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Big Bang did not create the current universe: Penrose


Nobel Prize-winning mathematical physicist Roger Penrose said that the current universe did not begin with the Big Bang and that there was another universe before the current one.

Traces of the old universe can be found in present-day black holes and some patches of electromagnetic radiation in the sky, Penrose said in his address to a virtual meeting at the Saha Institute for Nuclear Physics in Oxford on Monday.

“There was actually another universe that existed before the current one and the Big Bang simply marked the end of that universe. Evidence of this earlier universe can still be seen today,” he said.

In the same way, this universe will be replaced by another after millions of years with the mark of the current universe left in the black holes, Penrose, which is currently associated with the University of Oxford and is a contemporary of Stephen Hawking, said in elucidating the theory of ”conformal cyclic cosmology” which talks about the infinite cycles surrounding the universe and the Big Bang.

He received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on black holes.

The nonagenarian Nobel laureate had been a collaborator of Stephen Hawking and had discovered, among other things, the cycle of time, a breakthrough in the perpetual evolution of our universe from one eon to another. Subir Sarkar, Senior Professor of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology at Oxford, Larry McLerran, Leading US Quark Gluon Plasma Physicist (USA) and Sushanta Duttagupta, Founding Director of IISER and former Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati were the main participants in the three-day meeting which began on May 9.

Responsible for the ALICE detector at CERN, Bikash Sinha and his team were present at the Macrocosmos, Microcosmos, Accelerator and Philosophy 2020 meeting organized by Tagore Center for Natural Sciences and Philosophy (TCNSP), Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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