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INTERVIEW: WAVE FESTIVAL | NARC. | Reliably informed


Image: Declan Welsh and the Decadent West

The second iteration of Wavesthe Sunderland’s all-day multi-site music event takes place on Saturday 5e November, and this year they have grown in size and ambition.

Ben Richardson of The Independent is one of the driving forces behind the event, he explains that after a very successful first year which saw a host of regional artists fill venues across the city, they are looking forward to the next one. event. “We had to do that first year with regional bands that we had worked with before and could trust, more than anything to make sure we could do it and I guess also to make sure there was an appetite for something like that in Sunderland, and we definitely know there are now.

This year they are diversifying considerably with their queues, and Ben is really proud to be able to attract international artists to Sunderland. “We are bringing back Dutch indie band Pip Blom to headline the indie scene; having international bands playing Waves only year two is great. Along with this, we are always fighting to support the local scene and bring some of our favorite and most exciting artists from around the region to the festival.

Over the past few years Sunderland has come a long way in terms of the music infrastructure in the city. We want to celebrate this and shine a light on what is happening in Sunderland

The line-up is impressively diverse, with headliners such as the aforementioned Dutch indie quartet Pip Blom, jazzy electro band Ishmael Ensemble, disco-fueled dancefloor fillers Leeds Galaxians, Newcastle alt . rock trio The Pale White, local indie songwriter Tom A Smith and indie post-punks Declan Welsh & The Decadent West. There are more delights in the form of Bull, The Dream Machine, Ghost//Signals, Hivemind, Luke Royalty, Vandebilt, Wax Heart Sodality, Yaatri, Dead Wet Things, The Neolectrics, The Peevie Wonders, Nadedja, Eve Cole, noprism and more performing at Independent, The Fire Station, The Peacock, The Ship Isis, The Bunker and Live Lounge.

Collaborations are also a key part of this year’s event, as Ben explains: “We are delighted to partner with BBC Introducing for a stage at Waves, the line-up is stacked with incredible regional talent chosen by Nick Roberts himself. . I’m also thrilled to have him in The Bunker; what they did went a bit under the radar, there is a large concert hall with a capacity of 40 people and they have the ability to record audio and visuals so you will be able to enjoie on the radio and on social media afterwards, which is really cool.

They’re also teaming up with We Make Culture for a day of free activities for all ages at Pop Recs Ltd., which also includes family performances, an early childhood music session, and music-based crafts. .

There are a plethora of well-respected multi-venevents in the area, and Ben is proud to be able to add Waves to the area’s music calendar. “Over the past few years Sunderland has come a long way in terms of the music infrastructure in the city. We want to celebrate this and shine a light on what is happening in Sunderland; it’s not just about Waves on the day, it’s about getting people to these places and realizing how good they are and hopefully going back in the future. We’ve seen other great multi-site festivals in the area become permanent fixtures in our calendar, particularly in the Teesside area, and there’s no reason we can’t have the same to Sunderland and that people from Newcastle and Middlesbrough can travel to our city instead!

Oaves Festival takes place at various venues in Sunderland on Saturday 5e November.