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RAF emergency: Typhoon fighter plane emits code ‘7700’ 24,000ft over UK in flight | United Kingdom | News


The RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon, which is a European multinational twin-engine aircraft, issued the alert while traveling between Aberdeen and Inverness in Scotland. Code 7700, transmitted from Scotland, indicates a “general emergency” and usually signifies a technical problem with the aircraft.

It is not yet known why the 7700 signal was transmitted.

The destination is not known.

Writing for Flightradar24, Ken Hoke, a Boeing captain, explained that “chirping” is a way for a plane to declare an emergency with traffic control, so it can receive ground assistance.

He said: “If a crew resets their transponder to emergency code 7700 (shouting 7700), all air traffic control facilities in the area are immediately alerted that the aircraft is in an emergency.

“It’s up to the crew to let ATC know what the exact situation is. It could be an aircraft problem, a medical problem or something else.

In some cases, a crew may choose not to change their transponder to 7700 (it is not compulsory). If I speak to Chicago Approach and have a problem, I will tell them the problem, declare an emergency by radio, and land vectors immediately.”

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An aviation expert said the move responded to “increased demand for aerial refueling in Eastern Europe”. The move means the RAF now has 10 AAR-capable A330 MRTTs, which are air-to-air tanker aircraft.

Aviation Week London bureau chief Tony Osborne tweeted: “The @RoyalAirForce has commissioned two of the reserve fleet of @AirTanker #Voyagers in response to the increased demand for aerial refueling in Eastern Europe. The RAF now has 10 AAR-compatible A330 MRTTs.

“This is the first time the RAF has called the reinforcement fleet into operation.”

Voyager is the RAF’s sole air-to-air refueller (AAR) and also functions as strategic air transport.