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Lascelve ‘Muggy’ Graham | Skin color as a weapon of mass destruction | On point


Skin color, race, is a subject, like religion and politics, that evokes a strong emotional feeling, passion. Many would rather it not be touched, discussed or debated, treated like a taboo, like we suddenly become color blind.

However, we have trichromatic color vision, which allows us to see all colors in the visible spectrum of light. It would be pretending to do as if the color did not exist.

Skin color has become a sensitive topic because white supremacists and their surrogates and apologists are the power brokers of this world and therefore would like to see the status quo remain as it is. They tricked the common man into accepting the hype, thread, myth that skin color evolved in tandem with other abilities of the mind, etc., thus creating races of people which are biologically, physiologically unmixable and distinguishable.

In other words, skin color has affected or has been affected by changes in other characteristics of humanity’s DNA, so that light-skinned people are superior to fair-skinned people. darker, the lighter being at the top of the hierarchy. If skin color, race is not discussed, then, eureka! Mission accomplished, no guilt about: slavery, atrocities, ill-gotten riches, systemic racism, reparations, etc. The status quo survives.


Notwithstanding and perhaps especially because of the above, we need to research and discuss skin color to shed light on historical and scientific truth (there has been incredible distortion, misrepresentation of both in the will of validate the oppression of dark-skinned people) and to gain a better understanding of the evolution of the current situation, where skin color has highlighted man’s inhumanity to man, giving rise to so much brutality, injustice, self-loathing (whitewashing, etc.), trials, tribulations, suffering, devastation and death, and has become a weapon of mass destruction of dark-skinned people.

There have been many massacres, lynchings, burnings, genocides, tortures, structural hardships imposed on peoples, rationalized simply on the basis of skin color. For example, it is estimated that during the transatlantic slave trade, nearly two million Africans lost their lives directly from the voyage to North America and the Caribbean, with the death rate sometimes reaching 30%. This, of course, refers only to the so-called Middle Passage and does not include the many deaths on the plantations, and subsequently, caused by the inhuman treatment and injustice inflicted on slaves and their descendants.

Anthropology, “The science of humanity”, is the study of human societies and cultures and their development; the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution. It is the study of what makes us human. Anthropologists examine the past through archeology to see how human groups lived hundreds or thousands of years ago and what was important to them.

A very distinguished and renowned professor of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University, Nina Jablonski, known in particular for her seminal work on skin color, gave a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on September 27, 2018, in which she clearly demonstrated that skin color occurred by natural selection, based on proximity to the sun and, therefore, on the intensity of solar radiation felt.

She connected the dots which showed that as people moved away from the sun, darker skin, which was needed to filter, modulate the sun’s harmful UV rays, was no longer necessary but became a barrier to human reproduction. Thus, skin became clearer and cultures developed dietary practices to augment, support biological and physiological processes that strong sunlight alone once facilitated. Therefore, biological (skin color) and cultural (eg diet) adaptations have conspired to ensure healthy human proliferation.

For example, in ancient Scotland, where one experienced very low light and very little solar radiation, some of the most depigmented skin abounded. However, this was not enough to keep them healthy, so their diet consisted of staples like codfish and cod liver oil, which are very rich sources of vitamin D.


She showed that vitamin D, which performs multiple functions in the body and prevents disease, needs some UVB radiation from the sun for its synthesis by the body. On the other hand, folate, necessary for good reproductive health, is degraded by UV rays. Skin pigmentation evolved as a balancing mechanism to maintain levels of these vitamins.

Professor Jablonski demonstrated that similar skin colors evolved independently, multiple times, under similar ultraviolet radiation conditions. Similar skin tones evolved independently of other traits. Skin pigmentation genes evolved unrelated to other genes. “Race” packs of biological traits do not exist! Discrete boundary packets of genes do not exist! Race is a social construct. It has no scientific basis. It’s a myth! A mistake ! A fantasy!

We place value on color through acculturation due to exposure to people who have opinions about color. In ancient Egypt, where there were gradients of UV intensity and therefore people of different levels of pigmentation and skin color, people living along the Nile traded with each other, with no value associated with color .

No value, no connotation has been attached to skin color for most of human history! Methods of differentiating between people, such as language, dress, perceived barbarity, etc., were applied equally regardless of skin color.

This gradually changed when the Europeans began their explorations and in particular their exploitation and plunder of Africa.

As Professor George Beckford revealed in his work, Persistent poverty: underdevelopment in Third World plantation economies, religion then religion and skin color, the basis of the theory of racial inferiority, appeared as rationalizations to justify slavery, in particular the transatlantic slave trade.


In the mid-1700s, this common European will was polished, grounded, fleshed out, fully expressed, legitimized when the concept of race was created by a few powerful light-skinned men based on their own opinions.

Immanuel Kant, one of the most renowned philosophers of Western civilization, was the first to conceptualize, to create four distinct “races” which were totally separate and unmixable entities, which had different capacities for civilization, with the hers, Caucasian on Top. Scottish philosopher David Hume agreed with Kant. The Hume-Kant view was hugely influential. The races, they said, were physically and culturally distinct from each other and pronounced white supremacy.

The pseudo-scientific accounts of the races by Hume and Kant supported, strengthened the hand of the slave traders. Pseudo-science also bolstered by religious accounts defending biblical support for slavery, indicating that some dark-skinned humans, as a result of Ham’s curse, are destined to serve other humans. There were racial definitions associated with color, racial stereotypes, color memes (associating particular skin color with particular behavioral patterns), which led to psychosocial patterns of racism.

Once again, as has happened so often in human history, popular and powerful personalities, by being wrong and by being strong, have brought and continue to bring physical, mental and psychological suffering, from anguish and death to myriads of others.

Africa continues to be raped, devastated, and Africans and other dark-skinned people continue to suffer physical and psychosocial injustices and mass destruction simply because nature has used clammy skin to ward off the damaging effects of radiation solar!

Maintaining the psychological assault, which has manifested itself in different ways over time, and to add insult to injury, the victims are then blamed for the state they are in now and told to pick themselves up by their own boot straps, take responsibility and move on!

The psychological warfare has been persistent, consistent, pernicious, relentless, thorough and effective. So much so that the concept of race and its consequences have been accepted and woven into the fabric of societies, with the common man, light and dark skinned, sometimes unwittingly facilitating, being the agents of its enactment.

The deadly lie continues unabated despite being denied by science and notwithstanding that history is replete with a multitude of examples indicating that all people are the same/similar. It is their circumstances that change and, therefore, explain their actions and results.

Dr Lascelve ‘Muggy’ Graham is the former captain of the Jamaica senior national football team. Email your comments to [email protected]