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Multi-domain warfare officer students dive deep into cyber-global operations


The Multi-Field Warfare Officer (13O) Initial Skills Training Class 21B completed the final portion of their two-week multi-site temporary duty training at 16th Air Forceof the 616th Operations Center in Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

During this visit, the 13O students received information about the Cyber ​​Air Forces mission and the role that the 616th OC plays in supporting American Cyber ​​Commandglobal operations of. In March 2020, JB San Antonio’s two operations centers, the 625th and 624th Operations Centers, were integrated into the 616th OC.

The amalgamation of these two operations centers, according to Col. James Weaver, commander of the 616th OC, has set a “golden standard for the command and control and conduct of operations in full-spectrum cyberspace and a culture focused on filling gaps and seams to optimize ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) operations worldwide, resulting in increased efficiency and air domain knowledge for combat commanders worldwide, ”for AFCYBER and Air Combat Command.

During the activation ceremony of the 616th OC, Lieutenant General Timothy Haugh, commander of the 16th Air Force, described the center as “a combat unit responsible for the convergence of the Air Force’s information warfare enterprise to create new outcomes for the nation.”

The 616th OC is primarily comprised of non-kinetic career fields ranging from cyber operators to intelligence officers who protect and maintain the Air Force’s information network from malicious actors.

During this visit, the students met the 13Os assigned to the 616th OC and their discussions focused on AFCYBER operations and the unique challenges faced by operators at the 616th OC.

The students also received a brief from the 91st and 375th Cyberspace Operations Squadrons which are tactical units assigned under the 67th Cyber ​​Wing. These units, also based at JB San Antonio, provide cyber warfare capabilities to combatant commanders.

To complete the trip on temporary duty at four locations, the 13O students visited the Joint Electronic Warfare Center, which is assigned to US Strategic Command. The JEWC is responsible for electromagnetic spectrum operations and supports operations by evaluating electronic warfare requirements, technology and capabilities while performing modeling, analysis and coordination of electromagnetic spectrum activities between combat commands and d other US government agencies.

“The freedom of maneuver of joint electronic warfare in the electromagnetic spectrum is essential for conducting operations in and in all areas and joint functions,” said Lt. Col. Ernie Chen, director of operational warfare for 705 Squadron. ‘training at Hurlburt Field, Florida. “The center deploys electronic warfare experts, trains personnel, sets up advanced planning cells and provides rapid support to combatants when needed. “

“The vast majority of our graduates will go to AOCs, OCs and staffs that are not engaged in combat operations,” said Lt. Col. Benjamin Lee, director of operations for the 705th TRS. “Direct exposure of our 13O students to the unique considerations of JEWC and 616th OC reinforces the complexity of information warfare and positions them to provide invaluable perspective to their winning components as they navigate the arena of the world. strategic competition. “

“The signal of increasing demand from senior Air Force Department leaders continues to validate both the training of 13Os and the need for operational-level planning experts,” said Col. Adam Shelton, commander of the 505th Group. testing and training. “Electronic warfare and information warfare will no longer be secondary thoughts in future battles and, in most cases, will likely be the primary efforts. Thus, the multi-domain training that we provide must continue to focus on these environments to best meet the needs of aerial components.

The 21B Multidomain War Officer Class graduated on November 19. The next set of 13O candidates will begin training on January 4 as a 22A class.

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The 705th TRS is part of the 505th TTG and the 505th Command and Control Wing at Hurlburt Field.

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