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Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa plans to produce 1.5 million doses of anti-radiation drugs in May


The pharmaceutical company Darnitsa (kyiv) has produced more than 6.7 million doses of the anti-radiation drug Potassium Iodide-125-Darnitsa this year and plans to produce another 1.5 million doses in May.

The company told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency that the amount already produced will allow more than 6 million people to receive iodine prophylaxis if needed.

It is also reported that to date, Darnitsa has donated 5.25 million doses of the drug in the amount of 69 million UAH to the public health center of the Ministry of Health. At the same time, the company did not specify the quantity that will be supplied to pharmacies.

The preparation of potassium iodide-125-Darnitsa was created in accordance with the regulations on iodine prophylaxis in the event of a radiological accident (Order No. 408 of the Ministry of Health of March 9, 2021) and was recorded on April 26, 2022.

Potassium iodide is used to protect the thyroid from radiation buildup. The risk of radiation damage to the thyroid gland can be reduced or even leveled with the timely appointment of iodine prophylaxis. The optimal effect of iodine prophylaxis is achieved with the preventive intake of potassium iodide for 6 hours or less, as well as simultaneously with the intake of radioactive iodine isotopes or entry into the contaminated area.

The intake of potassium iodide six hours after entering the zone contaminated with radioactive iodine isotopes leads to a double decrease in the radiation dose, and if taken after 24 hours, the protective effect is practically absent.

A single dose of potassium iodide provides protection for approximately 24 hours. A prophylactic dose of potassium iodide should be taken only after official notification of the threat by the state and, if necessary, for iodine prophylaxis.