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Christina Milian celebrates the spread of Latin music globally – MOViN 92.5


Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Christina Milian is thrilled to see the world embracing Latin music and has an idea why it’s becoming so popular.

Speaking to ABC Audio, the “Am to Pm” singer applauded the Latin superstar bad bunny to be one of Spotify’s most streamed artists. Half of the songs on Spotify Playlist “Summer Songs” are in Spanish – Bad Bunny occupying eight spots in the top 30 countdown.

Christina recalls when Latin hits ‘sprinkled’ the radio, before the legend Gloria Estefan made waves with “Conga”.

“Now to hear it become more mainstream for everyone, even if you don’t understand the lyrics? … I think that’s important,” she said.

Christina believes that Latin music makes waves because it “conveys a feeling” that everyone understands. “People just want to feel good, they want to laugh and they want to dance,” she explained.

“I’m glad the reach goes much further than just within the community,” said the resort to love the actress spoke out. “It’s open and more people experience other cultures. It’s exciting!”

She also reserved praise for the “Efecto” singer, saying, “I’m a big Bad Bunny fan. I don’t know how my son knew his name, but he said ‘Bad Bunny’ the other day! ” Christina shares two sons with her partner M Pokora.

So, will the growing popularity of Latin music inspire Christina to make a comeback in music? She revealed that it’s not on the radar right now.

“I’m looking to do more stuff behind the scenes,” she said. “I would like to produce more films and series and have the opportunity [to] open doors for more people to show off their talents and tell more stories.”

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