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St. Augustine installs WeatherSTEM weather monitoring device


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A new device installed at the city’s marina will help officials and the public to stay better informed about weather conditions and hazards.

The City of St. Augustine, with assistance from St. Johns County Emergency Management, recently installed a new WeatherSTEM station at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

“WeatherSTEM stations capture wind speed, wind direction, rainfall rate, temperature, humidity, UV radiation, solar radiation and lightning detection,” said Ed Mansouri, Founder of WeatherSTEM , in a city press release. “These stations are able to instantly update and broadcast weather data and changing conditions. “

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The device provides real-time weather information. The project was funded by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

A new WeatherSTEM station is posted at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.  It will provide the public with real-time weather information.

“From a public safety perspective, WeatherSTEM is a great resource we can use to make data-informed decisions,” said St. Augustine Fire Chief Carlos Aviles. “This will help us assess when sustained winds and gusts of wind, as well as [when] ocean tides rise beyond a manageable level.

The device is part of a network of WeatherSTEMs in the county and beyond. A list of all WeatherSTEM locations in St. Johns County, and access to their information, is available at stjohns.weatherstem.com.

A WeatherSTEM smartphone app is available that allows users to get local notifications and forecasts from various stations. The weather station also provides live video of its location, and the website contains updates on a wide range of environmental conditions, such as pollen levels and mosquito activity.

“St. Johns County emergency management uses WeatherSTEM for several different purposes,” Kelly Wilson, deputy director of emergency management for St. Johns County, said in the statement. “On a day-to-day basis, our many WeatherSTEM stations across the county help us maintain situational awareness of current conditions. This St. Augustine Municipal Marina location will be part of a larger county and statewide network of WeatherSTEM stations. “

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