GmbH
Daimler S.A.
Infineon Technologies SA

Global 5G in Autonomous Vehicles Market: Types
Semi-autonomous vehicle
Autonomous vehicle

Global 5G in Autonomous Vehicles Market: Applications

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Some of the key questions answered in this report:

● Who are the five main players in the 5G market in autonomous vehicles?
● How will the 5G market in autonomous vehicles evolve in the coming years?
● Which products and applications will take a share of the 5G market in autonomous vehicles?
● What are the drivers and constraints of the 5G market in autonomous vehicles?
● Which regional market will show the strongest growth? What will be the growth rate of the 5G in Autonomous Vehicles market?
● What will be the CAGR and market size of 5G in Autonomous Vehicles throughout the forecast period?
● What is the current market size, what will be the market size in 2028, and what will be the growth rate?
● What are the challenges to market growth? What are the key factors driving the global 5G in Autonomous Vehicles market?
● What are the market opportunities and challenges facing the major vendors?
● Who are the main competitors and what is their strategy?
● What are the barriers to entry for new players in the market? Who are the distributors, traders and agents in 5G in Autonomous Vehicles Market?
● Analysis of sales, revenue and price by types and applications of 5G in

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