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Japan Lifeline Enters into Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Radiation Protection System


March 9, 2022


Company: Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.

Representative: Keisuke Suzuki, President and CEO (code: 7575 TSE 1st section)

Contact person: Kenji Yamada, Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration Headquarters (TEL. +81-3-6711-5200)

Japan Lifeline Enters into Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Radiation Protection System

Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd. (“Japan Lifeline”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in Japan with Rampart IC, LLC (Alabama, USA) (“Rampart IC”) for the “M1128”, a radiation protection system which reduces the radiation exposure of medical personnel. This product is expected to be launched in the first quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, after completing regulatory procedures.

In the treatment of arrhythmias and ischemic heart disease, examinations and treatment are carried out under fluoroscopic control using X-ray diagnostic equipment. In the catheterization laboratory where the treatment is carried out, many professionals in the healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, clinical engineers and radiologists provide team medical care, and it has been difficult to reduce the radiation exposure of these healthcare professionals.

The amount of radiation exposure per examination or treatment is very small and has minimal effect on the body, but since medical professionals are repeatedly exposed to radiation, measures such as wearing lead aprons and l installation of protective screens are taken. However, even with lead aprons, the head and arms are still exposed to radiation. Since the lead aprons weigh 3-4 kilograms, the physical load is great, which often leads to orthopedic problems such as back pain. Existing shields also have problems in that the shielding effect is limited, and they cannot be easily moved in the catheterization laboratory.

The M1128, developed by Rampart IC, is equipped with a 22mm thick acrylic panel shielding shield, which provides class-leading radiation shielding performance compared to existing shielding panels, and an area of wider protection, thus reducing the exposure dose not only for the doctor but also to the surrounding medical personnel. Moreover, it can be easily moved thanks to its form of electrically movable support, allowing the user to freely select an appropriate configuration for various procedures. Additionally, by operating the controller by hand, subtle positional adjustments can be made to suit the body shape of the patient or physician. By using the M1128 with these features and with the local radiation protection team indicating it is safe to do so, medical personnel can achieve full body protection without wearing heavy lead aprons. This would allow them to focus on their medical work in a safer and less physically demanding environment.

Based on its long experience in the cardiovascular field, Japan Lifeline believes that there is a great need to reduce radiation exposure and physical burden of healthcare professionals. By increasing the number of institutions that adopt this product, Japan Lifeline will strive to support healthcare professionals so that they can provide high-quality medical care to their patients with confidence.


About Rampart IC, LLC

Rampart IC, LLC was founded in 2014 by Dr. Robert Foster, an interventional cardiologist based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The company develops and markets a wearable and flexibly adjustable radiation protection system that protects the whole body of physicians and surrounding medical personnel from radiation exposure and frees them from wearing lead aprons. For more information, please visit the following website: https://www.rampartic.com/

M1128 radiation protection system

M1128 radiation protection system used with an examination table