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The thieves scamper off with the Sector 30 cell tower transceivers


Unidentified thieves decamped with four radio transceivers from a cell phone tower in Sector 30, affecting the cellular network throughout the area for several hours last month, police said Wednesday.

Police said the theft took place on October 8, but a complaint against the theft was filed on Tuesday by an employee of a private security company, identified as Hari Ram Yadav. He is engaged in patrolling these tower sites that fall under the Sector 40 Police Station.

An FIR against unidentified thieves has been registered under section 379 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Police said similar thefts have also been reported in other areas.

Police said a transceiver is called a remote radio unit (RRU), which provides a network to a mobile phone and allows it to send or receive messages and calls and disconnecting them disrupts communication in a specific area.

Investigators said an RRU costs at least 1.75 lakh and is a sophisticated instrument that can receive and send high frequency radio waves.

The police said they have not yet established the exact reason for the theft of the RRUs, as they can only be used in the telecommunications sector and cannot even be sold on the market for other types of equipment. uses.

Police said three stolen RRUs were used by a private telecommunications company, while the fourth was used by another company to provide cellular coverage to their respective customers in the area.

Investigators said they learned that at least two other RRUs had been stolen from the same Sector 30 tower just a week before the Oct. 8 robbery.

“The theft of these transceivers is surprising because they serve no other purpose until someone is technically skilled enough to use them to relay or receive any high-capacity radio frequency,” Yadav said.

Arvind Kumar Gomi, regional operations manager for a private company that installed the towers for telecommunications companies, said he had no idea why the equipment was being stolen. “We can’t say anything about that at this time,” he said.

Inspector Satish Kumar, Police Station Officer (SHO), Sector 40 Police Station, said he was trying to ascertain the identities of the suspects involved in the robbery. “We are trying to determine why these thefts are taking place. There is probably something inside these transceivers that is expensive and can be sold in the market,” he said.