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Ten-year-old Josh Charbonne’s passion for radio-controlled toys



Josh Graham Charbonne with planes, drones and cars that he flies using radio control technology. -ROGER JACOB

Josh Graham Charbonne is on his way to becoming the next best radio control (RC) operator in the country.

He is only 10 years old but is able to build, repair and operate his RC vehicles on his own.

Trimont College student Josh, Diego Martin, is in fifth grade (equivalent to standard four).

He said he didn’t like school very much but his least favorite subject was language arts. Even though he doesn’t like school, Josh gets coins for his RC toys as a reward for his good grades. To practice his math, Josh plays darts with his father and grandmother.

Josh Graham Charbonne works on a plane at his home in Maraval, alongside a boat and a drone.

Josh is an only child who has lots of love and support. His father, Luke Graham, and grandmother, Judy DeFreitas, were there to cheer him on during an interview with Newsday Kids at their home in Maraval.

He is still undecided about the career path he will choose.

“I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll drive boats or be a pilot or play sports.”

Josh loves everything that happens outside. He particularly enjoys mountain biking and fishing.

He said, “I got my love for the outdoors from my dad.”

He and his father also enjoy driving and working on real boats.

Josh Graham Charbonne with his father, Luke Graham, and grandmother, Judy DeFreitas, at their home in Maraval. -ROGER JACOB

Josh first became interested in RC sports when he was four years old. He said he received a few boats as gifts and eventually started racing competitively on the foreshore at Mucurapo when he was five years old. Since then his love for RC sports has grown to include planes, drones and cars.

When asked how many RC vehicles he owned, Josh replied, “Three boats, one plane, two drones, five cars and trucks. So far.”

How often does he play with his RC toys?

“Almost every day, and as long as the batteries last. Then I have to put them back on charge.”

When Josh isn’t playing and practicing with his controllers and vehicles, he maintains, builds, customizes and repairs them. Josh (with help from his dad) built an RC boat from scratch.

“The one we built is so fast, really really fast.”

Some of Josh Graham Charbonne’s RC vehicles. -ROGER JACOB

His first choice are his boats because “they are fast and can take waves. It breaks my heart when they crash but rebuilding is also fun.

His love for RC motivated his father to take up the sport.

Josh’s tip: “If you don’t know how to fix your controllers and vehicles, you’ll have to get them fixed and the kids don’t have the money. I learned from my dad and watching videos on YouTube.

“Sometimes I don’t know what something is, then I take it apart and start learning where it all goes.”