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Find water in the basement with innovative drones


“In just under 20 minutes, we managed to scan the subsoil of a large plot, identifying the presence of water down to a depth of 250 meters using electromagnetic probes. In a few hours therefore, we can tell the producers if there is underground suitable for irrigation in a specific area”, explains Vincenzo Orso, drone pilot for Hydro Hunter Italia with more than 35 years of experience as a pilot. helicopter in the Italian Armed Forces.

Hydro Hunter Italia was established in 2017 and deals with subsurface water research using innovative remote-controlled multi-rotor fixed-wing aircraft systems. The professional team is made up of geophysicists and computer and aeronautical experts.

“We have received a lot of requests lately, as companies are increasingly facing the difficulties caused by the drought. But it is not only Italian companies that contact us, because those located in other continents approach us. It was only recently that we worked with a company in Cape Verde (Africa), a land known for its lack of water where we conducted different positive scans.”

“A drone with our patented technology and probe flies over the area and sends electromagnetic waves to the ground. This operation allows us to detect the difference in density of a particular soil layer, thus signaling possible electromagnetic anomalies which are then detected by the drone and notified to the operators via Bluetooth. In the areas characterized by such anomalies, the probability of finding water is very high, so we carry out an orthogonal magnetic resonance which gives us the map color of subsoil stratification (for example the photo below). so far, this method has had a success rate of over 85%, also depending on the nature of the different soils.”

“We never provide our clients with a value in terms of possible cubic meters of water present in the subsoil, rather we provide them with advice on whether to drill. Once our work is completed, we provide a technical report which can be given to drilling companies. We provide free preliminary exploratory geophysical analysis to assess the feasibility of finding water in the ground to avoid making unnecessary investments.”

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