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Epic paid control makers a $ 15 million advance for exclusivity


Many game developers have decided to publish their games on the Epic Games Store, but the platform has managed to proven surprisingly controversial. A report describing Control Developer Remedy Entertainment’s deal with Epic gives a clearer picture of the money and percentages that attract high-profile games.

A Digital Bros financial report (Going through gamedaily.biz) indicates that Remedy and publisher 505 Games have secured a deal for 9.49 million euros by bringing the game to the Epic Games Store.

That’s about $ 15 million, which was then split between the two parties, with 505 taking 45% of that total and the larger 55% going to Remedy. This deal is part of a larger exchange between 505 Games and Epic that will also see the upcoming sci-fi exploration game. Journey to the wild Planet released exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

The number of 9.49 million euros was reported as a deal for Control, but this payment is not simply a cash sum given in exchange for the rights to sell the game. It is an advance on future sales.

This payment ensures that the developers receive a lump sum immediately, rather than waiting for the money to flow as copies of the game are sold. Security and upfront payment could make releasing games on the Epic Games Store more attractive, especially for indie game developers, like Underworld developer Supergiant Games or Ooblets designer Gumberland. These two games initially released exclusively on the Epic Game Store, although Underworld will be available on Steam from December.

“The initial money they provide means we can afford more help and resources to start ramping up production and doing cooler things.” Ooblets designer Ben Wasser explained in a blog post last month. Gumberland was later targeted in a harassment campaign after this announcement.

The Remedy-Epic deal isn’t new to the platform, but releasing these numbers helps put some of the inner workings into perspective. Steam faces increased competition from the Epic Games Store and has been adjust your appearance and his algorithms recently. Epic continues to attract developers and games, including Loot Shooter Borders 3. The model seems to be working, much to the alleged delight of some publishers and the continued confusion and occasional frustration of some players.

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