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US Doomsday Plane Spotted Flying Over Nebraska Airspace


On March 1, shortly after Vladimir Putin activated his nuclear forces, the night watch took off from an Air Force base in Nebraska. The aircraft is a modified Boeing 747 which is sometimes known as the Doomsday Aircraft.

The name is not even painted, because the E-4 night watch is a control center for the President of the United States and government personnel responsible for nuclear operation in the event of war with weapons of this type. Its full name is Boeing E-4 E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post (AABNCP), and it is estimated to have cost over $223 million.

the night watch is modified to withstand the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion (something that would bring down any other aircraft). It can also refuel mid-flight and, in fact, is ready to stay aloft for a week non-stop. After this time, it must land to lubricate its engines before leaving. Its telecommunications systems are satellite-based and are also ready to continue operating if conventional communications networks are destroyed.

The plane, which responds to the radio code GORDO15 has been detected by several online flight tracking services . Apparently the plane carried out a mission of about four hours accompanied by two RC-135S Cobra Ball jets whose use is precisely to calculate the trajectories of ballistic missiles.

According to Aircraft Tracking Services, the Doomsday plane made a second flight on Tuesday, and it may not be the last. In troubled times such as we are living in these days, the Doomsday planes (the Government has had several in its recent history) remain active virtually at all times in case their emergency deployment is required.

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