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“We are transforming cancer from a fatal disease into a chronic disease”


CTech Mind the Tech NY Conference – Ofer Shalev

“New Phase was founded nine years ago following the death of my partner, Sarah, the mother of Dr Rafi Hof, and offers a solution for patients with stage 4 cancer. Usually at this stage of the disease, patients are exhausted from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even biological drugs and cancer cells and tumors are spreading in the body. At this point, even oncologists give up,” explained Ofer Shalev, founder and CEO of New Phase. “Our challenge was to treat these patients and reduce the cancerous mass from stage 4 to stage 2 so that patients could live with a better quality of life.” Shalev was speaking to CTech at the Mind the Tech NY conference.

Asked about the technology behind the idea, Shalev replied: “The technology has two components: the first is the irradiation of electromagnetic radiation which delivers electromagnetic fields to the torso area and the second is infused nanoparticles in the body that have multiple iron oxide nuclei. . Four hours after the injection, the torso is irradiated, which heats the nanoparticles. We have learned from the literature that cancer cells are more resistant to hypothermia than normal cells and tend to collapse at temperatures of 41-45 degrees Celsius, while normal cells can survive at 55 degrees. Our nanoparticles reach 50 degrees so they only destroy cancer cells.

“New Phase has completed the preclinical study with excellent results. We have clearance in Israel to start stage 1, ie safety endotoxicity. We have treated six patients and the results, in terms of safety, are very good and we have started to see the first results of our proof of concept, which is how well nanoparticles destroy tumors in the body patients.

You can watch the full discussion in the video above.