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Police recover keyless stolen car in Merry Hill


Police have successfully recovered a stolen vehicle in a keyless robbery. Officers spotted the gray Ford, which had been taken from Merry Hill a day earlier, driving with fake number plates.

Police managed to block the vehicle after it attempted to evade them, with the occupants arrested. Items used in keyless thefts were seized.

WMP Traffic said on Twitter in the early hours of Thursday morning: ‘Vehicle spotted on fake plates stolen during keyless theft the day before in Merry Hill. Vehicle was blocked after attempting to evade police and the occupants were arrested before attempting to flee Seized items used in connection with these crimes.

Anyone found guilty of vehicle theft faces up to six months in prison and an unlimited fine. To avoid being the victim of keyless car theft, it is recommended that owners keep their keys away from their car, and not near doors or windows. Storing keys in a Faraday pouch will block radio waves from the key and may prevent thieves from amplifying them.

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