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Group calls for repeal of mandatory CBJ real estate value code


Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – A political action group is asking registered voters to approve a referendum on the city’s “mandatory disclosure of real estate values ​​in transactions” code.

The group “Protect Juneau Homeowners’ Privacy” is trying to collect 2,130 signatures over the next 30 days in order to carry out a referendum to repeal a code for the city and borough of Juneau, the “mandatory disclosure of real estate values ​​in transactions”.

Organizer Annie Spears says the group thinks the issue should be decided by voters, not the Assembly.

“Our organization believes this ordinance would be best served if it were passed into law and let the citizens of Juneau decide whether or not we waive our disclosure rights,” Spears said. “Currently we know that Alaska is considered a non-disclosure state. The Assembly passed this in November 2020. We were upset and many of our members went to speak to the Assembly. We testified and they passed the ordinance anyway.”

Spears says her group’s goal is to educate Juneau voters.

“I think the big thing our group wants to do is educate the citizens of Juneau about what this ordinance means,” Spears said. Also, whether you agree with us or not, we believe this should have been something that should have been put on the ballot for the citizens to decide.”

Asked if the ballot initiative was triggered by the disclosure order or a follow-up $50-a-day fine for non-compliance, Spears replied, “It’s actually both …it starts with mandatory disclosure in particular, and we probably would have pushed that to the ballot box sooner, but we wanted to wait until we had municipal elections, so as not to burn taxpayers with special elections. [regarding] At the time this order came out, the city and many people were under a lot of stress with a pandemic and many measures that were in place. So it wasn’t a good time to organize… right now it’s just a good time because we have the October 4th ballot coming up, the municipal ballot, so it’s opportune until then .

According to Spears, signature collectors will reach out to neighborhoods, local businesses and organizations looking for support.