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Which Pokémon is the most popular in the United States and Canada


For Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, multiple outlets researched the most popular Pokémon in each country. Here are the favorite Pokémon of the United States and Canada.

Last year for Pokemon‘s 25th Anniversary, multiple outlets surveyed Pokemon fans to see which Pokémon is most popular in different countries around the world, including the United States and Canada. The answers were varied; however, several Pokémon have appeared time and time again, including iconic Generation 1 Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard. Interestingly, some neighboring continents or countries favored the same Pokemon. For example, in Africa, one in five Pokémon-related searches are for Pikachu, while in the Baltic states and neighboring Nordic countries, Eevee is the clear favorite.

The list of pocket monsters has grown exponentially over the past three decades, now exceeding over 900 Pokemon. When Pokemon Red and Blue first released on the Game Boy in 1996, there were 151 Pokémon. This first generation of Pokemon remains iconic to this day, so it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most popular Pokemon come from the original 151 monsters. The most recently released games, like Pokemon Legends: Arceusfeature the eighth generation of Pokémon, but the starters for Pokémon Scarlet and Violetwhich will launch Gen 9 of the franchise, were announced earlier this year.

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For Pokémon Day 2021, The Pokemon Company asked players to vote for their favorite Pokemon on its website or using a special hashtag. With nearly 1.2 million votes cast, the top 30 Pokémon were announced with a clear winner, Dedenne, who received nearly 69,000 votes. Dedenne is an electric/fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation 6. Known as the Antenna Pokémon due to its antenna-like whiskers, Dedenne can send and receive radio waves and electrical currents. It’s surprising to see Dedenne at the top of the list, as the character is considered one of the Pokemon‘s “Pikaclones”, knock-offs of Pikachu. In the same way, LaToyZone conducted its own research, analyzing and comparing Google search data for Pokémon-related searches in each country, presented in nifty infographics continent by continent.

The most popular Pokémon in the United States and Canada in 2022

The Most Popular Pokemon in the US & Canada 2022 North America Infographic

North America has one of the largest Pokemon fanbases around the world, where it has remained popular since its first game release in the 1990s and is the continent with the most Pokémon-related searches. The most searched Pokémon in Canada is Charizard, shared with two other countries in the region, Antigua and Barbuda and El Salvador. Charizard is the second most popular Pokemon in the world, just behind the iconic Pikachu. Interestingly, the most popular Pokemon in the US isn’t the most popular in any other country, accounting for just 2.2% of Pokemon-related Google searches worldwide. This unique Pokemon is Gengar, a Ghost/Poison Pokemon from the game’s first generation.

While Canada’s most popular Pokémon is shared with many other countries around the world, the United States is the only country where Gengar has accounted for the majority of Pokémon-related Google searches. Gengar didn’t even make the top 30 in Pokémon’s Twitter poll, though it’s possible few American fans were polled. Gengar is the second evolution of Gastly, which is not mentioned in any of the most popular Pokémon lists. Haunter, however, the first evolution of Gastly, is the most Googled Pokémon in Montenegro. It’s fascinating to see where in the world different Pokémon are most popular, and the trends within regions and continents favoring the same monsters in the world. Pokemon Games.

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Source: The Pokemon Company, LaToyZone

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