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Radiation and suspension of URD executives: the delaying maneuvers of a beleaguered minority


Instead of being part of the dynamics of reconciliation and working to strengthen the party, the solitary first vice-president, Salikou Sanogo with a beleaguered minority, is playing at destabilizing the political legacy of Soumaila Cissé. Having neither the quality nor the legitimacy, he decided to convene, on February 5, 2022, an extraordinary meeting of the national executive office to strike off 11 party officials and suspend 19 others. And this in violation of the statute and internal regulations of the party.

On February 5, 2022, the first vice-president of the URD, Salikou Sanogo and his clan crossed the red line. Indeed, the man supposed to be the conductor of the gathering of the big family of the URD and to consolidate the political achievements of Soumaila Cissé, decided to take the opposite path.

Does the former professor measure the consequences of his destructive dynamic of collective work? does he want to sacrifice the URD on the hotel of the personal interests of a clan? Is there a lack of arguments to break the bench by violating the texts (statutes and regulations of the party and regulations of the affiliated youth and women’s movements)? The answer to these questions will undoubtedly allow political observers and other URD activists to better understand the reasons which explain the solitary approach of Salikou Sanogo in the pay of a minority which does not want to feel any more weight in the ranks. of the URD after the death of its charismatic leader.

A Clan’s Satanic Plan

After analyzing the conclusions of the extraordinary meeting convened by the First Vice-President on Saturday February 5, 2022, it appears that Salikou Sanogo has been taken hostage by a clan which most certainly enjoys the support of the Soumaila Cissé family. It is for the supporters of the confiscation of the URD, lurking in the shadows, to use the now ex-interim at the head of the party to achieve their end. If not, can we justify the convening of an extraordinary meeting by the first vice-president when the party has a new president since January 16, 2022 following an extraordinary congress to end the interim period which had lasted too long since the disappearance of Soumaila Cissé.

It was for the candidates of this extraordinary congress to have not only 2/3 of the members of the BEN and more than 90% of the sections to clarify the positions of each other, but also and above all to elect a president to the party leader. Thus, under the leadership of the Collective for the safeguard of the URD (CPS-URD), the third vice-president invited the extraordinary congress which led to the election of Gouagnon Coulibay at the head of the URD in accordance with the texts from the left.

After this recovery process, does Salikou Sanogo still have the legitimacy to convene an extraordinary assembly without consulting the president elected by a congress convened in full equality? Salikou knows the answer to that question better than anyone, unless he chooses to deny it.

He and his accomplices must be undeceived in view of the weak mobilization of BEN members and party activists during this famous extraordinary meeting. According to the texts, this meeting is null and void.

This Saturday they were less than 100 people to respond to the convocation of the vice-president. Thus, to give a legal character to this assembly, it was necessary to reach the quorum estimated at 178/267 members of the BEN. Furthermore, the decisions of a BEN meeting are adopted by simple majority. In other words, quorum 89+1.

Party texts trampled on the ground

Political observers and URD activists attended a real political theater on Saturday February 5, 2022 at Cres de Badalabougou with Professor Salikou Sanogo as the main character in the pay of an ill-inspired clan.

Indeed, without any respect, neither for the memory of Soumaila Cissé, nor for the texts of the party and his political comrades, he engaged in a political comedy without outcome by deciding in all illegality to strike off 11 members of the BEN and to suspend 19 others.

In wanting to sanction one or more militants of the party for violation of the texts, it was desirable not to also violate the same texts (statutes and regulations of the party and regulations of the affiliated youth and women’s movements).

Certainly, in making this decision, Salikou and his masters of the day have certainly forgotten article 76 of the party’s internal regulations. According to this provision, no activist of the URD can be sanctioned without having been heard by the authority empowered for this purpose.

Thus, the bodies responsible for hearing and pronouncing the sanctions are: the office of the committee for the warning, the office of the sub-section after 3 warnings, for the reprimand and the office of the section, on the proposal of the office of the sub-section, pronounces the suspension of the militant.

As for the exclusion, it comes after the suspension by the BEN. However, it should be noted that the BEN is not competent to suspend an activist. According to articles 73 and 74 of the internal regulations of the party, the suspension falls exclusively within the competence of the office of the section.

The love at first sight of Salikou and her clan also struck the internal regulations of the women’s and youth movements. This is another serious violation of the texts of the URD.

The BEN has no jurisdiction to disbar or suspend a member of the women’s or youth movement. According to article 78 of the rules of procedure of the women’s movement which says: “Any activist likely to be sanctioned must be informed of the grievances formulated against her and must be heard beforehand”.

The suspension of a militant of the URD is pronounced by the office of the section in accordance with the provisions of article 75 of the rules of procedure of the women’s movement.

With regard to the youth movement, the suspension is pronounced on the basis of article 70 of the rules of procedure. In addition to this provision, article 73 of the same rules of procedure requires that the young activist likely to be sanctioned be informed of the grievances formulated against him and heard beforehand.

In addition to the violation of the texts, the former professor must understand that the exclusion is pronounced against the militant recognized responsible for the embezzlement of funds of the party or the last public. Either, proven act of land speculation, proven act of candidacy against the candidate invested by the party or the list or even support for a candidate or a list other than those invested by the party.

Despite these delaying maneuvers, the new president of the party from the last extraordinary congress maintains serenity. According to some members of the BEN, Gouagnon Coulibaly is preparing a ceremony to present the vows. Before this ceremony, the BEN/URD will hold a press conference today to build national opinion on the underside of this crisis which has shaken the party since the death of Soumaila Cissé.

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