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Ghost radar shields hide key facilities in Kherson


LONDON ($1 = £0.82) — Pyramidal radar reflectors have been placed in the water near major bridges in Kherson, including the recently damaged Antonovsky Bridge. Similar reflectors were noticed around the railway bridge over the Dnieper, also in Kherson. The reflectors were installed by the Russian armed forces. British intelligence released the information, citing satellite images.

Photo credit: Twitter

Radar Pyramid Reflectors, also known as Ghost Radar Shields, are intended to deflect Ukrainian missiles. These are missiles launched by HIMARS and M270 – GMLRS. The radar reflector is a simple construction – intersecting flat, metal surfaces that form a 90 degree angle.

Their principle of operation [supposed to be such] is as follows: the guided missile uses radar guidance systems. They emit radio waves. Radar reflectors must repeatedly reflect these radar waves from the guided missile. This creates a very strong disturbance which disrupts the radar system of the guided missile. That is, the missile is attracted to the radar reflector and begins to fly towards it, while the main target – the bridge – is missed.

However, is this countermeasure of the Russian armed forces effective? Preferably not. The GMLRS missiles fired by the M270 and M142 are not simple radar systems to be confused with radar reflectors. Their advice is not based on “target search radar” but on satellite GPS guidance.

Britain: 'Ghost radar shields' hide key facilities in Kherson
Photo credit: Twitter

The radar reflector would have an effect if Ukraine launched the Harpoon or Neptune anti-ship missiles, but as their name suggests, these missiles are intended for weapons systems at sea, not infrastructure sites.

The fact that Russia is looking for a way to protect key infrastructure sites suggests that the Russians understand the combat capability of HIMARS and the M270. These systems are effective at short and medium range, are mobile and can easily change position. This further complicates the task of easily destroying them.


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