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Is 5G technology the answer for UK businesses battling the pandemic?


UK businesses see 5G technology as a tool to combat the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and related global events, according to research by EY.

the study revealed that 5G leads all other emerging technologies in terms of future spending intentions, with more than half (56%) of UK businesses planning to invest in it over the next three years.

Despite this, companies were found to lack confidence in their ability to implement and deploy 5G. Only around 18% say they are very confident, down 4% year-on-year.

Those numbers deteriorated after data revealed a poor understanding of 5G’s relationship to other emerging technologies, with 43% of respondents saying it was the biggest internal challenge to 5G perceptions.

Despite some positive opinions on the adoption of 5G technology, many companies appear to be taking a defensive approach, seeking to build resilience, respond to stakeholder demands and meet business priorities.

A range of external factors underpinned this defensive approach to 5G, EY found. Four-fifths of respondents said the impact of the global health crisis had boosted their interest in 5G technology, up from 62% in last year’s survey.

Additionally, more than three-quarters (79%) said the current supply chain disruption has galvanized their pursuit of 5G, while 68% cited a focus on environmental, social and governance issues. .

Commenting on the research, Praveen Shankar, Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms UK & Ireland at EY, said: “Sophisticated use cases will become important over time. More pressing, however, is the need for 5G vendors to adapt their solutions to the practical demands of Industry 4.0 today.

“Disruptive customer signals suggest that traditional telco relationships with enterprise customers are under strain and more agile go-to-market strategies are essential in a 5G-IoT world.

“Telecom operators must take action now to ensure they can meet enterprise demand for private network deployments.”


Businesses will need to start taking 5G adoption seriously in the future, in line with the UK government’s plans for future rollout.

In early December 2021, the government announced its intention to phase out UK 2G and 3G mobile networks by the end of 2033, in a bid to help attract new telecom providers and build out the UK’s 5G networks. United.

The measures aim to increase the security of telecommunications supply chains as well as support a “smooth transition” to faster mobile networks such as 5G.

The plans will free up spectrum – the radio waves used to send and receive information – to allow the mass rollout of 5G and other future networks such as 6G, the UK government has said.

Adrian Baschnonga, senior global telecommunications analyst at EY, added: “There are still fundamental concerns about how 5G performs alongside other emerging technologies. 5G providers should take this into account and adapt their discussions with their customers accordingly.

“By educating businesses on how 5G can be leveraged by other emerging technologies, service providers can build business confidence in their 5G deployments.”

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