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The radiation oncology team learns a lot


The medical physicist student, Luwis Gabriel, who is doing his second year of a master’s degree in medical physics, has completed his studies.

He is in the second part of his program, which is research-oriented and is expected to complete his studies by the end of the year.

As part of an agreement between the university and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health, Mr. Gabriel had the opportunity to do a one-year clinical internship with the National Cancer Research Institute of Sri Lanka. Lanka Margahma.

The institute has three cobalt machines and five linear accelerators (LINAC), HDR brachytherapy, a computed tomography simulator, iodine therapy and a diagnostic and nuclear medicine department. fully equipped.

As part of his training, Mr. Gabriel carried out three commissioning of Elekata machines and different types of radiotherapy planning for cancer patients and quality assurance for radiotherapy machines.

Last month, PMGH sponsored four more students at the same institute, which included three radiation therapists Firman Dunstan, Richie Pumi and Tonny Sula and medical physicist Sanja Ipu.

Since registering, they have started their clinical courses before moving on to further training.

Radiation therapy is a real-time treatment and the use of sophisticated machines is a very complex process. Therefore, trainees will need to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge before they can move on to practical work.

Of the three radiation therapists, two are expected to be sent to a private Asiri Cancer Center hospital, while another will go to the National Cancer Research Institute by October 21 for further training.

They will learn and be exposed to the latest linear accelerator, a medical device most commonly used for external radiation treatments for cancer patients, which have image guided components.

After completing the advanced clinical training for 10 months, they will be the first radiation therapists in PNG to be exposed to linear accelerators with advanced skills in radiation therapy treatment.