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Larry Moore | The altar of political correctness



Apparently, the William S. Heart Union High School District board of trustees, with the exception of Joe Mesina, worship at the altar of political correctness and enlightenment. Succumbing to the will of the Santa Claritan minority sends the wrong message to our students and citizens. The culture of calling is permanent and always offensive. Their hair was on fire, and the helicopter that dropped the water was unable to extinguish the flames.

But for a moment, I cross the dark side and voice my disagreement. I’m angry with the Sogas Centurion mascot. The Centurions may have been very organized and well-trained Roman soldiers, but those they conquered were often brought back to Rome as slaves. Slavery makes me angry, so Sogashai should change this mascot.

I’m just as mad at the Canyon Cowboy mascot. In almost every movie I grew up with, Cowboys were good and Indians were bad. Of course, it was a typical old western version of Hollywood. The glorious Native American murderer offends me, so Canyon High should change its mascot.

My son graduated from Valencia High as a proud Viking, but I’m mad at the Viking mascot. From the 8th to the 11th century, the Normans from Scandinavia traveled to England and Ireland to settle, trade or carry out raids. The expression “The Vikings are coming” sowed fear in the lives of my ancestors. You have to get mad at using the bloodthirsty pagan as a mascot and cancel the Valencia high school mascot.

I am perhaps the most angry with our last high school mascot, Castique Coyote. In the current controversy that illegal immigrants puncture radio waves, it is quite strange and somewhat criticized that schools want to respect the symbol of human trafficking. Oh, is the Castaic High mascot a ubiquitous dog that annoys every neighborhood in Santa Clarita? Why didn’t you say that? But still, the word “coyote” has a double meaning, one is very negative. Throw away the mascot.

What are the recommendations for a replacement mascot? What about Heart High Snowflake… or Sogas High Hummingbird… or Canyon High Teddy Bear… or Valencia High Wake… or Castique High Counselor? Are you saying that snowflakes end up turning into floods and killing thousands of people? What about the symbol of courage and pride … What about Indians?

Larry moore


Larry Moore | The altar of political correctness Larry Moore | The altar of political correctness