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Australian radio star Jess Eva reveals hilarious mum’s Covid QR code trick

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Most of us are used to scanning using a Covid tracker app, but Australian radio host Jess Eva reveals her mother didn’t quite get the facts. Photo / Getty Images

It is safe to assume that 18 months many people around the world had never heard of a QR code, let alone used one. Especially older members of the community, not so used to technology.

It’s not hard to imagine that some people had a little trouble understanding how QR codes work. For example, Australian radio DJ mom Jess Eva.

The “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” star and radio host Triple M shared on Instagram how her mother didn’t quite understand how QR codes should be used.

“Sorry for sounding stupid, but I don’t know who to ask,” began the message from Jess’ mother.

“Who do I send all these photos of the QR codes to?”

“I keep taking pictures of them. My fucking phone is full of them.

“I haven’t received any information from government texts or anything to say what to do with it, and I don’t want my phone to be full of it.”

“Are you kidding?” was Jess’ response, along with a series of laughing emojis.

“About what?” his mother replied.

In the caption, Jess wrote: “OMG mom! Maybe there should be more explanation for our older friends regarding QR codes.”

Using a QR code involves opening your smartphone’s camera and allowing it to ‘scan’ the barcode until a web link appears, or, for Covid Tracing in News -Zealand, we are encouraged to use the NZ Covid Tracer app which scans and records the QR code on site.

But Jess’s mother’s mistake – taking pictures of the codes rather than allowing your phone to scan them – sparked a hilarious response from followers of the reality TV star who called her a ‘”iconic”.

“OMG bless his cotton socks,” one person wrote.

“Oh bless her, trying to do the right thing!” another commented.

Others commented that the radio host’s mother wasn’t the only one confused about the lockdown rules – and that it would likely still be of help to Covid tracers if needed.

“The bonus is that at least it has the day and time it was on every QR code, so it’s still traceable!” one commentator helpfully pointed out.

“It’s gold, you have to love our parents. My dad hasn’t left the house since the lockdown, he thinks you can’t leave the house and has no idea why the stores are open, ”one person wrote.