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Young Jackson Twain’s Family Needs Help As He Suffers Radiation


A four-year-old child was diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumor in his sacrum and his survival rate was only 20%

In August last year, Sudbury.com published an article about the first GoFundMe campaign to help ease the financial burden on Jackson Twain’s family as they stay with him at Sick Kids, where he is receiving treatment from radiotherapy.

In August 2021, Jackson was diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumor in the sacrum (lower spine). This cancer prognosis is grim because the survival rate is 20%, said his aunt, Randi-Leigh Pomerleau, who is staying in Toronto with Jackson while he undergoes treatment. Jackson’s grandmother is also there.

Early in his care plan, Jackson’s family were told to expect surgery, which would take the little boy years to recover from, as they would remove much of his spine, nerves , surrounding tissues, and Jackson’s function, eventually disconnecting completely. her lower half from the top and leaving a very large void in her abdomen, Pomerleau said.

After much brainstorming and team meetings, SickKids and their care team were keen to suggest trying radiation therapy before what would now be considered ‘salvage surgery’.

“We were initially told that the radiation was very resistant to his type of cancer,” Pomerleau said. “However, they were willing to try. We hope radiation therapy will be a success, saving Jackson from a very different quality of life, or saving him from cancer altogether and beating all odds,” Pomerleau said.

The first GoFundMe campaign doubled its $2,500 goal, raising $5,120 with 95 donations.

Now another campaign has been launched to help ease some of the financial burden as Jackson remains at Sick Kids in Toronto.

Pomerleau, who is organizing the campaign, said Jackson is nearing half of his treatment.

“Jackson has stayed positive and is making giant strides in terms of recovery,” Pomerleau said. We are incredibly proud of him.

“We know this little guy has an incredible amount of fight in him and we want to help him in any way we can. It also means helping to raise funds to make his stay in Toronto possible with the caregivers he needs.

Pomerleau said that since they were in Toronto, and since Jackson was receiving radiation, he has been improving steadily.

He’s using the bathroom, he’s using his legs, which wasn’t possible for him before because of his pain, and the doctors are using a lot less painkillers, Pomerleau said.

“So we really hope the radiation helps. It works wonders. Doctors are amazed by him.

The money raised will help cover the cost of Jackson’s aunt and grandmother’s absence for as long as the costs are significant. The funds will also be used to pay for things like catheters, medical pain relief devices, skin care and bath items for sensitive skin, and other things just to help keep spirits up. of Jackson while undergoing treatment.

“We’ve had many planned and unexpected costs along the way that we’re trying to accommodate, but that leaves us with some added anxiety about using our own savings and credits.”

If the campaign resumes and they raise enough money, Pomerleau said they plan to have Jackson’s parents and siblings come visit.

Jackson has a newborn baby brother at home, as well as a nine-year-old sister, a three-year-old sister and her parents.

Funds are limited right now, so it’s not possible to do this out of pocket, Pomerleau said.

“They don’t have a vehicle, nor the funds and resources to book and pay for accommodation during their stay, among other travel expenses. Ideally, we would like them to visit us, because Jackson is only four years old and misses his family very much.

Pomerleau said the family is grateful for everything they have achieved so far. She said with her own family here in Sudbury, it is almost time she will have to go home.

“I’m staying as long as I can to try to help, but eventually I’m going to have to leave, and it’ll be my mom here with Jackson,” she said.