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Alcoy mayor suspended over 21,000 peso cash advance


THE Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas suspended the Mayor of Alcoy, Michael Angelo Sestoso, for a month and a day for failing to pay his travel expenses to Boracay in 2010 amounting to P21,076.

Transplant investigator Eleanor Tayad-de Mira found Sestoso responsible for a simple breach of duty.

“There is… no evidence that the Respondent liquidated the amount with said period,” de Mira said in her six-page resolution.

The mayor, for his part, refused to publish a statement because he has not yet received a copy of the decree.

However, he said his lawyers are complying with the requirements.

He also said he would do anything asked of him.

The case stems from a complaint by the Ombudsman’s Field Investigation Office, which accused Sestoso of failing to liquidate his advance of funds for a trip to Boracay five years later.

Audit rule

Sestoso was deputy mayor when he and other city officials attended the quarterly meeting of national leaders and the national board of directors and the official transfer of responsibilities to the island in June 2010.

The P21 076 was for his travel and registration fees.

In accordance with the government audit rule, a public official is mandated to liquidate cash advances within 30 days of returning to duty.

In his report, city accountant Artemio Cabugas said that Sestoso’s cash advance was not paid by August 31, 2015.

Sestoso said he used the money to cover expenses related to the board meeting.

But the mayor said he liquidated him, adding that he had already submitted all the supporting documents.

This is why he was surprised when the Anti-Registry Office ordered him to submit his counter-affidavit to the charges against him in this regard.

But when he checked the records at the city treasurer’s office, Sestoso said he was told some of his documents were missing.

Admitting that he did not pay his advance in cash, Sestoso said there was no demand for him to liquidate it.

Of all the cash advances incurred by other officials, Sestoso said he was singled out when his alleged cash advance was a “minimal amount”.

The mayor said his offense was a “simple not guilty oversight” and that he had no intention of not paying his advance in cash.

In the resolution, de Mira said Sestoso should have liquidated his cash advance within the required 30 days.

In addition to the suspension, Sestoso will also be tried in court for alleged violation of Article 218 of the Revised Penal Code (failure of the responsible official to be accountable).

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