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Eglin AFB now houses the first electronic warfare wing of its kind



EGLIN AFB – Eglin Air Force Base is home, at least for now, to a unique Air Force wing working in the electromagnetic spectrum, which stretches from radio waves to visible light and affects everything from cell phones personal devices. computers with advanced military technology.

According to a press release issued Friday by the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing (350th SWW) was formed on Friday in recognition of the need for the US military to “dominate the electromagnetic spectrum “.

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The wing is temporarily located at Eglin Air Force Base while the Air Force conducts a mandatory environmental review for a permanent location. The Air Combat Command press release did not indicate which specific locations are being considered as the permanent home for the squadron, or whether Eglin AFB is on that list of potential locations.

According to the press release, the 350th SWW “will enable, equip and optimize fielding capabilities to give the United States and its allies a lasting competitive advantage over their adversaries in the electromagnetic spectrum. The new wing will provide expertise in maintenance, operational and technical for electronic warfare in support of combat air forces.

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Wing Commander Colonel William Young said in the press release that “competition in the electromagnetic spectrum is more important than ever.” US military forces, Young noted, use the electromagnetic spectrum in offensive and defensive positions.

U.S. Air Force Col. John Paul Mintz accepts command and guidance from the 850th Spectrum Warfare Group of the U.S. Air Force Col. William Young, Jr., commander of the 350th Specter War Wing, during of the 350 SWW activation ceremony.  The 350th SWW, currently housed at Eglin Air Force Base, is tasked with providing electromagnetic spectrum capabilities to 69 electromagnetic warfare systems from the United States and foreign partners.  In addition, the squadron is responsible for the reprogramming, modeling, simulation and evaluations of electromagnetic warfare.

“If we lose the fight in the EMS (electromagnetic spectrum), we will lose the fight in all other areas,” Young said. “We’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.” Modernizing the Air Force’s Approach to Electromagnetic spectrum issues will ensure that “fighters have the freedom to attack, maneuver, and protect themselves when, where, and within parameters of our choosing.”

Advances in technology have created a critical need for Airmen to better understand their role within EMS, according to the Air Combat Command press release.

“The activation of the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing is the latest action taken by the Air Force to maintain our competitive advantage in electromagnetic warfare,” said Major General Case Cunningham, commander of the war center. of the United States Air Force.

The wing’s placement also ensures that all of the Air Force’s electronic warfare and EMS capabilities are consolidated in one place, the press release notes. In a move that will have an effect in Eglin, the 53rd Electronic Warfare Group, now part of the 53rd Eglin AFB Wing, which has electronic warfare as part of its mission, will move to the 350th War Wing of the spectrum.