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Analysis of the exam papers of the second session JEE Advanced 2021, reaction of the students | Competitive exams


By Ramesh Batlish, New Delhi

The second JEE Advanced 2021 communication took place today from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. With this, the advanced JEE exam is finished. The candidate answer sheet will be published on October 5 and the provisional answer sheet will be published on October 10.

JEE’s advanced score will be released on October 15.

The students found the overall level of the paper to be moderately difficult. Paper-2 was longer and more difficult than paper-1 held in the first shift.

At the end of the exam, the students rated the chemistry easy to moderate, the physics moderate, and the math moderate to difficult.

Advanced JEE 2021: Exam Papers Analysis by Subject

  • Chemistry (easy to moderate). The questions of inorganic and organic chemistry carried weight. In physical chemistry, there were questions from Liquid Solutions, Mole Concept & Electrochemistry. More weight given to chapters in Class 12. Organic chemistry was well distributed. No direct questions in inorganic chemistry like Paper-1.
  • Physics (Moderate) There were more concepts and covered all chapters. Students rated this section as moderate. Questions were asked in the chapters on fluids, ray optics, electromagnetic induction, current electricity, rotational motion, heat and thermodynamics. Mixed concept questions took longer.
  • Mathematics (Moderately Difficult), there were more Calculus and Coordinate Geometry questions. Questions were asked about functions, limits, continuity and differentiability, the application of derivatives, the definite integral. In Co-ordinate Geometry, there were questions from Circle, Parabola & Ellipse. In algebra there were questions of Permutation and combination, complex numbers, probability, vectors, a triangle solution question in trigonometry. The questions involved long calculations.

(Author Ramesh Batlish is the head of FIITJEE Noida. The opinions expressed here are personal.)

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