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These NCERT topics are essential for the physical section


As the all-important national exams like JEE Main 2022 and NEET 2022 approach, students are looking for practical tips, tricks and advice to help them pass these tests with flying colors. Since the questions for these exams are mostly concept-based, the NCERT books will help students prepare, revise, and practice for the engineering and medical entrance exam.

Students must start with NCERT to form the basis of JEE Main and NEET. Be thorough with the program and refer to documents from the previous year. This will help you make your strategic study plan. Prepare your review schedule. Analyze your own readiness. Select topics from each group below on a daily basis. Mock tests act as game changers.

Adopt productive study habits. One hour of productive study is worth more than five hours of distracted study. Keep a balanced mix of difficult and easy subjects. Take on complex topics and topics during your most productive time. Don’t leave revisions to the last minute. Keep review sessions at regular intervals. Take neat notes for last minute reading and avoid unnecessary panic before the exam.

JEE Main, NEET 2022: List of Important Physics Topics


Group 1: Easy topics and chapters

• Physical world and measurements
• Atoms and nuclei
• Electronic appliances

Group 2: Moderated topics and chapters

• Cinematic
• Laws of motion
• Work, energy and power
• Motion of a particle system and a rigid body
• Gravity
• Oscillation and waves
• Electrostatic

Group 3: Difficult topics and chapters

• Thermodynamics
• Behavior of ideal gases
• Kinetic theory
• Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
• Electromagnetic waves
• Optics


• Physical world and environment
• Cinematic
• Laws of motion
• Electrostatic
• Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
• Electromagnetic waves
• Thermodynamics
• Current electricity
• Dual nature of matter and radiation
• Optical beam
• Wave optics

When preparing for the exam, students should keep in mind that speed and accuracy are important aspects that come from intensive practice with similar questions. Join a good series of tests to assess your performance at the national level and adjust your preparation strategy and rigor accordingly. If needed, joining a crash course for a quick review also helps.

If possible, study these chapters carefully. Review regularly. To take notes. Do mock tests. Be optimistic and take good care of your health. With this preparation, you will have an excellent chance of breaking JEE Main and NEET this year.

— Written by Deepak Bhatnagar, PGT Physics (HOD), Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad

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