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Lelouch’s Top 10 Strategic Decisions


Despite Code Geass Airing in the fall of 2006, Lelouch Lamperouge is still considered one of the smartest characters in anime to date. Following the assassination of his mother, which he suspects was orchestrated by a member of the British imperial family, Lelouch embarks on a relentless path of vengeance against the empire, vowing to find out who was responsible. of his mother’s death.

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Lelouch possesses an ability called Geass; a power that allows him to impose absolute obedience on whomever he wants as long as he looks him in the eye. He is known throughout the story for his formidable mind and great tactical awareness, consistently getting the upper hand over his opponents despite having lesser firepower in many encounters. Of all Lelouch’s practical decisions, these stand out as the most strategic.


ten Creation of the Order of the Black Knights

At some point in the series, Lelouch realizes that he will need his own army to go against the British Empire. Having already amassed a small group of followers, he sees an opportunity to gain an even larger following when a group of renegades from the Japan Liberation Front take over a hotel while holding its occupants hostage.

Taking advantage of the presence of the current Princess of Britannia among the hostages, Lelouch manipulates the British army to allow him to manage the situation. He quickly gets rid of the terrorists and spreads his success throughout Area 11, showing off his skill and inspiring the Eleven throughout the region to join his cause.

9 Recruit Taizo Kirihara

Shortly after its formation, being a unique organization with the goal of dominating a large empire, the Black Knights unsurprisingly find themselves in dire financial straits. After receiving an invitation from Kyoto House, Lelouch sees an opportunity to turn the group’s financial situation around.

The Kyoto house acted as an extension of Britannia. However, behind the scenes, he has aided Japanese resistance groups throughout Area 11. Using his connections to group leader Taizo Kirihara since childhood, Lelouch chooses to unmask himself in front of him, skipping the need for negotiation and gaining a reliable source. of financing.

8 Landslide in Narita

Deciding to take advantage of a new confrontation between the British army and the Japanese Liberation Front, Lelouch leads the Black Knights to Narita. The British Army, determined to annihilate whatever remains of the front, also sends the bulk of its forces and some of its most promising generals stationed in Area 11 to the battlefield.

The battle takes place on steep terrain, with the front headquarters positioned inside a mountain. Taking into account the nature of the environment, Lelouch orders the Black Knights to place electrodes in specific areas around the mountain. Upon activation, the electrodes caused a massive landslide, leading to the decimation of the majority of British forces and giving the Black Knights the upper hand as they decided to enter the battle.

seven Collapse of the Tower of Babel

Shortly after regaining his memory after the failed Black Rebellion, Lelouch was thrown into the middle of battle, as the British Army and the remaining members of the Black Knights clash in the Tower of Babel.

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After just being reinstated as leader of the Black Knights, Lelouch begins giving instructions to the current members. He tricks the enemy into believing he has occupied the upper floors of the tower and covered all but one of the exits. Making them believe that all they had to do was corner the Knights at the entrance, Lelouch then detonates a bomb which destroys the upper floors. The rubble simultaneously charges at the enemy troops stationed in front of the entrance.

6 Lelouch saves the dark knights

With the majority of the members of the Black Knights currently in captivity, Gilbert GP Guilford challenges Zero to a duel and threatens to publicly execute the prisoners if he does not show up at the execution grounds. The execution is to take place outside the Chinese Federation Consulate, an area outside British jurisdiction that is also home to the remaining members of the Black Knights Order.

Considering that the duel must take place on moving ground, Lelouch uses his Geass on a worker in charge of operating the platform. Shortly after the fight begins, the platform on which the duel takes place begins to tilt. It is then revealed that the instruction given to the worker was to tilt the platform in such a way as to push Zero, along with everyone present, into Consulate territory. With this action alone, the British Army can no longer act against Zero or the former captives.

5 Remove the Tianzi

During a political wedding between the Tianzi and the first prince of the British Imperial Family, Lelouch infiltrates the wedding venue and kidnaps the Tianzi. The Tianzi is one of the most important political figures in the Chinese Federation, although the real power and authority rests with the high eunuchs.

In an attempt to reclaim the Tianzi, the High Eunuchs and a faction of the British Army under the Black Knights Corner at the Mausoleum of the Eighty-eight Emperors. After deducing that retrieving the Tianzi might be too difficult, the High Eunuchs agree to kill her instead, openly admitting their intentions to replace her since the Tianzi is only a puppet. Lelouch cleverly records their admission and broadcasts the footage throughout the Federation, causing riots and forcing Britannia to reconsider her involvement with them, allowing the Black Knights to ally themselves with the Federation’s new rulers.

4 Zero asks for exile

Shortly after being named Viceroy of Area 11, Nunnally declares her intention to reestablish the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. The Elevens initially reject the idea, as Euphemia’s cruel betrayal remains fresh in their memories. This leads Nunnally’s entourage, with Suzaku at the helm, to contact Zero for help in boarding the Elevens.

Zero agrees on the condition that he alone be exiled from Area 11, allowing him to walk away from Britannia with all of his crimes ignored. Suzaku reluctantly agrees, and they continue with the opening ceremony with over a million Elevens in attendance. Near the end of the ceremony, Zero’s exile is announced and all of the Eleven present dress up as Zero. It was Lelouch’s plan to free all Elevens from the empire, giving them the freedom to properly establish themselves as Japanese citizens again.

3 Order versus euphemia

Although his initial blunder caused the slaughter of over two hundred thousand Britons on Euphemia’s orders, Lelouch’s quick but tearful decision to kill the princess afterwards served him well.

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Lelouch is visibly distraught when he sees the carnage he has caused. However, despite his immense regret, he publicly asserts that the massacre was planned all along and orders members of the Black Knights to kill Euphemia. This decision preserved his position among his comrades and served as the starting point for what was to become the biggest rebellion that Japan had staged against Britannia since its defeat.

2 Become the Emperor

A month after Lelouch’s victory over Charles, he abandons his character of Zero and decides to take the place of his father, who once occupied the throne of Britannia. After successfully infiltrating a gathering of British royalty, Lelouch uses his Geass to have him recognized as the new Emperor of Britannia.

Ushering in a new era with him as the driving force. His ultimate goal, however, is the Zero Requiem, a fact that makes him one of the most important milestones he achieves in history.

1 The Zero Requiem

With the way the world was structured until now, Lelouch realized that the chain of hatred would never be broken. Rebellions would continue and wars would rage for eternity. So to break the chain of hatred, he decided to become the center to which all the frustration in the world was directed; the throne of the tyrannical British Empire. He planned for Suzaku, disguised as Zero, to publicly commit suicide in a staged assassination.

It would end the chain of hatred and lead the world to focus on bigger issues that don’t involve fighting, ushering in a new era of peace. The plan goes smoothly and Lelouch’s death is broadcast around the world. This plan, also known as Zero Requiem, was Lelouch’s last act in the story. It was his way of atoning for sins while providing a future worth living for his sister and friends, working as he had planned.

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