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Tips for Choosing a Location to Fix Your Wi-Fi Router to Get Better Internet Speed


Are you struggling to find a stable Wi-Fi signal in your home despite spending heavily on a broadband plan and the best Wi-Fi router? If so, it may be an incorrect location of your Wi-Fi router. The strength of Wi-Fi coverage is highly dependent on the location of the router. With a few minor location changes, you might be able to improve your Wi-Fi signal. Here are a few things you can try.

Tips for placing the Wi-Fi router

Place the Wi-Fi router in a central location in your home to get good signal strength in all rooms. If you’re worried about the wires ruining the aesthetics of your room, you can neatly attach them to the wall or enclose the cables.

Remember to place the router on an open shelf or mount it on a prominent wall. This can boost its signal twice as much as hiding it in a closet.

There are things around the house that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, such as concrete walls, metal objects, etc. Although it is inevitable to avoid such things in a house, you can place the Wi-Fi router in a place with interference.

The higher, the better. Place the Wi-Fi router high up for better coverage.

The position of the antenna is a critical factor for good coverage. To get better horizontal coverage, you can position the antenna upwards. For vertical coverage, you can try keeping them slightly to the side. Avoid placing the antenna in the direction of walls or at 90 degrees. Anywhere between 45 and 60 degrees should serve the purpose.

Since Wi-Fi routers provide internet using radio waves, it is very much like a radio station. You can tune to your favorite radio station, which may not be connected because you are out of range. It works the same for devices. The further the device is from the router, the weaker the signal.

Sometimes a weak Wi-Fi signal can be caused by external factors like another router near your home. Since there are a lot of connected devices and connections around, you cannot be interference-free. You can always try to get a place with less interference and finalize it as your place.