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Chillicothe City Council meeting includes public hearing


Chillicothe City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday as part of its regular meeting. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. at the CMU meeting room.

The public hearing is for a resolution to consider revenue obligations for multi-family dwellings (Center Apartments on Jackson Street) not exceeding $ 15 million.

Appearances include:

Mayor Theresa Kelly with a Certificate of Service for Rolfe McCoy for her service to the Public Works Council

Codes Officer Kevin Shira will lead a discussion and order to approve and accept the Orscheln Subdivision.

He will also present the order approving a conditional use license to operate a meal delivery service at 302 W. Harvest Drive.

City administrator Darin Chappell will present an order accepting the renewal of the city’s medicare program.

City Clerk Roze Frampton will request a declaration of excess items.

It will also present the new proposed neighborhood boundaries.

An executive closed session is scheduled after the regular meeting to deal with property and personnel matters.