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Can you decipher the code messages in Taylor Swift’s confusing video?


MUMBAI: Taylor Swift, look what you made us do.

The superstar singer is back with another cryptic puzzle for fans to decode. On August 5, T. Swift took to social media to tease upcoming songs from his re-recorded album Red, posting an image of a safe with a series of seemingly random (but obviously not random) letters. “* post press * * maniacal cap *”, she captioned the video. Swift also noted that the difficulty level of the post was “at times cruel in the name of honesty,” a reference to her hit Red song “All Too Well”.

After seeing the Grammy winner’s video, Swifties got down to work on the word scramble and pieced together Phoebe Bridgers’ name, a clue the duo have collaborated on the upcoming album. As one fan put it, “Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers are joining forces to give us the sad girl fall we deserve sounds great”.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted the name “Stapleton” in the jumbled word, a reference to country star Chris Stapleton. “I just won’t be able to continue if there is a Chris Stapleton duo,” wrote one Twitter user in response to the revelation. “My heart is really going to explode.” Considering that Red was Swift’s last country album before moving on to pop music, having a Stapleton duet would be a nod to its roots.

In addition to Bridgers and Stapleton, Ed Sheeran’s name can also be found in the puzzle. However, this may not come as a surprise to fans, given that Sheeran and Swift collaborated on the red song “Everything Has Changed”. In fact, Sheeran confirmed in June that he had already re-recorded the beloved track.

And if that wasn’t enough for a day, it looks like fans can expect Swift’s version of “Better Man” on Red (Taylor’s Version). The name of the song, written by Swift and recorded by Little Big Town, is part of the puzzle words, as is her emotional ballad “Ronan”, which she wrote about a 4-year-old boy who died of a cancer in 2011.
Additionally, Swift’s song “Babe”, which was originally recorded and released by Sugarland, will also be on her updated album.

Take a look at the video above to try to find more words in the puzzle and be sure to report back! We are ready for it. And by that we mean answers.
Red (Taylor’s Version) is scheduled for release on November 19.