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The ever-growing public art scene in Ocala


The city of Ocala and its businesses have made a constant effort to beautify the community through public art for the enjoyment of all.

A new painted canopy of a mural, one of the most recent at the Brick City Center for the Arts, is one of the building’s many improvements to its facade. This includes two murals in its outdoor patio, as well as a large mural covering the building on its westernmost wall.

A new canopy covered with a mural has been installed at the Brick City Center for the Arts

Multiple murals are scattered outside and inside buildings throughout downtown Ocala.

In June, the Ocala Bicycle mural was produced by artist SKIP from Orlando. It replaced the previous mural painted by Hense that had occupied the wall for the previous five years. The mural is displayed on the north facade of the Seminole Feed building at 335 North Watula Avenue.

Ocala Bicycle Murale on Seminole Feed
Ocala Bike Mural on Seminole Feed

In May, the city announced the addition of four wall panels at Scott Springs Park, located at 2825 SW 24th Avenue. The double-sided panels feature two distinct wall exhibits that showcase the black culture of Marion County.

Last year, local artist Drake Arnold painted a pair of murals in downtown Ocala, including “Electromagnetism” on the Ocala Citizen Service Center, located at 201 SE 3rd Street.

Part of Drake Arnold’s new downtown mural in Ocala pays homage to Michael Faraday, a pioneer of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

The city is currently accepting submissions for public artwork to Tuscawilla Park and its art park extension.

Not to be forgotten, the Horse Fever program, which spanned several decades, dotted the city with a collection of sculptures of horses with different themes.

A new baseball-themed horse will be installed at Ocala Rotary Sportsplex earlier this month.

Slugger at Rotary Sportsplex
Slugger at Rotary Sportsplex

Earlier this year, three horses were auctioned off for charity to be displayed at various locations in the community.

Horse fever The generous collection
Horse fever The generous collection

Do you have your own public art works or favorite murals in the community? Are there any places you would like to see the City of Ocala or Marion County install new public art? Share your thoughts in a commentary or letter to the editor.

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